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Modding / [0.95.1a] Girls Und Panzer Flagpack 0.1a
« on: January 18, 2022, 09:32:44 PM »

I cobbled together a small selection of flags starring some schools and individual teams from Girls Und Panzer.

Suggestions / Full Retreat Means FULL Retreat
« on: November 25, 2021, 04:34:09 PM »
It would be nice if I ordered a Full Retreat, and my ships actually made an outright run for it.

Like, the current system has its uses and all, but I'd like an option to order a Complete Retreat (since apparently "Full" doesn't cut it), where every single ship just makes for the retreat zone at maximum burn, every man, woman, and AI core for themselves.

I don't want a Cruiser to "nobly" turn around and try to cover a gaggle of Buffalos that are inevitably going to be caught and cut to pieces. I don't want a destroyer to raise shields and try to intercept a frigate floating towards one of my tankers.

Don't sacrifice yourself for no reason. Just leave them. Go. Get out of there.

Or as some may say, please conduct a "Full" Retreat.

Image of Error:

I started a Nex Playthrough, and right after I started my first colony, an error was thrown and I was locked into the Colony Management Page

Here's the order of what happened.

  • Create Colony
  • Customize Faction
  • Build Farm
  • Return to Colony Management Screen
  • NullPointerException: null
  • Stuck

Image of Error:

I started a Nex Playthrough, and right after I started my first colony, an error was thrown and I was locked into the Colony Management Page

Here's the order of what happened.

  • Create Colony
  • Customize Faction
  • Build Farm
  • Return to Colony Management Screen
  • NullPointerException: null
  • Stuck

Image of Error:

Bug Report Console Command (Mods and Laptop Info):
System info:
Game version: Starsector 0.95a-RC15
Game resolution: 1920x1080 (60hz, 32bpp, windowed)
Java version: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 1.7.0_79-b15 (Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM)
Platform: Windows (64-bit)
JVM RAM: 1,556.47 MB / 3,034.50 (1,478.03 MB free, 3,034.50 MB allocatable)
System RAM: 710.07 MB remaining, 16,269.22 MB total
Launch args: -XX:CompilerThreadPriority=1 -XX:+CompilerThreadHintNoPreempt -Djava.library.path=native\\windows -Xms3072m -Xmx3072m -Xss2048k -Dcom.fs.starfarer.settings.paths.saves=..\\saves -Dcom.fs.starfarer.settings.paths.screenshots=..\\screenshots -Dcom.fs.starfarer.settings.paths.mods=..\\mods -Dcom.fs.starfarer.settings.paths.logs=.

 Graphics card info:
GPU Model: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620
Vendor: Intel
Driver version: 4.5.0 - Build
Free VRAM: 1,478.03 MB

 Active mod list:
Regular mods (21):
 - Adjustable Skill Thresholds 1.0.0 by stormbringer951
 - Adjusted Sector 0.3.3 by NerzhulAI
 - Another Portrait Pack 1.4.0 by atreg
 - Captain's Log 0.1.4 by stormbringer951
 - Capture Officers and Crew 1.0.4 by Kentington
 - Commissioned Crews 1.9999 by Techpriest
 - Diable Avionics 2.61 by Tartiflette, originaly created by Flashfrozen, with the participation of Debido.
 - Eatone Portrait 1.2 by null
 - Interesting Portraits Pack 1.2 by null
 - Kingdom of Terra 0.13.1 by Sinosauropteryx
 - Legacy of Arkgneisis v1.9.7 by Gwyvern
 - Luddic Enhancement 1.2.4d by King Alfonzo
 - Magellan Protectorate 1.0a by Harmful Mechanic
 - Nexerelin 0.10.2b by Histidine (original by Zaphide)
 - Outer Rim Alliance 0.93rc3 by Tartiflette
 - Quality Captains: A Skill Rework 1.0.2 by Dal
 - Remnant Command Transfer 1.0.0 by theDragn
 - Starship Legends 1.5.1 by Sundog
 - Underworld 1.6.1 by DarkRevenant
 - United Nations Space Command v0.1d 0.1h by AppleMarineXX
 - VIC 1.3.0 by Astarat, PureTilt
Utility mods (15):
 - $$$ Lightshow 1.41 by Tartiflette
 - A New Level of Confidence 40 1.2 Fast by Panteradactyl
 - Autosave 1.1c by LazyWizard
 - Combat Chatter 1.11.1 by Histidine
 - Console Commands 2021.4.06 by LazyWizard
 - Flux Reticle 1.1.0 by Sundog
 - LazyLib 2.6 by LazyWizard
 - Leading Pip 1.9.1 by DarkRevenant
 - Logistics Notifications 1.3.3 by SafariJohn
 - MagicLib 0.33rc1 by Modding Community
 - Ruthless Sector 1.2.8 by Sundog
 - SpeedUp 0.7.1 by DarkRevenant
 - Starsector Apocalypse 1.2.0 by Jaghaimo
 - Transfer All Items 1.2 by Nociam
 - zz GraphicsLib 1.5.1 by DarkRevenant

Pastebin of Log Output up to the Error:


Requires Lazylib. Get it Here!
I literally only used it in one line of code though.

I was bored one day, and decided to try to put together a halo-themed UNSC faction mod.

Lore (If it matters): A UNSC colony fleet was heading towards a new planet when it passed by small, derelict Forerunner Halo. When some of the researchers attempted to probe it, it activated what little energy reserves the construct had left to catapult the fleet through time and space to the edge of Persean sector. As it turned out, the ringed-shaped construct was not a Halo, but instead a dimensionally displaced Domain gate.

The defining feature of UNSC ships are their Magnetic Accelerator Cannons - enormous coilguns spanning nearly the entire length of the vessels. These cannons are able to fire at great range and deliver considerable damage, at the cost of a low rate of a fire and considerable flux usage. Their strategy is to stay at range and pound enemies with their MAC's and long-range missiles - should the enemy attempt to close the distance, UNSC vessels will often find themselves with few options to fight back effectively. Their length and few PD emplacements make them vulnerable to attacks from the side.

For the most part, their mobility ranges from average to below average, their shielding is weak, and flux reserves are unremarkable. However, their armor is especially resistant to EMP weapons, and their narrow hulls and shield arcs allow for easier dodging of incoming projectiles when facing the enemy head on. Whether it's having an entire squadron delivering a devastating alpha strike, or having a few ships providing fire support from the second lines, these vessels may (or may not) be a valuable addition to any enterprising captain's fleet, provided they can get their hands on one.

Features Thus Far:
  • A unique UNSC Faction
  • 8 New Ships (Not-screen accurate in size)
  • 2 New Fighter Craft
  • Some unique weapons, mostly built-in.
  • Nexerelin Support (For both Corvus and Random sectors mode)
  • Commissioned Crews Support
  • Weapon sounds and music ripped straight from the Halo games.
  • Starpocalypse Support

To do:
  • Learn how to sprite - all current models are rather rough edits of 3D models from the Sins of a Solar Empire Mod "Sins of the Prophets."
  • Continue to balance (perhaps a complete redesign of the gameplay).
  • Add more ships/weapons/fighters.
  • Custom Portraits?

The Ship Roster:

Small Craft:
  • Sabre-class Fighters - A pair of high-cost, powerful strike fighters with a pair of auto cannons and light anti-armor missiles
  • Longsword-class Bombers - Fitted for strike missions, this enormous craft barely fits in a conventional hangar. It's shielding and built-in flares allow it to survive bombing runs where it launches its array of anti-ship missiles.

  • Mako-class Heavy Corvette - An older vessel in the fleet, this small warship is relatively undergunned, but possesses an exceptional power plant and armor plating for its size.

  • Paris-class Heavy Frigate - This oversized frigate lacks armor, but makes up for it with adequate mobility, allowing it to fire its MAC at enemies from flanking positions, or serve as powerful escorts for larger ships.
  • Charon-class Support Frigate - It loses most of the combat capability of the Paris-class in exchange for sizeable cargo holds, making it a must for long expeditions. It's smaller MAC allows for it to provide adequate firepower in a pinch.
  • Strident-class Light Frigate - One of the newer models in the UNSC register, this nimble ship comes with a small hangar bay, a faster-firing, more efficient MAC, and a newer, high-efficiency shield array.

  • Halberd-class Destroyer - Halberd class is equipped with dual-barreled MAC's and heavy Titanium-A armor, allowing it to shield smaller vessels while providing a sizeable punch.
  • Punic-II Class Battle Carrier - The original Punic-class was an enormous carrier that served reliably in the UNSC fleet, but due to the lacking resources of the Persean sector, UNSC leaders made the decision to downsize the design. The Punic-II packs a pair of hangar bays, and like all other UNSC ships, a MAC.

  • Halcyon-class Cruiser - The older cousin of the Marathon-class, this heavily armored cruiser is equipped with an upgraded MAC fitted with power recyclers and extra capacitors, allowing it to fire multiple rounds in rapid succession.
  • Marathon-class Cruiser - An enormous cruiser used to command fleets, this ship sports superior flux and shields compared to the Halcyon-class, as long as having the same rapid-fire MAC of its predecessor. However, its more complex systems significantly increases deployment costs.


Changelog (Of Released Versions):

v0.3b "Hotfix"
  • Fixed a mysterious crash on startup.

v0.3a "0.95.1 Celebratory Update"

  • The Mako-class Corvette, a well armored, but undergunned frigate-sized escort/strike ship to flesh out the roster a bit.
  • A ship-sized Spartan Laser. Similar to the phase lance, gaining significant more alpha-strike potential at the cost of being very unwieldy to use. Why? I dunno, it seemed cool.
  Balance Changes:
  • Various nerfs to fighter craft, they were quite overtuned.
  • Slight buffs to the Paris and Charon.
  • MAC's and fighter weapons should no longer drop as loot. Woops.

0.2E - Hotfix
  • Fixed crashing when not having Nex installed.
  • Compiled scripts into a .jar file, should lead to marginally improved performance?
  • Slight buff to shield efficiency and Frigate Turn Rates to help them in their role as escorts.
  • Slight nerf to the Halberd's DP cost and speed, since it was performing beyond its role as slow fleet anchor.

0.2C - Hotfix
  • Forgot to initialize Nex Faction relations.

0.2B - Hotfix
  • Forgot to spawn the UNSC star system for Nex Corvus mode (woops). It's fixed now.
  • Slight buffs to the Rampart, also fixed some of the audio issues (its weird echo).
  • Added a new UNSC weapon - the Goalkeeper PD Chaingun.
  • Some modifications to the firing arcs of the Paris and Halberd frontal small mounts for better PD coverage.

0.2A - "Maximum Nonviable Product."
  • Added a UNSC home system for Vanilla and Nex Corvus mode - The Audere Star System. It's no longer a glorified ship pack!
  • Increased MAC RoF and charge-time. Makes using it less painful, but also makes it harder to get snap-shots off.
  • Starpocalypse Integration.
  • Other minor balance changes.

0.1g - "The Thiccening."
  • Added a new ship, the Capital-class Halcyon Cruiser, and more gun-focused version of the Marathon class, which heavier armor but no hangar bays.
  • MAC arc reduced, but turn speed increased
  • Widened the Marathon and Halcyon class so they're no longer skinnier than Frigates.
  • Gave the 'Maneuvering Jets' ability to the Charon since Flare Launchers suck.
  • Increased Flux, HP, and Armor of all UNSC ships, at the cost of maneuverability.
  • And a whole host of other small number-fiddling balance changes to give more nuance to the UNSC ships.
  • Still not supported with Vanilla/Nex Corvus-mode yet (but it will be very soon!)

0.1d - Initial Release
  • Initial release, with 6 ships (Paris, Charon, Strident, Punic-II, Halberd, Marathon), 2 fighters (Longsword, Sabre), and 1 Weapon (Rampart PD)
  • Integration with Commissioned Crews and Nexerelin (Random Sector Only)
  • Not supported with Vanilla/Nex Corvus-mode yet.


  • Histidine, Coherent Watermelon, Banano of Doom, Citizen Joe, Lethargie, Tomatopaste, and everyone else on the Starsector Discord for helping me wade through this mess of a mod.
  • Planefriend for introducing me to this game.
  • Alex for making this game

Enjoy, and please leave your feedback!

Suggestions / Character Titles
« on: April 17, 2021, 02:19:37 AM »
Instead of just mentioning the player character as "Captain [Name]", what if we could change it instead to "[Title] [Name]?"
Like, create a segment in the player-faction creation screen that allows you to change what NPC's refer to you as.

Kinda pointless gameplay-wise, but would be neat for immersion or something.

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