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Suggestions / Ships being disabled/destroyed
« on: May 11, 2012, 11:31:18 AM »
I was just wondering, if we could see more complex ways of ships being destroyed?

Instead of whole ship going explody and glowing, you could have localized explosions and parts of the ships that were hit most hard actually being blasted off/fragmenting. To disable ship you'd have to be careful not to crack its hull in half, if you want to board it.

I understand that the game is in a very early phase, just wondering if we can get this later  :)

Thank you.

Suggestions / Gravity well effects
« on: April 01, 2012, 06:16:23 AM »
How about make it so, that whenever a fleet approaches a gravity well, their speed actually increases, but whenever they try to get away from it, the speed decreases.

This would allow for more maneuvering on the map and would actually make a slingshot move possible.

..through the whole day, you keep coming up with new loadouts for your ships and new fleet compositions you can try when you get home. dream about Starfarer. For the whole night. Epic ship combat everywhere.

Seriously though, this game is too addicting. I stumbled upon this gem 4 days ago, and havn't touched another game since. This is just incredible, it has everything I could've ever wanted from a game. THANK YOU! :)

I even started making a new cruiser, stripping apart parts from other ships and combining them into one, horrible monster. Scrap pirates ftw!

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