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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Skill Changes, Part 2 (07/15/21)

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Because I had nothing better to do, I compared tech mining on three vast ruins with varying conditions for 0.9.1a RC8, since tech mining (and rare loot in general) feels weird in 0.95aRC12.

Here we can see that no skills yielded more (?!) loot of the same quality than no skills. It was obviously expected to be the other way round. Adding alpha core did not make a change.

Now the interesting part:
For the current version, I tried to tech mine three vast ruins with four varying conditions and compared the loot:

1: no story points or alpha cores in all tech mining industries
2: only alpha cores in all tech mining industries
3: only story points in all tech mining industries
4: both alpha cores ans story points in all tech mining industries


Expectation: The more you increase tech mining findings via improvements, the more (and better) loot you get, similar to the (wrongly) additional loot from 0.9.1a with no skills.

Outcome: As per this thread, I expected that investing story points to "improve" chances by 25%, is broken atm as it reduces the loot, which it did (3+4).
So looking at adding alpha cores only, the resulting loot was changed from no improvement (1+2), not added on top. Note that no improvements yielded 2 corropted nanoforged, only alpha cores resulted in an alpha core, and more gamma cores, but no forge.

All loot-rolls were the same. I loaded each savegame, changed the conditions and waited for the end of the month, then reloaded and changed them again etc.

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