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If a unit is told to escort another unit, they should have the following priorities in this order:

If threats are in weapon range of escortee, screen for the escort, and attack the threat.
If no threats are in weapon range of escortee, and escortee has a target in it's weapons range, move to attack it's target.
If no threats are in weapon range of escortee, and no targets are in weapons range, fall into formation with escort. Formation should be dependent on number and type of escorts:

Wedge: All escorters are smaller vessels and at least as fast as escortee.
Boxed wedge: Some escorters are larger than escortee, and all are at least as fast as escortee. (Boxed meaning that larger vessels fall in in front of the wedge and to the sides of the escortee)
File: Not all escorters are as fast as the escortee. Those that are will attempt to keep ahead in a wedge or boxed wedge.

I bring this up because most of the time, giving escort orders to large groups just ends up a big mess. Ships just trail behind who they're told to escort, and allow the escortee to jump into danger before they try to run to their rescue. They should instead exibit some level of squad tactics.

General Discussion / Market price madness
« on: April 05, 2021, 11:31:54 AM »
Why is it that I can buy various weapons for around $150-$200 credits, but a single unit of supplies costs between $100-$120 credits and fuel between $20-$30 each?

Shouldn't something that is constantly consumed, and required by everyone cost much less than weapons which are not consumed, and generally aren't needed in great numbers?

Even derelict frigates aren't sold for more than $2000, which is about the price of 20 supplies, or the supplies which will maintain a frigate for about 10 days. What gives?

The prices of fuel and supplies are madness compared to everything else!

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