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Starsector 0.96a is out! (05/05/23)

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Suggestions / Atlas MK II, Prometheus MK II, and Buffalo MK II
« on: May 26, 2021, 12:17:27 PM »
The regular Atlas and Prometheus went from 10 fuel/LY to 6 fuel/LY, while the MK II versions are still at 10 fuel/LY. Would be great if the MK II versions also went down to 6 fuel/LY.

For the Buffalo MK II, it is a really interesting ship, but it costs 2 fuel/LY and has only 120 seconds of peak performance time. If PPT could be increased/fuel cost decreased, perhaps it could see more use.

Perhaps the Buffalo MK II could get a hullmod that prevents in-space refits from reducing CR below 50, or cap its CR at 50 and prevent in-space refits from reducing CR. It would fit the theme of the ship as an adaptable, ad-hoc and jury-rigged ship.

I have been poking around with fighters (not bombers). What mission sets do you usually give your fighters?

Here is some of what I have found so far. B is Broadsword, C is Claw, G is Gladius, L is Lux, S is Spark, T is Thunder, W is Warthog, Wp is Wasp and Ta  Talon. Full effect for Hangar/DP limited buffs when present unless otherwise specified. All tests set to autopilot at beginning unless otherwise specified:

Mission Pilum Heron 70 CR, Expanded Deck Crew (EDC), Hardened Subsystems (HSS), 20 vents rest caps no captain or skills 540 seconds PPT. Triple Wasp (Wp) resulted in loss (1 try).
Time to Kill Sim Falcon(seconds):

TTK1_AVG   Count   Fighters
54.0   5   GWW
61.0   2   BLW
61.0   2   LTW
66.0   5   BWW
67.0   2   BTW
68.0   2   GLL
68.5   2   WpWW
70.5   2   SWW
70.5   2   LSW
70.8   5   TWW
72.5   2   LLT
76.0   2   BBW
80.0   2   BCW
80.0   2   LLL
80.5   2   WWW
86.5   2   CWW
88.5   2   BLT
90.0   2   BLL
90.5   4   LLS
96.5   2   LLWp
107.0   2   BBL
138.5   2   SSS
142.0   2   BBT
167.5   2   BBB
173.0   2   GGG
238.3   3   TTT
401.0   1   CCC

Mora with 85% CR, 0 caps/vents, EDC, Carrier Group, Fighter Uplink. 1 is no officer, 2 is officer with Strike Commander Elite (SCE), Missile Specialization Elite (MSE) and Systems Expertise (SE). Generally 5 tries each, less for triple Broadsword.
Time to Kill Sim Falcon(seconds):

1   2   F
83   66.4   TWW
86.4   67.4   GWW
90   68.8   WWW
94.4   70   BWW
106.2   69.6   BTW
101.8   75.6   LTW
108.8   72.4   TTW
113.2   77.4   LLL
189.2   117.6   TTT
202   137.3 BBB

Heron with 85% CR, 0 caps/vents, EDC, Carrier Group, Fighter Uplink. 1 is no officer, 2 is officer with Strike Commander Elite (SCE), Missile Specialization Elite (MSE) and Systems Expertise (SE). 5 runs each.
Time to Kill Sim Falcon(seconds):

1   2   F
51.4   43.80   WWW
57.6   46.60   TWW
60.2   47.60   BWW
61.6   47.40   GWW
69   50.20   LTW
69   51.40   TTW
76.8   53.60   BTW
79.2   56.40   LLL
141   101.80   SSS
149.2   104.20   GGG
160.8   101.20   TTT
155.6   110.80   BBB
187   132.20   WpWpWp

Two Mission Condors, 70 CR with just EDC, no other buffs, vs Sim Falcon:
Time to Kill Sim Falcon(seconds):

TTK1   F
64.2   WWWW
68   BWBW
68.2   LLLL
76.4   BWWW
85.4   BLLL
125   LSLS
135.4   BBBB
146   SSSS

Overall, the regular Falcon disadvantages bare hull fighters because of the ion beams. Despite this, the Warthogs do very well vs bigger, slower ships. Broadswords are very interesting, they have 80 flux capacity with 10 flux dissipation, so they can do 2.86 seconds of full 312 kinetic DPS before dropping to 82 sustained kinetic DPS.

More Data (added on 2021-06-12 YYYY-MM-DD):

Heron with 85% CR, 0 caps/vents, EDC, Carrier Group, Fighter Uplink. 1 is no officer, 2 is officer with Strike Commander Elite (SCE), Missile Specialization Elite (MSE) and Systems Expertise (SE). 3 is 0.91a with EDC, 4 is 0.91a with EDC and officer with all buffs. 5 is 0.95 RC15 with SCE, MSE, and SE.  5 runs each.
Time to Kill Sim Falcon(seconds, this is the previous officered Heron but with more data):

1   2   3   4   F
51.4   43.8         WWW
57.6   46.6         TWW
60.2   47.6         BWW
61.6   47.4         GWW
69.0   50.2         LTW
69.0   51.4         TTW
79.2   56.4   63.0   52.7   LLL
76.8   53.6         BTW
141.0   101.8   88.4   67.0   SSS
149.2   104.2   170.0   90.5   GGG
160.8   101.2         TTT
155.6   110.8         BBB
187.0   132.2   336.0   106.5   WpWpWp

TTK 2 Wolves and 2 Lashers in sim:

1   2   5      F
54.8   55.8         WpWpWp
n/a   n/a   55.8      SWpWp
n/a   n/a   60.0      SSWp
64.2   66.4   68.2      LWpWp
n/a   n/a   71.4      LSWp
82.0   79.4         TTWp
94.2   75.2   76.8      LLWp
90.0   85.4         GGG
92.4   89.2         TaTaTa
100.0   85.6         SSS
116.0   98.4         TTW
118.2   104.8         BBB
122.6   109.2         TTT
153.4   105.8         WWW

TTK Doom in sim:

1            F
154.0            LWpWp
182.0            SWpWp
212.0            WpWpWp
251.0            SSS
#DIV/0!            LLL

TTK Aurora in sim:

2            F
40.6            WWW
45.8            GWW
49.8            TWW
53.0            BWW
73.2            BTW
86.4            LTW
130.6            WpWpWp

TTK Brilliant in sim (from sim_opponents_dev.csv):

2         F
95.6         WpWpWp
99.3         BWW
102.5         TWW
116.0         WWW
143.0         BTW
154.0         LTW
159.0         GWW
180.8         SSS
212.0         LLL

Piloted SO Hammerhead (all buffs except derelict contingent and damage control) plus allied officered carrier with SCE, MSE, and SE. D stands for Drover, H stands for Heron, and C stands for Cobra. 5 runs each.

Vs Sim Brilliant (from sim_opponents_dev.csv):

Ally   2   F
H   18   WpWpWp
D   19   CC
H   23   SSS
H   23   WWW
None   25   HH only

Vs Sim Radiant (from sim_opponents_dev.csv, has 2 locusts, 2 autopulse, 4 ion beams):

Ally   2   F
H   26   TWW
D   26   CC
H   36   BWW
H   43   WpWpWp
H   44   SSS
H   46   WWW
H   46   LLL
None   50   HH only
H   51   TTT

Let me know if there are any questions. Hard to format the tables and my shorthand can be hard to understand at times.

My fleet pushed the bounty fleet to the top edge of the map and the Onslaught that just arrived decided to leave. The Affictor tried to move behind it as it was turning, took damage from collision, then phased inside the Onslaught.

As the other ships closed in on the slowly turning Onslaught, the afflictor was just rotating inside. I ordered it to the right, nothing happened, so I started a recording. Then I ordered it left, and it still stayed where it was, spinning. I finally ordered it downwards, and it sped off before the Onslaught exploded.

Potential Bug 1:

I was flying back into the core systems and I saw a friendly independent mercenary/privateer fleet looking for me. I turned off stealth mode so it could see me, and it approached me fast, stopped before it reached me, then approached me again then stopped, then approached me then stopped. Like a series of micro-stutters.

Potential Bug 2:

Interestingly enough, I could accept the 44k bribe to tell them where Scylla was in the Isirah system, and then when I hit "Open Comm Link" again, they say the "You have information which my employer would like you to share with them. Exclusively." again.

After that is dialogue for "You'll get nothing from me.", so there's no broken rep/cash farming opportunity there. Then I get the choice of "That's it, you're going to leave?" and the interaction returns to the Open comm link/Move in to engage/Leave menu.

Potential Bug 3:

Not sure if this one is intentional. I had already brought Scylla out of hiding, so I'm not so sure she's still in Isirah. In fact, I think she's somewhere in my fleet. So did my character get pressured into giving out stale intel for money?

I have a save right before/during the fleet stuttering and possibly a video of it. The save has the new Detailed Combat Reports mod from Nick XR. My fleet and the other fleets in the area were moving smoothly.

I visited Laicaille right after, and the Archon had all the dialogue choices that I remember from before rescuing Scylla. So 2 and 3 might be related to this previous bug report:

Bug Reports & Support / 0.95a RC15 Potential Contacts Mouse UI Bug
« on: April 29, 2021, 07:58:46 PM »
So I am at 7/10 contacts, and when I go to the contacts menu to mouse over Delete Contact/Develop Contact from the bottom going up, I can get it to highlight both one time for a potential Hegemony Contact before mouseover stops working. The same happened for a potential Pirate Contact, neither option worked for a potential Independent Contact, and neither also for a potential Luddic Church contact.

The keyboard shortcuts T and G never stopped working.

After making a save point replicating it, and recording it, it appears that it has gone away.

In RC15, after informing the Archon that Scylla Coureuse is being held on Laicaille station and extracting her with his authority, talking to him again yields the previous dialogue with the choices:

1. "Orders from Kazeron? I can see who really runs Laicaille"
2. "She is a free citizen of the League. Does that mean nothing?
3. "Fair enough. Sorry for prying."

He gets angry and asks to meet again to investigate, despite already having done so. This does not generate the choice to meet him that it once did before reaching this stage of the quest, so that part is working.

I am not sure which mission this is, or where I got this mission from, but apparently I have a mission from Kanta to return her pet Loke-clone to her, and telling pirates this scares them off. The unexpected part is that, instead of leaving my fleet alone after the dialogue, they keep pursuing and trying to talk, so I have about 7 pirate fleets following me around now. At least the station can't give chase.

So they are continually pursuing but do not force my fleet into a fight, nor do they harass my forces to drop my CR.

This is a purely visual bug, it does not affect the ability to deploy.

Lets say I have Wolves W1-W4. I assign W1 and W2 to control group 1 with CTRL 1, and I assign W3 and W4 to 2. I press 1 and 2 to select the four wolves for deployment and it says it will take 20 DP. I then press 1 and 2 again to deselect the four wolves. It still shows up as 20 DP, but will not deploy any. If I select a ship or another group, the visual bug goes away, but if I keep toggling/untoggling the last selected group, it will not change (Say I deselect group 1 then group 2. It says 20 DP. If I press 2 for group 2, it stills says 20 even if only 10 will be deployed, and continues to say 20 whether group 2 is selected or not.).

Clicking is not affected by this.

Found two minor issues, one I've seen throughout 0.95a up to RC12, and another I've been seeing since 0.91a:

In 0.95a RC12, immediately after battle, I hit Take All and the initial cargo limit is slightly higher than what it is after I control click to get rid of the excess. For example, I beat a large bounty, did not recover any ships, and my cargo was at 4967/5114. Since I expected it to be inaccurately high, I control clicked on the stack of metals, and the cargo limit dropped down to 4916.

Often when I loot past my capacity, I have to control click twice to get back to capacity, once to get to the initial limit which is higher than actual, and a second time to get to the actual capacity. This is with the Industry 1 Skill that gives up to 50% more capacity for cargo/fuel/people, which I suspect is related. I have had it happen with fuel before but it did not happen this time, and I'm not sure if this ever happened with crew/marines.

For the Mission CR Issue (Dire Straits and The Last Hurrah were great!), refitting ships before playing the mission can result in a couple ships with lower than normal CR. It's usually a 15% or so drop, even when I did a full strip and manually refit everything, but usually affects just 1-2 ships, and I tend to refit every single one. Rarely, a ship will have reduced CR even without refits. I saw this a lot in 0.91a, and I still see it in 0.95a RC12.

Bug Reports & Support / Continue/F9 and Multiple Installs
« on: April 03, 2021, 03:17:56 PM »
I have 0.91a and 0.95 RC12 installed in separate folders on the same computer, it seems like there may be some cross talk between the different versions--perhaps through the registry?

When I try to load a game in 0.91 from the main screen with continue, it will crash, but I can still get in by using Load and selecting the most recent save file. Then when I go to the other version, Continue/F9 also crashes, but selecting the most recent save file under Load works.

General Discussion / Mechanics of Skill Respecs
« on: April 03, 2021, 02:05:59 PM »
It may not be obvious, but lot can be accomplished with just one story point. Multiple skill points can be refunded, or swapped when they cannot/should not be refunded. For example:

Refund multiple non-permanent skill points by clicking on the desired refundable skills. When they are no longer highlighted, they will be refunded upon confirmation. Can potentially refund 15+ skill points by using one story point. Still have to retain at least one skill per level before each permanently assigned skill, so no violation there.

Left clicking a removed skill again will assign a point to the skill, and doing so again would add the story point upgrade if available. Right click only removes, so using right click can be less confusing.

For single skills stuck below permanent skills, such as T4 Flux Regulation or T4 Phase Corps with only T5 Special Modifications taken, clicking on the non-highlighted one will swap to it when no skill points are available or usable there. Any number of swaps can be done with one story point. So taking a permanent skill locks in the number of required skills before it, but you can swap freely between them.

This can also be done to preserve Elite skills, so if you have C2-C5 elite skills, and want to swap C1 Helmsmanship with C1 Strike Commander, you can without losing the elite upgrades on C2-C5.

Clicking on a removable skill that is required for others, such as removing combat 5 with 8 points allocated to combat, will remove one out of two skills in combat 1, combat 2, and combat 3, even if they have story point upgrades, so be careful with this.

Illegally assigned skills will cause strange behavior, such as the inability to reassign skills without removing the illegal skills, making the illegal skill legal, or removing elite status from a skill (which removes the illegal skill). Skill swapping still works though.

With just one story point, you can do any, or all of these things. It's a great deal.

I tested this on RC9 and RC12. RC9 generates an extra skill point in a certain situation, but RC12 does not, so that looks fixed.

Anyone know any additional tips or tricks?

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