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Suggestions / The Galatia System feels uninteresting for its campaign role
« on: February 26, 2023, 09:13:38 PM »
You visit it repeatedly on the course of the campaign and most of the time it feels like you are the only captain to ever actually do so, the system is mostly desolate ever after you clear the tutorial. Probably a function of the small system markets combined an awkward placement of the jump points that incentivize direct jumps to and from Pontus.

Some suggestions
  • Revise the geography of the system. Arkadia is a similarly shaped system that I feel is much better due to having the jump point and comm relay in the L4 and L5 points of Syrinx, which I feel makes the traffic much more visible.
  • Make Galatia Academy generate independent fleets.  The docking fluff and story makes it clear the space around it keeps relatively busy, but I don't think any fleets actually visit the academy at all during normal gameplay. Some rare visitors in orbit would probably help a lot.

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