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Modding / [0.95.1a]Make Paragon Great Again
« on: May 17, 2022, 02:52:06 AM »
"Paragon does not fit systems expertise and missile specialization which can greatly improve the combat performance."
"Who will use paragon if all enemys could be elimated by a radiant with the same 60 deploy points?"

Now I cut vents and capacitors of paragon to half and built-in a hullmod "Advanced vent generator" which double its vents and capacitors(it will apply to other modifiers). Therefore, fortress shield will generate 312.5 hard flux per second rather than 625 and paragon could keep its fortress shield on for 80 seconds rather than 40 seconds.

Hopes this could help paragon great again.

Any advice is appreciated, including mod balancing.

This is a test release and I dont know if there will be a bug.

This mod CANNOT be removed while in mid-game.

tips:new to modding, not native english speaker, limited time and energy but love this game.

Hi everyone, I'm trying this fitting with Remnant Command Transfer mod which allows me to transfer command to it.(This is a remnant ship added in SWP)

This fitting is funny for me. It could kill any target(even star fortess) with very simple steps till now---shoot until vent level gets 50%, press f, retreat and vent, press f, purse and shoot.
But it's a little boring to kill enemy with the same ship, and therefore I wonder if there is a ship whether in vanilla or mod, which can be fit in similar way.

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