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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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Suggestions / Mercenary -- "on standby until used"
« on: September 03, 2021, 12:05:23 AM »
I'll be honest, I haven't bothered using mercenaries myself, because the default number of officers (8) has been sufficient for me.

However, I see a number of complaints on the forum about how it's difficult to get a group of mercenaries going, since it takes a while to go around the core worlds and collect them. Then you're running into a situation where the older ones are about to expire while you're trying to fill up with mercenaries.

How about changing the system so that the 365-day timer doesn't start until the mercenary is actually assigned to a ship? So you can fill up with mercenary contracts, sitting there unused, until you've gotten all that you want, then activate them together when you're heading out with your exploration/death fleet, so you can use them up all together.

I guess if it's needed to prevent players from hoarding too many, you can make it so that the contract needs to be activated within 90 days (or whatever amount) of purchasing, or that, similar to admins, mercenaries only charge 10% (or whatever percentage) of their pay while they're on standby, and then charge the full amount once they're assigned to a ship. Being assigned to a ship effectively is when they start their 365-day contract.

Not sure if this is really a suggestion or a bug but I'll just put it in Suggestions. Right now the Fury's AI doesn't account for the fact that it might ram into a hulk when it uses plasma burn. Unfortunately this means that it'll sometimes ram into a big hulk, flame out, and then go coasting into the enemy fleet and die. This is pretty undesirable behavior. Hopefully it's a simple fix to check for objects in the way before deciding to plasma burn.

Attached is a screenshot of this in action. The highlighted Fury (Fury 7) ran into the hulk at the bottom and then deflected upward and is about to end up in the middle of the Radiants at the top of the map. (Note the speed, 494 su/s.)

It appears that the Doom's mines can be spawned on the remaining hulks (when a ship is destroyed), thus causing an instant mine detonation at the mouse cursor and damaging any ships nearby. Obviously this means that nearby ships can't defend against it, which is game-breaking.

It looks like this happens only when the ship breaks into multiple pieces, and this can't be done with the "main" piece, but can be done with the other pieces.

To reproduce, take a Doom, go into simulation or a battle, kill a ship, and if it breaks into multiple pieces, try to spawn a mine on top of each of the remaining hulks. One of them will have the usual distance check (preventing mines from spawning too close to it), but for the others, the mines will be able to spawn on top of them, detonating instantly.

My understanding is that when using the same game seed, the world spawns the same stuff at the same locations, including coronal hypershunts.

However, for the following seed:


One of the hypershunts will usually spawn at Alpha Ning. But on repeated tries, I've also seen it spawn at Asmoday, Zeta Kesh, and Mance. The other hypershunt seems to always spawn at Ulubis.

This is using 0.95a RC15.

Not sure if this affects anything, but I noticed that (using devmode) there are usually 3 purple systems, the third being Gamma Thalos, which is a "false" (no hypershunt) system, so not sure if it's something happening when the code selects hypershunt locations.

This is using vanilla, I have some utility mods but there shouldn't be any that affect world generation. The list of mods are:

{"enabledMods": [

I'm using devmode on/off via Console Commands. Usually I'll remember to turn it off before I load or quit game, but a couple times I forgot. Not sure if that affects anything. But even on a fresh game load, it will sometimes spawn in different locations; spawning at Mance was on a fresh load.

My starting options are hammerhead, normal difficult, start with tutorial, if that affects anything.

The cryosleepers seem to always spawn in the same systems, so it's only the hypershunts that move. It doesn't seem like a bad seed (the cryosleepers are relatively close to core) so maybe I'll get lucky if I keep re-rolling this seed and get a hypershunt close to the cryosleepers :)

Usually, when you buy goods from a market, as you buy more from the market, the cost of each successive good increases. This makes sense since there are fewer of them left to buy so the price increases.

But it seems like when the market is in a shortage, and it itself cannot import any of that good, as you buy more of that good, the price of each successive good actually decreases. So there might be a bug with how the code calculates prices in this situation.

This can be easily reproduced at beginning of game: at Ancyra, if you buy fuel (demand met), crew (demand met), or drugs (1 out of 3 demand met, so shortage of 2), then it behaves normally, with each successive good increasing in price as you buy more. But the cost of supplies, luxury goods, organs, domestic goods, organics, and food will all decrease as you buy more of them. For this latter set, what they all have in common is that there is a shortage, but there are 0 imports for them. 1 import seems to make the code function normally (based on drugs), but not when there are no imports at all for that good.

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