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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: Planet Search Overhaul (07/13/24)

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Suggestions / Hyperspace Sensor Ghost size vs. player fleet size
« on: December 19, 2021, 04:44:13 PM »
Look, it is entirely possible this is due to some weird mod interaction, but the only sensor ghosts I see hyperspace seem to always literally mirror my fleet's current size (for which I have not bothered to test, far enough in my game I'm just always running a 25+ ship fleet).  So it is super SUPER obvious what is a fake sensor ghost in hyperspace.  Furthermore, the ghosts basically follow you around where ever you go, so why would I be scared of something I know isn't real, is easily determinable, and follows you around?  This isn't Will Shatner freaking out on a plane, this is just hobo dog Lassie!

So at a minimum, please vary size of sensor ghosts, both larger AND smaller.  Having the ghosts appear to fly random routes instead of just following the player around would also be nice, but that would likely require a more "in-depth" solution... but since basically any non-player fleet in the game flies in straight lines if it isn't patrolling or hunting, again, just makes sensor ghosts that much more obvious.

To be clear, I quite like this addition to game, would really build tension in early-mid game, but by mid-late game, it's basically just ridiculous since so easy to figure out what is fake.  Furthermore, once system is more mature, might be interesting to make High Resolution Sensors hull mod reduce occurrence of sensor ghosts (or at least make them get less close to player fleet, since once ghosts get close enough they should cease to pop up on sensors...).

General Discussion / Do contacts ever move/change planets in 0.95a?
« on: October 23, 2021, 11:12:15 AM »
Basically what it says in the title (in game currently, I make no assumptions regarding what the update will or won't change beyond whatever in dev diary).  Also, has anyone cracked the game code open yet and determined whether there is any chance of a contact's level going up after you do some number of missions for said contact, or do you always have to drop a lower level contact for a better one?  I ask because I have a mod idea regarding the use of contacts, curious how static contacts are considered.  Also curious whether contacts are listed by planet in code after being generated (ie, a list per planet, not a big array that includes contacts with the contact's planet), but I will probably figure that out eventually on my own once I bother to crack the code open further...

Suggestions / Where is the player's "inventory?"
« on: June 10, 2021, 09:06:38 PM »
Since Alex's intentions regarding the direction he intends to take this game is already pretty clear (less 4X, more rpg), where is the player's "inventory?"  I don't entirely mean inventory in the traditional game sense (ie, your inventory is to some degree basically your ship's captain's cabin, not just literally what you might carry around with you where ever you go).  So whether you find a legit BAMF laser pistol you literally strap to your hip, or just a dope wet bar you "inherited" from some other ship captain, or just a anti-grav captain's bed, the player both has proof of doing cool stuff, and maybe also gets some bonuses depending on certain situations.  So not only do you sometimes get to shoot Greedo first, but you might also get better deals displaying a sweet sweet laser pistol (or get a better rate from TT rep with cool wet bar on ship).

While I do only intend this semi-seriously (since it would be both cool and expand a system for better modding), I am curious why this has yet to be suggested.  Alternatively, has it been suggested and why was it rejected?

General Discussion / Moar Different Commodities?
« on: May 29, 2021, 12:37:33 AM »
Look, I am aware that Alex has made his intentions regarding trade in this game pretty clear (ie, it's more than just in the game, but this game isn't expected to go any further towards a 4X direction with colonization and trade; put another way, the game is about blowing stuff up, not so much about trade simulation), but each class of commodity is both a class and type of commodity.  To clarify, the commodity of Heavy Weapons is just Heavy Weapons, and not say cheaper pulse rifles vs more expensive hover tanks or whatever (or fruits and vegetables vs meat or soylent green instead of just "food").  Assuming that adding multiple commodities per commodity class won't stress the game too much (and therefore the average player's computer), should more commodities (and/or commodities per commodity class) be added to the vanilla game?

I'm limiting the poll to 30 days, since this is definitely not that important of a topic compared to certain more pressing issues.  Also, I didn't put this poll in suggestions since I'm not specifically suggesting that more commodity classes or commodity types should be added, but am merely curious how other players feel about this (and by extension, how other players feel about trade implementation in the game).

Suggestions / Why are all Pirates a single faction?
« on: January 27, 2021, 12:48:23 AM »
  This may have admittedly already been brought up, but why are all pirates considered the same faction (literally the topic heading)?  Admittedly, the game probably hasn't yet been coded to allow factions to ally, let alone merge or subsume each other... but since pirate "factions" may or may not get along, why are they all lumped together into a single faction (instead of say, 3 or 4)?  I'll admit that even broaching the topic of factionalization within different space "nations" brings only may draw parallels with a number of other space games, like Endless Space, or Stellaris, or Masters of who caares (not to mention the possibility of some mighty space pirate then also going full Khan and uniting the space pirates).  Whether the concepts of factionalization within each of already existing literal factions (honestly, calling them "space nations" is probably not the best terminology, but referring to such entities as factions implies they are all still part of something.  206 years of an interregnum may beg to differ...).  I'll admit this may not be something that can easily be addressed (this game ain't really about diplomacy), but since the possibility of colonization was added, should be at least given some consideration.

  Also, adding some sort of temporary extra placeholder pirate faction/nation would allow a player to kill dem randomly spawned pirate bases that are automatically generated without gumming up the relations with the "real" pirates (they haven't yet earned their place!).  And if this has already been brought up and I just didn't manage to search properly... c'est la vie.

General Discussion / Ship battle "space terrain" generation
« on: January 18, 2021, 03:06:12 PM »
This may have already been answered in the forums, but didn't feel like wading through 600 posts to find a response, and didn't see any reference to this in first pass of whatever limited game descriptions are already available.  I've had more than a few ship battles, in which I see mostly asteroids being generated as a limited form of "space terrain."  Sometime even acts as a nice blocker for certain attacks, although doesn't seem to really do much damage to ships so running into some asteroids doesn't throw a ship battle.  However, can't determine whether the location of the ship battle generation may affect the ship battle's "space terrain."  As in, if I try to escape burn through an asteroid belt (or debris field) and get caught, do way more asteroids (or dead ship hulks) spawn?  If I kit my entire fleet out in solar shielding and mange to lure some enemy fleet deep into a star's corona, does the ship battle map continuously damage the enemy ships (unless said enemy ship also happens to have solar shielding)?  This is as opposed to a battle outside of some "space terrain" zone, with maybe only a few asteroids.  Just curious, why spend like 4 hours trying to test this in game or dig through code when I can just ask?

If the game doesn't do this and this question has already been asked/answered, what reasons were given for why not added?  Just to prevent fps reduction (same reason why spamming too many fighters can cause issues), or maybe just would take up too much time/money (besides AI code, I address that at end of this paragraph). Not to mention if this doesn't exists, adding it could lead to some legit terrain tactics, don't get me started on having a battle near a black hole with like a fifth of the battle space showing part of a circular event horizon to avoid or die while also slowly getting pulled towards it... unless you get caught in event horizon and pulled towards edge of map but are lucky to be able to phase back out of the event horizon zone (this assumes black holes will eventually be added, but it illustrates the concept of terrain tactics nicely).  Of course, there is also the answer of "coding AI to not only handle but even take advantage of said terrain is recursively difficult (ie, pointless)," but still worth asking.  But since game still doesn't even have much options for even deliberately waypointing from A to B (or doing curved flight paths), perhaps premature to make such an ask...

Totally unrelated, but why does this game have (space) marines but no boarding party options during battle (whether single "missiles" or some form of boarding party fighters, either of which would require that a fleet waste cargo space on marines in order to function)?  Again, maybe already answered (and discarded for cpu overload or coding reasons), or just in order to better delineate this game from like FTL or some other game?

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