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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hostile Activity (09/01/22)

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I developed a web app that Starsector players can use to experiment with different colony builds and find good places to establish colonies. It lets you specify how you want to build your (size-6) colonies, then reads your save file and simulates those colonies on planets in your sector.

I tried to make the simulation as accurate as possible. It factors in accessibility, hazard rating, planetary conditions, structure configurations (improvements, AI cores, and special items), administrators, cross-faction imports, and the demand for commodities in your economy. So it can help you decide whether to colonize a nearby planet with a low hazard rating or a more distant planet with more resources or better conditions for special items, for example.

The search results are sorted by profitability, but you can also see statistics like stability, fleet size, ship quality, and ground defenses.

It'll only show fully-surveyed planets by default, but you can configure it to show spoilers as well if you want to.

Check it out!

I've tested it with vanilla Starsector 0.95.1a-RC6 save files.

Modding / Edge case related to cross-faction imports?
« on: April 17, 2022, 11:09:29 AM »

I might have encountered a weird edge case related to cross-faction imports. I'm posting about it here because I used the Console Commands mod to increase my colony size from 3 to 6, so it might be mod-related. I also edited my save file to test different situations, so it might be that.

My colony has a demand for 8 ship hulls because of High Command. It also has an Orbital Works that produces 4 ship hulls. Its accessibility is 65%, and that's enough for it to import 4 hulls cross-faction. No shortage.

If I edit my save file and add a custom accessibility modifier to decrease the accessibility to 55%, the colony still imports 4 hulls cross-faction and has no shortage.

But if I decrease the accessibility to 45%, which should still be enough to import 4 hulls, I unexpectedly have a shortage of 4 hulls. The breakdown says "+4 Base value for colony size (Orbital Works); +4 Desired import volume (in-faction); -4 In-faction shortage (max in-faction production source has 4)". (In case you're wondering, the Orbital Works' demands are met by in-faction imports.)

I did a bit more testing with different levels of production and demand. The explanation I've come up with is this: It looks like the game will only use a cross-faction import if the number of units it could import is greater than the in-faction supply. In the 45% accessibility case above, I think it says, "I could import 4 hulls cross-faction, but that's not more than the 4 I can get in-faction, so I'll use in-faction sources." It ignores the fact that the 4 it could import cross-faction would be added to the 4 produced locally and would fully satisfy the demand. (Chicomoztoc has 10 hulls and 123% accessibility.)

Can anyone verify this with a non-modded game? Or possibly explain what I'm missing?


Starsector 0.95.1a-RC6
LazyLib 2.7b
Console Commands 2021.12.25


I edited ship_data.csv and gave the Paragon the max speed, acceleration, deceleration, max turn rate, turn acceleration, and mass of a Thunder fighter, just for fun. Then I tried the Forlorn Hope mission, and I refitted the Paragon to use plasma cannons, hypervelocity drivers, autopulse lasers, and advanced turret gyros (among other things). I let the AI pilot the ship.

The Paragon would often miss shots with its projectile weapons--even the ones on turrets--when it was strafing around an enemy ship. It seemed like the aiming AI wasn't accounting for the fact that the Paragon's velocity would be added to the projectiles' velocities. Or in other words, the target leading calculations were only considering the target ship's absolute velocity instead of its velocity relative to the firing ship. Sometimes, while backing away from a target quickly, the Paragon would fire shots that had no chance of hitting because the Paragon's backward velocity was added to them, which basically put the target out of range.

Maybe there's a parameter somewhere else to compensate for this, so it's not enough to edit the spreadsheet? But I can't help wondering if this is happening to a smaller extent all the time. If so, maybe battles don't feel quite as tight as they could?

I was using Starsector 0.95.1a-RC6 for Linux.


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