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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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Bug Reports & Support / Shock Repeater fails to target armor modules
« on: November 18, 2021, 12:25:20 PM »
Shock Repeaters create an arc to a seemingly-random location around the firing ship when targeting a ship with no weapons or engines (such as station armor modules). This appears to be a bug in EngineAPI.spawnEmpArc(), not something specific to the shock repeater, since I can replicate it just by calling that method.

Mods / [0.95.1a] Apex Design Collective v1.1.0b
« on: September 16, 2021, 12:14:21 AM »

Apex Design Collective

A tech-oriented collectivist faction that relies heavily on armor and remote support systems.
Save compatible- the faction and its systems will be automatically generated if added mid-save.
Requires LazyLib, MagicLib, and GraphicsLib.

Would you like to know more?

Yes, I'd like to know more about [COMBAT]
Generally, Apex ships follow a design philosophy that focuses on optimizing individual ship performance and working together with allies. They fight best as a solid battle line, using bombers, heavy fighters, or specialized pursuit ships to finish off retreating opponents.

- Excellent mount types and coverage
- Very flexible fitting options
- Extremely durable
- Remote support systems that can buff or repair allies
- High-end weapons and strikecraft
- Good flux dissipation

- Individual ships are relatively expensive and can thus be outnumbered and flanked
- Slow (except specialized pursuit ships)
- Fewer weapon slots than average
- Poor anti-fighter PD
- Mediocre shields, incompatible with Heavy Armor

Fighting the Collective's fleets can be a daunting task for the unprepared. They lack any sort of "filler" weapons or ships- no Mules or Hounds to pad out their fleet sizes. Furthermore, they excel at attrition, since a ship you fail to kill will likely be repaired by its allies, while any damage your ships take will be permanent. The best way to beat them is flanking, kiting, and peeling off individual ships that you can kill until their fleet is small enough to destroy directly.
Yes, I'd like to know more about [LORE]
The Apex Design Collective began life long before the Collapse as the Apex Design Corporation, a high-end military-industrial contractor that produced specialized ships for the Domain, or anyone else willing to pay. Like plenty of other factions, they set up a small (by the standards of the Domain, anyway) outpost in the Persean Sector, eager to exploit untouched resources and perhaps conduct their research further away from prying eyes.

This rapidly changed following the Collapse. With security forces focusing on the immediate threats of raiders, local radicals managed to pull off a general strike, demanding democratic government, better pay, and safer working conditions. The Corporation, of course, responded with violence, and the Vela Labor Wars began. A bloody, decades-long conflict, the labor wars resulted in most of the Corporation's masters being exiled (or executed). By the time the 14th Battlegroup rolled into the Persean Sector, the brand-new Collective was well-armed and heavily experienced in guerilla war, making any attempted enforcement of the Diktat of Hegemony on the Vela system deeply unattractive.

Tri-Tachyon did not feel quite the same way as the Hegemony, particularly after Collective warships enforced a blockade in support of striking miners on Tibicena. While Tri-Tachyon lacked the stomach for a ground invasion, they were more than happy to raid convoys and outposts, and the resulting conflict has simmered for nearly a century and a half.

Today, with their revolutionary struggle quite a few generations behind them, the Collective is a bit less aggressive. Outside of their long-standing feud with Tri-Tachyon, they prefer to fund and arm like-minded groups rather than take direct military action, though they do not shy away from flexing their large and advanced fleet.
Yes, I'd like to know more about [CREDITS AND SOURCE CODE]
Gwyvern: Sprites
Mesotronik: the better half of the SFX
Tomatopaste: dronelib code
Mayu: A few hullmod sprites
Harmful Mechanic: Assets used for blueprint packs
Farlarzia, Ruddygreat, Cjuicy, Silverlight, Avanitia: Loyal beta testers, may their names live on in glory

Available here.

Apex Design Collective by theDragn is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Mods / [0.95.1a] WhichMod 1.2.1
« on: July 25, 2021, 04:10:45 PM »
Have you ever posted "which mod is this ship from?" Well, have I got the mod for you!

This mod adds the mod title to the descriptions of all weapons, ships, fighters, and hullmods added by mods.

Example (from High Tech Expansion):

Also has the option to use abbreviations instead of the full mod name, and will let you choose the abbreviations. Look in the settings file for more information.

1.2.1: confirmed it works fine with 0.95.1a and updated compatible version number in mod info
1.2: now works on hullmods too
1.1: fixed an issue where it could add the mod title multiple times if you saved and loaded. No clue what was causing that, since descriptions aren't saved, but it's fixed anyway.
RIP to the old janky python script.

General Discussion / question on temporal shell
« on: July 22, 2021, 11:42:59 AM »
Okay so this came up on the discord- Temporal Shell has a blue effect, which makes sense, because if your timeflow is sped up, you would appear blueshifted to an outside observer. The question is, was this intentional or is it just a happy coincidence?

Mods / [0.95.1a] Furry Portrait Pack v1.14
« on: April 03, 2021, 05:43:20 PM »
Furry Portrait Pack

We've got, what, four anime portrait packs? Time for something different.

This mod adds around a hundred assorted furry and scalie portraits. Nearly all are sourced from members of the Starsector community.
Seriously, have you ever seen the replies to Alex's twitter posts? Furries everywhere.

Download here.

All images are used with permission.

Are you a furry? Do you have art you'd like in this pack?
Join the Unofficial Starsector Discord and send theDragn#0580 a pm. (Just PM me, you don't need to send a friend request.)
- Send me a 128x128 png. Images must be color and should include the head and shoulders on a black background. See the portraits in the pack for examples.
- Images should meet some minimum standards of quality, and should be drawn/painted, not pixel art. See the portraits in the pack for examples. I'm not saying you need to go out and spend $600 on an oil painting of your fursona, but it should be at least decent.
- Also send me something to indicate that you actually own/commissioned/drew whatever you just sent me. Credit will remain anonymous unless you specifically ask for it in there.
- I don't care if the original image is SFW/NSFW as long as it's not obvious that it's cropped from something explicit. (ie, a crop of a nude ref sheet is fine; a crop of an o-face is not.)
- Tell me what faction(s) you want your portrait to be in. I'm not going to add your art to a modded faction unless the author's given permission for me to add portraits (apex design, exalted, keruvim).
- Tell me whether you want masculine or feminine pronouns. This will determine what pronouns the game uses in dialogue for players and NPCs with your portrait. (Starsector's dialogue scripting doesn't support gender-neutral or other pronouns, so you have to pick between masculine/feminine.)

Giving all factions all portraits:
Copy and past the contents of this mod's /data/world/factions/player.faction into all the other .faction files, replacing what's already there.

Furry Portrait Pack by theDragn is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
All art belongs to its original owners, not me. (Except for the one that does belong to me.)

Mods / [0.95a] Remnant Command Transfer 1.0.2
« on: March 28, 2021, 10:06:53 AM »
This mod is effectively defunct with the addition of Neural Integrator, but I'll leave it up for anyone that wants to use it. I don't have plans to update this if/when a Starsector update breaks it.

This is a pretty simple little mod that allows you to transfer command to remnant ships. Presumably, you can find enough room for one person and a little command suite in an automated ship.
This does not remove the requirement for AI core officers- you'll still need one of those to operate the ship; this also means you can't set automated ships as your flagship.
Integrating an AI core will still block command transferring. (The code that handles that isn't moddable, unfortunately)


1.0.2: Removed the version file because it's broken. Not sure why but it's not like this mod will change, so it didn't really need one in the first place.
1.0.1: Fixed the version file saying that it was for High Tech Expansion. Oops.
1.0.0: Initial release.

Remnant Command Transfer by theDragn is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Mods / [0.95a] WhichMod 0.6
« on: February 18, 2021, 10:53:59 AM »
This is now defunct; see the new WhichMod 1.0 thread here.

Mods / [0.95.1a] High Tech Expansion v1.4.11
« on: December 19, 2020, 04:10:58 PM »

This mod intends to expand the options for high-tech fleet doctrines. It includes over a dozen new hulls, over a dozen new weapons, under a dozen new fighters, and about a dozen reskins, including a new Domain Battlegroup.
It also includes one new low-tech light capital to give the Hegemony a fighting chance.

High Tech Expansion can be safely added to an existing save.
Please note that 1.4.X versions are not save-compatible with 1.3.X versions and earlier.

Incompatible with:
  • New Galactic Order

Detailed ship information:


Role: Fighter
A drone phase fighter with a plasma streamer. Melts light targets, but isn't very effective against heavy armor or good shields.

Role: Strike Fighter
An expensive and powerful fighter designed to kill anything smaller than a heavy cruiser. Carries a high-damage plasma weapon, twin fighter-grade IR pulse lasers, and a miniaturized active flare system.

Role: Assault
Carries a close-range High Intensity Laser that fires in short bursts. It excels against isolated targets, but is quite fragile due to its small shield arc.

Role: Bomber
A Dagger refit that carries Tawa Standoff Torpedoes. Reliable and effective against all types of defensive layers, but not quite as effective at specific roles as specialized bombers.



System: Flux Compressor
Two medium mounts and nothing else, so make the most of them. Gains a slight increase to range and projectile velocity as flux level increases, compensating somewhat for its low top speed.


System: Fortress Shield
Specialized for PD support, the Iris gets a hefty bonus to PD weapon range and is nearly impossible to kill unless isolated. It's tough enough to fill a spot in a battle line, and slow enough that it doesn't have many other options.

System: Phase Skimmer
A cheaper (and more common) Medusa that trades PD and universal mounts for a medium missile.

System: Fast Missile Racks
A fairly generic destroyer. Can put out a lot of firepower, but it's not as pursuit-oriented as other high-tech options.


System: Active Flares
If the Apogee is a van, this is a minivan. Trades out the large missile and large energy for excellent turret arcs, a fighter bay, and even more active flares.

System: Missile Autoforge
Six small missile mounts, for when you really want something to die. Stupendous alpha damage, but it's not very effective once the ammo runs out.

System: Fortress Shield
Maximum forward firepower and the flux stats to fuel it. A fantastic duelist, but it relies heavily on escorts to prevent flanking in fleet combat.

System: Targeting Overclock
A large energy, a large synergy, and lots of support weapons. Has an oppressive range with its system on, at the cost of a relatively low top speed.

System: Flux Compressor
No missiles at all and very few weapon slots. Has a built-in hullmod that vastly improves weapon damage, and it's remarkably slippery with its system.

System: Plasma Jets
An Aurora that trades good PD for a large universal hardpoint. Fills a similar role but with an emphasis on sustained firepower due to the different slot layout.

System: Microvent Actuators
A compact heavy cruiser with very high durability. Vulnerable to being outranged by capitals, but can thoroughly dominate most other cruisers.

System: Active Flares
A heavy phase cruiser designed for a support role. It has a salvage rig and a Drive Field Compressor, which improves fleet maneuvering outside of combat.
It can hold its own in combat thanks to a powerful built-in beam weapon, but it has a relatively high supply cost for its combat power.


System: Plasma Burn
As offensive as the Paragon is defensive. For both meanings of "offensive".

System: Subsystem Realignment
An advanced adaptive battleship capable of switching between speed, offensive, and defensive modes.
Has an exotic Harmonic Energy Projector that improves weapon range and projectile velocity as flux level increases.

System: Reserve Deployment
Designed to exclusively carry fighters and interceptors, the Spire can keep its squadrons active even in heavy combat environments. Not quite as tough as a true combat capital, but it certainly has the armament of one.

System: Accelerated Ammo Feeder
A cut-down Onslaught designed to fill the battlecruiser role, the Aggressor has an excellent thrust-to-weight ratio for a low-tech capital.

Weapon information:

Arc Emitters
Role: Point Defense
Fires arcs at random hostile targets in a wide cone. Inefficient with fairly low DPS, but they deal unavoidable hard flux damage with a side of EMP.
The medium version has a chance to produce a chaining arc, and the large can produce multiple chaining arcs.
Because of their random nature, Improved Point Defense AI does not cause them to ignore flares, but it will still improve damage to missiles.
Despite their lackluster stats, they are still quite decent— they can disable most missiles with a single hit.

Toroidal Plasma Railguns
Role: General
An ancient weapon design, these fire tiny rings of plasma at significant fractions of lightspeed. They have mediocre DPS, but excellent range and good per-shot damage.

Plasma Streamers
Role: Assault
It's a space flamethrower. Extremely short range, very good efficiency, extremely high burst DPS. Deals a portion of its damage as soft flux instead of hard flux. Not great against heavy armor due to its low per-hit damage.
An excellent choice for Safety Overrides builds.

Plasma Lens Projector
Role: Anti-Armor/Strike
Fires a homing projectile that produces an explosive lensing effect on contact with hull or armor, punching deep inside the target. Extremely powerful against unshielded targets.
Benefits from Expanded Magazines, and synergizes well with Autopulse Lasers.

Tawa Standoff Torpedoes
Role: Torpedo
Homing torpedo that explodes into an inaccurate burst of three plasma projectiles when it nears its target, avoiding the worst of enemy point defenses.
It's more expensive than other missiles, but also a lot more general-purpose. Less effective against smaller targets due to the spread of the secondary projectiles.

Atropos-class Torpedoes
Role: Torpedo
Two additional launchers to round out the selection of torpedo weapons.
Their damage is fairly mediocre compared to Reapers, but they have above-average ammo reserves and a fire rate that's fast enough to squeeze in a follow-up salvo.

Kneecapper MRR
Role: Disabler, Suppression
A pre-aimed rocket that splits into a cluster of ion bomblets. Deals a small amount of energy damage and a crippling amount of EMP, with a chance for multiple arcs from each bomblet. A reloading system keeps the launcher topped up during long fights.

Ahab Harpoon Repeater
Role: Finisher
Holds a whole lot of harpoon missiles. Fires them in bursts of three, with a short reload time. Excellent support weapon, but its smaller salvos are easier to intercept.

Fissure LRM Launcher
Role: Long Range Support
Combines an oversized Breach warhead with a two-stage LRM motor. Deals a whole lot of unreduced armor damage over a large area, but it's generally pretty sluggish, even with the sprint stage.

Around 202 post-collapse, a secret Tri-Tachyon vault holding blueprints for the elite Fourth Domain Battlegroup was broken into, and various blueprints quickly made their way into the hands of independent shipbuilders.
In response, Tri-Tachyon began open production of IV Battlegroup hulls, though only in very limited numbers.

Vayra's Sector Content:
The Ashen Keepers ships do require Vayra's Sector; the rest of them spawn either as Vayra's Sector bounties, or as MagicLib bounties if you don't have Vayra's.

This mod includes support for Industrial Evolution and Version Checker. Everything can be reverse-engineered and printed, aside from the unique bounty flagships.

Helmut- Bombardier, Incursion, base for Plasma Streamer sprites
AxleMC131- Moray
Vinya- Aphelion
DrakonST- Invader, Invader XIV
Anonymous- Kingfisher, Tigershark, Peregrine, Gila, Iris
Nicke535- homing projectile script
Vayra- fixing my egg sprites
Unofficial Starsector Discord- help with descriptions, balance, and spriting

High Tech Expansion Mod by theDragn is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Any derivative work must also comply with Starsector's EULA. Sprites that were not made by theDragn belong to their original creators.

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