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Suggestions / Better differentiate DTC and ITU
« on: March 22, 2021, 09:18:10 PM »
DTC is an odd hullmod when you think about it. It's the only hullmod that's worse in everyway to another hullmod, in this case ITU. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, though as it's the only hullmod with this property, it probably could stand having some changes. ITU should probably be a generalist option, fitting in with its rarity and price (purchase price, not OP price), but DTC should still have some uses as a specialist after ITU has been found, so here's some ideas.
  • Make DTC cheaper, or ITU more expensive: fairly simple idea, though would need to make sure DTC doesn't become the better option due to its OP cost alone.
  • Give DTC a flat bonus instead of a percentage one: With a bonus like 200/300 for cruisers/capitals, it would make ITU better on all but the shortest range weapons (at 500 range both give the same bonus, regardless of hullsize) making DTC the hullmod of choice ships exclusively or almost exclusively mounting short range weapons.
  • Give DTC other properties, in addition to a range bonus: Projectile speed is an obvious one, as DTC is clearly the "low-tech" option, and low-tech generally use ballistics over beams.
  • Make DTC and ITU non exclusive: Would require a reduction to the range bonus if they where applied together. Probably the least likely option, as cruisers and capitals already have quite long ranges with either hullmod, combining them both would give every cruiser and capital Paragon-like range.

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