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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24)

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Bug Reports & Support / Borderless Fullscreen Alt Tab
« on: October 05, 2015, 12:15:39 AM »
I am having a problem tabbing out of borderless windowed mode. I have two monitors, and while I can mouse off Starsector just fine, I cant actually minimize it. Attempting to will show the task bar, but trying to pull up any program on the same monitor as Starsector simply results in Starsector sitting in focus, and I am unable to bring any windows over it. As long as what I want to access is kept on the second monitor everything is fine, but it is impossible to access anything on the same monitor as Starsector. Also, pulling up task manager and using the right click menu to forcefully minimize Starsector will allow me to temporarily bring it out of focus and access windows on the same monitor, but the problem persists as soon as I tab back in. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

General Discussion / Rare ships/weapons and where to find them
« on: February 10, 2015, 11:16:48 AM »
So I've seen a lot of talk about how rare certain things are in the game. Needlers not being fielded by the AI, ships never being used, that sort of thing. I never really ran into serious problems with this until today, I was contemplating strategies for dealing with large Templar fleets, and I realized I've never seen a Conquest once in my entire career on 65.1a. So, lets have a thread about rare things, and where to find them. If anyone has anything interesting to contribute, its much appreciated.

Suggestions / Combat Sector
« on: January 27, 2015, 04:52:27 PM »
In light of all the new changes (which I very much like, don't get me wrong) I find myself missing "the good old days" where the player had the true freedom to do basically whatever, whenever they wanted. I'm talking about way way back, before sectors and the like, when the map was one big warzone where every faction had a presence. The current systems changes make the game feel much more realistic, though the economy and bounty payoffs probably need tweaking. But, having tasted both sides, I miss the freedom of having everything all in one place. Regardless of how rich I am, sometimes I don't want to be worrying about how much profit an excursion across the galaxy is going to bring in. When I play the current version, easy as it may be to make money, I still feel like I'm on a hill the entire time, and if I stop going up, I'm going to start rolling down fast. I imagine most people don't feel this way however, so try and hear me out.

What I'm proposing is a sector, preferably in the middle of the system, where every faction has a presence and a small base. In order to make it feel "different," and not a locus where too many good things happen at once, I think it should not follow most of the set rules. What I mean is, no bounties, (or very small ones) especially the named ones, minimal trade, little or no sources of rep, (maybe just what you get for killing enemies with no bounties. That only goes up to like 10 or something right?) etc etc. What I don't think it should be, is a place where you go to make money.

This would be someplace you go to practice, or simply mess around, try out fleets, and have fun blowing things up. Hell, it could even be a special TYPE of sector, to more easily facilitate the different rules, and make it more accessible to modders and the like. Maybe it could be framed thematically wherein it has some kind of old auto factory or resource node in the center that can't be replicated, and that everyone wants. It could even be made into a sort of kind of the hill type activity where if one faction gets solid control for long enough, they get to ship out a special kind of resource to the rest of their stations around the system, and something could even be put in place to make sure they can't keep hold of it indefinitely. Maybe it could spit out increasingly larger fleets hostile only to the station (or whatever it is') current owners. This way, it would actually mean something, and have a tangible, interact-able effect on game play, both for traders and bounty hunters, as players could both influence the factions, and trade/smuggle/purchase/steal what the winning faction recieves. Or, it could be left entirely out of the big picture, so as to not have an effect on core gameplay at all.

I want to reiterate here that I don't have a problem with gameplay as it is, and I love to see this game grow. Its definitely one of the purchases I'm most happy with, and I'm glad to see how much attention it's development gets. The reason I suggested this as a core feature and not a mod, is because looking back on the old gameplay, I really feel that this would add something new and fun to the game, without taking away from what it has if implemented properly. And while I don't know too much about coding, I believe the core aspect of this idea (a sector where all factions have a presence, and that is exempt from bounties and possibly large scale trading) is not only fairly "cheap" coding wise, but easy to expand upon in the future.

This has been a fairly long post, so thank you for getting this far. I hope anyone reading this gives it consideration, as I tried to state it in such a way as to avoid most of the major things that it might interfere with.

General Discussion / Help with new update
« on: January 26, 2015, 02:49:22 PM »
Being the kind and helpful person you must be to have seen the title of this post and clicked it, you must have thought that you would find some simple and obvious question regarding the new update from someone who just purchased the game.

But, sadly, you are not so lucky.

I have recently found myself totally lost and confused as to what to do with myself in the more recent updates. I haven't played this game in a while, perhaps around the days of 0.5 something, and when it was called starfarer. Back when nomads got updated in a timely manor and there was only one system. Now I feel like some kind of old man that doesn't know internet explorer sucks.

All I really did back then, and really all you could do, was tear hostile factions (and sometimes everyone else when I ran out of victims) apart, and hand pick a fleet, trying new combinations as I thought them up. But now in the face of multiple systems and many, many changes, I feel quite lost. The details of the trading system are lost on me: I get the idea of how it all should work, and even experimented with interrupting trade a few times- with success- just to see what would happen. But its pretty hard to keep track of it all in practice. Whats more, even finding pirates or what have you to pick on now seems quite hard. As everything is so spread out, you don't have the luxury of having plenty to choose from, or a steady supply of fleets around your size. Moving between systems is expensive, and they all seem sparsely populated, and only by a handful of factions. Trying to collect bounties usually ends up being mostly waiting around for something you can either A; catch, or B; kill. This is a far cry from the old melee of having every faction in a single huge system. The advantages are definitely there, but its left me confused.

So, rather than flail around for hours, I've decided to ask you guys, as in my experience Starfarersector has a very helpful community. As someone who would rather be dog fighting most of the day rather than trading, what should I be doing, and what am I missing?

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