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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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Hey all, decided to jump back into starfarer/sector after a two year hiatus. I've been reading here, the wiki and abit of the discord to get up to speed with the current version.

Now, i'm one of those people that love to use alot of fighters and bombers but from what i'm reading now, the way they are used as well as carriers have changed quite abit from 0.8. Are there any guides on how to use them now? I've read SCC's guides and others but they are more 'general' and don't go deep into how to use fighters, carriers, officers with them and what to avoid.

I've just been using my old tactic of using both thunders and khopeshs and throwing them at the enemy but i've also read that mixing fighters and bombers on the same carrier isn't efficient as the AI won't use them properly? I understand that carriers and fighters aren't as 'great' anymore due to skill changes for both player and officers?

Thanks for any tips/advice.

General Discussion / Returning player with questions
« on: May 13, 2019, 02:42:30 PM »
Hey all, back for the new update. I got a few questions, some gameplay some mod advice, thanks for any answers.

1. How soon should you start colonies? Start with 1 and grow that to 4/5 size first then start the next or just sprinkle a few at the same time? I try to hunt for a system with at least 2 stable zones and 2+ planets that are 100-150 habitability so their patrols can cover each other. I think (can't remember) Alex reduced profits from industries so colonies need a lot of input before they can become profitable now?

2. How far do your own faction fleets roam/patrol/run around? I know Patrol bases only spawns small patrols in the system they are based in. The description for military bases and high command seems to imply they will patrol in hyperspace and even go to other sectors? So if I have a military base or high command on one planet in System A, will that planet send a response/patrol/backup to a friendly neighbouring system B that's under attack from a raid or expedition? If yes how far do they help friendly systems, I don't expect them to fly across the sector.

3. Can Pirate bases attacking your colonies safely be ignored? They are quite annoying as they tend to spring up again quite fast once I destroy them and they tend to be right across the sector and travel time is a pain.

4. Pather bases are very scary. What kind of ships are good for attacking/sieging one and what kind of tactics are recommended (also what sort of fleet size)? I hate pather cells as spring up in my colonies but trying to take out their main base is quite hard if you don't have a few battleships. I tried attacking one with 2 Falcons, 2 Eagles, 4 Herons and 5-10 Shrikes + Wolves several times (save reloading) and I cannot crack the base, usually end up losing more than 80% of my fleet.

5. I remember reading somewhere that if you sell hull blueprints to faction markets, those factions will eventually adopt these hull types etc into their fleets. Also if you sell these hull blueprints to the blackmarket, the pirates will eventually get those hulls also. Is this a bug or WAD? Where is a safe place to sell these blueprints or you have to hold on to them so other factions don't get all sorts of weird hulls.

6. Where do you edit the player/officer skill effects? I remember back in the days the skills etc were in a xml file iirc so I could increase the burn speed bonus from 2 to 4 and the ordnance points given by the skill to a higher number. They don't seem to be easily editable now?

7.What is a good 'Vanilla+ mod'' you can recommend. I remember playing quite a few that add new hulls and weapons that are quite vanilla like so they didn't feel out of place as some mods go crazy with their designs and weapons. I also remember playing Nexerelin a few years ago before colonies are officially in. Is it much better now?

Thanks all, its a lot of questions but the wiki doesn't really answer them and searching the forums isn't that easy.

General Discussion / Is it a good time to start a new game?
« on: November 17, 2018, 11:39:37 AM »
Or wait for any bug fixes?

Firstly congrats Alex on the 0.9 release , 1.0 should be close right?  ;D

Wed 12/12/2012 04:56
Qty Product  Description                                Price     Discount     Subtotal
1   65980000 Starfarer Preorder                      GBP 6.71     GBP 0.00     GBP 6.71

Shipping:   GBP 0.00
Sales tax:  GBP 1.34
Total bill: GBP 8.05

Money well spent I reckon, I didn't even notice the numbers align. Had to dig out that old email for the cdkey.

Anyhows, other than the bug reported in the other thread where you can colonise stars which your not supposed to, are there any major bugs that are encountered that need fixing or should I just start a game? I'm the type that puts in hours into a game and if there is a new patch that causes the old savegame to be incompatible I'd rather just wait.


Hey modders,

I was wondering, as the title is it possible to mod in or create character skills that give a bonus to all strikecraft (fighters, bombers etc)?

I love using the little buggers and watching a whole group of them tear apart a capital ship is most entertaining but over time as I play, bigger ships get all sorts of bonus from character skills, more ordnance points, flux, speed etc so the fighters usually get left behind. This has also led to some silly instances where a frigate with engine upgrade is faster than 90% of fighters available. Over time also if I get enough OP giving skills, usually when my char hits lvl 15-20, frigates with all the upgrades become more efficient than using fighters.

Is there a way to give a flat bonus to strikecraft only, such as 1 point in this skill gives 5% speed bonus or 1 point in another gives 5% range or damage.

Thanks for any answers.

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