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Suggestions / Battle Size & Fleet Size
« on: July 14, 2020, 02:15:12 PM »
I've seen a lot of comments here about late-game capital spam and how it's lore-unfriendly to have 5 paragon in one pirate fleet. With the current system, battle size is functionally just a setting for lower-end machine & player preference. Personally I've enjoyed piloting capitals, but it gets boring the moment I spam them and battle-size is the only limit. I like cinematic and grand war stories, and tall tales like multiple fleet generals assaulting key points in the Sector. Not sure if these have been brought up before but here goes:

1. Introduce maximum fleet size to both player & AI fleets. Similar to the AI fleet tournament rules, the amount of ship in each fleet is limited by fleet logistics skills (based on OP), and a soft cap on how many ship in each class exists in fleets. The heavy patrol generated in game is a valid concept that I'd like to expand this upon. For example to get two or more capitals, there will be a fleet wise CR & peak performance cut. Using maintenance penalty doesn't deter players from storing capitals and cheese it.

2. Higher battle size than maximum fleet size. This will require players to be more careful around patrols and choose their engagement even late-game. Also considering a mercenary board since the current mercenary patrols are quite random.

3. Maximum capitals per faction. It sounds pretty bad at start, but if you think about how supply/maintenance & population counts compare to the sheet amount of capitals that exists in the current Sector. I think amount of Capitals ships should be limited by multiple factors, namely:
  • Market populations. The more population one faction has, the more capital can be had. There can be a population cutoff to aid some factions like TT and SD which has multiple high pop market, but can't compete with Hegemony in terms of fleet power. This can also include player faction, which encourages keeping commission at mid-game if you have one.
  • Global supply production. It's not a contraband, but it should be a limiting factor on how many capitals can simultaneously exist in the Sector. To prevent players from hogging the cap, the stored capitals will became targets of pirates, major factions, and just about anyone. Hostile agents & LP cells might also have special events.

Right now I'm considering problems such as player frustration and the feasibility of manage multiple fleet (like "Follow Me!" order from Nex and using agents), taking any CC and advices.

Also I'm extra virgin to modding but I'll get into it.

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