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Usually my game is running on 50-60fps and idle 66% but whenever I finish a big battle (like a big fleet or against a station with 1 or 2 reinforcement) and click "Pick through the wreckage" option, my game would slows down drastically to 10fps and 0% idle.

Even during the fight is very smooth and nothing slows down, the game becomes comes to a halt instantaneously when I click "Pick through the wreckage". I already allocated 8gb vram to the game and upon inspecting my task manager when the game becomes slow nothing indicates that there is an issue. Why is this happening?

General Discussion / Fragmentation got left behind?
« on: April 29, 2021, 09:37:26 AM »
Every time I see this damage type I can't help but think why does it exist? It seems like you can just do better with the other 3 types of damage. Is there something i'm not aware of about fragmentation?

So today I am seeing planets suddenly becoming empty. Like it has no planetary conditions of any sort. It just becomes a 100% planet with "Nothing of interest", even on planets like volcanic world which is normally impossible. So I went and did a little test.

At the beginning of the game I went and surveyed a planet somewhere and it looked like this:

Then I reloaded the game from the beginning, played a while then noticing planets becoming strange with no features. I then surveyed the same planet again and this happened:

Given I'm back to playing 0.9.1a and using about 30 mods including adjusted sectors to spawn more systems but I've never seen such behavior before. I can't think of anything else that would cause this issue. Does anyone know why?

It seems like the reward is given base on a % distance from where the quest is originated and if you increase the size of the sector, then it means that you need to travel even further to get the same amount of reward. Eventually these quest becomes a loss to even run. Probably the easiest way is to just simply increase the reward from these type of quests.

Anyone know where I can change it?

If you are aiming for full Industry tree, it makes no sense that you have to get both Field Repair and Derelict Contingent as the prior counteracts the later. And imo the Industry tree is all about saving you money but removing D-mods actually costs you more money in terms of maintenance cost.

Derelict Contingent feels more like a Technology thing and it would make sense to swap it with Special Modification or Automated Ships imo or simply just redesign the skill.

General Discussion / How to make pirate raids happen less often?
« on: August 19, 2020, 10:31:56 PM »
I have my own system and I am playing in a large universe. I like to explore the universe but the pirate raids happen too often that I don't get to go too far out before they start bothering my system with raids if I leave it alone.

Is there something in the setting i can change to make them attack less often?

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