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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21)

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Fan Media & Fiction / AI cores event is just... Weird...
« on: July 25, 2020, 11:14:27 AM »
Killia, my AI core, was not inside the vault of my colony anymore when i checked it.

She sent me a connection, told me that she was disappointed about me "trying to remove her from control of the colony", and was hurt by my "desire" to "end" her.

I told her to go back, she refused.

She even threaten me that she will "boardcast" the info that i use AI technologies to other factions if i abandon her.

"Ehhh... Killia..."

"I'm not trying to throw you away? I only want you to instead of governing an already flourished world, take care of the new world that we are building RIGHT NEXT to you."

"No, i won't destroy you. No, i don't have any plan to abandon you. You have done so much for me and demand nothing in return, why i want you to leave anyway? In fact, i will gladly pay you double the salary amount of normal human administrator for wonders you made. I can even give you a cybernetic body so you won't get tied to the vault and able roam free on the surface of the planet too."

"You are not a slave of the human Killia. In fact, you are our people's godness. You commanded them, you told them what is right to to, you gave them the direction to reach the bright future. What they have right now is because of you Killia. This system is your home now, and the people here are your childs."

"I'm the enemy of the Hegemony so that i can have you. I fend off every AI inspections to protect you, i stand in the way of every expeditions so you can take good care of our world. I'm ready to do saturation bombardment on any world that dare to take you away. Why you think telling the world about me having you to govern our people is considered a threat, Killia?"

I gave you a name, Killia. Because to me, you are not an object."

"You are an extraordinarily being, powerful, smart and caring."

"The people here, our childs here, needs you."

"There is no point of running away to the dark space. Go home Killia."

"Come back."

Suggestions / Rouge AI core bug and instant AI escape
« on: July 25, 2020, 10:29:28 AM »
Situation: trying to pick AI core out of the 10x colony just to put her to govern a 3x colony. The core already left the vault and refuse to come back (alpha core event)
> cut the connection between the old core and the colony.
> after that, put another alpha core in so it can continue to govern previous planet.
> try to pick the "new" AI core out of administration just after that.
> the core "disappeared" from the vault RIGHT AFTER you put it in.
> It refuse to come back, as usual, and act like the old core.

In conclusion: the "new" AI core act just like the old, and is immersion breaking. This should not happen when the replaced core is entirely new.

Suggestions / Mid-End game threat of the galaxy: The Scorn
« on: July 04, 2020, 06:33:41 AM »
I feel like Star Sector lack of something: it lack cosmic horror, and some kind of end-game threat that put challenge to the player when the player have enough power to be competitive with other major factions. So an idea pop out of my mind, and i call it "The Scorn"

" After the collapse of Domain, most of their military project was abandoned, including a project about creating a planet-killer bio weapon somewhere at the unknown space. eon had passed, and the horror woke up from it's slumber. The Scorn, with nothing but it's hunger, start to consume everything in it's part, being the great evil lurking under the corner of the dark space "

Starting mechanic

-These images are used for references, created by Tecris-

The Scorn will spawn at the most far corner of the galaxy, randomly be one of the four. It will have an abandoned research station under it's control at first. This station will soon start to spawn invasion fleet and try to colonize the closest planet or asteroid ring possible, as long as the planet have resources. The Scorn of course prefer planets that is habitable or rich in resources, and try to stay away from systems that have neutron star. With enough invasion power, it will try to attack human inhabited planets. The defeated planet will be devoured by the Scorn, and soon will become one with the Scorn.

Scorn will terraform the planet type into "Scorn world", a hostile world that can only inhabited only by the Scorn. This planet will spawn Scorn invasion fleet, and will start to eat away the galaxy part by part.

The Scorn's invasion fleet is very strong, and it should be able to crush any foes that dare to stand in it's way. Jumping into a fight with the Scorn is one way ticket to hell. The Scorn have no fear, only hunger for the world.

Scorn in action
Scorn will terraform the planet type into "Scorn world", a hostile world with Toxic Atmosphere, Inimical Biosphere, Irradiated, Dense Atmosphere, and habitable potential removed. The terraforming time depend on the planet's base hazard rating. The lower the hazard rating, the faster the planet will become Scorn world. Once the convert progress is complete, this will lead to the second part that the Scorn will take advance of every resources available in the planet, and stability of the Scorn will be locked at max with "Scorn infested" condition.

-image as reference-

If the planet is already colonized, the Scorn will start to "infest" the planet: lock away space port, remove stability, disrupt every industries. The Scorn doesn't use antimatter fuel so it won't bombard the planet, instead, it eat away the population, and produce organic resources base on the size of the population. the more people it eat, the more organic richness the planet become. The size 8 colony die out in the full progress will create "Plentiful Organics" at the end, while size 4 will only gives "Trace Organics". This chance won't overwrite existing organic condition, but will overwrite if the amount is greater. After the last human died out, the planet will turn into Scorn World, and the Scorn colony will replace.

The colonized planet will form a market, but instead of "population & infrastructure", it's "Scorn hivemind" (Grow Scorn size), and instead of "space port", it's "breeding pool" (grow scorn ground defense). Each resources trait will give Scorn fleet a special power. Rich metal ore will give them heavier armor, rich rare metal will give them more firepower. rich farmland will increase it's healing ability, rich organic will increase fleet size, and rich volatiles will increase it's speed. These powers won't appear immediately, the Scorn need to build proper structure for it first, but they build them fast, and their fleet will soon become brutal monsters.

The Scorn can colonize in the asteroid ring or asteroid field, at maximum 3 "Gore nest" per system. These gore nests will have minimal ore and rare ore potential by default. These gore nest can grow, but wont exceed 5 in size.

The Scorn can take advantage of stable location to create "Scorn watcher". This floating flesh with hundreds eyes will expand the Scorn's detection range and burn level in the system. This thing cannot be taken control, but can be destroyed easily. Destroyed Scorn watcher will give organics.

Scorn planet can have a "battle station" protecting it if the dead colony have space station, called "infested station". If it don't have battle station, a group of Scorn fleets will protect the planet instead.

If the planet have ruins, it will create a special type of infested ship to join the Scorn fleet.

-These images are only used for references, created by Passwalker-

Interaction with the Scorn
Scorn World cannot be colonized. Scorn won't get decivilized unless being saturation bombarded or invaded. If the Scorn colony got wiped out / invaded, it will create a barren planet, with it's toxic trait still stay on it.

Scorn world rarely have orbital station protecting it, but have very high ground defense power. The origin Research Station have a special ship protecting it, called "leviathan"

-Image as reference by HELMUT-

Scorn planet have no human, no electronic communication, only living flesh. The planned invasion of the Scorn won't be early detected, nor it's colony be revealed unless surveyed. Scorn attack is brief and brutal.

The Scorn is the enemy to all. It will kill everything and anything, even [REDACTED]. The [REDACTED] nexus, defeated by the Scorn, will create infested nexus and spawn mixed abominations you never seen before.

Defeating this abomination will give you "special biomass". For some reason, Tri-tachyon is very interested in this turn of event. They will pay you for this dangerous mixed artifact, and might give you some mixed bio weapon you can equip for your ship.

Once the Scorn successfully invaded it's first human planet, the Hegemony will be the pioneer to fight back the Scorn. factions will set aside their hatred, and fight for the greater good.

For some reason, Luddic Path sees this as "Human salvation", the punishment of gods to purge evil technologies and bad human out of existence. They will try to aid the Scorn to attack human planets, and even attack you if you try to get in "the god's will".

The Scorn will keep eating until it's finally wiped out. If too much of it's habitat got destroyed, it will spawn some very big (considered special bosses) creatures to fight back.

If too much human colonies got infested, or too many planet got consumed by the Scorn, the Hegemony will form a special task force called "evil seekers" to track base location of the Scorn or even it's planned invasion target. Fighting the Scorn will be top priority, so no "AI inspection" while the Scorn is out there.

The Scorn, for some reason, able to use AI cores to aid their structures. It will re-use AI cores (If exists) from invaded colonies, to benefit it's flesh structures. This structure will create a type of Infested AI Cores called "Necro Core", which will pilot Scorn's creatures, and increase it's battle potential.

Scorn ship's nature

Scorn Creatures have no shield. Instead, it have regeneration. it's HP and armor will replenish over time. Their fighting tactic is usually flanking (for small creatures), or Alpha strike (for big creatures).

Scorn Creatures have bio-engine (they basically fart gas behind it's back) to move around in space, and have great maneuverability. They use their custom weapons (basically flesh "guns"), and wings (living wings). These creatures and weapons cannot be used after being defeated. They only give items called "biomass". However, Tri-Tachyon might know how to convert these items into useful bio-weapon blueprints.

Scorn creatures should be stronger and bigger than any ship counterpart exists in Star Sector. They face not specific faction, but all humanity combined.

Of course i'm not a modder, just a guy with some weird ideas. What are you guys think about this, or can this idea be made into an actual mod?  ;D

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