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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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I will analyze some of my current views and suggestions based on several variants, welcome more discussion and point out problems. However, my English is not good, the following content I use the machine translations, I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this.
First, the conclusion: I think some destroyer/cruiser strength disconnected from the whole, need to buff them.
Converted hanger exacerbate this problem, while converted hangers themselves still make the regular carrier deck embarrassment, need to make converted hangers to improve the cost, while the need to give the regular deck some benefits.
There is an exaggerated strength gap in the medium missiles, and the Jackhammer and medium Harpoon pod need some buff.
Kinetic blaster performance completely overwhelmed other medium energy weapons(except for Mining Blaster), looks like a data monster, requires a nerf.
Mining Blaster actually outperformed Disintegrator, especially on ship with BRF, requires a nerf.

The problem with these variants is that it's hard to fight other destroyers without a converted hanger, and with a converted hanger you have a fighting chance.
Hammerhead/Medusa has been put in an awkward position, they can't compete with Manticore/Enforcer/Sunder, and while they can gain some advantage by converted hanger, it is clear that this is granted by the converted hanger. Converted hanger although paid a certain price, can be modified out of the less variety, however, the specific fighter is still invincible, the point is still it is to raise the ceiling of a ship (including and not limited to unparalleled ion beam and point defense against fighter advantage, all this only requires 28 op for a destroyer which is totally worth, while the enhanced deployment value is not worth mentioning because you spend this dp to let the carrier have this effect), and one conventional deck worth every 5dp are far from this combination of high cap.

These three Hammerheads variants are assembled with the best efficiency of small kinetic with medium explosive. Hypervelocity Driver and Heavy Mauler are the first to be eliminated, despite his low flux pressure, but it is difficult to cause a threat to other destroyers, and often takes a long time to gain the advantage. Heavy mortars with light autocannons get more enhanced firepower, while the pressure on their own steeply increased, it is easy to be the first to put themselves at a disadvantage in the face of excellent shields and excellent armor. And the third variant introduced a Xyphos and more extreme method but the best results, the Xyphos brings the point defense effect beats all kinds of point defense weapons, while the two ion beam can effectively provide a sufficient amount of emp under the suppression of small kinetic energy weapons in most expulsions can not reach the range to paralyze the enemy to obtain the fundamental magnitude of the flux advantage

Suggestions: or to improve the op cost of converted hanger, converted hanger advantage is to improve the cap rather than replace the regular deck, of course, I personally do not know how to help the deck back to its rightful place more appropriate. Meanwhile Medusa and Hammerhead deserve a better data (faster speed or better dissipation).

The speed and mobility of the Retribution class is great, but the lack of a range base and the lack of good armor and shield conditions make this 35-deployment battle cruiser have to go up against all kinds of dangerous environments with a large and not very generous hull, while at the same time Odyssey and Conqueror are using the same good armament to achieve results with the range advantage, while the Retribution has to be taken special care of or even because it is easy to attract all kinds of threats Retire early into storage for the rest of her life.

On the Retribution, the advantages of heavy autocannon is gone, light auto cannon series has a better flux ratio and higher dps, light dual autocannon flux/damage is as low as 0.6, in other ships will also consider using small kinetic weapons instead of heavy autocannon. For example, the four heavy autocannons, which cannot compete at all with the five light dual autocannons, are very evident on this ship.

Suggestion: She deserves better armament (medium missiles) or a base range bonus (25%) or a better looking data (more armor).

Likewise, by the modification of the hanger and the new environment and new weapons, the survival environment of the Fury class is increasingly difficult, not high base capacity and op so that it does not enjoy the benefits of the new version, and into the two Shrike easily replaced and the Aurora and even the high point of the lower alternative to the excessive role of the cruiser rather than as a backbone of the High Tech.
Suggestions: I hope to lower the deployment point (return to 18 points might be appropriate) to improve its role and importance.

Again, like the Fury, they both increased their dp after the 096a. By all accounts they are the same kind of problem, they have no significant advantage to ensure that they are not replaced by other strong ships in similar dp, and the problem at this point is that the cruisers in similar deployments each have a good deal, and only these two do not, like the Apogee Eagle Dominator Falcon Aurora Enterprise Champion class, how to assemble these two cruisers (Fury / Eradicator) are not as good as they should be. Really too pity.
Suggestions: I hope to lower the deployment point (return to 18 points might be appropriate) to improve its role and importance.

These two variants put together to say, Reaper and Jackhammer went to two extremes, just from the data is very amazing, they only differ by 2 points assembly but the difference is 19000 total damage (also includes the poor harpoon), can put in almost a Annihilator, Gorgon although also 9600 but his damage is more threatening, compared to the hit rate so that its damage are the actual output are close to this theory of 9600, while the Harpoon and in the Jackhammer but even all hits are not as embarrassing as Reaper hits 3 rounds of the scene
For example, if this varient is replaced by a Harpoon, it is very easy to be defended by the battlefield and various factors down, replaced by a Jackhammer is very empty will hit the empty reserve (replaced by Proximity Charge mine can better shred everything in front of), Gorgon does not have to worry about these two problems, he can avoid the shortcomings of both and combine the advantages of both
Suggestion: Increase the number of ammos for Harpoon and jackhammer

Although not very common in the campaign, but once obtained he will get different from the pulse laser amplitude energy exchange advantage, higher dps, higher dph, which for other medium energy weapons seem to declare them useless ... this is bad
Compared to the pulse laser he can do almost double the damage with nearly the same amplitude energy efficiency, while the dph is slightly better.
Compared to the heavy blaster he only needs half the amplitude energy consumption, while dealing with the armor/hull is not as good, but there are other ways to make up for it, while the amplitude energy consumption is not.
Suggestions: the dps and dph of the Kinetic blaster is still too high, should be properly reduced

Hello alex, I will report on two bugs.

Custom mercenary officer
When resetting player skills, such as that raise the limit on the number of officers, the extra officers will remain in the fleet as mercenary officers, but I can repeat this to keep good officers that are well over the limit, but level 6 with 4 elite skills.

Fire at Fortress shield or Damper field
Those ship tactical systems with noFiring, when you keep the fire button pressed, pause and then unpause, the weapons that should have been disabled when the system was activated will fire a round.

P.S. Looking forward to your thoughts on slipstream system improvements, if any.

Sorry for using machine translations! :)

Suggestions / Slipstream Improvements
« on: July 01, 2022, 07:54:58 AM »
Hello, alex!
This is a belated appreciation of the many changes and contents that have been exciting since 0.95 and 0.95.1. There is no doubt that the slipstream system brings new possibilities and surprises to our exploration. Traveling along the slipstream saves fuel and takes you to a surprise destination. But I think there are still some improvements that can be made to the slipstream system to make it better.
The flaw in the current slipstreams is that they are so wide that only some of the players from all directions can benefit from them, while others feel frustrated and the slipstreams become an insurmountable and unexpected obstacle.

When part of the direction is different or unrelated to the slipstream, players will think about how to avoid the loss of crossing it rather than how to take advantage of it
Therefore I suggest making the slipstream smaller in width and reducing the density inside the slipstream. Crossing a river is difficult, but crossing a few streams is easy.

Idea #1: Create some streamlined buffers in each thicker slipstream to reduce the impact and make it easier to control the direction of the fleet's movements

Idea #2: Several thick and thin but widely spaced slipstreams, sometimes diverging and sometimes converging, with a larger buffer between them

I think this change can make the particles between the slipstream to produce more interaction, two slipstreams like a real water flow to meet or separate out. At the same time the visual effect of the slip now feels more rigid at the edges of the border, I recommend this site because the flow in it is very smooth and natural

Sorry for using the machine traslations, and finally thanks to all of you who can read this post, welcome to discuss! :)

Hello alex, I would like to give feedback on two bugs in the game mechanics.

Control Automated ships without any skills
Put the automated ship at the top of the fleet list. At this time, store the ship driven by the player in the storage. The player who is not driving the ship will become the officer of the automated ship, and the Neural link hullmod is not required.

Unlimited omega weapons
After receiving a contact's Remnants bounty with a Tesseract, you can cancel the bounty and keep the fleet before the battle starts, then you can receive the Remnants bounty with a Tesseract again after 365 days.

Sorry for using machine translations! :)

Mods / [0.95.1a] Seafood Shipworks 0.0.7f minor fixes
« on: October 30, 2021, 06:11:38 AM »
Mod version 0.0.7f
Requires Lazylib
Requires GraphicsLib
Requires MagicLib


After kitbase the vanilla ships, it's amazing that some new ships have been formed! Hope you like them!
These ships are still relatively bland and plain, plan to add more ships and other content later.
Sorry I used machine translation, so some words and phrases may be strange.
Welcome feedback, especially if there are problems please contact me.

Added vanilla three design types of ships
Supported UNGP (Unofficial New Game Plus), the new addition of expert mode rules
Unfortunately, this shipwork is temporarily allergic to seafood and does not have a seafood component



Created by: lili and ZeroXenon
Code: ZeroXenon, AnyIDElse
Description: ShadowLight, FAX
Sound: ShioZakana, ShadowLight
And thanks:
R.U.A, Originem, Monde, Redlichiida, wolf yang
saya39, Cypher, water_turtle, Nightkeeper, GHOUST
Seal, rodney, schoolboy, Taiho, Avalanche_X, AXE, Avanitia
Tartiflette and his mods
Farstar Localization group
jn_xyp and Fossic
Fractal Softworks forum
Alex and Fractal Softworks

Renamed Pegasus class to Steed class
Adjusted Specialist Mode(UNGP mod) rules
Updated for 0.95.1a
Adjusted the mounts of some ships
Adjusted descriptions of some shipsystems
Adjusted the burn level and value of some ships
Potteryjar: DP cost 7 to 8
Pipe: DP cost 8 to10
Move text out of .jar
Added Rigour class Destroyer (inspired by DIABLEAVIONICS Derecho class)
Added Eurus class Battleship
Adjusted ships generation
Renamed Forge Drive and also adjusted the effect so that the missile response is now replenished based on the missile base number
Adjusted duration and cooldown of the crossbow catapult
Adjusted sprites of some of the ships
Abstruseness: flux capacity 11000 to 9000

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