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Weapon descriptions should include projectile speed, missiles should say how much health they have, and a bunch of other things I can't exactly remember right now, but those are the main two. This'll be good because projectile speed and missile survivability are really important stats that are extremely important for a weapon's balance, and it's only fair that the player gets to know them.

Hi, I've got a problem that probably has a simple solution but I'm too dumb to figure it out. With intellij as my IDE, and after even reinstalling starsector after a uninstall, whenever I try to look at classes like ShipAPI I get a warning telling me that the bytecode is different between the API and the .class file. Sure enough, when I look at it, it is in fact different. This easily could've been just a corrupt download, so I reinstalled starsector, but there was still a difference. To make things worse, ShipAPI is trying to import a class that doesn't even exist (com.fs.starfarer.api.combat.listeners.CombatListenerManagerAPI). The only thing I can think of is that the most recent hotfix comes packaged with a broken API.

Yes, I've set starsector as a library, and yes, I'm pretty sure I've set it up properly.

General Discussion / What will Personal Contacts add to station contacts?
« on: February 06, 2021, 12:08:41 PM »
I plan to make a mod that dramatically expands apon the interactions you can have with station contacts. Ex. quartermasters can now give you supplies based on faction relation, personal relation, colony stability, their own personality, their own faction influencing them, etc. Will Personal Contacts affect this at all? From what I read, contacts are only found in the bar, thus, comm channel contacts are left untouched. But I'd just like to make sure that these contacts will be untouched prior to making this mod, so I don't waste my efforts.

Mods / [0.9.1a] Nexerelin Queued 1.1.0/DEFUNCT
« on: January 28, 2021, 07:18:25 AM »

So, with histidine's permission, I've queued all non-essential intel of Nexerelin. No more incessant intel spam in the outer rim! (NOTE: All player agent intel is added for functionality.) The Nexerelin 0.9.8 version will be in the NEXT nexerelin update. When that happens, this post will be deleted.

If you're interested in a somewhat early and unpolished BUT STILL FUNCTIONALversion of the Nexerelin 2.9.8 queued, you can download the zip at the github:


TODO: Deal with the new dynamic of rarer missions (maybe make them expire after a longer time?), find a way to queue alliance intel (this isn't much of an issue; alliance intel is infrequent enough to land on my list of low priority intel), make a version up-to-date with the latest nexerelin version, do something about the massive amounts of intel stacking that can happen, move the project onto github and (hopefully) get it implemented as config option into base nex

Version 1.0.0: Initial release
Version 1.0.1: Queued more intel (I may have been sorta lazy with this one, PLEASE REPORT ANY PROBLEMS! However there really shouldnt be any issues, I just kinda spaced out halfway through.)
Version 1.0.2: Queued defense fleet intel, cleaned up the folder, removed unused options, and made the have .java files, not .class.
Version 1.0.3: i made a dumb mistake with the standard version that broke everything. i fixed it.
Version 1.1.0: Completely removed 99% of Nexerelin files, code, you name it. All that remains is the (almost) essentials. Reduced file size by 80%! Added a tip! NOW USABLE WITH NEXERELIN! In fact, it doesn't work WITHOUT nexerelin. Added crashcode so you can't run both versions at once. Fixed a random bit of debug code I had lying around. Made the mod IDs unique. Fixed a bug that caused the mods to not appear in the mod list.
Version 1.2.0: Added version checker functionality

"Added" intel is intel you receive instantly. These are things such as damage repair reports, income reports, AI inspections. Nexerelin, by default, sets almost EVERYTHING to be added. Queued intel is only added when the player is within range of a comm relay, or removed from the queue when a specific criteria is met. This mod sets most Nexerellin intel to be queued.

But won't this cause imbalance?
Yes! But, it can be mitigated; just build comm relays whenever you want to receive intel.

I can't find disrupt or conquest missions anywhere!! Is this a bug?!
Nope! Due to the way missions work, ALL MISSIONS are only viewable (when queued) when you are near the system the mission is targeting. A jangala conquest mission will only appear when you are near jangala!

Important legacy versions

This is here, and not in mods, mostly because I only *just* got the mod fully functional. I'm still bughunting and polishing it up! This is also my very first legitimate mod, so, please excuse any dumb things in this post. I hereby deem this amateur coding project ADEQUETE!

I give full permission to histidine to use this modification for their own mod, however I encourage them to contact me if they choose to implement this into their mod!

Suggestions / Add some sort of indication of the behavior of scavengers
« on: January 19, 2021, 12:36:02 PM »
I'm pretty sure every single starsector player has been blindsided by scavengers at least once, usually unfairly. Such a crucial mechanic that can often make or break a situation should REALLY have some kind of explanation or way for a player to learn about it without having to ask people about it.

I've got a really good PC, ryzen 2700x, 1660 TI, 16 GB of RAM, and the game lags *badly* when it really shouldnt. And I mean BADLY. If I use the HMI mod, and engage a large mess swarm with 400 battlesize, graphicslib off, at cactorum (the station in the mess system) with a fairly small defense, holy GOD the game lags. I reached framerates of 3 just because of the goddamn fighter spam. I could elaborate more but only really if you're legitimately interested in knowing what else I had enabled at the time, which I wont be able to answer perfectly.

This isn't even to mention vanilla, which, yes, does in fact lag quite a lot before even reaching a fight that maxes out the battlesize of 400. Theres numerous other scenarios, too, where my game lags when it really shouldn't.

I understand it's more important to cater to the lower end of the spectrum when the higher end usually is doing pretty good, but this is just really disappointing.

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