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General Discussion / Questions about Cores
« on: May 11, 2020, 06:35:08 PM »
Hello Fractal Softworks Forums! I've been playing StarSector for a few months now, after getting introduced to it through a steady trickle of YouTube recommendations. I've also been reading the forum for about a month now, and haven't been compelled to post until I read an entry yesterday concerning Alpha cores and their use as structure/industry modifiers.

My (potentially limited) understanding of Alpha Cores is: that after you assign them to a building, it will trigger an AI inspection. But this post claimed that if you attach an Alpha Core to a non-industry structure, that it won't trigger an AI inspection. This peaked my curiosity, and so I had to test it out with a Star Fortress.

And by golly it worked ;D

Now of course you're probably thinking this is pretty obvious, but I wasn't in the loop. I'm assuming that my misconception formed because I always focused Alpha Cores on industries, but that's not that important and its just a guess.

This has also left me wondering something, do all non-industry buildings work this way? And, in theory, could I stack multiple alpha cores onto the same colony in non-industry structures and still not trigger an AI inspection?

Another thing this got me thinking, maybe it works in a similar point-based system to the LP Cell Heresy Meter.

That's why I've brought my quandary here, as I'm in serious need of insight. Any help would be very much appreciated :)

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