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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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Prompted by a point raised by Histidine, I propose to you this question:

Have the Astral and the Drover (By extension, Recall and Reserve Deployment Ship Systems) due to their nerfs and the general nerfs to carrier and the buff to non carriers, made them rather underpowered?

The Drover was nerfed to having 15DP from 12, Its ship system had it cooldown increased to 60 from like 30?, and now it draws from the replacement rate.

The Astral was nerfed to 50DP from 45, the system was given a 30 second cooldown from... having no cooldown actually.

At the time, these nerfs were pretty warranted as the astral was pretty good at nuking entire fleets before there were such things as semibreves or Destroyer Sized Bomber Fighters. And Drover Spam was also pretty good. Back in 0.9.1

But then, We lost like, carrier skills, carrier skills for officers, general fighter nerfs, then we got general non carrier/fighter buffs, the only skills that generally buff carriers being limited to the player character only (And it only having a small limit of 8 whole bays before it started getting weaker doesnt help either), needing to spend 2 skill points to get both when you have very stiff competition from skills like:

Wolfpack Tactics, Crew Training, Officer Training/Management, and Coordinated Maneuvers. And This is only within the LEADERSHIP Branch, it's only downhill from there.

The Drover simply isnt worth the 15 whole DP to simply field, for 15DP, you field a condor with a 5dp frigate as back up, A 10 DP Destroyer, a bunch of Frigates, etc. The system kills its replacement rate faster than any PD can. And 60 Seconds for what is basically 1-2 more wing members for 15 Seconds just isnt worth it.

The Astral on the other hand, still is pretty good with bombers, still kills a lot of stuff. But a point was raised during this discussion:

Why not just use 2 Herons instead?

A pretty big issue with Recall is that on a 30 second cooldown, you only get about 1 more wave in before your bombers start flying back or dropping like files and it makes normal fighters pretty unreliable.

Where as you have the heron with its targeting feed that gives benefits to every fighter and not just a specific group of them. Not to mention, the fighters are much more reliable, has a good mix of stats, faster, only cost 20 DP (So 40 for 2 vs 50 for 1 Astral). With the only debateable aspect being Astral having 1-2 Large Missiles vs the Heron's Universal Medium.

So What do you guys think? Do you think the drover and astral needs some of their nerfs lessened or even buffed to be in a better place?

Modding / Issue with the retired drone_pd ship system
« on: May 05, 2021, 05:46:24 PM »
So a issue a few people had when attempting to use this ship system for their modded ships is that the game would crash because it couldn't find the system id for it despite the id being correct in the csv.

So I looked into the system file and I think I figured out the cause of the crashing

The system id and the drone variant id are the exact same. I believe this is what causing the game to crash.

To be sure, I tested my theory out by taking the variant of the drone pd, changing it to "drone_pd_Hightech", and taking the system file and having it point to the new variant file.

Then I placed it onto one of my ships and it worked. The game didn't crash. Looking at the other drone ship systems, The station ones and "drone_pd_x2" are the only ones where the system and variant id aren't the same. While Borer/Terminator/ and Sensor has the system and the variant id the exact same, so it's possible they also have this issue.

Mods / [0.95a] Caymon's Ship Pack v1.2.0
« on: January 22, 2021, 03:21:10 AM »
Caymon's Ship Pack
Just an group of kitbashed ships and fighters with 1 or 2 weapons on the side that you can add to your game to give yourself some additional ships

Required Mods:

Here's the version

Here's the 0.9.5 version

Here's the 0.9.1 version


Solarized Flare Frigate - Sprite made by AxleMC131

Solarized Flare (LG) Frigate

Motörhead Heavy Pirate Mech

Fisheagle (LG) Heavy frigate

Mako (LG) Heavy Bomber

Shocktrooper Armored Destroyer

Cetan Hybrid Assault Mech

Cetan (LG) Honor Guard Mech

Heliadae Converted Carrier

Zagreus (XIV) Heavy Destroyer

Phasehead Phase Destroyer

Phasehead (XIV) Phase Destroyer

Phasehead (LG) Phase Destroyer

Stingray (LG) Light Battlecarrier

Kindling (LG) Support Carrier

Thanatos (XIV) Assault Battlecarrier

Spectre Phase Combat Transport

Shadow Phase Drone Tender

Hesperides Heavy Freighter

Hesperides Modified Heavy Combat Freighter

Advocator Faithdriven Carrier

Altergeist Phaseified Cruiser

Bazaar Falcon (LG) Upgraded Battlecarrier

Bonnethead (LG) Assault Cruiser

Brzask (LG) Cruiser

Skystriker (LG) Battlecruiser

Guts Heavy Battleship

Phasegon Phase Battleship


Luster Automonus Drone Cataphract (Fighter Verison also Available)

Luminous Heavy Droneship Frigate

Vrita Frontline Droneship

Lanius Assault Droneship

Thornbill Missile Destroyer Droneship

Enkindle Heavy Droneship Cruiser

Torchwood Drone Carrier

Ignite Bomber Drone






The Fighters

Knifeclaw Heavy Fighter

Dagclaw Heavy Fighter

Fantia Heavy Drone

Gusto Super Heavy Fighter

Mini-Trident Escort Fighter

Quant Anti-Fighter

Scattershot Artillery Bomber

Vic Viper Assault Fighter

FalchionB Assault Fighter

Lord British Combat Support Fighter

Jade knight Interceptor Fighter

Option Drone Companion Drone

Laser Bit


If you have any feedback on the ships/fighters or the balance, feel free to tell me here or on discord. My discord is Caymon Joestar#6574 if you have any feedback for me.

Alfo for letting me make a LG Verison of his Midline Aurora Thing/ Use his redesign as the basis for the LG ships
Tart for letting me make Bonnethead LG
Lili (Seafood Author) For letting me make Fisheagle LG
Chase for letting me make LG Versions of some of his Ships
Selkie for updating the Cetan's Sprite/Letting me kitbash with IS ships
DR for letting me use some of his sprites to Kitbash things like the Phasehead (XIV)/Cetan (LG) together
Cycerin for letting me kitbash with the punisher for the Zagreus's Resprite
AxleMC131 for making the Solarized Flare Sprite
King Alfonzo for helping with text for my HVB/Code for the Helidae
Coherent Watermelon for also helping me with Text for my HVB.
Avanitia for helping me come up with the idea of the HVB
Astarat for letting me use his design for the Jade knight
Mayu and Techpriest for helping me with code for ship systems/hullmods
Nia tahl for letting me kitbash with their sprites/use some of their code/ Doing the SkystrikerLG Skin
Gettag for letting me kitbash with some of his sprites/helping with Code for the Mechs
Kayneth and Mr.Kamiguru on discord for allowing me to kitbash using their designs
Alex and others for making Starsector and etc
Everyone on discord for helping me through the code and giving feedback

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