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Modding / [0.97 / 0.96] Lemon MEGA Portrait Pack [MINI UPDATE]
« on: February 20, 2024, 07:42:06 AM »

300 - 400+ weeb-ish portrait pack generated by torturing local alpha core, crude, and unfiltered because im too lazy to sort it all.

mostly weebs portrait pack separated into 4 part, indies, pirates, church, and faction that idk i will ever finish

somewhat "lore-friendly" themed anime-ish portrait that hopefully fit current reality of the sector

All pack included into single zip, use what you like, delete the rest i guess... heh
delete the player.faction if you dont want it to clutter your portrait selector

Forum Release


Added Mini Update

Added Modest 128 mini portrait pack for neutral people of the sector. Deserter, Mercenary, Drifter, you name it!

Roughly edited from raw source because im too lazy to manually edit them


PS: just change version number if you play on different version



Mods / [0.97 / 0.96] Indies Expansion Pack v1.92
« on: November 19, 2023, 03:02:28 AM »
    Indies Expansion Pack
    Mod that add bunch of stuff to Indies and its less reputable cousin...
    AVAILABLE FOR BOTH 9.7 and 9.6

    Currently Implemented Ship and Wings

    Currently Implemented Weapons

    From left to right

    Hellstorm Revolving Cannon: a BANG BANG BANG Hellbore on steroid

    Sethlans Artillery Barrage: Large version of medium Sethlans Artillery Cannon, more flux efficient

    Sethlans Artillery Cannon: Long Range AOE very-slow moving HE artillery cannon, capable to reach long distance and being shooted behind ally, CAN be shooted down though...

    Izrael Reaper Launcher: Cyclone Launcher, but can actually generate ammo but long as hell

    Mega Thumper: BRRRRT Thumper but BIGGER

    Mark 10 Autocannon: upgraded and more sustainable version of Mark 9 Autocannon, able to provide constant suppressive fire at long range

    Exterminator Cannon: Long range Anti-Frigate Fragmentation cannon, small AOE also randomly explode near end of the target

    Chain Thumper: BRRRRT THUMPER!

    Plumbata MRLS: Squalls but medium, also weak frag payload, only good at keeping enemy PD busy

    Mook Rail: Attack Drone Spawner, in medium missile slot

    Kothar Assault Gun: Haesphestus but smaller

    Toyhammer Torpedo (M): Medium version of Toyhammer Torpedo

    Toyhammer Torpedo (Double) (S): Double launcher version, more expensive

    Toyhammer Torpedo (S): Chopped off Hammer torpedo little sister, frag dmg, equal to 1 hammer if all hit

    Velites MRM Pod: Medium version of Velites MRM

    Velites MRM (S): A sustainable energy payload missile, with weak hitpoint and regenerating ammo

    Heavy Lascannon: Medium version of Light Lascannon, double the barrel double the fun

    Light Lascannon: Very slow firing, inaccurate, and very slow, medium payload energy cannon that fire bolt of condesed plasma at enemy, Anti-Armor for smaller mount

    Heavy Lasgun: Medium version of Light Lasgun, more DAKKA

    Light Lasgun: A Lasgun, An sustainable constant firing laser cannon intended as general use weapon for ballistic mount, weaker than its Energy counterpart

    Vigiles GPMG: 0 OP backup Ballistic PD that exist for sake of existing

    Vulcan Mk.II: Vulcan on STEROID, also a flak munition

    PD Pulsed Laser: Energy PD but pew pew instead beam

    Ulka Micro Flak: Small slot dedicated Anti-Missile PD, flak munition but weak against fighter, primary use against missile swarm, en masse.


    Some Weapon Preview (more to come)

    Currently Implemented System WILL COME BACK IN FUTURE
    4 Indies & Pirates inhabited system for scavenger and explorer


    Why? Originally started as personal ship mod for scavenger, run-of-the-mill spacer runs, I wanted to add more vanilla-ish average post-collapse spacer ships. Gradually i added bunch of stuff like hullmods, fringe system, some wip industry, and line-up of weapons and missile that i think "missing" from the base game.

    Because this originally meant for personal playthrough mod, balance is number two, but it will gradually improved as i fix many things inside here and there, with primary focus of implementing the things i want and balance it later, still mostly wip mod, but serviceable? (hopefully), do tell me if something break as i mostly still play in 9.5 which is  ;).

    So what it is offer?

      • An hullmod that turn your manned ship min crew to 0 in exchange of being dependent of ship with control hullmod (beware it disabled ur ship if its command ship die!)
      • An ship that spawn an deployable defense frigates/stationary
      • Bunch of indies-esque scav ship ranging from small frigates to capital ship
      • An Frontier System, inhabited with pirates and indies, serve as base of exploration in four edges of sector
      • An Medium Long Range Arty that explode upon impact (WIP to make it Shootable)
      • An Colony Structure that turn your colony hidden (Ie: cant be raided or attacked | also WIP)
      • A 0 OP ballistic pd that exist just to fill slot
      • An exploration frigates that get bonuses maintance and extra fuel effect if its the only ship on your fleet (For single exploration run, literally dram but an actual exploration vessel)
      • An Hullmod for carrier with salvage rig that make frigates wont consume fuel and supply in exchage of being dependent of said carrier.

     ---"Mini" Update include few new content (like DAKKA Hellbore), with mostly respriting, balancing, fixing and such---

    #Also Frontier System wont get generated anymore in new saves, they will still exist in already existing saves, will come back in future

    Safe to add to existing saves, not safe to remove. System only spawn in new game


    Download Here:
    9.5: TBA





    Frontier Command Center currently incompatible with Indevo Supercomputer when used together in the same Colony in SS 9.7

    Temporary Fix will come together with more "minor" update soon when i updated my SS to 9.7

    -DrakonST: Ship part and its spiralled arms sprites
    -Pogre: Based guy, thanks for letting me use some of your abandoned spirte :)
    -Alfonzo: Allowing me to use some pirates onslaught part, Thanks!
    -SevenGX: arty blast effect script, also inspiration for one of weapon on my mod
    -YuiTheModder: Inspiration of this mod also thanks for allowing me to use some of your code  ;D
    -Starsector Discord Modding Community: Support and help ofc
    -Banano: Advice, texture Materiel etc
    -Spirall Arms Sproter Community: Some part and inspiration of my ship taken from it
    -Alex: ofc  ;D


    #"Mini" Update, that include Few new content, with most change lies in balancing, respriting, and fixing things
    #Not include other change that i didnt remember :)

    Various change, rebalance, nerf, and fix
    Added Borer (B) Drone Wing
    Added Militia Mechanized Droid Wing (Derelic Droid Mook Mecha)
    Added Borer (B) Small and Medium Portable Autofabricator
    Added Miltia Mechanized Droid Medium Portable Autofabricator
    Resprite and rebalance Drifter Class Exploration Cruiser (no longer it will look like odd looking derelic slapped with bridge and window on it)
    Changelog will be updated soon (hopefully if im not forgot)


    Future Plan?
    -Add story content
    -Proper version control
    -Proper Description...
    -Balance and fixing things
    -Dreadnought Scavenger Mobile Station
    -Minor Faction
    -More weapon and ships ofc
    -Structure and Industry related to building isolated scavenger empire (Ie: one that generate "pirate" like base but for player, an actual hidden colony, etc)

    #Below are following content to be expected in next content update

    * Resprite Drifter Exploration Cruiser(Again...)
    * Nomad-Class Mobile Junker Station
    * Noah-Class Voidfaring Nomadic Hubship
    * Hullmod that allow FRIGATES to dock to repair and restore CR in any ship with specific Hullmod (possibly merge it into already existing Frigates Hangar and Stored Frigates Hullmod)
    * Actually finishing Frontier Command Structure
    * Various Weapon and Content that i probaly make on whim when i get inspiration out for it
    * Actually make frontier system unique
    * Actually make the story and bounty content
    * Balance Hell, and deleting many deprecated
    * Actually removing Herdmaster (will be come back in future in new form)
    * Maybe Actually using Github or something? Idk
    * Maybe Actually separate star system/story content with SWP content perharps?

    New Preview IMG will be uploaded soon

    PS: For now dont add AI Core buff to added industry until i update the mod, else it crash

    Adressed Hopefully[/list]

    it fixed for real now i swear, srry srry

    Modding / [0.9.1a] Aerial Combat Suit
    « on: May 02, 2020, 10:10:06 AM »

    Hello All!
    I'm new to this game, I've playing with this game for some time and more when i found out the tons of mod and i got hooked to it! thanks to all member of community for making many mod for this game and for providing resource and documentation for modding. I've decided to make my own mod to contribute back to this community!

    This mod added new fighters called Combat Suit a Mech-Like fighters from modified combat suit marine used to wear, since i wanted to had some infantry like unit fighting in wings and because i find it cool to have more common economic friendly mech fighter anyone from pirate-faction fleets use in their fleets!.

    I've added a Ground Support Package for some of the fighter but don't know if it actually effecting Ground Operation or not   :-\.

    Currently There's 4 Combat Suits ready to use in the game. More to coming in future update.
    I've balancing this as much as i see fit, but then again i hope you guys can give me feedback if there's any issue in balance, this is pretty much pre-release.

    You can download it

    Here's some fighters

    + Peasant-Class Wing +
    Low Tech
    Originally use to do heavy duty and protect miners from hazardous mining envirotment. This Suits now serve as cheap fighters for poor unlucky pirates or a desperate rebel miners. Not a fun thing to pilot. Equipped with barely sufficient EVA unit modification and a single poorly armed LMG is regarded is good enough. This Suits is widely regarded as iron coffin by their pilot and those who unlucky enough to pilot it generally won't come back alives, heavy loss of crew is guarranted. This Suits is so poor that the only redeeming feature of it slighty stronger armor and hulls than talons and cheap to replace. People often compare this to talon but without missile, weaker armament, and slower movement speed.

    + Watchman-Class Wing +
    Low Tech
    Cheap, Durable, And Reliable. This suits is favorite of every ships captain in the sector from pirates, mercenary, to trade and exploration vessel. This Suits fills both role of Interceptor and Fighter, Often regarded as cheaper alternative to Trooper suits. This suits is basicly a heavilly modified Peasant Suit with more and better armor and militarized system along with makeshift shield emitter making this suits an ideal choices for many role including Ground Operation Aerial Support Mission. This suits is equiped low powered shield emitter capable to protect the pilots from first enemy point of defense counter-attack combined with Enchanced MG commonly found in low grade vanilla marine suits and with a handful of Swammer Missile make them capable to engage and do some damage to bigger frigates and cruiser before retreating. An ideal choices for every common ships captain in the sector!

    + Trooper-Class Wing +
    General Use, Multi-Role, Aerial Combat Suit. A mass produced modified marine combat suit with Standard Issued EVA modification and armament. This suit fill both role of Ground Operation Aerial Support and Space Engagement. Armed with enchanced vulcan HMG and a single use SABOT missile make the suits deadly against shielded enemy on their first engagement. Capable to engage with up to weaker combat freighter and at the same time able to fill the role to harrass enemy frigates and their cruiser.

    + Gunner-Class Wing +
    This suits is heavy duty modification of their more versatile brother. Equipped with heavier armor and shield as well minified version of Assault Chaingun. This suits spell doom to any unarmored ships.

    PS: Sorry if sprites is bad    ;D


    -Sseth for brought me to this game
    -Community for mod you all make and delicate documentation you all create.

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