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General Discussion / Shooting past friendlies
« on: October 13, 2021, 09:57:11 AM »
So, I'm playing with bringing a Gryphon in a relatively fresh game, but I've observed multiple different conflicting interactions between frigates+, fighters, missles, mines/dumb bombs, torpedos, and the like. Obviously the Gryphon really has no business getting line of sight to the enemy.
What weapons can be fired through friendly lines? If my observations are correct, friendly and enemy fighters can overlap ships until they're dead or immobilized (this makes lore sense), but what about missiles? If they're active and guided, can they also fly through friendlies? This matters for the difference of putting Atropos versus Ludd's Mallet or the Big Red Grim Reaper on the front facers. Maybe Salamanders or Locusts? And if I'm correct, when do, say, Squall or Hurricanes become unguided and thereby no longer able to track through friendlies?

Or am I misguided (lolpuns) entirely?

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