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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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Modding / Request - Someone to Adopt Beyond the Sector
« on: June 13, 2021, 12:46:18 AM »
Possibly the coolest mod idea i've seen, but one with a number of bugs and incomplete implementation. and going by months of silence from the author, one that has likely been abandoned. so figured i'd toss the idea out into the nether, see if anyone with some skills hears and is interested.

also, alex, if yer looking to toss in some post end game content; this mod concept lends to functionally endless playability on a single save.

Suggestions / Skill System
« on: June 12, 2021, 09:08:03 PM »
Player skills are all over the place. Some are good for your colony, some for your fighters, some your fleet... and aside from the top row all being for your ship there isnt much in the way of a pattern. and your governers have access to a grand total of THREE of your skills, while captains have access to about 10. it frankly feels quite simplistic, kinda feels like you are pigeon holed into a few select skills, and have very little real variety.

so here is my idea. Three separate skill trees for the player; leadership, piloting, and administration. At each level you get one point for each tree and each tree has a couple skills per tier that you can choose between. Instead of using story point to make some select skills elite, add levels to most skills that can be improved by investing more skill points. Splitting up the current 'group' skills would help fill this tree out, as well as offering more customization control to the player, and would make for a lot more room for adding new skills and skill types. while admin/piloting are self evident; the leadership tree would be for fleet/colony wide effects unique to the player. this would make level ups feel a lot more meaningful, your choices too, and wont have players feeling they are neglecting one aspect of play working on another.

Side thought on captains/admins. i see there being two possible ways to make your officers/admins far for interesting too; first give them full access to the 'tree' that is appropriate for them, or by giving them a skill or two that is set and have them gain levels to improve OTHER stats. for example; an officer with fighter support and impact mitigation, and when they level they gain things like '+5% fire rate' or '-10% supplies used'.

General Discussion / Confusion about fleet identity
« on: June 04, 2021, 03:03:12 AM »
Plugged in a variety of mods that provided a bunch of new ships and factions, so been finding myself making contact with various fleets just to scope out some of their ships. Saw a fleet of scavengers with some odd looking ships that got my attention, but when i made contact with em they were suddenly actually pirates and i took the chance to scrap em. welp, after a truly infuriating display of AI being AI (capture that sensor relay? you mean spread out ALL around it, dont cap it, and let yerself get picked off one by one) i opted to save scum and try again.

well. now the fleet is 'actually' independent. and after five reloads they were independent every following time. it's possible this behavior is the result of a mod, though not rightly sure which one...but if this is vanilla, wtf? how do i accurately identify fleets? why can they pretend to be something else? why cant i?

i remember their fleets were always tough, but even packing the zigg, a paragon, and my own radiant i cant take out a 2 star fleet with their own radiant without losses. their ships feel like rocks to my fleet of twigs.

Bug Reports & Support (modded) / Combat speed up glitch
« on: May 31, 2021, 09:52:31 PM »
Had this happen a few times, sometimes when i call in reinforcements the entire battle speeds up by i think double. i DO have the 'speedup' mod installed, but i only use that to disable bullet time when i auto my phasing flagship. actually deleted every other line from the settings ini so im pretty sure that isnt the cause. though... i dont recall it happening before so it may be.

Suggestions / Make comms more engaging
« on: May 31, 2021, 07:39:27 PM »
outside of events, there is no point to comms at all. talking to pirates, traders, explorers, ANYONE, has no purpose. seems a huge wasted opportunity. couple examples off the top of my head of what could be added; threaten merchant fleets into dropping cargo, blackmail pirates for allowing them to escape, bribing a patrol into 'losing' a ship, buy supplies off a convey... the list of potentials seems endless. seems such a shame. and, oddly, i havent found any mods that expand on this aspect of the game in any meaningful way.

General Discussion / Why do my ships never vent?
« on: May 31, 2021, 06:57:51 PM »
I mean, SOMETIMES, they do, but as a general rule even when they are not under threat, and well over half, they simply DO NOT vent. is this because i often put hard shields on my ships? is there anything that i can do to have my ships actually vent?

Suggestions / Change 'automate' to 'admiral mode'
« on: May 30, 2021, 05:40:19 PM »
i never pilot my capital ship, always put it on auto. in part because i am lazy, and in part because it is always too easy to cheese ai. and while there are options available to automate yer ship, that appears to be about the only concession to my particular playstyle, which i am almost certain is not unique. i think the folowing tweaks/additions would make the game far more accommodating to admirals.

when yer ship is automated, allow the camera to roam as far as your ships can see. perhaps 'skipping' over voids to avoid having to implement fog of war, rather than locking it to your one ship. (edit - come to think of it, there is no real justification for fog of war in space battles, you would certainly pick em up on yer scanners)
increase max zoom by 50%-100%. i use double myself, and it is about perfect for seeing more of the action.
while automated, allow the player to select their own ships to get information feedback in the bottom left a la yer flagship.
allow us to target enemy vessels the same way, albeit with more limited information
when you dont have any ship selected, provide overall battle data instead, such as ecm ratios and battle progress (mebbe just a slider showing relative deployment)
put yer captain's portrait next to his ship like other officers (petty, but it irks me nonetheless)
make this mode an option when starting battles
have some of the tactical options available outside the tactical screen (such as full assault)
and perhaps a 'theatrical' button that hides the UI.

might be kinda strange that as much as i love the game i prefer to not actually play the part that is considered the primary focus, but organizing and overseeing your forces while having to work around officers that might not respond as well as you like makes it more interesting imo. frustrating as it can be watching your fleet circle AROUND the comm relay rather than capture it, it also adds a level of realism imo. i think a couple of these changes are beyond the scope of modding, so, Alex, if this is ever gonna happen i think it will have to be you guys.

Modding / Is it possible to disable phase ship slowdown when...
« on: May 30, 2021, 04:09:36 AM »
you have yer ship on auto? i kinda prefer to be an admiral than a captain, so prefer to issue orders and watch it play out. which is pretty annoying now that i scored the zigg and feel obligated to to have my char on it.

Suggestions / A set order for colony buildings
« on: May 29, 2021, 07:12:33 PM »
I cant be the only one who's OCD is triggered by having multiple colonies with the same buildings in different locations. rather than having buildins show up simply in the order you build em, think it would be better if they had a 'template' to follow, so as you build yer colonies you can tell at a glance what has what. i'd suggest having 'industry' at the bottom of the list, except the upgraded buildings that count as industry.

General Discussion / Refit, blueprints, you own colony
« on: May 28, 2021, 07:31:05 PM »
So i had had the idea of refitting my ships now that i have heavy industry. i had thought if i went there and chose to refit my ships i could buy (read, manufacture) the weapons i learned the blueprints for. Seemed the simplest way to choose the best of what i had available for my ships. however, this does not appear to be how it works. i dont have any option to buy/build the weapons i can build directly from the refit screen. is there another way of doing this? or am i pretty much resigned to having to actually make every weapon i have and store em to have em available?

I noticed my rep with independents keeps dropping below 9. ive done a ton of trades and given em cores and such, and it seems i keep getting a rep boost back to that same 9 over and over. am i missing something? havent ever attacked one or failed any missions, so no idea where my rep may have gone.

I love AMD. anyone found any kind of fix yet? comp has MORE than enough oomph to run ten copies of this game... if it would use my resources.

title, i used '' in the title because i would like to see rep gravitate towards zero from above or below it. couldnt find anything that did this in a few searches, and have no idea how to go about doing it myself.

found one a long time ago, got my ass handed to me and left it be. plenty tough enough to beat it now i think, but have no idea where it was, and really dont want to revisit the half of the galaxy i explored to find it again

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