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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Of Slipstreams and Sensor Ghosts (09/24/21)

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General Discussion / AI Shielding too good?
« on: June 21, 2013, 09:16:49 PM »
Has anyone else noticed that after all the recent AI changes, that the AI is a little bit too spot-on with their shielding?  I can understand this on Elite or Veteran-Crewed ships, but it's on all of them and it's really frustrating.

You can almost never overload them unless you launch missiles, because they will stagger their shields on and off every second JUST at maximum flux to minimize damage.  And unless some other missile is incoming, they will ALWAYS drop their shields when a Sabot Missile is incoming.

I'm not saying they're unbeatable or even close, but it's made Sabots almost useless in my current game and it lets the larger ships do some ridiculous shield on-off stuttering to avoid damage.

Is there any chance of this getting adjusted?  I know it was made so Elite/Veteran crews have better aiming, repairs, and performance boosts than Green/Regulars.  I think that the AI efficiency of the ships needs to be scaled as well.  Green Recruits shouldn't be able to perfectly time their shields to avoid overload every time.

Suggestions / Point-Defense Toggle
« on: June 16, 2013, 08:41:00 AM »
This is a fairly simple suggestion.  We have a toggle for Autofire and it's nice.  But I'd like a separate toggle for "Point Defense Fire"  This could be added as a button beside the normal Autofire button and could be toggled with CTRL+# or ALT+#.

-When both the Point Defense Fire and Autofire are both enabled, Point-Defense weapons would act as they currently do, firing on missiles and fightercraft when available and other targets when there are no missiles.

-When only the Point Defense Fire is enabled, the Point-Defense weapons will ONLY fire at incoming missiles and fightercraft, prioritizing missiles.

-When only Autofire is enabled, the Point-Defense weapons will ignore missiles completely and prioritize firing on your target, as if it wasn't a PD weapon at all.

This would add a lot of flexibility to PD weapons, being able to shift them into outright offensive weapons when needed and making sure they stay as PD weapons when needed.  Some issues that would be solved by this would be:

-Integrated Point Defense AI affected weapons (Tactical Lasers, IR Pulse Lasers, ect) wouldn't waste time firing on missiles that are easily going to miss you or are going to be shielded.

-Point Defense weapons such as Burst Lasers won't spam away all of their shots at missiles when Fighters are right there.  This really shows when trying to shoot down missile-spamming fighters like Pirhanas and Broadswords, that spam missiles constantly.

-Point Defense weapons would be able to pour on some extra DPS on missile-spammy and Flare-Spammy ships in general.  Two big examples of this are Enforcers pulling all your PD fire away with swarms of Rockets and Hounds distracting your PD fire with Flares.

-You could also set your weapons to dedicated Point Defense so the reverse doesn't happen.  It's not fun when all of your Vulcan Cannons are aiming forward, spamming away all of their ammo into enemy's shields while a trio of Salamanders loops around behind you...

Note that if you set PD Fire on for non-PD weapons, it would have no effect.  It would only change the firing behavior of PD-Capable weapons (Including those made into PD weapons by Integrated Point Defense AI).  Overall, this would make Tactical Lasers and Burst Lasers a far more versatile choice instead of their currently-limited niches.  They could be Point-Defense when needed and standalone weapons as needed, provided that the player is quick enough to toggle his PD-Fire and Autofire settings.

What do you guys think?

Mods / Improved Brawler
« on: April 05, 2012, 11:12:30 PM »
The Brawler sucks.  It really does.  So I've been toying around with ways to improve it and I've come up with the Brawler MK II.

It's my first "Mod" and pretty basic, but so far I've:

Changed the color of the sprite a bit so it doesn't look TOO much like the standard brawler
+Increased the Flux Venting by 20 (180-200)
+Increased the Max Speed by 40 (80-120)
+Improved the Shield's Flux/Damage to 0.8 (1.2-0.8)
+Added 2 OP so it can have Resistant Flux Conduits basically for "Free" (45-47)
-Doubled Cost

The difference is pretty amazing.  It's still slower than a Lasher, but can keep pace pretty well and actually has the speed to chase things down.  The shields are efficient, but still forward-locked.  It really makes the ship more effective at charging in with guns blazing like it's supposed to, being a Gunship and all.

I'm still gonna work on a few things with it.  There's a lot of tweaking, but so far, it's made the Brawler into a usable ship.

Stuff I might tweak:
-Cosmetic changes.  Probably changing the Engines and Shields to High Tech instead of Midline, so it looks like the engines and shields are actually different from a standard Brawler.  Maybe making the engines' thrust look larger.
-Adjusting OP, either back down to 45 or up to 50, depending on how it affects things.
-Possibly adjusting speed either up or down.  Need to test with Augmented engines before any changes.  The current speed of 120 seems about dead-on from my tests so far, though.
-Possibly adjusting maneuverability so it can turn a bit faster.
-Adjusting Cost.  Possible decrease, but not by a lot.
-Adjusting FP.  Probably an increase.

I've made a basic mod that starts you in an Assault variant of the Brawler MK II and puts a few for sale in the Hegemony station.  Link to the mod below:

Suggestions / Current Stuff that needs looked at
« on: March 18, 2012, 02:49:38 PM »
This is just a short list of stuff that, IMO, needs to be looked at for gameplay and polish' sake in future updates.

IN GENERAL, Tri-Tachyon ships are the best right now and not much can match them.  Adding some more useful Low-Tech and Midline ships is probably needed.

1) The Xyphos Heavy Fighter generates so much flux that it renders it's shield almost useless.  It also lacks enough speed, hull, and armor, and squad size to make it survivable.  It frequently loses to much weaker fighters and non-point-defense Destroyers/Frigates.  Boosting these fighters by adding some speed, armor, flux dissapation, or something similar is needed.

2) The Trident has similar issues.  Due to slow speed, weak hull, a near-useless shield, and small squad size, it seldom survives more than a single torpedo run.  They need slightly more speed and armor to be usable.  Currently the Dagger torpedo bombers are superior to them in almost every way, including raw damage-per-torpedo-run, squad size, and speed.

3) The Longbow Support Fighters are junk.  They don't seem to do anything and have almost no survivability.  I don't know what exactly needs done, but SOMETHING does.

4) The Brawler is too slow and cumbersome to catch any Frigates that they could destroy.  And they don't have the shields/armor to tackle anything big enough for them to catch.  Also, lack of any rear defenses makes them missile bait.

5) The Sunder has armor and hull far too weak for it's size and tends to die very early in a battle.

6) Broadsword Heavy Fighters are too good.  Their dual MGs overload shields on even capital ships in seconds, leaving them helpless.  It almost lets them effortlessly destroy Xyphos' and Tridents.

7) Thunder Heavy Fighters need a bit of adjustment too.  They're already the fastest fighters in the game, with good Armor and Hull, but their real issue is that their ion-cannon weapon lets them disable other fighters in only a couple of shots, making them artificially good at taking out almost every other fighter out there.

1) Some mechanic to lock Omni-shields in place.  I have a topic created about this.  (

2) Fix the annoying bug where something shows up on sensors, but when you go to the tactical map, it vanishes as "Out of range"

3) Fix the bug where multiple fighters try to dock at the same carrier, ignoring all others (To be fair, this doesn't seem to occur very often for me anymore, but it does still occasionally occur!)

4) Allow right-clicking on ships in the tactical map to have the camera follow them the same way it does if you left-click (Which opens a menu), then close the menu.  This would allow snapping between ships easily if you're "Commanding" more than fighting in a battle.

5) Make PD weapons able to focus exclusively on Point Defense (Anti-Fighter and Anti-Missile) tasks, so they don't waste time, ammo, and flux on big targets they hardly hurt.

1) More Strike Weapons, including some sort of ballistic non-bomb Strike Weapon.

2) More Medium Missiles.  Currently, we really only have the Pilum and some Pod versions of small missiles.  Adding some new, unique missiles (Or torpedos!) would be great.  Maybe even adding some 1-shot versions of Large missiles like the MIRV.

3) "Missileboat" Frigates and Destroyers.  Lots of missile slots, few other weapon slots.

4) Some sort of AoE Energy PD weapons, similar to Flak.

5) Some "Fast" Low-Tech and Midline ships that can match Hyperions and Tempests in speed, if not efficiency.

6) More, better armed Low-Tech Frigates that have firepower to rival Hyperions and Tempests.  Currently the only Low-Tech ships that field Medium hardpoints are the Brawler and Hound, and the only Midline is the Vigilance.  We need low-tech and midline ships that are as known and feared as the Hyperion and Tempest.  Some definitively purposed "Strike" and "Assault" ships would be ideal.

7) More "Slow, but powerful" High-Tech ships.  Currently they're all about hit and run.  They need some that are about staying power and endurance.

8) More versatility in the tech levels in general.  For example, low-tech lacks a "Fast attack" frigate, high-tech lacks any carrier but the Astral, any frighters/tankers whatsoever, and any Destroyer but the Medusa.

8) More "Ambient Fleets" that do their own thing.  Miner fleets that hang around Asteroids and fight back with mining drones, mining blasters, and mining lasers.  Merchant fleets full of Buffalos, Geminis, and Atlas' move between stations and are juicy, but heavily-defended targets.  The infamous Cult of Lud could even make an appearance.

9) Cruiser-Sized dedicated Carriers with 2 Flight Decks.  Currently it jumps from the 1-flight deck dedicated Destroyer Carriers to the 3-flight deck Astral dedicated carrier Capital Ship.

10) A "War Room", where you can set up and save your own customized missions.

11) A "Tech Room", where you can set up and save your own customized Ship Variants, which can be used in missions or loaded in-game.  It would feature a...

12) "Testing Simulator", where you can try out variants of ships, either against static targets or in mock battles, to see how they handle, how their weapons work, how the flux builds, ect...before you take them into the field.

I'm not picking on the game or criticizing anything.  I'm just saying that these few things would make for a MASSIVE improvement for me, IMO, and shouldn't be too outlandish to work towards.

Suggestions / Locking Omni-Shields
« on: March 16, 2012, 04:25:15 PM »
Since the AI seems to have no problem shielding in one direction while aiming turrets in another, is there any chance we could get a system to lock our Omni-shields in one place temporarily.

I'm talking about assigning a key to "Lock shields".  When the key is pressed, the Omni-shields will lock in the position they're in and no longer follow the mouse until the "Shield Lock" is disabled by pressing the key a second time.  This would be IMMENSELY handy for deflecting Salamanders/Fighters with your rear shields while still being able to aim your forward guys.

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