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Suggestions / They didn't saw what hit them. None a less they hatin
« on: March 30, 2020, 08:08:42 AM »
So, the problem is that you and your precious fleet can be as stealthy as phaseship armada inside the nebula in orbit of a black hole, but everyone in the galaxy still knows who doing things.
How it even possible? I mean, I can understand or imagine wich mechanics sit behind it, I can imagine and justify in-game "intel leaks" and other stuff, but... What the hell, rly, how everyone in the galaxy know about all the things I do?
Someone killed pirats? - it's him!
Someone picked RNG fleet it outer space? - it was him!
Someone crushed flet in the deep hyperspace in the middle of the hyperstorm? - ofc it's him!
Someone shelled to hell Luudic Path fortress out of nowhere? - pff, it was him!
Someone sneak picked fleet working out of planet's magnetic field? - you know who it was...

Maybe there should be some way to conseal your identity?
Like get into system completely unnoticed, transponder OFF, changed fleet composition(?), stay unnoticed by all the other fleets wich you didnt intended to crush completely, do your things, then get out in the same ninja way and change fleet composition one again. Or something like it.

Suggestions / Hydroponics. Please?
« on: February 05, 2020, 06:12:35 AM »
Hi, found one annoying flaw with colonies.
Only possibe way to get/make food for colony is to find planet with farmlands, colonise it and biuld farms or export food. Maybe it can be slighty mitigated by artifial farmlands? Like Hydroponics industryes? (it is also possible to maintain hydroponics at space stations). Wich will consume heavy machinery and organics and in return provide food.

Suggestions / Newby (or not so) observations and thoughts
« on: January 30, 2020, 02:22:04 AM »
Hi, maybe Im not the most expirienced player of starsector and game critic at all, but I always hope and wish best for games I like, and Starsector is the game I really like. So go on:

1. Fleet trade screeen. To be honest it isnt so obviouse how to buy ships and not transparent enought in wich mode you currently trying to sell them. More to say additional tab inside the tab (sell/buy) feels a little bit excessive.
Maybe there is a way to reduce amount of additional entities? Like, to move "sell" tab/button into top-left position so it will stand as 1st market oprion, paint it green/blue and make it compact (only icon). Add "sell on black market" button and paint it red (also compact).
Also it makes resonable to change "storage": add "move into storage" to main fleet screen and make storage also 1tab entyty where you can only take ships.
Because, really, tabs inside the tabs isnt cool, especially when their functionality almost non existent.

2. Fleet refit screen. Mess with hullmods. Um... Some sorting/split by category, please? Like Armor, Hull, Shields, Flux, Mobility, Expansion/Remodel (cargo, fuel, crew), Weapon, Targeting/Range, Tactical (OP center, EC/CM). It would be really nice to not scroll up&down all the time when you need some specific mods. *Already here

3. Just idea about ships and crews. Expirience. With 6 lvls of crew expirience: "green nubs", "green", "default/no_effect/hidden", "veterans", "pro", "elite". Wich determined by expirience earned and crew loss per year. Lets say that 6 month of service on the same ship with loses less than 50% moves crew 1 rank up. Ship change / huge crew loss and replenishment can move crew 1 rank down, also, in that case crew can restore rank faster. Speaking about effects its probably should be turn rate, acceleration, deceleration, turrets turn rate, engines and weapons combat repair speed. Something about -10% ~ +15%. *Already was, already discarded

4. Comm sniffers. To be clear about it, I have no ideal wha and how finds sniffers at comm relays far-far avay from civilization, and cant grasp how comm snifers installed in different factions realys can interfere with each other. It seems like there just primitive script in work wich says: no more than one per galaxy or GTFO. Im not to happy about it.
Maybe we can plug in some gamma/beta cores into comm systems and mess with it so it would be better to leave it as it is and not remove this sniffers? (limited to 3 per galaxy)

5. Custom player-made markers and memory banks removal. Because there is no reason why we cant do this, first, and because sometimes I really whant to mark some location to be able come back later but NO I cant do this! Second. Also death weight of data from probes is annoing, especially about planets with staff.

6. More obvious pointer for player position on the map. Both system and galaxy map. Maybe something like big shining crosshair, I mean thing like in old fantstic films with vertical lines from top and bottom, horizontal lines from left and rite side. This will make tracking your own position much easier and more convenient. Especially if the shininy lines will remain on the edge of the map when you scroll beyond the visibility of your position - it will allow you to determine which side you / the target are. (Yes I know about "fuel range" but it didnt work for intel screen)

So, thats all for now. Fleet screen, hullmods sorting, crew expirience, comm sniffers, custom markers.

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