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Starsector 0.96a is out! (05/05/23); Blog post: Colony Crises (11/24/23)

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As shown in the attached screenshot. I'm running a few mods and have changed a few config settings, but none that would cause this error to my knowledge (which is, admittedly, somewhere between "zilch" and "diddly squad" ::)).

This is the first time I'm doing this quest(line?), so in case it matters, from memory: The options I chose were meeting with the initial contact without any special preparations, fully exhausting Macario's dialogue tree, and using a Story Point to convince the crew of the first fleet to turn over their officer without a fight. Initiating dialogue with the second contact, who I found near the Fringe Jump Point (likely due to an active pirate raid going on in the system) prints this error, and another two of them at the end of the conversation. As far as I can tell the conversation doesn't get stuck, though, for what that's worth.

Mod list:
  • Lazylib
  • Luddic Enhancements
  • MagicLib
  • Objects Analysis
  • Planetary Shield Access Control
  • Roider Union
  • Terraforming & Station Construction
  • Unknown Skies

In Starsector's own settings.json I've changed max level to 20, skill points per level to 2, story points per level to 10, and (in case it matters) xp multiplier to 0.5. Resolution is 1920x1080, AA is off and UI scale is at 100%. For the record I'm just testing ideas right now, seeing what they look like ingame. I've not started an actual playthrough with these options.

1: The xp line is oddly cut off, not actually reaching the end of the bar. There are ten blocks showing the breakpoints where a story point will be earned, but they're not the right size.
2: The highlighted text claims that at level 20 I'll have 40 skill points, but I appear to start with only 1, and get 2 per level for the next 19 levels, which suggests to me that I'd end up with 39 skill points.

I'm aware that neither quirk would ever be seen in an unchanged game, but I figured I'd report it in case it reveals some other issues the average player could see? I guess?

As the screenshot shows, phoning up Provost Baird in a (somewhat mangled, admittedly) attempt to return Duzak's data core has resulted in her getting assigned Sebastyen's spiel about returning it. As far as I can recall the steps to reproduce this should be:

-Go to Duzak and retrieve the data core
-Go to the Galatian Academy and go through Provost Baird's initial introduction sequence. Note that the option to search for Provost Kallichore still exists after that, even though the captain was just told about his fate through Provost Baird's meeting.
-Immediately phone up Sebastyen and go through his introduction sequence. The option to search for Provost Kallichore disappears, meaning that is not longer an option for returning the core.
-Phone up Provost Baird in the hopes that'll trigger something about returning the data core.

As much as I doubt it matters, mod list just in case:
  • Adjusted Sector
  • DetailedCombatResults
  • Lazylib
  • MagicLib
  • objects_analysis
  • Roider Union
  • SCY
  • Terraforming & Station Construction
  • Unknown Skies
  • ShipCatalogVariantEditor

Bug Reports & Support (modded) / [0.95.1a-RC6] Twisted Slipstream
« on: September 02, 2022, 06:14:33 AM »
See attached screenshot, this greeted me as soon as I exited a nearby system I was exploring. I've never seen this before playing vanilla or modded, so I'm afraid I've no idea which mod (if any) would cause this if it's not a vanilla bug.

Mod list:
  • Adjusted Sector
  • DetailedCombatResults
  • Lazylib
  • MagicLib
  • objects_analysis
  • Roider Union
  • SCY Nation
  • Terraforming & Station Construction
  • Unknown Skies
  • ShipCatalogVariantEditor

The option to get/search for the evidence from the Comm Relay in Isirah during the Finding Coureuse mission doesn't show up if the Comm Relay is not under Persean League control. I don't know if that's intended or not, but I didn't see any text indicating that was a problem, so I spend a few minutes wandering around confused until I managed to herd one of the Persean League patrols to the Comm Relay to recapture it. And smash an incoming pirate fleet trying to re-recapture it. Once the relay was back in Persean League control the option appeared and everything proceeded normally from there.

I don't know of it makes a difference, but for the record, my enabled mods are:
  • Adjusted Sector
  • DetailedCombatResults
  • objects_analysis
  • Terraforming & Station Construction (with the option to upgrade makeshift relays into domain-era relays enabled)
  • Unknown Skies

As in the title - if I get caught by a particular large Pather fleet, waiting in Hyperspace close to a system with a Pather base, I'm told to pay them their usual bribe...but after paying it I'm only given the option to either engage them or spend a SP to disengage. There's no text about the fleet backstabbing me and I've not seen this type of behaviour before, so I'm assuming it's a bug.

I also noticed another oddity after luring this fleet to the core worlds, and getting them in an engagement with a Persean League patrol fleet (spoiler: that patrol fleet is going to get slaughtered mercilessly): If I touch the Pather fleet while they're fighting the patrol fleet they automatically interact with me, as if they'd caught me...but at that point they're actively fighting another fleet and I have my transponder off, so neither fleet trusts me enough to share IFF codes. So all I can do is leave. After leaving this dialogue prompt the Pather fleet no longer single-mindedly chases my fleet exclusively, and will instead engage a nearby trade fleet if I make enough distance to not be the closer target. I have to assume this isn't intended behaviour, but rather a quirk of the Pather fleet not checking the context of their forced dialogue and being satisfied after they've had it, even if it wasn't them getting free money from me.

Now if you'll excuse me I have an appointment over at Chalcedon, and maybe Epiphany with an awful lot of Marines. I like to get my Pather loads repaid, with interest, quickly, you see...

Something I encountered during my current game which felt like it could use improvement is the Automated Ships skill. Only being able to recover drone ships after getting the skill means that in order to get anything out of it I have to first grind out encounters to get ships, and that's an RNG lottery if not a Story Point sink. It also encourages me not to fight drone ships early if I plan on getting the skill eventually, since that's just wasted opportunities I could be using to try and get my precious ships later.

The only solution I can think of is the obvious one: Allow drone ships to be recovered regardless of the player having the skill that makes them useful, so you can gather a stockpile of the good stuff before unleashing the AI hounds once the skill is in. But I'm not sure if that's an ideal solution. I'm not worried about it being a trap option for new players, the tutorial can easily include a warning about drone ships and their CR problems either from Ancyra's station commander or even the game itself right after the Domain-Era Probe fight, but beyond that I'm not sure if there's any potential problems I'm not seeing.


Suggestions / The tutorial Sentry shouldn't have an all missile loadout
« on: January 03, 2022, 01:14:27 PM »
Basically a variation of the old "a ship spawned without weapons and could do nothing but fly away at full speed" problem: During the tutorial the domain era probe fight spawned a Sentry with two Salamanders and a Hammer, which left it with nothing to engage after depleting the Hammer's ammo. The end result was a merry chase which thankfully didn't take very long, since the starting Wayfarer has a good loadout and is fast enough give chase.

Nevertheless I think it would be better if this sort of situation didn't happen, at least during the tutorial. Having to chase enemies flying away at full speed because they don't have any means to deal real damage (beyond burning out your engines) isn't the sort of thing that I think would leave a good impression on new players. After the tutorial, when larger fleet battles and more options are available dedicated enemy support ships would make more sense, but so early on I think a more traditional loadout would be better.

General Discussion / Anyone else encountered this?
« on: January 01, 2022, 08:55:27 AM »
(Pardon the low quality screenshot, had to mess with it to get it below 192KB)

So I'm out exploring near the edge, find an uninteresting system, take a quick look, nothing valuable, jump out and move on. Standard routine. Except that in hyperspace I notice I'm suddenly inside a slipstream, and a large sensor ghost leaving said slipstream in it's wake is flying off towards the edge of the map. I enter the slipstream, and apparently speed 30 is faster than the sensor ghost so I actually catch up to it. Unfortunately it just disappears, and shortly thereafter the slipstream goes away with it.

So...yeah. Has anyone else seen this before?

Bug Reports & Support / [0.95.1a-RC6] Returning Turotial Save Prompts
« on: December 28, 2021, 01:51:27 AM »
Start a new game, and play the tutorial up to having talked to the station commander on Ancyra for the first time. You'll be prompted to quick-save before going to the mining station, and the prompt disappears after saving. The issue is that if you quick-load afterwards (say after a potential, ah, unfortunate sequence of events...) the prompt to quick-save will be back as well. But at this point it's unnecessary, since you already have a quick-save made.

I'm not sure if this is the only point this quirk occurs, but it's one point where I noticed it.

Bug Reports & Support / [0.95.1a-RC6] XIV Variants Codex Error
« on: December 28, 2021, 12:50:12 AM »
Just installed RC6, looked at the new Eagle/Falcon stats in the Codex and noticed that the XIV versions don't appear to correctly report their increased flux capacity/dissipation stats. The same is true for the Legion XIV and Enforcer XIV. The attached screenshot are the stats shown for the Falcon XIV.

Reduce your fleet to only one >5 DP civilian ship with Militarized Subsystems. When you install Militarized Subsystems and go over to Assault/Escort Package it will list the package as fully benefiting from the Auxillary Support skill, even though that ship, by itself, reduces the bonus to less than the full amount. The ship's stats will also report getting the full bonus from the package if you install it, but if you swap over to another ship and swap back (or leave the refit screen and come back) the game will update the Package bonus and other numbers to the correct ones.

It's only a visual problem, but not getting correct information when fitting ships is not ideal, and this problem persists if you take the ship into Simulation too.

EDIT: Forgot to mention: Tested on a 100% vanilla save, albeit one started on...I don't even remember what RC, in case that matters (I don't have an unmodded engame save started in RC15).

(Posting this in modded because I am using mods, but none that should cause this behaviour to my knowledge. It should also affect vanilla...but I cannot confirm that...)

It's possible to get a distress signal in the system who's jump points you blew up with the prototype Janus device. I unfortunately cannot comment on what happens if you agree to give/sell the wayward fleet the fuel they need to get back to civilization, whether they'll use the jump points despite them being out of commission, because in my case they got completely destroyed by a single Glimmer.

Don't think three combat frigates should completely wipe to a single glimmer truth be told, but that's a separate matter...

Bug Reports & Support / [0.95a-RC15] Infinite CP Exploits
« on: May 04, 2021, 04:46:43 AM »
Yes, exploits, plural. I'm on a roll today it seems...;D

A: When a ship is ordered to Rally Task Force at a new Waypoint, and than the rally point is selected and dismissed, the command point is refunded. The problem is that this does not take into account any other orders given previously, so dismissing RTF orders by dismissing waypoints effectively gives infinite command points.

Example: Start a new game and enter the tutorial, I'll assume the Wayfarer and Shepard were chosen (although this trick works with any type and number of ships). Enter the battle with the first pirate, deploy both ships, and order the Shepard to escort the Wayfarer. Than order the Wayfarer to Rally Task Force at a random location by right-clicking anywhere on the battle map. Select the waypoint and dismiss it with N. The command point is refunded and the command frequency closed, but the escort order is still there. Since the command point was refunded I've effectively issued that escort order for free. Incidentally the Wayfarer will be put on auto-pilot, but that can be undone on the command screen by just selecting it and hitting U - doesn't even cost a command point.

B: In battle select any ship and hit S (or D, or probably a few other buttons) twice to toggle on and off Search/Destroy behaviour. Toggling it on will correctly deduct a CP to open the command channel, but than turning it off refunds the CP without closing the command frequency, meaning I can issue further commands to my heart's content. In effect, infinite CP. Again.

Both of these bugs were tested on a fresh vanilla save, no mods other than some settings.json changes which should be completely unrelated.

Suggestions / Academy mission inconsistencies
« on: April 20, 2021, 03:47:12 AM »
So I'm doing a mission for the Galatian Academy to retrieve some valuable doohicky or another. On my way back to the academy to drop it off a pirate fleet shows up and threatens to murder me if I don't turn the thing over to them instead.

Problem the first: That pirate fleet will continue to do so even after I've reduced them to two Drams. Not that the fleet continues to try and intercept me or anything, but if I intercept them and open a comlink they'll repeat their usual spiel, minus one fleet that at least looks vaguely threatening on paper. It's a minor issue at best of course, but acknowledgement that the fleet has been defeated would be nice.

Problem the second: I've fought and defeated like nine of those fleets before simultaneously. Again, some acknowledgement that the pirate fleet didn't really stand a chance against me would be nice. No, I'm not asking for such fleets to be adjusted to the player's level because I've yet to see any implementation of that mechanic work out. It'd be better if the pirate tried a different approach than threatening the doomfleet which singularly defeated said pirate's entire extended family in one battle.

After completing that mission I take a mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist. I'm presented with the possible offer of threatening the kidnapper, but only if I have a non-civilian capital ship in my fleet.

Problem the third: My various Atlas/Prometheus ships, if given Militarized Subsystems, simultaneously don't count as combat ships for this particular purpose while they do count against my skill caps. It's something that's been brought up before multiple times and something that I'm expecting will get addressed in some form or another, but I wanted to point it out as an outliner in case it end up mattering.

Problem the fourth: Again, I'm the captain that murdered nine pirate fleets simultaneously. Some acknowledgement that I'm not some nobody flying around in a Kite (S) would be nice.

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