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Suggestions / Mod policy for the future, Steam Workshop maybe?
« on: April 24, 2021, 03:09:25 PM »
Alex, will you change your stand on mod policy when this game releases on Steam and get Steam Workshop support? You Rimworld right? A really modable game fill to the brim with content made by the community.

In that game term and services it basically says if you make a mod for this game and you release that mod on this platform/or make it public in general, it's basically become free for all other modder to edit and modify it, that's why there is so many unofficial versions, forked version, improve version, etc. And the game dev can add mod features without modder permission.

But there are still ethics on the Modding scene there, most of the modder and the dev will give you proper credits and everything but it's not required by the term and services. You can try to not give a proper credit, but it's basically an easy way to get look down upon by the entire community, generally not a good idea.

It's really good to preserve old mod that has been abandoned or the author has something to do like mandatory military services for Korean modder or simply the modder stop playing the game and leaving the community for example. Or to avoid feud, drama, and conflict in the community regarding mod content that the author knowingly made public.

So what your stand on that? Will you keep the mod policy to individual modder or take a similar approach like Rimworld dev?

Modding / Increase skills selection when level up an Officer.
« on: April 22, 2021, 03:18:37 PM »
Is there a way to do it? I try to search for it in the settings. json but nihil. 4 selections of skill feel to restricting to especially when I no fighter bay capital officer get a skill that benefit the use of the fighter bay out of nowhere, I want more control of my officer skill.

There is a mod for it for 0.91a called "More Officer Skills" but the author haven't active since October 22, 2020.

I don't have the trade to make my own mod. I don't mind editing the game code itself if it what it takes.

Hi! What if faction you're part of giving you their exclusive BP if you have good reputation with them after several year in game? Or at very least allow you to produce their ship and weapon?

I'm not gonna lie, i hate blueprint hunting, even with spamming raids plus if you install Nexerelin that force you to wait 6 month for another blueprint raid, it's true you can change the interval of raids penalty in config file but i want more natural and peaceful way, i don't want to obliterate faction that i want to be part of just because i want their ship blueprint.

Let's say you being a part of the Hegemony as well-known hero, after several year later they will start giving you blueprint of their ship design, low tech from frigate to capital class ship and  (A) variant. So you can feel like you part of the faction, it's kinda jaring playing as Hegemony but using high-tech like Astral and Odyssey.

And maybe use BP as a reward to the player in Nexerelin, say the player taking down Kazeron, a vital industrial base for the Persean League as the Hegemony, Hegemony higher-up will give us Onslaught or Legion blueprint as reward for our effort but it only happen if the player have been part of Hegemony for certain ammount of time so the player cannot exploit it.

Or at very least "lend" the player the blueprint, so player can produce faction ship for their own use and for player patrol fleet in general, i don't know if the game code can handle it.

This kind of mod will make modded playthrough with modded factions far more interesting. And thanks for coming here, really appreciate it  ;D

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