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Modding / [0.95.1a] Traversers' Design Bureau
« on: February 07, 2023, 06:11:02 AM »
==| The Traversers' Design Bureau|==
by Coldstream (original Fossic link)

Download 1.2.0 for 0.95.1a here

Requires LazyLib, GraphicLib, MagicLib
Integrated with Nexerelin

The Traverser's Association is a group of exiles from other worlds who set out to survive, having previously been part of a large mercenary group under the Independents. As they grew in power, they settled the system they had stumbled upon and built it into a true fortress by integrating the technologies and exploration of various worlds, creating this association of travellers and like-minded people. A central body, the Traverser Design Bureau, leads the way as an extremely outwardly friendly force that is hospitable but strictly disciplined. As long as you abide by their laws, you will be more than welcome within Intersection.

What is clear is that the Bureau is now offering special warships and weapons to reputable clients.

==| Offerings |==

- Their ships usually have stronger shield resistance but weaker armour. They also focus on missile and air strikes.
- Two different design lineups - the mainline Traverser fleet, and the Overwatch Unmanned Fleet

I'm able to entertain bugfixes and crashes, but anything regarding the overall design of the mod will have to be forwarded by me back to the CN community.

Mods / [0.95.1a] FSF Military Corporation - EN Edition
« on: September 28, 2022, 02:34:43 AM »
==| The FSF Military Corporation|==
by A111164 (original Fossic link)

Download 3.13RC2 for 0.95.1a here

Requires LazyLib, GraphicLib, MagicLib
Integrated with Nexerelin

Fast, Safe, Functional aka FSF Corporation is a military corporation founded after the Collapse to sell arms and OEM ships. Its founding dates back to a pre-Collapse powerful smuggling ring, with ties to many of the equipment testing units of the Domain of Man, selling prototypes to various corporations at high prices. With the failure of the Gates, the upper echelons of the syndicate were trapped in a secret warehouse in Perseus. Knowing that the power at their disposal was far from sufficient to protect the precious cargo in the warehouse, they relied on the mountains of supplies within to completely disappear from the incoming disputes and set up the FSF predecessor as an underground organization.

For quite some time, taking advantage of the chaos at the beginning of the Collapse, they secretly drew Perseus' shocked scientists into the organization in order to be able to produce copies of the most advanced batch of prototype ships in the FSF's hands at the time, but nothing more was heard of them until the First AI War.

In the golden age after the First AI War, the sporadic appearance of foreign trade warships that people had never seen before in the defense of the Edge World colonies symbolized the FSF's emergence on the Perseus scene as the giant corporation known today for providing, among other things, shipbuilding, military instruction, and weapons trade. Although they have always been a mega-corporation following the laws of the Hegemony throughout the Sector, in recent years their fleet numbers have risen steeply to show their ambition.

==| Offerings |==

- New Mechanic: Residual Parts
When dismantling the wreckage of the ship through certain ways, some residual parts will be obtained at the same time, and FSF is willing to buy them at a high price, which is said to help the R&D department to solve many problems. Residual parts can be exchanged for FSF blueprints.
- New Mechanic: Marine Corps Training
The Corporation can train some of your crew as Marines at a specific fee.
- FSF Corporation ships and weapons
- A quest line regarding the corporation


  • Mod Creator/Designer: A111164
  • Translators: Scarlet-MagicianX26, nekoworkshop, VoidForge

I'm able to entertain bugfixes and crashes, but anything regarding the overall design of the mod will have to be forwarded by me back to the CN community.

Modding / Chinese Mods Translation Repository and Request Thread
« on: March 08, 2021, 03:01:07 AM »

Thought I should take the initative...

Right, so here it is. As it says on the tin, this is a thread that is for collating the various mods from Starsector's Chinese community ( that are available for translation, as well as the status of translation for those mods. With Approlight and Polaris existing here for a while as well as the continued queries from the Discord, there's clearly an interest in more of what comes from the creative minds across the language barrier. As such, this thread should help collate and organize future efforts for translation, so that we may all benefit in the future.

Update 28/9/22: Some mods now have Github repositories attached for easy access. Read the note at the bottom of this post for more info.

Mods that have been translated and being maintained

Polaris Prime
Modder: AnyIDElse
Translator: Iriscoral
Source Link:
Repository Link:
Forum Link:


Idoneus Citadel Exiles
Modder: AnyIDElse/Sundog
Translator: Iriscoral
Source Link:
Repository Link:
Forum Link:


Modder: Originem
Translator: mrmagolor
Source Link:
Forum Link:


FSF Military Corporation
Modder: A111164
Translator: Iriscoral
Source Link:
Repository Link:
Forum Link:


Gensoukyo Manufacture (current version 0.6.0rc6)
Modder: homejerry99 et all
Translator: Himemiko (in need of a replacement!)
Source Link:
Forum Link:


Modder: Linskentry/fire_turtle
Translator: mrmagolor
Source Link:
Forum Link:


Modder: ValkyriaL, Originem
Source Link:

Note: Someone's doing this, but I'm not aware of their progress, and ValkyriaL has allowed the translation to go through.



Mods that are currently undergoing translation
Foundation of Borken
Modder: Originem
Translator: Iriscoral
Source Link:
Notes: This is the 0.9.1a version that has been Chinese-only for a while, as compared to the out of date 0.9.0 version currently available on the main index.


Mods that have been requested and have been approved for translation
Loulan Industries
Translator: mrmagolor, Lortan
Source Link:

Traverser Design Bureau
Translator: Iriscoral
Source Link:


Mods that are restricted from translation
ShanHai - (that one glowy Onslaught that keeps popping up on the Discord)
Modder: Eniac79A
Source Link:
Reason: Modder is MIA, permission cannot be sought.


Kantech Terraform Association
Modder: AnyIDElse
Source Link:
Reason: Mod is undergoing rework and hence Modder has requested that it not be translated until its ready (will be handled by Iriscoral)



---| How this Works |--

Basically, if you see a mod on Fossic that catches your fancy and you would like to see made available in English, reply with the name and link to the mod's thread on Fossic, and I will add it to the list if the mod author agrees to have their content translated. Likewise, if you want to translate an available mod, reply to inform me that you have picked it up and when its done. You can also do this via PM or through Discord.

---| Translation Guidelines |--

There's technically no barriers to entry if you want to start translating, and all are welcome, but if you wish to translate, please keep in mind a few things:
  • Seek the modder's permission first
  • Have a decent enough grasp of English and Chinese
  • Understand the file structure and data management of Starsector Mods in general

The first is just common courtesy, and you can do so via this thread in the first place. The second is really important, because fundamentally if you are lacking in proficiency in either language you are just going to mangle the translation (Google Translate will not cut it), so please respect the work of the original creators by treating their work with respect. Furthermore, poor translations equal to poor instructions and bad information for the player, which will negatively impact the experience of people who want to experience the mod. No one is asking for professional translations, but please be certain that you can give a satisfactory product at the end if you volunteer.

Useful Links:


Regarding Repositories

It should be noted that repositories placed here will have duplicates of language-based files, suffixed with _CN or _ENG depending on which version is activated. For example, if there's a file called  ship_data_ENG, it means the currently active version of h8ll_data.csv is the _CN version, which is lacking the suffix as it is activated, and when loaded will use the Chinese version. This is enabled by a specific file within some of these mods called (made by Originem) which basically searches the directory and suffixes which ever file exist to line them with the version of Starsector the user has installed. This system also works automatically at game start when the user has Python installed; but seeing that not everyone in EN will have Python installed; its imperative that one ensures that the CN files are suffixed and the ENG ones are not before deployment to the EN Starsector community to avoid annoyance.

That said, the existence of the both CN and ENG files are for the benefit of doublechecking and maintenance; if you plan to fork, please do not remove them.

Also, while I will encourage the use of repositories as it massively reduces the effort, please be aware that the mods are other people's stuff from across the language barrier. If you wish to add someone's mod to a repository, please get their express permission first.

Mods / [0.95.1a] Idoneus Citadel Exiles v0.42
« on: May 23, 2020, 05:51:52 AM »

Idoneus Citadel Exiles

Requires LazyLib, MagicLib, GraphicsLib, Nexerelin
Download here

This is an updated re-release of Sundog's classic mod, abandoned a few versions ago in 0.65. For those not in the know, ICE was a very complicated mod that used a lot of coding wizardry to work, but due to that same complexity, it stopped being updated. The guys over at Fossic/the CN community, however, picked up the slack in trying to make the mod work, and as such, they have managed to create a stable working version for 0.9.1a, which is the version you see before you now.

Most of the stuff that was originally present in ICE has been brought forward, with various texture and sound updates. There are also a few new ships and other content added, reworks to various hullmods and weapons, while the campaign events now work within Starsector's current existing intel framework.

(shamelessly taken from Sundog's old post)
Command Ship
Colony Ship

Blade Cruiser
Elite Cruiser
Support Cruiser
Support Destroyer
Elite Destroyer

Elite Frigate
Drill Frigate
Support Frigate
Recon Frigate

Sundog - Lead, Scripting, Art, Design

Deathfly - Lead, Scripting, Design

AnyIDElse - Lead, Scripting, Art, Sound, Design

Histidine - Scripting, Design

Cycerin - Sound

ShadowLight - Sound

Jaylyn - Art

R.U.A - Art


fire_turtle - Art

Tenshi - Spiritual Support

ZeroXenon - Translation

Scarlet-MagicianX26 - Translation


Alex, David, and everyone else at Fractal Softworks - For making Starsector

LazyWizard - For LazyLib and the Netbeans set-up tutorial

DarkRevenant - For ShardLib or ZZ GraphicsLib

Trylobot, Ashy Raven - For the excellent ship editor

kazi, MesoTroniK, Debido, Chaos Farseer, HELMUT, Gotcha!, mendonca, CopperCoyote, zoe_zucchini, lililili, fire_turtle, Seal

and many others

- For various reasons, from giving invaluable feedback to the MagicLib

Mods / [0.95.1a] Polaris Prime v0.25 EN Edition
« on: January 28, 2020, 05:58:10 PM »
~{Polaris Prime}~

Download v0.3.2 for 0.9.5a

Requires LazyLib, GraphicLib, MagicLib
Integrated with Nexerelin, Version Checker, Commissioned Crews


Polaris, full name Polaris Prime, refers to an hitherto unknown faction that suddenly appeared at the tail end of the Second AI War. Legends say that they come from outside the sector utilizing some sort of unique trans-warp device, equipped with ships that boast unique capabilities...but little else of them is known...

- Polaris ships boast dense armor protection and excellent flux dissipation, at the cost of low speed and poor flux capacity.
- Polaris ships can be equipped with a plethora of unique hullmods that greatly improve the power of the entire fleet as a whole.
- Polaris does not bring a wide range of unique weapons, but their ships synergize especially well with the local weapons of the sector.

A sample of Polaris offerings...

2022.5.7 0.25
Interferometer Series
Polar/Magnatar Series Missiles
Crystal Culverin

Polaris Node Lock

Support for UNGP
Various Balances and Changes
Akademia updates for new Skill System

2020.8.15 0.24 RC-2
- Fixed the various CTD errors that were caused by the Polaris CCrew hullmods.

2020.8.15 0.24 RC-1
New wing Occultation-Class
New wing Moon Phase-Class
New ship Magnitude-Class
Reworked sprite for Meridian-Class

Adjusted Price, slots, flux, armor, hitpoints, shield, speed, maneuve, max op and etc for most ships(now more rely on armor rather than shield)
**Heavly nerfed Spectrum-Class and C.O.S.-Class**

Comet Tail-Class wing lost shield, op cost reduced to 8 from 11
Perturbation-Class wing lost shield, weapon adjusted
Redshift/Blueshift wing weapon adjusted, generates more flux on use
Meteoroid-Class shipsystem changed to Polar Accelerator from Plasma Jets
Spectrum-Class shipsystem changed to Polar Accelerator from Plasma Jets
C.O.S.-Class shipsystem changed to Striker Drone from Nodal Regulator Feeds

New weapon Crystal Shard AC
New weapon Crystal Shard Flak
New weapon Microwave Particle Rifle
New weapon Polarized Particle Rifle
New weapon Inverted Particle Rifle
Charge Generator/Exciter/Projector Emp reduced to 0
Impluse-Class Torpedo(s) increased range and max ammo
Heavy Tracking System DPH/FPH reduced to 200 from 210

New hullmod Celestial Magnetic Dampers
Cluster Modulator reduced op cost, effect will no longer decay if ships are too close
Astral Link largely adjusted
Scintillator Supercharger largely adjusted
Starlight Focusing System largely adjusted
Celestial Core Protocol largely adjusted
CC hullmod largely adjusted

Nodal Regulator Feeds largely adjusted
Polar Accelerator largely adjusted
Timestream Disruptor duration reduced to 3 from 5

String tweaks
Variant tweaks
Mission tweaks
New sound effects
New musics
Modified venting AI for Polaris ships(optional in PLSP_SETTING.ini)
North Celestial Akademia bug fixes
North Celestial Akademia new feature to explore(?)

0.23 RC-2
- Bugfixes
- Translation cleanups a little

0.23 RC-1
- New unique structure for Polaris - the North Star Akademia, where Polaris-friendly Admirals can send their officers for training.
- New ship - Axis-Class Battlecruiser
- New series of point defense weapons
- Changes to commission bonus, now lined up with CN's
- Sound and texture updates
- Mission text has been translated
- various formatting/translation fixes.

0.22 Forum Release
- Cleaned up many translated descriptions, to make them sound better and read better in English.
- Fixed various formatting errors in translations.
- Added Version Checker support
- Added two Commissioned Crew hullmods: Polaris Noospheric Architects/Polaris Command Staff
-- Note: Commissioned Crew support does not exist in CN.


  • Project Lead/Designer: AnyIDElse
  • Texture Assist: A_PIAO_JUN
  • Text Guidance: saya39, FAX
  • Technical Support: Originem, Deathfly
  • Spiritual Support: Tenshi
  • Translations/Additional Code: Iriscoral

I'm able to entertain bugfixes and crashes, but anything regarding the overall design of the mod will have to be forwarded by me back to the CN community.

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