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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Skill Changes, Part 2 (07/15/21)

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Bug Reports & Support / Group battles & Deployment points crash
« on: December 01, 2015, 03:38:28 AM »
Game crashes upon entering a large group battle when your Deployment points setting is too high.
I assume this is due to too many ships being on-field since lowering the setting (from 400 to 200) fixes it.

Suggestions / Ship System Ideas.
« on: September 24, 2013, 03:37:09 PM »
Post your idea's and i'll add them, if for once i'm not a lazy ponce. Even subtle changes to existing ones are fine for the list. It doesn't matter how crazy or impossible they are; they're only suggestions after all just try to make them balanced.

It's helpful if you use this, but in a fashion similar to how they're listed is okay too.
[b]Name:[/b] Can have more than one here.
[b]System Timer:[/b] Charge based? Regenerating or not? Cooldown? Etc!
[b]System Purpose:[/b] What's it for? Also what type of system is it under?
[b]System Description:[/b] Give a little story if you want, is it based of something else? Perhaps who made it? (For the sakes of suggestive aid; keep it outside of mods (Though you don't have to)) Perhaps even how it works?

Offensive Systems

Blast Engines[Cooldown Based]:
Causes a sudden burst in engine speed for one purpose. Now you can yell 'Ramming Speed' as you use your ship as a space hammer.

Overdose[Cooldown Based]:
Raises maximum flux significantly for roughly five seconds. If you go above the original cap; you'll have to vent all that extra energy at an additional flux 10% slower speed.

Plasma Sabre[Regenerating, charge based]:
A series of plasma jets may not seem that impressive in theory, but this setup is set in such a way that it'll form what's essentially a plasma blade in front of your ship. May or may not be named by pirates as the 'Space flamethrower.'

Grinder Drones[Non-regenerative, swarm mentality]:
Essentially small mining drones fitted with the biggest tractor beams they can have, it's just a tractor beam with an engine guys! The host ship for this system has a huge grinder on some part of it; be it the front or side/s. These tricky, shifty little drones will latch on the small to medium sized prey and drag them towards the host's grinder. Though they're not much use against shields, they can easily get behind a foe and start trying to drag it around and likely shifting the broadside away from you! Relies on large numbers.

Defense Systems:

Crisis Drones [Charges]:
Although standard shield generators are seen as more effective, this drones take into the old 'Sword and Board' tactic that's been around since medieval times and has stuck around in riot shields and such similar devices and roles. A broad; thick armour marks the front of these drones and a small machine gun sits in a small enclave of the shield's surface. Holding pattern settings cause these to form a line between it's host and the nearest target.

Solar Talons [Charges]:
Many flare systems are simple in their design; Tri-tachyon scientists felt there was still room for improvement. These flares not only have a long flight time, they also turn towards enemy ships and then hit the missile that trails them with a sudden EMP pulse. If you're lucky, it'll bite the ship that launched it.

Utility/Support Systems:

Serenity leash[Cooldown after breaking]:
A stream of energy that can be simply described as a Grappling Hook but with energy, the main difference between this and the Tractor Beam is that the leash can bend, not stretch, but you can enjoy tug of war-like battles with these ships. Unfortunately though, the ship has the pour energy into this system during it's use; generating a fair amount of flux as a consequence.

Rapier Jets[Regenerating Charges]:
Named after the weapon of olden time fencers; these jets dotted around the ship offer sudden bursts of movement in whatever direction the pilot chooses, certain pilots tend to prefer this over
phase skimmers.

Phase Telesphere[Single charge, slow regen]:
Like a phase teleporter only bigger; this ship dedicates an unusual portion of it to a extra large phase teleport system to shift small groups of ships around the battlefield, whether friend or foe. It only effects a somewhat small radius around it, and can cause 'phase boom' or 'phase feedback' in an area around the teleport radius. Useful for separating enemies from allies, enemies from bigger enemies, etc!

Scrap drones[Many Charges]:
Small, weak and expendable; In free mode, these drones launch themselves at nearby allies and latch onto the hull. You may think 'What use is this?,' but you can never have enough armour nowadays.
In holding pattern, they form small walls around your ship.

M.A.N.A Pulse[Cooldown; Drain % based on ship's unused flux]:
This system sends out a pulse that returns to the ship after a few seconds; draining a set amount of flux from nearby ships that varies upon hull size and feeding it back into the ship that holds the Aegis system. Be warned, the pulse drains flux from enemy ships, but to a lesser extent.

Alternate Flux Capacitors[Toggle/Switch]:
An odd choice; ships with this system in tend to have low flux capacities but trade that for the ability to switch the destination of flux build-up.

Reflection Settings[Toggle; Flux Buildup]:
Although this builds considerably more flux than standard shield; it allows your shield to 100% reflect whatever is thrown at you. It's calibrated to catch and repel rounds as well as reflect beams and lasers!

Plasma Web[Charge Based]:
The plasma jets on the front of this ship are easily confused for the Plasma Sabre, it functions in the same way, but instead uses the same system to project shields to form a plasma shield of sorts that'll slow anything that manages to actually pass through it and weakens it (While the web dissipates to some degree each attack it's hit by, and it'll stick to whatever ship passes through it; slowing them!). It's considered useful to it's much larger radius and the fact you can't crush allies within your shields on large ships. Plasma Webs don't follow your ship, so you can create walls to shield your more unarmed ships, consider what to protect with it; as it affects allied fire too.

Current System Suggestions:
Fortress Shield[Graphic Change]:
Graphics change to something similar to reinforced glass rather than just turning darker; example image here.

For talons perhaps? Mining drones?

General Discussion / Multiplayer Aspect Discussion.
« on: March 16, 2012, 02:56:35 PM »
I'm watching the fifth TGS podcast and i don't really feel i need to say all that much.

Basically, in the future when the game has much more content, there would be a chance for players to enter the system you're in, combat and other interactions may ensue, such as alliances & co-operation / trading / etc.

What are your thoughts?

Modding / Dan's Ship Art.
« on: February 25, 2012, 11:53:47 PM »
Revamped thread to a simple Ship art thread, virtually all of it's unused, or should be at this point. I'd like to see it in game, but lack the resources. Please ask for use via a pm to use these, it's mostly so i can see it for myself and i guess to an extent moderate it.

Anything that isn't here, can be viewed by clicking this button.

A few examples of what's in the album, keep in mind i started a few days ago, so there isn't much other then these.

Version 2 of Akira Fighter Support Frigate

Said Akira In-game.

A Taurus Freighter altered to function as a carrier also.

Tweaked Conquest Battlecruiser.

Modified Tempest with a flight deck.

A civilian Onslaught Capital ship altered for Trading.

A light attack cruiser making use of the large gap in the middle of it.

Suggestions / Combat zones, and fighter leashes.
« on: February 22, 2012, 01:08:46 PM »
These are two simple suggestions i thought of, they may have already been suggested beforehand and/or multiple times.

Combat Zones -
In the free-roam/campaign mode i found one of my bigger gripes was that Non-player fleets just seemed to take one or two potshots at an opposing fleet and take out half of them out with it. Perhaps they could initiate some form of combat zone that the player could spectate or join in on. Or similarly to a game i played called S.P.A.Z (Space pirates and zombies) have constant combat area's the player could scrounge parts from and pick off hostile ships. By doing this you could possibly improve your relations with the fleet fighting aside you. (So you'd get hedgemony 'points' for picking off stray Tri-tacyon or pirate ships in a combat zone)

Fighter-Carrier Leash -
As a lover of carriers and fighters, i found that fighters didn't seem to have much of a care for their own lives with certain commands put upon them. Most disturbingly light escort on a carrier, this has managed to get be boned more then once in a situation that i could stall until they were repaired.

Basically, fighter-Carrier leash would be;
 - Fighters are leashed to a target, escorting it basically.
 - If an enemy they're targeting gets a certain distance away, they go back to escorting unless told otherwise.
 - Should they take damage or lose a fighter (This option would preferably have some form of damage bar that you could choose a certain amount of hull points/units left until..) they go back for repairs.

Possible extras:
 - If following a ship with their shields up, the bombers or fighters could use said shield for protection.

Idea's and feedback would be appreciated, whether positive or otherwise.

If they ever add multiplayer, combat zones could be used to simulate battles. They could possibly be locked to prevent free player intervention if need be.

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