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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21)

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The setup
In the material plane
While in phase cloak, wich translates to 538 space units per second at real speed. It's terrifying to watch it from another ship's perception of time.

I know it would be better for me to NOT have overridden it (I am also still missing two Burst PD lasers to slap in the back), but the memes could no longer be dreams and it's actually REALLY effective at hunting frigades and other phase ships. It is so damn fast it even accidentally rams the enemy's shields from time to time. Also, can we all agree on the fact that harbingers spamming "Systems Distrupted" on a single ship 4 times in a row is possibly even worse than Doom mines? It does look absolutely hilarious tough.

Post Scriptum: I am really tempted to give it 30 vents so that it can just vomit Heavy blaster projectiles (it can already win flux against most destroyers and cruisers already, wich is hilarious) but I'm scared the AI might just get stuck in one of those loops where the phase ship costantly stays in phase while INSIDE the enemy just to get out of cloak next to it and CROAK. WHat do you think I should do with the capacitors/vent balance? Just keep in mind I do not plan on assuming direct control of my phase ships anytime soon, I feel dirty enough already.

Post Post Scriptum: wait a second, does giving an Officer at the helm of a Phase Ship the Shield Modulation skill mean that they will dissipate hard flux while phased? can anyone confirm this?

I don't think I need to write much more than basic data to showcase just how horrible both Burst PD Laser and Heavy Burst Laser are at doing their ONE JOB and how these two PD variants along with the rest of the small energy PD weapons have singlehandedly, inherently made all High Tech ships (aside from, ironically, phase ships) in the entire game extremely vulnerable to missile, fighter and bomber spam as a result.

The hard data of
Burst PD Laser
Heavy Burst Laser

As you can see, both PD weapons are incredibly expensive, provide decent burst damage in the first 4 to 8 seconds (10 to 18 seconds if you also have expanded magazines) but fully expose their horrible, HORRIBLE 40 and 73 sustained damage per second when the shots run out.

The only ship types I've actually used such a god awful excuse of a point defence on are Phase Ships, wich greatly benefit from the burst values of said point defence to clear out the area of enemy ordnance to then vent, but that is it.

There is no incentive to even try and invest into these weapons, a Midline/high tech ship wanting to focus on point defence is much, much better off opting for plain old PD and LR PD Lasers or, for the non-plus ultra of energy based pojt defence, Tactical Lasers + Integrated Point Defence AI (+ Advanced Turret Gyros if you really feel like it)

My suggestion is twofold. Reasonably buff both small and medium version of the Burst Laser to allow for higher sustained fire rate to actually make them worth it. Also modify the way the Heavy Burst Laser works to both work better for standard midline/high tech ships and not make the life even easier for the Doom, wich hardly requires to basically also have Point Defence AI the moment it chooses to install two Heavy Burst Lasers in the medium mounts.

Proposed Burst PD Laser buffs:
-Increase the recharge speed of the weapon from 2 seconds/charge to 1.4 seconds/charge
-Decrease the fire delay of the stored up charges from 0.6 seconds to 0.35 seconds

Proposed Heavy Burst Laser rebalance:
-Remove the ability of the Heavy Burst Laser to ignore flares
-Increase the recharge speed of the weapon from 2 seconds/charge to 1 second/charge
-Decrease the fire delay of the stored up charges from 0.6 seconds to 0.25 seconds

New medium energy point defence weapon suggestion: the Heavy Point Defence Laser
-basically an upsized PD laser
-9 Ordinance Points to install
-better flux /damage efficiency at 0.3 flux/damage efficiency translating into 60 flux/second to fire
-improved range at 450 meters
-200 damage per second
-Perfect Accuracy and Excellent Turn Rate


Post Scriptum: I am aware that hangar bays just might have been overnerfed especially if they use fighters and not bombers and that buffing energy PD weapons may just drive them into the ground even further, but I do not think that is adequate enough reason to keep an entire Point Defence type into utter irrelevancy. A slight, universal buff to fighter replacement rate recovery along with a slight nerf to bomber base replacement time (along with this energy PD rebalance) would go a long way to both make fighters a bit more useful and keep bomber effectiveness the way it is now while punishing bomber losses more.

General Discussion / Don't sleep on the Glimmer drone frigade!
« on: April 05, 2021, 12:59:19 PM »
Hey you.
Yes, you!
I know how you Tri-tach operatives rush to that blasted Automated Ships skill and completely forget about every single [redacted] ship but the Radiant and shove an Alpha core in it faster than it takes an Enforcer with a Faulty Power Grid to overload!

Well Sonny, I'm here to tell you that sometimes, sometimes the best options do not revolve around building your whole fleet back togheder to better synegize with that
Disgustingly-FleetPoints-Underpriced-TeleportsBehindYou-NothingPersonalKidDrone battleship!

No! There are smaller, smarter ways to solve your problems, and we're going to start this lenghty discussion with the Glimmer drone frigade, the most annoying little chestnut in the sector!

Assault Variant, must go faster
Do frigades and phase frigades annoy the everliving Ludd out of you? Don't you wish there was something that behaved exactly like a frigade does to a capital ships, but to frigades themselves?
With a recovery chance upon destruction higher than the chance of being helped without your consent by a Pirate Armada the moment you're dragging a mothballed XIV Legion back to the Core and a trusty, almost clean Gamma Core salvaged from an Officer's toilet; this nasty, tenacious little chestnut of a drone will rush into the enemy at the incredible speed of 276 space units per second and will keep fighting its unfortunate victim until it's either dead, out of targets or simply too tired to keep on going after its respectable 202 seconds of peak performance time runs out!
What's that, has the enemy thought it would be a good idea to deply an itty bitty Afflictor Phase frigade to hunt your gentle, soft backsides of your Legions? Just unleash this scourge of a squirrel filled up with all the Recreational Drugs in your cargo holdson its trail and that cowardly phase-abuser will not even be able to get away from it!

Support Variant, the goodest o bois!
Do your targets keep getting away? Have you become so enamored with the thought of being able to make some tea by the time your capitals have made it to the frontline that you just happened to forget you do not have any meaningful way of immobilizing the enemy fast enough to kill it before it kites you around the entire map for 5 minutes? Well would you look at what I have here. This special version of the Glimmer has gotten its Gamma Core from a Pirate Microwave that saw way too many Harvested Organs during its life and now only has one mission in life, to fry everything that sits in front of it with an Ion Beam and two Salamander MRMs long enough for anything else in your fleet to reach and take care of it!
Does that not sound like the absolute best of friendly, ever reliable frigades? You could even send it on its way into battle and be sure that -thanks to its Unstable Injector and twin PD laser- the enemy will just be wasting however many minutes of their lives pointlessly chasing this one frigade while the rest of their forces are getting smoked faster than Organics when you have a Cryosleeper near your colonies!

What do you say now, commander? No fancy cores, no need for it to be pristine and no need to even care for it in battle. Doesen't this very special chestnut feel like part of your fleet already?

Discussions / Robbaz is steaming Starsector now on Twitch
« on: April 02, 2021, 08:39:42 AM »
Just thought I'd let you know. I do not think he's found the pair of crushed dorito bags so it ought to be interesting  ::)

Let us meet in chat!

General Discussion / Totally balanced Radiant builds!
« on: April 01, 2021, 05:55:48 AM »
So, how many of you have gotten your hands on a Radiant and have it in your fleet? I stuck to a pair of overridden Brilliants with beta cores for the first half of the game (highly underrated, I suggest you S-mod them with SO and Hardened Shields and have them go to town with a double heavy needler, HIL and Ion beam combo) and I finally, finally managed to get myself a Radiant to see how much I like it.

Now, I would really like to see how disgusting 5 Tachyon Lances with High Scatter Amplifier are but I sadly do not have that many in storage, So I tried the next best thing I know would work; I present to you the grossly obese, skimmer variant of a Gryphon!

How do you shrink images by the way? I forgot :P
It works really well. Kills an Onslaught in around 25 seconds. A Paragon in around 40. Its going to get even worse when I find an Alpha core and two more story points to S-mod it with.

I'm definetly Smodding Hardened Shields and Unstable Injector as I'm planning to switch to the facemelter version with hard-flux pentalance, I really do like missile play but I've got more than enough of that in the fleet as you can probably tell. There's also the problem of my fleet being made of very fast ships that tend to get between the enemy and the Radiant making it harder for the missiles to work as well as I'd like.

I'm rather curious tough, what kinds of abominations have you come up with your Radiants? Please do share the balanced goodness!

Discussions / So I just bought a new mid-high end 50mm headset...
« on: November 24, 2020, 08:16:19 AM »
This is a rather new experience to me and I'm quite pleased with my purchase so I'm going to write this while listening to Sabaton.

I must have had them on my amazon wishlist for a year and a half but they finally, finally went on discount so I got myself a pair of Razer Nari Ultimate headphones. (Local store asked 299 euros, non-discounted price on Amazon asked 180, I got them for 130).

I never got myself a proper pair of headphones to use at home since I work AND work out outside meaning I've got both small bluetooth dingies and a I don't care we're in the wild I'm blasting Slipknot, their screwed up songs too bluetooth stereo and having a pair of wireless headphones doubling the width of my head is sort of new to me. They are enormous and I actually feel their weight despite my headbanging hobbies so you know they're chonky (Amazon description says they weigh 0.43 Kilos, whew)

I almost got a heart attack playing Duskers. I did not expect the arguably absurd levels of rumble this thing packs. It's great. I also tried listening to some intense songs (Orphan - Slipknot) and the sound quality is so damn clear I can actually vividly hear Corey's voice over the drums and beer kegs having a bender in the background making the headphones' rumble actually visible when staring into a mirror with the synaptic feedback cranked up high in the settings!

I would not recommend this to people that tend to get dizzy with VR/Bass and people that would mostly use them outside without the boon of using the razer Synapse app to tweak the settings. Oh and most people with a thin neck. Seriously. I am personally loving them so far but I would probably send them back were I to possess any of the human features listed in the previous sentence.

You can probably search youtube for a review video if you're interested. No I'm not getting paid for this.

Edit: Okay, Gauss Cannon sounds feel like an elephant crashing in my apartment. I might have to adjust the settings a bit  ::)

Suggestions / Improving the Simulator for the greater good of OCD.
« on: November 09, 2020, 02:56:17 AM »
Hello. I'm finally putting a piece of feedback I wanted to give for quite a while into words., considering that when playing a new campagn as a different faction I usually spend more time in the Simulator than in the actual real world of Starsector. I for example can't sleep at night if I think the smallest, most pitiful ship in my fleet that dies within 10 seconds of encountering the enemy just may not be using that back-mounted vulcan all that well and that I could just remove it to give it more flux capacity, allowing it to not get overloaded just for one more second making sure it can just ejaculate its reaper torpedoes onto the target before bursting open in an explosion of machinery and human gore.

I find the simulator to be sorely lacking in many key areas so I'll list them one by one and say what I think can be done about it.

You can select the Combat Readiness of a ship while entering the simulator, but you can't set a Combat Readiness percentage for neither the enemy ships and your own, reinforcment units.
The current campaign I'm playing revolves around not hiring any liutenants and using barely any commander skills improving in-combat ship performance.This makes simulations quite reliable when finding out (for example) if your own 40FP battleship can beat an Onslaught mono e mono and so on, but I've often desired the option of actually buffing the enemies in the simulation to also have 100% combat readiness if I so desire, this option could also extend to my own units. This would not only give players the option of fighting on equal ground with the simulation enemies, but it would also open a lot of challenging scenarios to find out just how much a ship of yours can overcome before eventually biting the methaphorical space dust.
On a side note, how many of you knew you could adjust the Combat Readiness of a ship while in the Simulation at the top-left of the refit screen? Be honest, I actually found that out a week ago.

You can not save your own ship variants and import them into the simulator as enemies.
Ever wanted to find out what an utter disappointment your newly bought and refitted 55 Fleet Point battleship wich you aptly named Kiting Prostitute is against  a mere, player owned 20FP Overridden heavy cruiser without a shield and with the shape of an angry brick filled with guns BEFORE you get into a fight against remnants and have those six hundred thousand credits worth of investment get a surprise colonoscopy from a Lumen with 4 Reaper Torpedoes? Well I wish I could have. N-not that I have had it happen to me b-baka!

You can't give simulator enemies (and allied ships) token officers and/or owned officers
In a similar train of thought as setting combat readiness but with a far more significant impact on actual combat performance, being able to give simulator ships token, simulation-only officers to see just how strong say, an Onslaught can be with a level 20 officer ( and how much effort it wold take your ships to fight it) would be something I'd be willing to buy Starsector thrice over for. Having alittle side tab where you can drag and drop different officers into enemy ships or something would be swell, especially if you could pick from, I don't know, defense focused officers, offensive focused officers, missile focused officer etcetera. The icing on the take would be to also be able to assing your own officers to simulator ships because why not right?

You can't play ships in the simulator before buying them
I actually don't even know the reason why this has not been included in vanilla yet. Has any of you guys/gals ever gone to a car dealership (I did door to door selling, so I've got some experience selling you *** that you may or may not even need in your life) to check cars out just for this suited up bloke (or a short-skirted, heeled chick) to come up with that obviously fabricated conciliatory smile and talk to you about this and that car and offering you the chance of driving them to then considering a purchase of that brand new Porche wich would only cost you a brand new pair of shoes a week? Star-dealership in Starsector should really do the same. Giving the player a chance to at least take the simulation version of a ship that's on sale for a spin would skyrocket the possibility of it being bought, or at least sought for by fledgling players fresh out the star academy. You could even have the "shop-owned simulator" charge you a small fee relative to the ship's value for the insightful experience, imagine that!

That's it really. I've got wilder simulation ideas still roaming around in the procastinating wasteland that is my head but they would warrant their own thread. So come at me and tell me how horrible these ideas are and wich ones might just warrant the development time required to introduce them!

Edit: typos and syntax. Let me know if there's more tomfrickery.

Hello, I've originally posted this on Nex but since I do NOT actually know what causes it I finally looked around for the correct section on the forum to post it:

I tried replicating the crash but it actually did not happen (sorry for the late reply by the way, you're always so helpful I actually felt bad not being able to reply to you for this long xD) but I'll make sure to send you the crash report next time something I think is involved with nex happens!

Edit: It's possible the last sentence before this edit actually summoned a crash because I just got one, no clue if it's related to Nex (asking for forgiveness in advance if it's not).

7102971 [Thread-4] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain  - java.lang.NullPointerException
at Source)
at<init>(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.ui.String.<init>(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.ui.P.super(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.ui.oOOo.addIconFor(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.ui.oOOo.<init>(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.ui.impl.StandardTooltipV2$9.public.float(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.ui.impl.StandardTooltipV2$9.beforeShown(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.C.o00000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.CampaignEngine.advance(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.CampaignState.advance(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.BaseGameState.traverse(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.state.AppDriver.begin(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain.main(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)
at Source)

I am almost sure it's a fleet that causes it and I have it happen at random intervals too.

First and foremost, I know this is not the right section to post this and I'm sorry for that, but I've searched for the mod containing this weapon for twenty minutes and could not find it. I will Copy/Paste the OP into the mod in question once it's pointed out to good ol' dumb me  :P

I've fiddled for about an hour with ship designs because I wanted to try mod weapons I did not use until now, when I noticed that the AI for some reason does not use the Eradicator Assault Laser against Frigades for a reason I can't even phathom. It works just fine against everything else but will not fire against frigades even when I control the ship myself and leave it on Autofire.

The Weapon in question:
It Targets Capitals
It Targets Cruisers
It Targets Destroyers
It Targets Carriers
It does not target Frigades (It also does not shoot at fighters, but I don't think that's a bug)

Things I've tried to fix it and did not work:
1) Removing Integrated Targeting Unit
2) Removing Point Defence AI
3) Installing it on Different ship
4) Installing it on a Vanilla Ship
5) Installing it on a Ship with a large ENERGY mount instead of a HYBRID one

Edit: Regarding the weapon, I think it either needs to be more expensive, cost more flux to fire, decrease the number of max charges to 2 or decrease its max range to at least be on par with the Autopulse laser to be viable and not quite disgusting if installed properly. It's a bootleg, medium range, non-EMP tach lance that does massive armor and HP damage but that also does a better job bursting small ships down than the Autopulse Laser in basically every way with Extended mags. The only two somewhat trivial drawbacks compared to the Autopulse is that it's 2 more OP to install and that it requires a lot more flux to fire per beam.

General Discussion / Grinding Battlestation Defence battles
« on: October 14, 2020, 11:19:12 AM »

I've just went thru a very long series of engagements that involved my fleet and an allied Battlestation fending off multiple rather large fleets (most of them with 800-1000 Fleet Points worth of combat focused ships) and I wanted to share 1) My feedback on the battle mode, enemy/allied AI behaviour 2)The method I'm using to deal with the mode

Absolute, gear grinding boredom

I am going to be honest here. I hate siege battles while I'm on the defensive side. If I wanted to play overdramatic tower defence I'd play GemCraft: Frostborn Wrath (It's an amazing game by the way, go check it out!).

It's incredible how a game as amazingly engaging and tactically deep as Starsector can turn into a shallow, dirty slog thru mud that is defending your battlestation from a lemming rush.

The enemy spawns in the form of an endless stream of ships that behave the same damn way regardless of class and proceeds to almost exclusively recklessly rush INTO the battlestation, sometimes even litterally.

Carriers don't stay back and actually do their job but instead prefer to suicide into the station.

Frigades and Destroyers are focused on also suiciding intot he battlestation instead of encircling it and dealing with your (usually weaker and vulnerable compared to the battlestation) forces.

Cruisers and Capitals effectively are the only thing that poses a threat to the battlestation as they have better long range firepower and enough armor/hull hitpoints to actually get close enough to start using it, and even then they are so damn boneheaded in shooting the battlestation they become so extremely exploitable that shooting them to the side with your mobile forces stops being actually difficult to achieve and becomes the norm.

And it just goes on. Over and over, dozens after dozens of ships just keep pouring thru that spawn point and faceplanting into the battlestation that it just becomes a matter of planning a fully AI controlled fleet tactic and doing somewhere else in the house while it goes on; wich leads to the second point of this discussion:

The (almost) AI proof method to grind Defending Siege battles

The method I'm using will probably take more time to explain and showcase than what it would take you to figure it out and put it into action, but I'm already here writing while my fleet currently grinds thru another siege battle so I may aswell keep writing  ::)

I've had to adopt a fleet composition I actually never used before to combat [redacted] getting massive ECM buffs (and Probe drones getting 2x weapon range) thanks to the Ruthless sector mod ( ):

1) I've got two pairs of identical of capitals I deploy based on the situation. The first type of capital is focused around staying power and has very flux efficient, medium to short range weapons to put out as much DPS as possible to enemy ships, fighters, bombers and missiles to drive the enemy away from the battlestation. very useful against aggressive factions for one simple reason: it just needs to be there and take it like a good chonker.
This would translate in using things like two Defense-focused Legions or Onslaughts in Vanilla. I've also found the Apogee to be really and I mean really tanky for just 20FP.

The second capital I use is less of a Sledgehammer and more like a scalpel. It stays far away from the enemy and puts accurate, kinetic damage down range to wither and soften the enemy before it gets to the battlestation. This one is also the only ship in my fleet able to deal with a certain mod introduced [Redacted] flagship thanks to its disgusting ultra long range DPS. Oh and 5 Tach lance Radiants. Those are nasty too.
Vanilla capitals like Conquest, Odyssey or even cruisers like double Gauss Cannon Dominators will succeed in achieving the same task.

You should not have more than one of these on each side (more about that later), two/three on each side if it's cruisers/destroyers.

2)The second pivotal unit in my setup is focused around fire support and boosting that ECM rating thru the roof. There is a point in your fleet composition where you have so many direct fire ships on each side of the battlestation they actually hamper eachother and the battlestation's ability to fire at the enemy. This role solves that as it provides fire support, reduces enemy weapon range and does not get in the way of your frontline ships.
You can achieve the same result in vanilla using Gryphons with Squall/Pilum and every single utility modspec you can cram into them.

3)The third and final part of the defensive fleet is made of carriers. It should not be the prevalent force in your fleet (unless it's bomber focused) as the carrier AI has the annoying habit of escorting the battlestation instead of doing its job. I decided not to use long range interceptors as they do not possess a lot of firepower/PD ability for the Ordinance Points they cost. Short range interceptors mixed in with heavy fighters usually ends up being the best option for both bruteforcing the enemy off the battlestation and shielding it from fighters and missiles.
You can achieve the same result in Vanilla using...well, any carrier really. Try not to spam too many Spark-vomiting Drovers mmkay?  ;)


I've tried many setups but decided to show the easiest one I found that works. As soon as the battle starts summon your frontline units first, then the carriers and then the support ships. Divide the frontline group into two indentical groups and give them a Rally Taskforce order two thirds of a square to the right and to the left and one third of of a square down, like this:
This precise setup will force the frontline ships close to the Battlestation and they won't stray either too far out or in the way of its firepower:

If your frontliners are damage focused, keep them in that position or even give them a rally point further down. If they're more tank focused put them parallel or even a third forward to the battlestation.

Both carriers and support ships will hold position one (or multiple) rally points directly behind the battlestation and at least 2 thirds of a block away from it unless you want them to get besides the station if enemies come too close. You can also try and experiment with setting your support ship more to the side and not directly behind the battlestation to attack the enemy at an angle. Your call.

All positions I experimented with look like this on the tactical map.

Just pick a set of positions you like and have your fleet grind the enemy to victory while you do something more productive like writing an overly detailed thread like this! Huzzah!

Now, if you excuse me, I have to go sat bomb those Hat Fetishists Hegemony scoundrels before they force me to defend another one of their silly little raids on my Alpha core worlds. I planned on writing a few ideas on how to improve siege battles in general but the OP would be three times longer than it is now.

Maybe later.

Procastination is a Sabot Astral. Always there and ready to screw you up no matter what you do.

Edit: Typos. There will be more.

General Discussion / Anyone else doing reciprocative escorting?
« on: October 08, 2020, 05:18:23 PM »
If you don't know what that means, here's a screenshot (is that even how you say that? Correct me if I'm wrong!)


I actually took the time to find out what was done to the escort mechanic while I was on hiatus from this game and I must say I'm Impressed. I've begun using this tactic and letting the AI do its thing regularly now.

The most basic thing this method does is ensure a group of units stays tightly in what you could fittingly describe as a blob. The bigger said group of units is and the more inefficient it will be for it to go from point A to point B since they'll end up pulling and bringing themselves up togheder like a group of very disorganized lemmings. This is quite good on either carriers and/or missile units since they'll both cover eachother and will focus on one target at a time.

What I did not expect to happen was the resulting behaviour of just two or three identical units reciprocally escorting eachother. They will actually get into a rather well organized and dynamic formation of either covering eachother's back and will even focus fire rather effectively when the enemy is not spread across the map.

There might juuust be a hint of confirmative bias here but this formation even prevents overly suicidal ship abilities like the one on the Prophet (that boosts it forward with no option of reversing while active) and when one decides to boost forward, the paired prophet follows or at least starts reversing without activating the ability itself to try and stay close to its buddy!

Some more screenshot showing it at work


I vividly suggest to only use it defensively as even just a duo usually prevents both units from using their one-directional boost abilities on both ships involved (things along the lines of plasma thrusters will be spammed like usual as far as I could observe). Anything more than a pair/triplet more or less form a group covering its own behind and that's more or less it.

Edit: typos, typos everywhere!

Increasing fleet size limits to 50 for both me and the enemy and maximum number of enemy officers to 20 looked like a really fun and egaging idea back when I started this Iron Mode Starfarer campaign, I guess this is the first time I'm actually regretting it.

The bloody special bounty can't even fit in the screen!

First Engagement (most losses on both sides, fighting at 140FP when the enemy gets 260 is not fun)

Second Engagement (more or less run them over, lost more ships trying to kill that bloody Za Warudo wannabe Great Houses Cruiser)

Third Engagement (Just the stupid cruiser left and two surviving phase ships out of CR)

Fourth Engagement (finally nailed the stupid thing. I actually had to deploy my mining frigades to trick its AI into not immediately retreating. And I OBVIOUSLY did not recover it)

Battle Results and honorable losses(wished I could've broken that 1000% damage dealt treshold with the meme flagship, but I guess dealing 900% damage in a ship with almost 36.000 hullpoints is good enough  ::))

This was complete masochism. If anyone wants to engage in ludicrous battles like these that take 3 back-to-back engagements to finally get the enemy to retreat then go ahead. I personally suggest to play with mostly mobile ships so that you can inflict your 100FP worth of losses to the enemy while it has the numerical advantage, then full retreat and re-engage. Refusing to back down and keep retreating and deploying ships as their CR went into the ground like I did was a mistake.

General Discussion / My second endgame fleet, this time with more dakka
« on: December 02, 2019, 02:05:34 PM »
So, I've finally finished my second vanilla campaign. I ended up with postponing my modded experience since I wanted to see what all the dakka in vanilla was all about. It impressed me in some ways and disappointed me in others.Anyway, the self imposed rules of this campaign were to
1)not use any laser weapon bigger than an LR laser, excluding taclasers
2)Not use any "blue trail" ship, not even the pirate ones, I also avoided ships that could be undone by the "no energy" rule like the Eagles and barred some ships I used extensively in the previous campaign (Drover) and a single fighter type (Spark, because ofc the thing is disgusting)
3)Play Iron Mode and not safescum, no matter how unfair it got. I've got to say I managed it somewhat. This had to make me restrart the campaign once but no matter since it was a very dumb reason anyway.

With that out of the way, here's my fleet starting from biggest to smallest ship:

Legion (normal variant): 6

I fell in love with the standard version of this. I was not a big fan of litterally running out of weapons on a ship that more or less can only retreat at 40 speed so I went into customization with the objective of suppressing any and all enemies by overloading shields and drowning them in fighters, sometimes both at the same time, 7 Hypervelocity drivers really do work at any range, with great flux efficiency and EMP effects to boot. Three of the legions are full of Broadsword Heavy Fighters when I basically just need them to do shield damage and keep the enemy occupied, while the other 3 are with a full Hammer loadout to give all sorts of fast and/or phase ships the heebie jeebies. A stock (no commander in there) variant of this can beat pretty much anything but a Paragon, two stock versions beat that one too, abeit after some time. They are not the primary damage dealers in my fleet.

Dominator (IV group): 8

This thing. It just wont die. It's great against a superior enemy force or to just distract one of those [REDACTED] murder bois from eating away at my legions uninterrupted. 11k health, high armor, the amazing point defence when compared to capitals and the brutalistic way it fights really sold me on the Dominator. I simply tossed any and all missile weaponry aside and just went for the dakka. The Mk.9 autocannon does amazing damage against shields but it also does some good work against armor. A pair of Hypervelocity drivers would probably work better than the maulers but I wanted more of a generalist unit as the backbone of my fleet and this does it. I find the auxiliary thrusters to be ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY since the thing handles like a damn log into a pool of molasse, it also renders it pretty capable of chasing down destroyers and even frigades effectively in conjuction with the booster, with the added bonus of not getting absolutely shredded by phase ships without a fight.

Heron : 5

I used to want a fast, nimble destroyer to properly couple my very heavy fleet composition, but I soon found out (against endgame fleets) that I lacked both concentrated shield and armor damage to quicly finish off/keep away the most dangerous enemies. I decided to build upon my already solid fighter presence with bomber action and it paid off quite well. The Heron is a really fast, hard hitting carrier that might not be doing decisive damage to enemies bigger than a destroyer but that will force retreats and/or allow my Dominators to keep the pressure on and bring the target down.

While I definetly had more fun in this fleet compared to the laser vomit one, I've got to admit I did not like the lenghts at wich the vanilla meta forced me to change its compositions, especially the weapons. Kinetic damage is just the way to go I'm afraid. High explosive damage just does not cut it if the enemy has such a huge flux pool that it's basically making your own ship fire less effectively and the enemy one advance more aggressively. Armor more or less feels like just an extansion of HP pools and not something that should totally be able to negate small arms fire damage like shield weapons or hell, even Broadsword machinegun fire.

Speaking of wich, fighters are so damn strong, even without sparks. Broadsowrds are basically infinite HP pools you throw at the enemy and a full Hammer squad is superior to any frigade/destroyer when it comes to chasing things down and hardcountering swarm plays/phase ships. I just wish there was more depth into it rather than "forget the high explosive, just spam kinetic and EMP until everything dies" approach.

Another thing I wished was better AI ship designs. Is there a mod making enemy ships have better customization?

General Discussion / Just how many Marines are too many?
« on: November 23, 2019, 06:57:18 PM »
So, I've been playing my second, DAKKA focused campaign for a while now and I've come to the point where my fleet is big enough to start giving me a number of different ship combinations where in-between the 200-300 deployment mark.

I've got three legions (broadsword ftw), a single XIV Onslaught I got from a bounty, two griffins (is that their name, the missile cruiser?), two eagles and four falcons as the main fighty bit of my fleet, followed by a single was, three mid sized tankers and Prometheus, a salvage rig and two guys.

I figured I had the space so I added a good 2000 Marines to permanently roam with my fleet, but I was wondering if that is a bit too much considering that bombing a planet beforehand makes it much easier to raid stuff.

How many Marines do your fleets usually carry?

General Discussion / Is the enforcer worth it?
« on: November 19, 2019, 07:15:41 PM »
I've got to admit that the staggering amount of weapons it can field made me purchase one in my new campaign, but I just can't make it work for some reason. I went as far as dropping the frontal medium turret and all missile hardpoints to try and give it better flux management and fire both flaks and thumpers more but it just feels really lacking to me. Any suggestions?

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