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General Discussion / Big Report (with pictures!)
« on: June 13, 2021, 12:50:39 PM »
This is Big Floppa Report
Read it (needless to say it has spoilers)

P.S. still waiting for that 30 OP stock kite to replace mudskipper with

General Discussion / Resistant flux conduits venting bonus question
« on: May 25, 2021, 05:07:44 PM »

I have a question - does the 25% bonus applies before or after the doubling of the flux dissipation by venting? So if i have a base flux dissipation of a 100 and RFC hullmod, the final flux dissipation while venting will be 225 or 250? Googling the topic did not bring any answers.

I am sure this topic has been brought up a lot, but nonetheless - there could be improvements made to the subject. First of all, there is an extremely short period of time between the deterioration warning and subsequent decivilization. I believe the period between the two should be extended, and by a lot - as an argument in favour of this we can argue that historically no country collapsed forever in less than month - look at Roman empire, for example, it has been decaying for centuries before dissolving in other entities. Then, the deterioration warning in itself is kinda useless - the player cannot "heal" the deteriorating world. Shouldnt the player be able to restabilize the colony in some way? (I mostly talking abou the core worlds here). Then, the current stability penalty from pirate raids and unrest from marine raids also should be reworked - and in the direction of diminishing the penalty from both on stability. I mean, all it takes for the permanent pirate residence withing a faction system (!) to dissapear is a couple marine raids and a few volatiles/supplies/etc. missing? The same pirate stations that presumably existed for a lot of cycles (possibly since the collapse or so - so 200 years), and after all these years they just vanish because The Player raided them with a few hundred marines? Doesnt quite fit, since especially according to one of the hegemony characters in the main quest (I think the ones from Coatl) now in the game timeline things are Much better than before, historically. Which consequently means that in the past the piracy was Way Worse - and, if to deal with a pirate base all it takes is a couple marine raids, why are there any pirate bases currently in the core worlds at all? Shouldnt the pirate bases be in unclaimed core worlds/fringes of the core worlds/only outside the core worlds then, in addition to the respawnable ones? And Im not even talking about any of the borbardments - coz those things logically are way worse for decivilizing a planet/station than a few armed bois looting a warehouse for lobsters, which currently already could be enough to put a station/planet at risk of collapse.

Thank you for reading this post, have a wonderful day. :)

So this raid extraction mission has a bug: if you (without accepting the mission) exit the planet, then enter and check the mission in the bar again, the target location of the mission where you have to extract the subject will change (the required marines and award stays the same though)

Question - should the maximum recovery cost limit of certain skills like Flux Regulation or Crew Training be increased if the balle size is also increased? As far as I underdtand, the skill system is designed to fit the standart 300 battle size, however it will become slightly unbalanced if the size increased to 400. So the question is - should the limits scale proportionaletly with battle size?

Furthermore, should the battle size affect the number of officers and skills that involve them (Officer Training/Management)? And what of the REDACTED skill?

And finally the fleet size limit, should it change as well depending on battle size

P.s. now that i think about it, maybe battle size shouldnt be in settings but rather be fixed, and chosen during the world creation

In my playthrough i have stumbled upon this situation: both of the hypershunts have blueprints inside them that are unobtainable (from historian and the separate bar person who gives location of blueprint for money)

Steps to reproduce: survey all (i mean ALL) the stars/planets, then start the main quest and the historian/bar dude bluebrint intel. So basically after finishing the main quest I have cleared the first hypershunt with the help of ziggurat, and even after offloading the metals and reactivating the shunt it is impossible to obtain the blueprints hidden inside them (in my case 14th falcon and 14th onslaught in one shunt and a monitor in another.)

Furthermore, I occasionally get the survey mission for the alpha site and hypershunt (for the shunt not sure if it happens after you clear and activate it) after surveying whole sector, which is impossible to accomplish, since alpha site is unsurveyable.

General Discussion / Question about replacing officer mid battle
« on: May 02, 2021, 05:48:53 AM »
Question - if you replace an officer midbattle, will you also replace his/her skills with your own, and the officer and his skills are "on hold" untill you transfer yourself to another ship? Asking because I want to try out a run where I put all skills points into fleet/colony bonuses with no combat skills, and if in that scenario would it be possible to have a sort of a "doppleganger" officer whoose skills i will use in battle through transferring myself on that ship in the beginning of the battle (not before the battle through "transfer command" dialog option)

p.s. looking forward to that sweet operations center S (sexy) kite  8)

Suggestions / S (sexy) Kite as a strategic command center
« on: April 23, 2021, 05:25:35 PM »
First of all, with the new patch I have played again after more than a year break, and I have to say, I like the new changes, developers are great and talented folks <3

So my suggestion is to boost the ordnance points of S Kite (and only S kite) to 30 points. This way it will afford to have the Command points hullmod installed, and this kite will actually have a role of cheapest ship for a player that maximises management/fleet bonus skills, with minimal/none combat skills, instead of just being a collectors item. Curently the cheapest alternative is a hound, that also hase ordnance points for ecm mod, and 2 points for a mortar (to shoot down incoming asteroids, lol). However, hound costs one more deployment cost, and, most importantly, hound is a flying brick (literally). If i was a fleet admiral who prefers not to mess his hands with dirty work of piloting a ship and risking life in a heat of battle, and would rather take a more of a management position rather a combatant one, I would rather fly in a sweet sexy S kite rather than a brick of a hound, know what I mean? The regular kites should have their ordnance points unchanged, of course. Also, I whink there should be a viable set/tree/combination of skills who wishes to be a general who only commands other ships rather than fights, I mean, we do have the copmmand points hullmod for that? right? but that is a topic for another discussion.

p.s. Once again, developers - you are superb

p.p.s Free Double Reaper Kites for all, my treat, no thanks needed 8)

General Discussion / A very good space themed zombie shooter game
« on: November 13, 2019, 05:38:45 AM »
I would like to express my gratitue towards this great game about space zombies. What makes this game different from other zombie themed games is that not only you have to defeat endless zombies, but also do that with uncontrollable zombies of your own!

Developers have made an excellent job of making a "living, breathing galaxy" (Sseth, 2019) only to completely negate any perception of the starsector galaxy by completely realistic unending hordes of pirates that seem to sneakily arrive into your galaxy from all of the multiverse via "inactive" domain gates. Picrelated is the result of living the game iddle for about half an hour, in hopes to make a few thousand credits of newly established colony while I enjoyed my dinner (yes, all those fleets are pirates). Clearly, somebody have to make a mod that turns pirate ship skins into tyranids/zergs, that at least would make the game more believeable.

And not only you have to defend agains an endless onslaught of space zombies, you have to do it with your own zombie - ships that never follow your orders, with only 5 command orders that regenerate with the speed of a zombie - well that fits the theme at least (I know, there is a skill for command points, but what fun is the whole skill system if some skills are pretty much mandatory? Isnt the game should be flexible in playstyle?). Your ships constantly ignore your orders (especially eliminate), there is barely difference between engage and eliminate, defent/waypoint orders are also out of whack, and your ships cant capture a nav/comm/jammer point as they just fall back just enough for the opponent to capture instead. Also you cant set up the formation of your fleet ath the start of the battle, which can be a huge problem in case the battlefield has no capturables, as then your fleet is one third ahead in the middle of the battlefield and you are confronted immediately and you have no real option to make some preparations/formations before engaging the enemy. The only way to deal with it is to deploy one ship, and then deploy the rest of the fleet as reinforcements, as then they will come from the edge of the battlefield. Also ships are really bat at pursuing ships that retreat and they cannot cut their retreat off, you have to manually do it youself, because your zombies will always make a nice hallway for enemy to retreat even if originally the zombie stands right between the enemy and his retreat point. Also the following:

- "Lieutenant, the enemy ship has overloaded! Should we finish him off?"
- "Holly Mother of God, fall back! FALL BACK IMMEDIATELY AND GIVE THEM ENOUGH TIME TO COMPLETELY VENT! Burn drive engineer, Ill have your head severed for insubordination if you dont full reverse our engines right now!"

And another tiny thing - interdiction pulse doesnt work on enemies, they still can emergency burn aftr being affected by it.

Developers please fix the game instead of focusing on less relevant things such as the skill system and story points, skills are pretty much fine, just a little unintuitive at first.


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