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General Discussion / Worst ships ever
« on: April 02, 2012, 03:08:17 PM »
I challenge you to create the worst Ships and variants the world has ever seen
Be creative... we need energy ships with ballistic hullmods, ships that can't fire, strike carriers/freighters... all of that

allowed is everything, use mods, create new ships... show me how bad you can get

i will start with the Behemoth Overclocked

"Get Ready for combat everyone!"
"Why are you not firing??"

"Sir? We can't... our Generator is at maximum Capacity!"

"Maximum C... But we haven't fired anything!"
"Just shoot anyway!"
*Pushes the fire button and the ship blows up*

Suggestions / Flux Capacitors
« on: March 13, 2012, 01:03:35 PM »
Currently Flux Capacitors seem kind of... not as good as other stuff.
They certainly have their place (do they?) but i would take More vents/hullmods/weapons over Capacitors anytime.
They just don't seem to do enough for their cost. (i can double or triple my venting rate but i can only increase capacity by 30(?)%)

Possible solutions:

1. Buff them a bit and raise the amount of flux capacity you gain per Capacitor, maybe make it ship type dependend how much they add (this might be the needed buff for cap ships!), like 100/150/250/400
2. let them improve more than just the flux capacity... not sure what though... maybe let energy weapons gain even more supercharge when in "overcapacity" (above the normal maximum flux capacity)

3. maybe make them an active combat component...
you can press... g(?) to eject one of your flux capacitors (most likely through the back of the ship)
this would decrease your maximum flux capacity by 100 for the rest of the battle (like if you have 1 capacitor less) but it will reduce your current flux level by... 300(?)
maximum uses per battle = amount of capacitors
this would allow them to prevent your ship from overload (it will be a way to get rid of "permanent" flux while your shields are up) or just let you fire a few more seconds....
at the current amount of flux capacity you gain per capacitor this might actually be balanced... a frigate could free up up to 3000 flux if in danger.. at the cost of 1000 permanent

maybe you could even make them shoot out of the back and if they hit a ship they will cause EMP damage...

Bug Reports & Support / Game Crash: Exiting Refit screen
« on: March 12, 2012, 01:34:57 PM »
My game just crashed when i exited the refit screen using the red X in the top right corner
this was shortly after buying a venture cruiser

i am playing the newest (hotfixed version)

sadly i'm unable to find the file where the crashdata is saved  (give me a hint?)

Suggestions / Second in command while participating in fights
« on: March 11, 2012, 03:41:34 AM »
Currently you can do everything on your own or let your second in command handle the battle
i'd like to see an option in between, where your second in command issues orders to all ships (maybe including you),
while you can still participate in the fight with your own ship

/discuss ^^

General Discussion / Beam Weapons
« on: February 25, 2012, 07:27:47 PM »
I would like to know extatly what classifies as a beam weapon...

more specific is the LR PD Laser a beam weapon?

Suggestions / "Upgrading" of Ships
« on: February 21, 2012, 06:02:07 PM »
Every ship in Starfarer is unique, every ship seems to fit in a role, has it's own weaknesses and strenghts.
But sometimes, you have this ship XY that would be really great... if you just could add all the Hull mods/weapons
to it and maybe tweak something a bit, but in reallity they are kinda bad...
And all ships are certainly great, but when faced with a Tempest or even a Hyperion they just are "outdated" as the game
would say it. (comparison of frigates)

Seeing the Buffalo MK.II Destroyer brought up this idea
MK.II... Mark II... improved version
that should be the case with more ships

I think there should be different versions of every ship, simply more recent models
not upgradable per say... because there is no upgrade button
but the station could sell different versions of the same ship (for increasing prices ofcourse)
there could be an MK.I, which is the normal version that we have right now
but there could be an MK.0, a prototype version, which is really weak compared to Mark I,
a Mark II, which is slightly better and so on, until at a certain Modell, the ship can actually
compete with all the recent versions
the look of the ship stays the same, it's easier to implement and makes more sense, it stays the same type of ship afterall

But! the models should keep some of the unique weaknesses and strengths a ship has

things it could affect:
- Ordnance points
- Weapon mounts (maybe change ballistics into lazors
- Flux
- speed
- other characteristics
- providing hull mods without costing ordnance points

let's do an example

Hound class frigate, everyone knows it
Cheap, fragile, medium speed ship, no shields
no real strenghts, but cheap
weaknesses: no shields, blind spots on the rear and the right side, is totally boned when engines die

Prototype Version
-has a small weapon slot on the front instead of the medium sized one

current model

Improved engines
+10 Top speed
+10% maneuverability
- grants the hull mod Insulated Engine Assembly for free (because if it blows up you are the easiest target in the game in this ship :P)

-improves the generator so it can support more systems (Ordnance points +6)

- improves the turn radius of the second Turret (the small one) so that it can cover the right side aswell
- also grants advanced turret gyros to the back turret (only the back one and it won't stack if you take the hull mod aswell) to deal with the bigger radius to cover

-ads a small sized missile mount to the right side of the craft
-also grants +5 Ordnance points to allow you to equip the missile launcher properly

It would still not be a top craft... but it would be a cheap ship which you can equip for every situation
and it could fight against other frigates without beeing outclassed

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