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Modding / [0.9.1a] HullMod Expansion Pack [Unknown]
« on: February 14, 2020, 05:42:57 PM »
i have been seeing many people on the forums asking where did my mod go in addition to getting bombarded with requests on discord to get it back, although i had no intentions of getting it back, i felt guilty toward people who liked the mod and lost access to it due to the drama that happened on the forums.

here is the short version: i was accused with theft by "Nia Tahlan" with no basis or research, originally i bought a 3D ship pack for over 100$ then converted it to 2D Sprite pack in-order to introduce it's ships as SuperShips which goes along the mod idea, she accused me of using these models as they were not supposed to be used outside of Unity projects "allegedly" (funny because the same model pack is being sold on like 3 other websites by the same creator) a 5-mins research would have been enough to prove this.

my point is that it's illegal to accuse people with theft without any proof, that can obviously get anyone hurt as it's a direct attack toward their integrity as a mod author.

When Alex decided to ignore her baseless accusation and only asked me to stay "civil" i realized that the law doesn't simply apply to everyone here, she is obviously getting full freedom to judge any creator integrity (even without any proof) and if only Alex would have been fair toward everyone i wouldn't have deleted my mod.

Now since i know most of you will comment something along the lines of (it's still your fault for being disrespectful) know that there is a difference between asking someone to prove their rights of using a specific asset, and instantly accusing them of illegally stealing it without any proof, one way is respectful, the other is not.

Anyway, here is a link for a downscaled version of the mod, the version contains 50% less content (no boss ships/ no upgraded hullmods/ no super Capitals) and don't ask me for the full version since apparently if you are not an artist who can make his own Sprites you are not allowed to use any model which you didn't make yourself even if you paid money for it or had a permission from it's creator.

Now leave my discord alone, and don't bother sending balance feedback, if you don't like the mod simply don't use it.

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