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I am running this code to dynamically give a specific missile weapon that does not reload, a 24 second reload cycle for 32 rounds:

for(WeaponAPI weapon : ship.getAllWeapons()) {
    if(weapon.getType().compareTo(WeaponType.MISSILE) != 0) {

    reloadData = BASE_VALUES.get(weapon.getId());"found missile " + weapon.getId());
    if(reloadData != null) {"found *correct*! missile " + weapon.getId() + " | " + reloadData.ammopersec + " | " + reloadData.reloadSize);
    weapon.getAmmoTracker().setReloadSize(reloadData.reloadSize);"check " + weapon.getId() + " | " + weapon.getAmmoTracker().getAmmoPerSecond() + " | " + weapon.getAmmoTracker().getReloadSize());


However, only the setReloadSize() command is working properly, as shown by the debug logs inserted in the code:

38215 [Thread-3] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.yrxp_engineering  - found missile yrxp_aam_3
38215 [Thread-3] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.yrxp_engineering  - found missile yrxp_aam_3
38215 [Thread-3] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.yrxp_engineering  - found missile yrxp_sead_58
38215 [Thread-3] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.yrxp_engineering  - found missile yrxp_PART_missile_frigate_b_srm_33
38215 [Thread-3] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.yrxp_engineering  - found *correct*! missile yrxp_PART_missile_frigate_b_srm_33 | 1.3333334 | 32.0
38216 [Thread-3] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.yrxp_engineering  - check yrxp_PART_missile_frigate_b_srm_33 | 0.0 | 32.0

Simulator testing also reveals that the missile weapon is still not reloading.

Modding / [0.9.1a] Boarding Util v.1.0.0 [YRUTL]
« on: March 02, 2021, 10:02:56 PM »

I. Summary

This mod is contains the backend logic for combat boarding, first used in Kingdom of Royal Azalea. This mod is only a utility. It does not add nor remove any content from your game by itself.

Why is this a separate mod?

So I don't need to copy and paste the same backend to all of my mods when I want to add boarding for them as well.

Can I also add boarding to my mod using this backend?

Sure, if you want. I'll add a short explanation of how boarding works below.

II. Boarding Mechanics

Any boarding instance has two important properties - Boarding Level and Duration.

When a boarding action commences, the defending ship will have a random chance twice every second to suffer negative events for the duration of the boarding action. Moreover, when a ship that is currently being boarded is boarded again, then the boarders will be reinforced. That means the boarding level and duration of the second boarding party is added to the current boarders. This can continue until the boarders have been defeated entirely (the duration runs out). Thus, it is possible to stack boarding level by repeatedly boarding the same ship to both increase its boarding level and extend its duration. *Only the first boarding ship is considered to be the attacking ship, even if more of the boarders come from a different ship. The attacking ship will only change after the boarders are defeated.

A Mora losing CR as a result of a boarding action

The chance for a negative event is influenced by many different things:

First and most significant is the Boarding Level. Each boarding level increases the chance that a negative event will occur.

Next is whether the defending ship has greater CR than the attacking ship. If so, the crew is considered to be "holding on" and event chance is slashed by half.

And lastly, whether the defending ship's crew is focused on resisting. The mod abstracts this state as being the same as the 0-flux boost. The reasoning being, if you're not shooting, maintaining a shield, or actively engaging with fighters, then your crew has time to fight off the boarders. And so, if your crew is focused on resisting, the chances for negative events will be further slashed by half, and the more dangerous negative events will not occur.

There are four negative events that can occur if the event roll succeeds.
  • Minor Damage - A small explosion will erupt somewhere on the ship. This ignores shields and causes minimal HIGH EXPLOSIVE and EMP damage.
  • CR Loss - The ship can lose a small amount of CR. No damage is taken. This is essentially a gatekeeper event as it will eventually lead to the more powerful effects below if allowed to continuously happen. This event won't trigger if 'focused on resisting'.
  • Weapon Destroyed - One weapon mount is disabled for the duration of the battle. This event won't trigger if CR is above 50%. This event also won't trigger if 'focused on resisting'.
  • Engine Destroyed - One engine (one exhaust plume) is disabled for the duration of the battle. This event won't trigger if CR is above 50%. This event also won't trigger if 'focused on resisting'.

A Mora losing a Light Autocannon (permanently) as a result of a boarding action
Note that its CR has been reduced to 42% from prolonged boarding.

There are finer, more minor details to the probability calculation and conditions for advanced events to occur, but this is all you need to know to use boarding actions effectively.

III. How to Use (Modding)

A boarding instance can be created by a single line call...


         yrutl_BoardingPlugin.addBoarding((Vector2f)location, (ShipAPI)target, (ShipAPI)ship, (float)visualFXSize, (int)boardingLevel, (float)boardingDuration);

The location here is the point on the ship where the boarders first make contact. It's only important for a single explosion effect on impact, don't worry about it. target is the ship being boarded. ship is the ship doing the boarding action. visualFXSize is the size of the explosions going off on the ship. Only the first boarder will set this. And boardingLevel and duration have been explained above.

Take this example inside a EveryFrameWeaponEffectPlugin class...

Example code
        ShipAPI ship = weapon.getShip();
        ShipAPI target = ship.getShipTarget();
   yrutl_BoardingPlugin.addBoarding(target.getLocation(), target, ship, 50f, weapon.getAmmo(), 10f);

The above example adds a boarding instance at the level of the ammo of the weapon (so it can be adjusted up and down easily by simply changing the ammo count of the weapon), and a duration of 10 seconds.

You can also add your own custom boarding sounds using the same call, but filling in 5 extra fields at the end...


         yrutl_BoardingPlugin.addBoarding( ... , (float)boardingDuration, (string) sfxStart, (string)sfxMinorDamage, (string)sfxCRLoss, (string)sfxDisableWeapon, (string)sfxDisableEngine);

:: Announcements ::

Royal Azalea 2.0.0 is a MAJOR update and is incompatible with older saves!
The update also introduces a dependency to a utility mod I'm releasing, Boarding Utils
It is a requirement, and RYAZ will not work without it because it contains the boarding logic used in spells and weapons.
newest version, 2.0.0, check the post at page 3 for the details.

Mod Requirements:

Integrated with:
Nexerelin v0.9.5e
Version Checker V2.0
Commissioned Crews V1.5
Vayra's Sector V3.1

Recommended Mods:
Aria the Escalation (Check it out on Nexus! It's hidden under the adult filter.)
Yuri Expedition (All three of my mods share the same universe and lore!)

Azur Lane Portrait Packs
Girls Frontline Portrait Pack

Note: To disable extra VFX (particles and stuff, only for users who are having a hard time with the graphical effects), go to this directory:

and open the file, settings.json where you will see this near the top:

Just set that true to false.

I. Summary:

This mod adds a new faction, The Kingdom of Royal Azalea and several systems, mostly in the northeastern in the edge of the sector. The entire faction is centered around "Magic" and "Mages", translated in a way that works with Starsector's engine. All of their ships feature Volumatrix Shielding, which gives them multiple layers of shields, and all of them have the special shipsystem: Grand Invocation, which casts a powerful magic spell - the details of which will be touched upon below. Weapons-wise, they are primarily a high-tech faction; only in this case being magic = high-tech. Just roll with it.

Visuals-wise, all of the faction's ships use the line of ships by HELMUT from Spiral Arms II. I really liked the sort of classic "ship"-ship design and evoked some real Brittania vibes, which worked really well for the faction's theme, so I rolled with it.

Mainly designed as a defensive line, Royal Azalean ships are often slower, less agile, and sport very, very low base stats when compared to their contemporaries - having generally lower hullpoints than equal-tier high-techs, and lower flux stats than equal-teir low-techs. They also have extremely limited missile slots, very unlike midlines. Not to mention their limited fighter choices.

They make this up with their special systems, like the Volumatrix Shield - multi-layered shields that unfold quickly, and their magic spells. The whole magic spell system will take a whole section to discuss, so please read on if it piques your interest!

Their mainline ships also feature immense customizability thanks to their Gambeson Armor Mounts, allowing each Royal Azalean ship to be fully customized to excel against specific enemies.

+/- Slow, defensive ships.
+ High Customizability
+ Multiple shields
+ Mages
- Hardly any missile loadouts
- Most magic weapons are short-range
- Uncustomized ships are markedly inferior to vanilla near-peers.

II. Some samples:

[Destroyer] Indefatigable-class
by HELMUT (recolored)

[Dimension Diver] Brigand-class
by HELMUT (recolored)

[Battleship] Invincible-class
by HELMUT (recolored)

III. The Mod in Motion:

IV. Special Features:

Volumatrix Shielding
Onboard mages construct their ateliers at the heart of the ship from which they deploy a powerful, interlinked defensive barrier. This barrier is capable of warding off projectiles and dissipating energetic particles, but is unable to block out heat and pressure. As such, the shield receives 50% more High Explosive damage.

The effectiveness of the shield is influenced by the morale of the mages maintining it, increasing in efficiency while the ship is above 70% CR. Conversely, the shields weaken if CR falls below the same point. Whenever the innermost shield is overloaded, this ship loses 3% CR. Meanwhile, if the outer layers get pierced, they flush part of their accumulated flux into the main ship. Mages can be cycled in and out of the atelier with relative ease to maintain this barrier, resulting in a 50% reduction to overload time. Finally, the shields will disengage completely should CR dip below 30%.

Either Royal Azalean or Arian mariners are required to activate this shield.

  • This is a built-in hullmod present in all Royal Azalean warships. It provides multiple layers of shields to their ships. Frigates have 2 layers, destroyers have 3 layers, and so on, linearly. The outer layers are much more fragile than the last layer, and if they overload, all of their flux is shunted to the ship's main flux bar, partly in hard flux, partly in soft flux.
  • Very Important : If you have Commissioned Crews, the shields NEED either a Royal Azalean or Arian commisioned crew. They are magical shields, after all. Mages are needed for them to work. If you don't, then don't worry about it - the shields will just work on Royal Azalean ships.
  • Lastly, if your last shield (the red one) gets overloaded (i.e. the mages themselves suffer the overload and die), your ship will lose CR so respect your limited flux gauge! Your outer shields overloading CAN cause your inner shields to overload as well! You have been warned!

The Chorus of Guns and Magic
Royal Azalean sailors and marines are all capable mages in their own right, and are each capable of bringing their expertise to bear in conjunction with the ship's weapons. All energy weapons on this ship deal up to 25% more damage the higher the crew's CR, starting from a base of 70% CR. Conversely, losing CR beyond this point reduces weapon damage down to a maximum penalty of -50%.

Furthermore, a Royal Azalean crew will activate a ship's Volumatrix Shields, if it has one.

  • This is the Commissioned Crews hullmod for Royal Azalea. If you have this, then you have mages crewing your ship.
  • Royal Azalean mages simply influence the ship's energy weapon stats as its base effect.
  • More importantly, however, having them onboard activates the most powerful assets of the Royal Azalean fleet: Volumatrix Shields and their shipsystem, Grand Invocation

Grand Invocation
Order your mage atelier to unleash a powerful spell.
  • This is the shipsystem for all RYAZ ships. No exceptions (for now).
  • Activating it unleashes one of these powerful spells:
    • White Destruction Field: A wide AoE damage over time around your ship. Destroys fighters and missiles too.
    • Aether Rain: Rains magical blasts on a targeted enemy ship. Hits on the hull will arc for extra damage. Additionally, there is a small critical hit chance that will cause a second arc to hit another nearby enemy target - a fighter or another ship entirely.
    • Zephyr Ray: A single, powerful energy blast that deals hard flux if it hits an enemy's shield.
    • Seeker Orb: Deploys 5 magical homing orbs that track enemies. Each orb deals medium Energy damage.
    • Balanced Scales: Equalizes all flux levels for nearby allied ships. If the ship has more than 70% CR, it also recovers a bit of flux on top of that.
  • Obviously, you will need Mages to activate this ship system - this means either Royal Azalean or Arian mariners. That is unless you don't have Commissioned Crews, in which the shipsystem is just available like normal.
  • The strength of the spell scales with the size of the crew, CR, and bonus to energy damage.
  • So, you might be asking - how do I cast which spell?
  • Well, that, my friend is a Secret!

How do you cast a specific spell? - UNLOCKED!
Finder: miles341
Clue: It is NOT random! And sure, I guess you can take a peek at the source code to find out, but where's the fun in that? Please find it out through gameplay!
Secret: For officers, the spells which they will use is determined by their personality!
  • Reckless -> White Destruction Field
  • Aggressive -> Aether Rain
  • Steady -> Zephyr Ray
  • Cautious -> Seeker Orb
  • Timid -> Balanced Scales
But what about the player?

Since the player does not have "personality" (in the campaign), how do you determine which spell your own ship will use? - UNLOCKED
Finder: miles341
Clue: It's a different system which determines a 'personality' for the player. Easymode: Yes, your 'personality' can change.
Secret: The combination of skills that the player has determines the spell that the player will use!

Each level in Combat and Leadership skills gives 1 "point" of aggressiveness. Meanwhile, Technology and Industry give 1 "point" of timidity. The overall personality of the player is then determined from the ratio of aggressiveness and timidity:
  • If all or most skills are aggressive, the personality will be set as Reckless.
  • If there are more aggressive skills than timid ones, but not overwhelmingly so, the player is Aggressive
  • If the number of skills are balanced, with a marginal leeway of 2 skills either side (2 more aggressive skills than timid and vice versa), the payer is Steady
  • And of course, Cautious is the direct opposite of Aggessive,
  • While Timid is the opposite of Reckless.
Note: Levels in "Combat", "Leadership", "Technology" and "Industry" themselves do not factor into this calculation.

Practical example: If a player has Level 3 Carrier Command, Level 1 Combat Endurance, and Level 3 Salvaging:

Level 3 Carrier Command = 3 aggressive points
Level 1 Combat Endurance = 1 aggressive point
Level 3 Salvaging = 3 timid points

Result: Steady (+1 aggressive total)
Spell: Zephyr Ray

Royal Azalean Marine Detachment
Brings aboard a contingent of Royal Azalean Marines. These elite combat mages can be deployed straight out of airlocks and require no special infrastructure apart from storage areas for their weapons and barracks for their personnel.

Adds 1/2/3 fighter bays with a standard Royal Azalean Marine squad.

  • A Royal Azalean Marine is a self-sufficient combat mage armed with a pulse carbine and enough magic reserves to power her own shield and cast her own spells.
  • They are NOT like normal fighter LPCs, in that they are connected to this special hullmod, Royal Azalean Marine Detachment, which gives a ship without fighter bays a number of Royal Azalean marines (starting from Destroyer-size, up).
  • Important: Because of engine limitations, the LPC icons will be bugged when you first mount this hullmod, and will be fixed after a restart. My suggestion will be to mount as many of this hullmods as you want on your ships, all at once, so that after a single restart, they will all be fixed. Removing the hullmod works okay though.

"Gambeson" Armor Mounts
Royal Azalean ships come with the standard "Gambeson" Armor Mounts, which, by itself, gives their armor a flat, all around protection. This means that High Explosive damage is reduced by 50%, while Kinetic and Fragmentation Damage is increased by 50% and 75% respectively. Effectively, all damage types will do the same level of damage to this ship's armor.

It also allows the ship to mount combat modules, allowing each ship to be specialized in its respective role.

  • Their ships can mount the following special combat modules that greatly change how the ship behaves:

Combat Module: S.C.K. 'Sextant'
OP Bonus: 5/10/20/40

Combat Module: M.M.P. 'Press-Gang'
OP Bonus: 3/5/10/20

Combat Module: T.E.S. 'Paladin'
OP Cost: 0/0/0/0

Combat Module: G.B.O. 'Crusader'
OP Cost: 5/10/15/30

Teleport Pads
Installs a teleportation pad in the ship's atelier core. The lost space makes it impossible to cast Grand Invocation. Instead the mages cast Lightning Strike, which teleports a squad of Royal Azalean Marines directly inside the enemy ship. Larger ships can transport more squads at a time, causing more damage for a longer time.

  • Any Royal Azalean mainline ship may take this and initiate boarding actions using teleporters!.
  • Please check the Boarding Util page for more information regarding combat boarding.

V. Lore:

Following soon after the entrance of the Arian Empire, Royal Azalea made its own entryway into this dimension. Their intention was twofold - to curb the advances of the Empire within the Persean Sector, and to make colonies and client states out of the fractured denizens of the sector themselves.

They have one point of agreement with Aria, however - that they would prefer if the Yuri remained stranded here - and their poisonous Scarlet Ice out of the home dimension.

In the meanwhile, especially for the myriad aristocrat houses - there is money to be made from inter-dimensional trade!

VI. Known Issues:

- Fixed a bunch over the 2.0 update, might have introduced a bunch of new ones too...

VII. Still to come:

- No more?
- I think the mod's more or less complete.

VIII. Special Thanks:

This mod was made possible only by the generosity of the community spriters who made their works available within the Kitbash Database and the Free Community Sprite Resources. You are the reason why this mod isn't made entirely out of MS paint chicken scratch (which means I wouldn't have bothered making it at all because it doesn't look good):


Faction portraits are from Azur Lane (asked for permission to use VJNL's portrait pack, but a reply never came so I just went out and found them myself)


Special art for commodities, structures and hullmods:
asano (mkgr)
pochi (poti1990)

Royal Azalean Flag & heraldry:
mariia_fr / Freepik, 
0melapics / Freepik

C&C Red Alert 2 sounds
Civilization 3 sounds

For coding and internals-related help:

For scripts and references :
Black magic to remove minus hullmods if over OP by Dark.Revenant
Edited FX scripts from Tartiflette's Magic Lib
Edited scripts from LazyWizard's LazyLib

Of course, a big thank you to the Starsector team, who created this wonderful game! Modding it has become a regular past time of mine.

And finally, you. Thank you for trying out RYAZ. I hope you enjoy it!

Modding / [0.9.1a] Star Promenade || Minimod || Release 02/12 [YRXP/YREX]
« on: February 12, 2020, 04:46:32 AM »

I. Summary

Adds the titular ship, the Star Promenade-class capital ship for Caparice Trade Co. It comes with the YREX Forge Ship hullmod and a special automatic defense platform that turns to face enemies that try to flank the ship. Unfortunately, the platform's rails do not cover the front of the ship, so, ironically, the ship is weaker frontally compared to any other direction. As with most Yuri ships, it is unshielded, though the defense platform does have an Imported Shield Generator.

Both the ship and the defense platform are fully customizable. To select the defense platform, hover your mouse around the center of the core ship until you see the defense platform highlighting. That is where the platform's center is set so it can perform its rotation properly and so, it cannot be helped...

II. The Ship

[Orbital Venue] Star Promenade
by HELMUT (recolored)

III. Anticipated Questions

Q: Why is this a separate mod?
A: Because it can't go in either YRXP or YREX without making the mods require each other.

Q: Can I play with just this mod?
A: No, because the Forge Ship hullmod is in YREX and the Ship Mall hullmod is in YRXP. Not to mention the logic for the ship's defense module is part of YRXP's codebase.

IV. Special Thanks:

Borrowed sprites:
HELMUT (both the Star Promenade and its defense platform)

Decals by Harukawa Moe

Paint texture by mitsu


Nijigen Extend
Download v.0.3.2 for 0.95.1-RC6

Download v.0.3.2 for 0.9.1a (last version for previous SS)

newest version, 0.3.2; bugfixes, new art replacing vanilla placeholders

Mod Requirements:

Integrated with:
* Important: Do not use this mod with any lower version of YRXP.
Yuri Expedition v.2.0.0 or more
Aria the Escalation
Version Checker V2.0

* Important: Before updating, always make a save copy just in case!


How to control the output of forge ships - UNLOCKED!
Finder: CKCritter
Clue: They are in the place where things are set.
Secret: All of the important values of all forge mods in YREX, YRXP and ARIA are exposed in each mod's settings.json! While I recommend playing with the default values first, you can set them to whatever values you want, in case you want to fine-tune its balance to how you like to play, or just want to try God mode for a bit.

Addendum: Did you know Volturnian Lobsters have a mating season? Well, if you have this mod installed, they do! This is also set in settings.json, and if you have an active Volturnian Aquarium during those months, you can just sit back and watch your lobster numbers explode! (but only if you feed them, of course)

I. Summary:

This mod is an standalone expansion pack for Yuri Expedition and Arian Empire. It contains the strange ideas I come up with that are either larger than either mod, or are silly and don't belong. These features include:

- Utility weapons - Items that are mounted on weapon slots but don't fire - instead giving unique bonues
- Forge Ships - Hullmods that allow the production of goods from the comfort of your own ship.
- Criminal Industries - Colony buildings that bring in money directly, but can negatively impact your colony in other ways.
- Agreus-Caparice Tech Cooperative - Adds a market in Agreus (Vanilla) and Caparice (YRXP), A&C Co-op, where you can buy the gadgets offered by this mod.

If you wish to only have these features but not install either faction, you can!

II. Utility Weapons:

* Important: These were part of Yuri Expedition, so if you have been using YRXP pre-2.0.0, and then update to the latest version of that mod, then you MUST also install this mod if you wish to continue your current save.

Engineering Bay / Maintenance Center / Emergency Repair Gantry

This low-tech utility repairs the ship's armor around the weapon. Larger mounts repair a larger area and do so faster. They can be disabled, wherein the repair process stops, but resumes again when the weapon is repaired.

Flux Battery / Flux Battery Array / Auxiliary Flux Core

This new high-tech utility 'weapon' will recover flux (even hard flux) equal to its ammo stores (500/1500/5000) when the ship goes over 50% of its maximum flux. Its sounds great, but don't get ahead of yourself! If the weapons get destroyed, the flux they've absorbed is released in the form of several EMP arcs that bounce around the ship! If you're not careful, Flux Batteries can arc into other Flux Batteries and they next thing you know, you have a completely disabled ship in the middle of an enemy fleet!

Reserve Ammo Magazine / Spare Ammo Dump / Backup Armory

This one comes in the mid-line BP and it restores the ammo of missile weapons that have the same or smaller size than its mount! That, too, sounds great, and I bet you're raring to try out your infinite reaper ship, but just like the previous one - it has a fatal drawback. If this weapon is disabled, even just by stray EMP, the entire magazine will explode, and permanently disabling the weapon. More than that, it does 1000 High-Explosive damage straight into your hull for every remaining ammo in the magazine! If you want the power, you're gonna take on the risk! Enjoy your ticking time bombs!

III. Forge Ships:

Adds several hullmods that allows a ship to produce and convert goods as time passes. All of these hullmods are dependent on the Forge Ship hullmod being mounted first - this gives the ship one (1) slot to mount any of the forge mods below:

Antimatter Centrifuge - Produces fuel from volatiles. Passively improves the ship's fuel economy.

Shipborne Smelter - Produces Metals and Transplutonics from Ores and Transplutonic Ores. Passively improves the ship's repair rate.

Manufacturing Bay - Produces Supplies from Metals and Transplutonics. Passively increases the max ammo of all of this ship's weapons.

Volturnian Aquarium - If you have at least 2 volturnian lobsters in your cargo, feeds Food (commodities) to them and lets them reproduce. Passively increases this ship's CR recovery rate.

This mod also adds a new ship (seen in the banner) which comes with the forge mod, and a related, if silly, mission.

-- Demo --

IV. Criminal Industries:

* Important: These were part of Yuri Expedition, so if you have been using YRXP pre-2.0.0, and then update to the latest version of that mod, then you MUST also install this mod if you wish to continue your current save.

Mob-Run Business District - Greatly increases the colony's overall income at the cost of stability.

Privateer's Haven icon by Mayu - Adds a pirate patrol and gives a steady income at the cost of a lot of stability.

V. Agreus-Caparice Tech Cooperative:

Everything added by this mod - weapons, hullmods and ships are available at the new submarket added at Agreus (Vanilla) and Caparice (YRXP). This fixes the problem I've found where the AI mounts these very special items in the absolute worst ways - crippling their own ships in the process. This way, these are now exclusive to the player! (Please use responsibly!)


VI. Special Thanks:

For providing their high-quality sprites free for the community to use:

The decals are made by these talented artists:
tomono rui
robert knight
honzawa yuuichirou

Special art for commodities, structures and hullmods:
tomono rui

For coding and internals-related help:

For scripts and references (especially on faction creation):
Linking hull behaviors between parent and child modules - Dark.Revenant

Again, a big thank you to the Starsector team, who created this wonderful game that has, by now, claimed hundreds thousands of hours of my life.

And finally, you. Thank you for trying out YREX. I hope you enjoy it!

Suggestions / Shield Pass-Through
« on: December 13, 2019, 03:05:47 PM »
I know it has no place in vanilla, but if it didn't constitute too much internal rework, I think it might be interesting to add a moddable functionality to have some shields only block certain types of damage/projectile types/beams only, etc, while everything else passes through. I think it could add a new layer of depth to ship combat!

Modding / [Scripting] Event hooks for weapons and others
« on: November 17, 2019, 10:52:27 PM »
I'm aware of the "onHitEffect" tag I can add to projectile and "everyFrameEffect" for weapons, and I was wondering if there are others, like one that fires when the projectile is destroyed by pd, or when a weapon fires.

Also, I notice these calls when hullmods are mounted, "applyEffectsBeforeShipCreation" and "applyEffectsAfterShipCreation", and I was wondering if there was a similar function that could be tacked onto weapons?

Modding / [Scripting/Questing] How make intel entry invisible + more
« on: November 15, 2019, 04:51:00 PM »
I'm currently in the middle of making a quest but I want to release a patch. However, I'm running into some issues and one of them is that when I add intel to Intel Manager, I don't know how to make it invisible. That is, it shows up immediately upon starting the game.

The quest is far from even functional, so I want to hide it in the meantime.

On the same topic, I *think* if I don't add the intel to intel manager, its state isn't saved when the player reloads the game? Maybe? I'm not too sure. On that note, I also have these lines when initializing the NPCs involved so I the rules in rules.csv can find them:

this.rina.getMemoryWithoutUpdate().set("$mvt_isRina", true);

But do those get saved when the user loads the game later? Or do I need to keep setting them on game start?

And sorry if I'm going about the completely wrong way - I'm pretty much grasping in the dark with the quest system! :P

Hi, I'm in the process of making a questline and I would like to pick a random weapon/ship/blueprints/commodities for a fetch quest. Preferably, the list would include items from other mods, if they are installed.

Modding / [SOLVED] How to add NPC in comm link of specific market?
« on: November 11, 2019, 03:17:28 AM »
I want to make a quest NPC, and place it in a market I choose. I also don't want it to appear in the "bar", if that is possible. Something like the NPCs that appear in the tutorial I guess?

Unfortunately, I'm completely lost as to how to even begin. I don't actually know of a mod that does this, either, but I hope it's possible...

As the title says, I'm trying to make a hullmod that forces ships that have it to auto retreat when CR reaches < 30%.

To force the retreat, I was pointed to this code:

Code: java
            boolean retreatDirectly = true;
            ship.setRetreating(true, retreatDirectly);

However, the code below, inside a hullmod class, doesn't seem to make any ship retreat (100% sure all ships that should retreat have the mod).

As you can see, it also does something else apart from forcing a retreat - the code also sets CR to the percentage of HP, down to a minimum of 30% (at which time the ship should forcibly retreat).

Code: java
    public void advanceInCombat(ShipAPI ship, float amount) {

    CombatEngineAPI engine = Global.getCombatEngine();
    float potentialMaxCR = ship.getHitpoints()/ship.getMaxHitpoints();
    if(ship.getCurrentCR() > potentialMaxCR) {
    if(potentialMaxCR >= 0.30) {
    }else {
    boolean retreatDirectly = true;
          ship.setRetreating(true, retreatDirectly);


Yuri Expedition
Download v.2.2.1 for 0.9.1a

* Important: Update 2.2.0 and up contains many balance changes that makes YRXP in line with both RYAZ and ARIA.
Simply put, it's a big 'ol nerf bat right in the teeth.
If you enjoy playing with YRXP as it is, you do NOT need this update as it introduces no new content.
* Important: If you are updating from YRXP pre-2.0.0, and wish to continue your save, you NEED to install [YREX] Nijigen Extend or it will cause a crash.

newest version, 2.2.1, check the post in page 21 for details.

* Important: Before updating, always make a save copy just in case!

Mod Requirements:

Integrated with:
Nijigen Extend
Star Promenade

Nexerelin v0.9.5e
Version Checker V2.0
Commissioned Crews V1.5
Vayra's Sector V3.1

Recommended Mods:
Aria the Escalation (Search for it in Nexus Mods! Make sure to have adult filter on!)
Kingdom of Royal Azalea
Hatsune Miku On The Side Of A Pandemonium
Azur Lane Portrait Packs

Note: To enable extra VFX (particles and stuff, only for users with FPS to spare or don't care about low FPS), go to this directory:

and open the file, settings.json where you will see this near the top:

Just set that false to true.

I. Summary:

This mod adds the new faction, Caparice Trade Co. in the Sola system in the eastern fringe of the sector. Their core ships are centered around the "glass cannon" concept, with a focus on missiles and other stand-off weapons. To accentuate this, their ships do not have native access to shield tech and instead rely on speed or armor.

Their ships are specialized around specific, different roles. No generalist ships to be seen in this roster, though one theme runs at their very core - none of them come with shields as standard equipment. You have been warned. Instead, every ship is outfitted with a certain capacity for long-range support. The smaller ships survive using their speed and maneuverability. The larger ones depend on armor and heavy firepower - destroy the enemy before they destroy you.

The ships are also themed with itasha-style decals atop a base coat. I highly recommend Haze's Girls Frontline Portrait Pack and VJNL's Azur Lane Portrait Packs to get in the correct mood!

The weapon list features missiles for every occasion. Saturation, Shield Suppression, Point Defense, Anti-Fighter, Long-Range Bombardment - you name it, there's a missile that can do it. Or if there isn't, there should be a combination that will do the job. In addition, powerful area-denial and BALLISTIC point defense systems keep your ships safe against enemy missiles.

But overall, this mod is not about how powerful missiles are, but how pretty they look when fired in a concentrated volley.

- Glass cannon ships armed with missiles. LOTS of missiles.
- Long-range artillery, a missile's best friend.
- Very strong PD that can protect your ships from the same magnitude of missile barrage that you can dish out.
- No shields, except for the special few.
- A missile for every occasion.
- Looks pretty with all guns blazing.
- Custom paintjobs for special shiptypes (more to come)
- Mechs! Totally not gundams! (new in 1.7.0!)

II. Some samples:

[Missile Frigate] AE-522 Snowstorm
by Axlemc131 (recolored)

[Carrier] IW-365 Morning Drop
by HELMUT (recolored)

[Aegis Cruiser] AE-753 Mythril Cloak

See more

[Strike Fighter] IW-299 Scarlet Sky
by HELMUT (recolored)

[Gunboat] AE-528 Fruit Basket
by Axlemc131 & Medikohl (recolored)

[Combat Freighter] AE-592 Cream
by Tartiflette (recolored)

[Missile Destroyer] AE-656 White Frills (without armor brackets)

[Destroyer] AE-641 Lotus Blossom (without armor brackets)
by Medikohl (recolored)

[Assault Dropship] AE-613 Starflower (without armor brackets)
by Axlemc131  (recolored)

[Light Cruiser] AE-755 Aether Shawl (bare)
by Tartiflette (recolored)

[Orbital Mothership] AE-718 Moon Rabbit
by xenoargh  (recolored)

[Signals Ship] OE-360 Whispering Grass
by Vinya(recolored)

[Fleet Carrier] IW-701-S Seraph Wing
by HELMUT (recolored)

[Destroyer] AE-600 mod.MKN "Jashin"
by Tartiflette(recolored)

[Heavy Destroyer] AE-611 mod.MKN "Tenshi"
by Archibalde(recolored)


III. The Mod in Motion:

- .GIFs:

See more


- Full Video Demos:

Check the full playlist here:

If you liked what you saw then please, give the mod a try and experience it yourself!

IV. Commissioned Crews:

Yuri Expedition is integrated with Commissioned Crews, and getting a Caparice Trade Co. commission will give you the following bonus:

Flowers of the Snowfield

Yuri crews have a strange elan that allow them to work together in perfect synchonicity. As such, not only is maximum CR increased to 90 percent, but peak operating time is also increased by 50 percent and CR decay is greatly reduced. On the other hand, this same camaraderie translates into shock when losing crew members. CR is degraded when losing crew members from hull damage.

During combat, combat effectiveness is greatly increased when fighting at 60 percent CR and above. Conversely, when crew morale breaks - 30 percent CR, this ship will immediately retreat from the battlefield and will be unable to be commanded otherwise.

V. High Value Bounties:

Yuri Expedition is also integrated with Vayra's Sector, and the mod introduces several bounties, yielding unique and powerful ships as a reward! So be on the lookout for these faces:

V. Lore:

As you might expect from gaudily painted ships with cute girl decals, there's no way this is or can be lore-friendly. I did, however, add some internal lore regarding each ship and weapon system, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

v1.0.1: For what it's worth, the 'excuse' for them being in the sector is as follows:

After an unusually powerful hyperspace storm out in the rim of the core worlds, an entirely new star system appeared where there was just empty space. Quacks and scientists with lab coats alike a race to explain this phenomenon just as signs of civilization were detected. A strange xenos species has arrived. Perhaps from a different dimension. Perhaps - from the second dimension?

v.1.4.0: Some limited interaction between the Yuri and the wider sector. Missions chronicle events that transpired involving Pirates and the Persean League/Hegemony.

v.1.5.0: Some technological exchange between Yuri and Independents. Bounties have been placed on certain Yuri.

v.1.6.0: Tensions between the Yuri and the locals are rising.

v.1.8.0: In response to increasing hostilities across the sector, Caparice Trade Co. develops weapons of mass destruction as a final deterrent.

VI. Known Issues: (lots!)

- Crashing problem when setting an Aether Shawl to spawn as a part of your colony-spawned fleets.
- Some dialogue rules are leaking to other factions
- The balance is probably wack if you try to mount any other missile types in the available slots in these ships. Hah! No you won't!  ;D
- Some significant balancing has been done! But playing just by the ear, I might have fumbled on some stuff. But I don't have the time to play SS anymore! The irony!  :o
- A certain ship's built-in missile racks are terribly OP but I haven't gone back to rebalance it. Sorry. DONE  8)
- A certain capital ship's activated ability is just a placeholder, because I can't seem to make station_modules work. (Works in simulations but disappears in real battles - why!?)  DONE  8)
- The PD missile is currently terrible. I'm still learning how to script so I can give it a good Anti-Missile AI. Apologies.  DONE  8)
- A certain line of drone motherships are -placeholders- until I could figure out the above station_module issue... Nah, they're good.
- The fleet points cost of each ship is behaving strangely. No matter what I set in their ship_data, the game seems to set its own fleet point cost to them. The net effect is that all ships are terribly cheap in fleet cost...  DONE  8)
- and probably more that have slipped my mind...

VII. Still to come: (lots and lots!)

- More missiles! DONE  8)
- A full range of LARGE missiles, for one. DONE  8)
- As soon as I could get the anti-missile AI to work, I'll add another PD missile - an MIRV! DONE  8)
- Maybe some electronic warfare options One down! I have one more idea to come!  8)
- Find a way to stop mounting a makeshift shield generator onto these ships. DONE  8)
- More heavy artillery DONE  8)
- More medium ballistic options DONE  8)
- More frigate and destroyer class ships with medium ballistic slots.  DONE  8)
- Don't know if it's even possible, but alternative skins for the existing ships - different decals for more unique ships!  Lots new skins inside! Still more to come!  8)
- A full-blown faction mod!? (alas, a faraway dream)  Wasn't actually as hard as I feared, thanks to having some references to look up!   ;D
- I want to add some special bounties on the Ship/Weapon Pack's IBB board! Cancelled  Special ships are now added to Varya's Sector High Value Bounty system!
- Adding some NPCs and quests to obtain special goodies (custom ships and stuff) <- delayed  :'(
- Add an in-campaign storyline for the faction (only after figuring out how NPCs and quests work!) <- also delayed  :-[
- Controllable trash-tier drones as meatshields for your glass fleet. DONE  8)

VIII. Special Thanks:

This mod was made possible only by the generosity of the community spriters who made their works available within the Kitbash Database and the Free Community Sprite Resources. You are the reason why this mod isn't made entirely out of MS paint chicken scratch (which means I wouldn't have bothered making it at all because it doesn't look good):


Mechs are heavily edited sprites from Mobile Suit Gundam: Cross Dimension.

The decals are made by these talented artists:
baba seimaijo
atou tsubaki
myo ne, arknights
shanyao jiang totoro

Special art for commodities, structures and hullmods:
Kobayashi-san no Maidragon by Cool Kyoushinja
CD Art from Akatsuki Records
tomono rui

Taira Komori,
Kyutwo (great anime sounds!)
C&C Red alert sounds

For coding and internals-related help:

For scripts and references (especially on faction creation):
Tartiflette (Diable Avionics)
Dark.Revenant (Interstellar Imperium, Ship/Weapon Pack, Black Magic that makes all my problems go away)
Vayra (High Value Bounty integration)

Of course, a big thank you to the Starsector team, who created this wonderful game that has already claimed hundreds of hours of my life. Since I discovered it around a month ago.

And finally, you. Thank you for trying out YRXP. I hope you enjoy it!

Hi, I'm a newbie modder trying to get into scripting but I am getting an error at the very first line of my first mod plugin saying:

The type com.thoughtworks.xstream.XStream cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

I followed this Eclipse modding tutorial to get this far:

It seems that the error is connected to BaseModPlugin, as when I remove the import line

import com.fs.starfarer.api.BaseModPlugin;

The error disappears - except it's the base file that the plugin extends, so nothing else would work without it. Alex mentioned that there might be an issue with some of the jars I imported, so here's a shot of my project tree and the line where the error appears:

Would appreciate if you could help me out with this!

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