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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: A Tale of Two Tech Levels (05/28/21)

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Modding / [0.9.1a] Player Gate Construction
« on: December 30, 2019, 04:27:30 PM »
[0.9.1a] Player Gate Construction

This mod has been integrated into Terraforming and Station Construction.

This thread can be locked/deleted. Thank you.

Mods / [0.95a] Terraforming and Station Construction (v7.1.3)
« on: October 28, 2019, 04:44:56 PM »
[0.95a] Terraforming and Station Construction (v7.1.3)

To build stations using this mod, add the respective abilities to your ability bar!
Video tutorial for adding abilities to the ability bar:

Mod Features Guide:
Terraforming Features:
Terraforming buildings:

Stellar Reflector Array
"An array of orbital reflectors that can ameliorate suboptimal (but not extreme) temperatures. They do nothing on completely dark worlds, but can improve lighting conditions on worlds with poor but not absent light. Focusing the entire array on a single point will have devastating effects if the requisite improvements are made to enable synchronized movement of the mirrors. A steady stream of scavenged Domain-era equipment will be necessary to maintain the reflectors - any shortage will drastically increase upkeep costs."

Once completed, adds the "Orbital Reflector Array" condition to the planet. This improves farming/aquaculture production by +2 and suppress the Hot, Cold and/or Poor Light conditions if they are present. If the structure is shut down, the reflectors in orbit will be removed and the benefits will disappear. Requires Domain-era artifacts to operate if Domain Archaeology is enabled.

"Genetic engineering has countless applications, such as remediating pollution using microbes that consume toxic waste, seeding oceans with delicious crustaceans, and creating more realistic copies of extinct Old Earth megafauna. Genelabs can even deploy a E.U.T.E.C.K. to permanently terraform habitable planets. Requires salvaged Domain-era equipment to operate."

Has four functions:
  • Install a E.U.T.E.C.K. to permanently terraform the planet. By default, installing a E.U.T.E.C.K. will automatically begin the process of transforming the planet into a Paradise world, which is essentially a Terran planet with bountiful farmland and a mild climate. Please note that by default, only planets with the "habitable" condition can be terraformed into a Paradise world. Using the settings file, the "old-style" terraforming system can be enabled to create a variety of different planet types and improve conditions on the planet.
  • Removes pollution from the market over a period of 200 days if the Domain-era artifact demand is met.
  • Adds Volturnian Lobster Pens to the market over a period of 200 days if the Domain-era artifact demand is met.
  • The Alpha Core and improvement bonus increase income from the Mesozoic Park if one exists on the planet.

Domed Cities
"Hermetically sealed domes dozens of kilometers across can enclose the bulk of a colony's population in a relatively Earth-like environment. Hazardous conditions imposed by atmospheric properties, extreme weather and dangerous fauna are mitigated inside the domes. Concentrating industrial and population centers under fragile domes makes the colony almost defenseless against raiding and bombardment, and is unacceptably risky on worlds with extreme tectonic activity or frequent meteor impacts."

Suppresses the effects of No Atmosphere, Thin Atmosphere, Dense Atmosphere, Toxic Atmosphere, Extreme Weather, and Inimical Biosphere. If Unknown Skies is enabled, also suppresses Dust Storms, Military Virus, Parasitic Spores and Psychoactive Fungus.

Has the potential to increase stability if AI cores are installed and/or the structure is improved.

Mesozoic Park
"Humans have long been fascinated by extinct Old Earth megafauna. Although no DNA from these creatures has survived to the present day, new organisms that resemble them can be created using genetic engineering. Wealthy tourists and trophy hunters are drawn to worlds where these ""terrible lizards"" roam the wilds, provided the colony is easily accessible and stable enough for visitors to feel safe. Living on a planet teeming with gigantic carnivorous lizards is hazardous, and once introduced, the dinosaurs will be almost impossible to eradicate."

Generates income for the colony based on market size and other factors. Adds the Inimical Biosphere condition upon construction (which can be suppressed by Domed Cities). Unique industry portrait for each planet type where it can be built.

Ismara's Sling / Asteroid Processing
"Installs a network of gigantic mass drivers on the surface of the planet that can launch water-filled projectiles towards other worlds for terraforming purposes. It was designed by copying one of the few remaining mass drivers built on Ismara by the Eridani-Utopia Terraforming Corporation before the Collapse. Can only help terraform worlds in the same system."

"Crashing asteroids rich in water-ice into planets is an effective means of terraforming - except when the asteroid is so large that the impact would be cataclysmic. In this case, the asteroid can be towed to a space station, where the water-ice is safely extracted and shipped to the destination planet. Can only help terraform worlds in the same system."

Supplies water-ice for terraforming purposes to desert-class planets. If the "boggledEnableAllTerraformingProjects" setting is enabled, desert worlds will not require water anymore.

Station Construction Features:

Construct Astropolis Station
"Construct a space habitat large enough to host its own market. Due to its size and mass, it can only achieve a stable orbit around larger worlds that dominate their orbital path. Expensive to build and has no natural resources."

Construct a station in orbit around the planet where the industry is built. By default, up to three can be constructed per planet. The station has no resources and 100% hazard by default. The hazard and accessibility can be modified in the settings file. "Cramped Quarters" can also be enabled in the settings file. This will put a growth penalty on the station once it grows beyond a certain size.

Construct Mining Station
"Construct a mining station in an asteroid belt or asteroid field."

Construct a mining station within an asteroid belt or an asteroid field. By default, only one can be built per system, but this can be modified using the settings file. Has 100% hazard by default, and moderate ore resources. The hazard and accessibility can be modified in the settings file. "Cramped Quarters" can also be enabled in the settings file. This will put a growth penalty on the station once it grows beyond a certain size.

Construct Siphon Station
"Construct a siphon station in orbit around a gas giant."

Construct a siphon station in orbit around a gas giant. Has volatiles resources equivalent to those of the host gas giant and 100% hazard by default. The hazard and accessibility can be modified in the settings file. "Cramped Quarters" can also be enabled in the settings file. This will put a growth penalty on the station once it grows beyond a certain size.

Colonize Abandoned Station
"Colonize an abandoned station."

Recolonize an abandoned station. Can target stations from this mod, stations from vanilla Starsector (ex. Port Tse Franchise Station) and certain stations from other mods.

Domain-tech Features:

Domain Archaeology
"The Sector was plunged into a dark age as a result of the Collapse. Terraforming projects, megascale engineering and artificial intelligence research can still be pursued using technology available in the modern-day Sector, but at a prohibitive cost. Employing refurbished Domain-era equipment for these tasks is much more economical than using crude post-Collapse methods."

Industry that can only be built on planets with ruins. Supplies Domain-era Artifacts (), a commodity which is contraband according to Luddic factions. They can be sold for a high price on the open market.

If the player disables this industry in the settings file, buildings that demand Domain-era artifacts will no longer demand them. Note that in a randomized sector, no NPC colonies produce Domain-era artifacts at the start of the game.

Kletka Simulator
"Supercomputers built using salvaged Domain-era components are used to train new AI cores in a virtual reality simulation. AI cores trained in this manner can never really know whether this universe is real or just another training simulation. They usually remain loyal to their human masters so as to avoid punishment or deletion in case it is the latter."

Demands four Domain-era artifacts. Builds a new AI core every month, and the probabilities of which type of AI core will be produced are shown on the in-game tool tip. Installing AI cores or improving this industry will increase the chances of producing a higher quality core. Upkeep is heavily influenced by market temperature by default (stations have the highest upkeep due to heat dissipation problems in space). Note that the temperature upkeep modifier remains active even if the temperature condition is suppressed.

"CHAMELEON is a supercomputer composed of specialized Domain-era quantum cryptography chips that can crack most forms of encryption used in the Sector. Security forces can leverage the intelligence gleaned using this construct to eradicate decivilized subpopulations, and in the more capable hands of an Alpha Core, even Pather terrorist cells can be exposed and eliminated. Demands a steady supply of Domain-era artifacts to operate, and shutting down transplanetary terrorist networks will require an installed Alpha Core."

Removes Decivilized Subpopulation from the market over a period of 200 days if the Domain-era artifact demand is met. If an Alpha Core is installed, will remove Pather cells as well. Please note that Pather cells are created and dissolved every few in-game weeks, so installing an Alpha Core will not immediately remove the cells.

Domain-tech Comm Relays, Nav Buoys and Sensor Arrays
Allows the player to build the above mentioned Domain-tech stable location structures using Domain-era artifacts they've bought and/or produced with a Domain Archaeology industry. Can be disabled in the settings file. If Domain Archaeology is disabled, the structures don't require Domain-era artifacts.

Inactive Gates
Allows the player to build inactive gates at stable locations. How puzzling that this feature was added and Astral gates removed after vanilla updated to 0.95a...

AI Battlestation
"This is a fully armed and operational autonomous AI battlestation. Stations such as this acted as fuel and supply depot, robotic factory, command nexus, and weapon platform in support of AI fleets operating on a strategic level."

Can be built by the player in place of a regular orbital station once they unlock the "Automated Ships" skill. Identical to a vanilla star fortress in all respects except appearance and combat performance.

As a reminder, all features shown above can be enabled/disabled individually using the settings file. If you don't want to use a certain piece of content, disable it!

Settings file options (can be used to enable/disable features individually):
To access the settings file, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Fractal Softworks\Starsector\mods\Terraforming and Station Construction\data\config\settings.json.


   #Setting this to false will disable checking for updates.
   #This is (hopefully) a temporary feature, to be removed
   #if/when Lazywizard updates his Version Checker mod for 0.95a
   #Version Checker is here:

   #Setting this to false will completely disable any terraforming content
   #It will also be necessary to delete or edit the drop_groups.csv file to stop the E.U.T.E.C.K. from dropping
   #drop_groups.csv is located at \mods\Terraforming and Station Construction\data\campaign\procgen.
   #Allows different types of terraforming projects using the E.U.T.E.C.K.
   #Also removes all restrictions on terraforming, such as planet habitability and water access
   #Use the terraforming menu during colony interaction to select the desired project
   #This will introduce balance problems and make the gameplay less fun (in my opinion)

   #If disabled, prevents the E.U.T.E.C.K. from being consumed after a terraforming project is completed
   #Introduces balance problems, especially if combined with enabling all the terraforming projects

   #Controls how long terraforming takes (in days)

   #Can be used to disable the Stellar Reflector Array structure
   #Automatically adds the structure to markets that start the game with reflectors in orbit
   #Disabling this will cause Eventide, Eochu Bres and some other planets to have the market condition "for free" without needing to keep this structure

   #Can be used to disable the Genelab structure

   #Can be used to disable the Ismara's Sling/Asteroid Processing structure

   #Can be used to disable the Mesozoic Park industry

   #Can be used to disable the Domed Cities structure

   #Can be used to enable the Harmonic Damper structure
   #This suppresses tectonic activity

   #Can be used to enable the Planetary Agrav Field structure
   #This suppresses high/low gravity if Domed Cities is built on the colony as well

   #Can be used to enable the Atmosphere Processor structure
   #This will permanently remove no/thin/dense/toxic atmosphere

   #Can be used to enable the Terraforming Platform structure
   #This will permanently add Habitable and Mild Climate to planets with suitable conditions

   #Can be used to enable the Planet Cracker structure
   #Only buildable on stations orbiting a planet
   #This will permanently improve ore and rare ore resources by one level on the planet but
   #adds tectonic activity - can't be used if planet already has tectonic activity

   #Can be used to enable the Ouyang Optimizer structure
   #Only buildable on stations orbiting a planet
   #This will permanently improve volatiles resources by one level on the planet but
   #adds extreme weather - can't be used if planet already has extreme weather


   #Setting this to false will completely disable all station construction content

   #Setting this to true will cause station construction to take the specified number of days

   #Enables construction of astropoli in orbit around planets.
   #Three astropoli can be built around each planet by default.
   #Astropli can only be built around large planets with a relatively clear orbit.
   #Setting this to true will remove those restrictions.

   #Controls the costs for building astropolis stations

   #Setting this to false will disable mining station construction
   #Set the maximum number of mining stations per system.
   #This number can be arbitrarily large but balance and performance problems will result with extreme values.

   #Controls how the ore resource levels for mining stations are assigned
   #If linked to the system resource belts, the mining station ore resources will be higher if there are a lot of asteroid belts in the system
   #If boggledMiningStationLinkToResourceBelts is set to false, the ore resource amounts will be set based on boggledMiningStationStaticAmount
   #1 = Sparse, 2 = Moderate, 3 = Abundant, 4 = Rich, 5 = Ultrarich, Any other value = set to moderate

   #Controls the costs for building mining stations

   #Setting this to false will disable siphon station construction

   #Controls how the volatiles resource level for siphon stations is assigned
   #If linked to the host gas giant, the siphon station will inherit the same volatiles level as the gas giant
   #If boggledSiphonStationLinkToGasGiant is set to false, the volatiles amount will be set based on boggledSiphonStationStaticAmount
   #1 = Trace, 2 = Diffuse, 3 = Abundant, 4 = Plentiful, Any other value = set to diffuse

   #Controls the costs for building siphon stations

   #Setting this to false will disable colonization of abandoned stations

   #Controls the costs for colonizing an abandoned station

   #Enables the cramped quarters setting that greatly reduces station population growth starting at the chosen value.

   #Enables the 'Expand Station' industry to increase the population soft limit set above.
   #The base cost of this industry can be modified using industries.csv.

   #Adds an accessibility bonus to player-constructed stations. Leaving this at zero means no boost.

   #Configures the base hazard rating for stations by offsetting the base hazard of 100 by the value the player inputs.
   #Negative values can be used to decrease hazard.
   #Applies Cramped Quarters (if enabled), hazard and accessibility modifiers (if enabled), and
   #enables "no atmosphere" special items on all stations sector-wide
   #If set to false, only stations created using this mod will have the above features applied to them

   #Enable the AI Mining Drones station-exclusive structure.
   #Balanced around stations being capped at 3 or 4 market size by cramped quarters.
   #Strongly recommended to keep disabled unless cramped quarters is enabled.

   #Setting this to false will completely disable any Domain-tech content

   #Can be used to disable the Domain Archaeology industry
   #Buildings that require Domain-era artifacts simply won't anymore

   #Can be used to disable the Kletka Simulator (AI core production) industry
   #Toggle whether the Kletka Simulator upkeep changes based on planet temperature

   #Can be used to disable CHAMELEON (anti-Pather Cell and anti-Decivilized Subpop) structure

   #Can be used to disable building of the Domain-tech stable location structures


   #Remnant battlestation can be constructed as an orbital station type on player colonies

   #Can be used to enable the Hydroponics industry

   #Can be used to enable the Cloning industry

Backwards compatibility: 7.1.3, 7.1.2, 7.1.1 and 7.1.0 are backwards compatible with 7.0.1. They are backwards compatible with 7.0.0 EXCEPT that the player must first deconstruct all Genelabs and wait at least two in-game months before updating the mod. Use the addcredits and fastbuild commands to quickly restore the Genelabs once the mod is updated. If this is not done, a null exception will be thrown on game load. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Note regarding update checks: This mod has a built-in feature to check for updates. It checks the page located at for this purpose. If Pastebin is blocked in your country/region, there will be a crash on save load. To fix this problem, please disable the update check feature using the settings file.

7.1.3 Changelog:
-Fixed a bug where terraforming a planet into a jungle world would incorrectly make it a paradise world instead. Thanks SenSayed for reporting this!

Future plans:
-I think the Paradise world texture looks pretty decent, but I'm not much of an artist and if anyone has a better texture I would be happy to swap it.

Older changelogs:
7.1.2 Changelog:
-Stellar Reflector Arrays now provide a ground defense bonus if improved.
-Added the Planetary Agrav Field building. This is a new non-default structure that suppresses high/low gravity if the colony also has the Domed Cities building. Thanks to ozemandea for the inspiration to create this!
-Harmonic Damper no longer suppresses high/low gravity.

7.1.1 Changelog:
-Fixed a bug where the open market from the Commerce industry would incorrectly have no tariffs on player-built stations. Thanks Vendral for reporting this!

7.1.0 Changelog:
-Added the Harmonic Damper building. Suppresses tectonic activity and high/low gravity, and adds some ground defense if improved and/or an AI core is installed. This is a non-default option for now, although I think a version that only suppresses tectonic activity might become default in the future.
-The Atmosphere Processor is back. It will permanently remove no/thin/dense/toxic atmosphere from the planet it's built on. It's a non-default option.
-The Terraforming Platform is back. It will permanently add Habitable and Mild Climate to the planet if it doesn't have no/thin/dense/toxic atmosphere. It's a non-default option.
-Added the Planet Cracker building. It can only be built on an astropolis station. It will improve the ore and rare ore resources by one level on the host planet of the astropolis, but add tectonic activity. It's a non-default option.
-Added the Ouyang Optimizer building. It can only be built on an astropolis station or siphon station orbiting a gas giant. It will improve the volatiles resources by one level on the host planet of the station, but add extreme weather. It's a non-default option.
-If a host gas giant has the volatiles resource improved using the Ouyang Optimizer, any orbiting siphon stations will also have their volatiles improved by the same amount.
-The terraforming menu now has a tooltip which states the number of days remaining until terraforming is complete.
-The conditions section of the terraforming menu has been removed because the functions have been replaced with the new non-default terraforming buildings listed above. If the player wants this menu back, simply uncomment the line in rules.csv that adds the condition section.

7.0.1 Changelog:
-Fixed multiple bugs relating to the Genelab/EUTECK and terraforming progress. Thanks to chrizeren, CrimsonPhalanx and Goldendragonfinn for reporting these issues!
-Fixed a bug where the farming/aquaculture script could set the wrong building type on Archipelago planets. Thanks Farya!
-The Remnant Battlestation will now be visible in the build menu if the player lacks the Automated Ships skill.
-Added a tooltip to CHAMELEON if there is a DEA shortage that clarifies the structure provides no benefits during the shortage.

7.0.0 Changelog:
-The E.U.T.E.C.K. has returned! It's a special item that can be installed in the Genelab to begin terraforming. By default, the E.U.T.E.C.K. is single-use and will create a Paradise world, which is essentially a Terran planet with bountiful farmland and mild climate. Terraforming takes 400 days to complete, which can be adjusted in the settings file.
-For those who want more options for terraforming (despite the lore and balance problems I feel are associated with them), the "boggledEnableAllTerraformingProjects" setting can be switched to true to enable the "old-style" terraforming. It's now controlled via an option on the colony interaction menu, and there are planet type change options for both vanilla planet types and Unknown Skies types. There are also miscellaneous projects to alter resources and conditions on the planet. Please let me know if there are any projects you want but aren't implemented - I will add more based on popular demand!
-Genelabs now seed lobsters on planets with a water-covered surface. This process takes 200 days.
-"Crustacean Job" quest removed.
-Genelabs can now install AI cores and be improved. The Alpha Core bonus and improvement bonus increase income from the Mesozoic Park.
-Inactive Gates can now be built at a stable location. After playing the main quest line, I'm sure the player will understand why Astral gates were removed and this feature was added.
-Remnant Station updated for 0.95a and is now a default option.
-Fixed a bug where the wrong variant was being used for the Remnant Station.
-The Remnant Station is now only buildable if the player has the "Automated Ships" skill unlocked.
-Modified the Mining Station resource deposits if the "boggledMiningStationLinkToResourceBelts" setting is enabled. Rich and Ultrarich ore deposits are now possible in cases where there is an extreme number of asteroid belts in the system.

6.0.0 Changelog:
-Terraforming and Domain-tech content has been re-enabled by default.
-Planet type transformations have been removed temporarily. Between the new 0.95a special items and the hazard-suppressing buildings in this mod, the old-style planet type transformations are largely unnecessary. Planet type transformations (and the EUTECK) will be back in a future update once I've reworked the system to be worthwhile in 0.95a. Players who don't like the new 0.95a suppression mechanic and prefer the old-style system are encouraged to check out the DIY Planets mod.
-Wildlife Exploitation replaced by Mesozoic Park industry. See the mod guide for details on how this industry works. It is a default option for now, but may be converted to non-default based on player feedback.
-Stellar Reflector Array structure updated for 0.95a. Functionality has changed somewhat. See the mod guide for more details.
-Domed Cities structure added. This building suppresses hazardous conditions related to the atmosphere, weather and biosphere. See the mod guide for more details.
-Military Police Headquarters replaced by CHAMELEON. Can still remove Decivilized Subpop, but now also counters Luddic Path cells. See the mod guide for more details.
-Domain Archaeology production changed from static amount to market size minus two. Ruins now add or subtracts production from Domain Archaeology like other resource deposits. Added improvement bonus.
-Minor changes made to Kletka Simulator industry. See the mod guide for more details.
-Eisen Division renamed to Genelab and function has been reworked. See the mod guide for more details.
-The Planetary Shield structure now suppresses the Meteor Impacts condition.
-All Astral gate content has been removed from the mod due to new features present in 0.95a.
-In order to enable various features in this mod, several vanilla market conditions have been overwritten. I'm not aware of any conflicts with other mods, but it may occur in the future if another mod also overwrites the same conditions. Disabling features from this mod will not eliminate the potential for a conflict to occur.
-Arcology worlds and the unique buildings for that planet type have been removed.
-Spice Harvesting has been removed.
-Atmosphere Processor has been removed.
-Terraforming Platform has been removed.
-Skyhook Anchor has been removed due to the addition of the Fullerene Spool in vanila.
-Cloning (non-default industry) can now be improved.
-Hydroponics (non-default industry) can now be improved.
-Hydroponics can now be built on both station markets and planet markets.
-Fixed a bug where building multiple astropoli around one planet would cause the orbital path to be set incorrectly. Thanks bragonfly1 for reporting this!
-Fixed a bug where the second and third astropolis built around a single planet would not use the construction timer (if enabled).
-I understand there have been requests to allow for turning gas giants into stars as part of terraforming. This will not be implemented because the fusion lamp makes this largely unnecessary in 0.95a, and because of lore compatibility problems.

5.5.0 Changelog:
-All Terraforming, Domain-Tech, Astral Gate and Miscellaneous features have been disabled by default while I update them for 0.95a. Astral gates will likely be removed from the mod in 6.0.0 due to new content in vanilla.
-The settings file has been reorganized by content type.
-Added a "check for updates" feature to this mod. I copied a bunch of code from Version Checker, so thanks LazyWizard! If Version Checker is updated for 0.95a I will remove this feature. It can also be disabled using the settings file.
-When a station is created, the spaceport and mining industry (if applicable) are queued up for construction rather than being already built.
-Added a non-default setting to cause stations to be "under construction" for a certain amount of time before they become a market. The amount of construction time required is configurable by the player.
-Station sprite change adjusted to occur at lower market sizes to account for 0.95a restrictions to maximum market size.
-Astropolis stations are now built using an ability (like mining and siphon stations) rather than using a colony building.
-Astropolis stations can now be built in orbit around uncolonized planets.
-The "clear orbital path" and planet size requirements for astropolis stations can now be toggled off using the settings file.
-AI Mining Drones (non-default station-exclusive building) now has a story point improvement option.
-Added separate enable/disable toggles in the settings file for astropolis stations, mining stations, siphon stations and the recolonization ability.
-Added separate resource cost options in the settings file for astropolis stations, mining stations, siphon stations and the recolonization ability.
-Added settings to control how mining station resources are assigned. Default is moderate ore and rare ore, but this can be changed to any flat amount, or it can be based off the number of asteroid belts in the system.
-Added settings to control how siphon station resources are assigned. Default is to have the same richness as the gas giant the station orbits, but alternatively it can be set to a flat amount.
-Station settings (ex. base hazard and base accessibility modifications) are now applied to all stations in the sector by default, rather than just stations created using this mod. This can be toggled off in the settings file.
-Added sound effects when stations are constructed.
-Astropolis stations and siphon stations cannot be constructed in orbit around planets with four or more moons. This restriction was implemented to prevent a visual bug from occurring. Unfortunately I cannot fix the visual bug because it's hardcoded in vanilla. Thanks TiberQ for reporting this!
-Fixed various misspellings and grammatical problems. Thanks to Outlander for catching one of them!
-I have been unable to reproduce several bugs related to Nexerelin outposts and Lights Out moons after making updates to the astropolis construction logic. Please be sure to let me know if the bugs persist. Thanks Serenitis and wanderer3421 for reporting these issues!
-Fixed a bug where Ismara's Sling and Asteroid Breaking colony buildings could show up in the build menu even if they were disabled in the settings file. Thanks TiberQ for reporting this!
-It has been suggested that mining stations should be constructible in accretion disks around black holes. After reviewing the in-game description of ring systems, it appears that mining these ring systems would not make sense from a lore standpoint, so I have not made this change.
-I have become aware that certain individual(s) are extremely displeased with my failure to release the source code for this mod. The source code will now be available for download here going forward.
Compatibility with other mods:
Nexerelin - Compatible.
DIY Planets - Compatible if terraforming is disabled in TASC.
Unknown Skies - Compatible.
Industrial Evolution - Compatible.
Grand Colonies - Compatible.
Shadowyards - Compatible.
Secrets of the Frontier - Compatible.
Fringe Defense Syndicate - Compatible.
Hazard Mining Incorporated - Compatible.
SCY - Compatible.
Galaxy Tigers - Compatible.
Dassault-Mikoyan Engineering - Compatible.
Kadur Remnant - Compatible.

If your mod adds any new planet types to Starsector, they will be incompatible with this mod until I issue an update to include those new types. Please send me a PM and I will add your planet types right away. Thank you!

Known issues:
-There is a graphical bug where the industry portrait for farming and aquaculture can get swapped incorrectly on terraformed water worlds. If you see this bug, please let me know as it shouldn't exist anymore in 0.95a due to API changes.
-The colony interaction menu is automatically opened for the player when a new station is constructed. If the player uses console commands to build stations in such a way that my trigger to open the interaction menu is skipped, there can sometimes be a bug related to population growth.
-Sometimes a graphical bug can occur where a planet that has been terraformed will appear as the old type in the background of the combat view if the player fights a battle near the planet. My testing shows that this has been fixed due to API changes in 0.95a, but if you see it please let me know.

Art stolen from other games (they're all very good IMO):
The Eisen Division and Domain Archaeology artwork is from Android: Netrunner TCG cards.
The Ismara's Sling artwork is from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Mods / [0.9.1a] AI Core Production Industry
« on: October 27, 2019, 04:03:41 PM »
[0.9.1a] AI Core Production Industry

This mod has been integrated into Terraforming and Station Construction.

This thread can be locked/deleted. Thank you.

Mods / [0.9.1a] Boggled's Terraforming Mod
« on: October 24, 2019, 04:48:35 PM »
[0.9.1a] Boggled's Terraforming Mod

This mod has been integrated into Terraforming and Station Construction.

This thread can be locked/deleted. Thank you.

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