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HongKongers are once again organizing a global rally, please find your city in this reddit thread and join us!

Fight For Freedom
Stand With Hong Kong

Discussions / 9.29 Global Anti-Totalitarianism Rallies
« on: September 26, 2019, 12:40:34 AM »
There will be Global Anti-Totalitarianism Rallies worldview on 29th September

Please check this reddit thread to see if one is happening close to where you are. Please spread the message, tell your friends, and join us if you can.



Discussions / [HELP] Police Brutality in Hong Kong
« on: August 11, 2019, 09:43:16 AM »
I am calling for fellow starfarers to help my city, Hong Kong.

As you may have known, Hong Kong has been in a state of civil unrest for 2 months, with multiple protests every week, usually ending in clashes between the protesters and police.

Tonight is the worst.

(WARNING: may contain graphic content)

Police firing tear gas canisters, restricted for outdoor use, into a railway station

A girl get shot in the head by beanbag round

She lost her eye due to globe rupture

brutal maltreatment of protester even when they're already under arrest

Police firing tear gas canisters, restricted for outdoor use, into a railway station

A girl get shot in the head by beanbag round

She lost her eye due to globe rupture

Diagnosis of the girl

brutal maltreatment of protester even when they're already under arrest

Assaulting retreating protesters/commuters alike in a railway station, including shooting pepper ball at almost point blank range

The attack was indiscriminate, with elderly among the victims

I hereby plead you to spread the words around, the world need to know about this atrocity. Please sign this petition. The Hong Kong Police Force is no longer serving the citizens it vowed to protect, they must be held accountable for their crime.

Andy H.K.

Discussions / Objects in Space
« on: July 03, 2018, 08:29:11 PM »

Modempunk Space trading "subsim in space" game where you fly your ship using 90's computer, listen in to your surroundings by observing waveform on your sensor, and check your mail with command console. Do monitor your emission and crash dive into EmCon mode when pirates send a torpedo towards you, or if you're bounty hunting, to get within their baffles and wait for a firing solution. When hull is breaching and systems are frying, disconnect and unscrew the cover of the module and hope you brought some spare components to replace the busted ones. When you made it to the station and finish your contract, another NPC could be waiting for you at the bar, leading to another adventure.

If you're like me and like going dark and sneaking around, give it a look.

Oh, you can also fly your ship with command console.

Bug Reports & Support / [0.8a-RC19] Sustained burn quick turn trick
« on: April 26, 2017, 06:30:36 AM »
Found a way to perform U-turn without recharging sustained burn while also avoiding the handling penalty of the ability.

1. pause the game
2. change course
3. deactivate sustained burn
4. reactivate sustained burn
5. unpause the game

keep? remove?

Suggestions / "Full Stop" control in Campaign
« on: March 01, 2016, 03:51:17 AM »
In the campaign map, we have terrains that aid hiding when the fleet stop within it. As I play the hide-and-seek game, I think this part of gameplay could benefit from having a "full stop" button which stop your ship right there, right now. It's faster, and less awkward than clicking "somewhere close" to stop the fleet, which usually slide a bit before actually stopping.

It can even double as an "enter orbit" button, it the fleet could be made to transit from moving to orbiting motion smoothly.

General Discussion / A smuggler's "guide"
« on: November 17, 2014, 07:52:34 PM »
This is not a proper guide per se, just a collection of information, thought, and opinion related to smuggling with regards to the current version (0.65.1a). You may have seen some of these in my other posts. Some information are also collected from other players.

- Definition of smuggling: trading in the black market, trading with pirate.

- The "smuggler" choice pretty much give you all you need to success: a Hound, fast, decent cargo space with protection from scan.

- Strangely this is a very good choice if you want to do a "pacifist run". Trading in black market (anywhere, not just pirate base) improve your reputation with pirates. Once the rep reach "inhospitable" level, pirate fleets become neutral and won't attack you. There's no reason to go above that, so don't hurt other factions too much - just let it happen naturally.

- No factions like smuggling (sometimes not even the pirate themselves) so you don't want attention. Keeping a low profile means keeping trade volume small. Doing a "smuggling run" with a fleet of 200+ cargo is pretty much wrong.

- Another thing that makes Hound the best smuggling ship: a trio of Hound give you enough cargo space for a decent smuggling run without too much negative reps (should be within single digit), ensure you have maximum burn speed, and keep your fleet toll low (around 1-3k range).

- If you prefer larger ships, search for a variant of Mule-D (there's two variants of Mule-D! you want the one with a Shielded cargo hold hullmod).

- Smuggling activity may trigger a drop in market stability, and factions may look into that, with possibly very bad result. The smuggling volume require seems relative to market size, so be very gentle on tiny worlds like Maxios.

- Initial funding. The Jangala -> Barad hand weapon run was pretty decent even without event IIRC (viable since you don't pay tariff). If that's not the case, Pirate bases in Barad often get hit with trade disruption (their fleets keep getting killed), asking for supplies and fuel at very high price.

- If the rep with those "legal factions" are bad (close to -20), consider "go legit" for a bit and do some food runs from Eos. The lower the reputation level goes, the harder it is to repair it.

- Getting factions to become "inhospitable" to you means they shut off the port from you. You can still "sneak in" if your fleet is small (3 frigate, or 1 destroyer + 2 frigate - so you see why Hound trio is so good), however since you have no access to open market, further trade is only going to make the situation worse.

- If you go into "inhospitable" range, the only way to improve is to kill some pirates in systems where the faction has a base/planet. It's easier if the faction is posting a bounty, so if you're clueless, just follow the bounty board.

- At the same time, you don't want reputation with Pirates to drop to vengeful - hostile is fine, that's where you start anyway, they will still trade with you. However, vengeful means you are totally off-limit to their base, and there's currently no ways to repair relationship when it goes that bad - and you will be shut off from some of the most profitable routes. So when you're bounty hunting, never pursuit, that way the reputation level should not drop below hostile (information courtesy of Megas)

- However profitable it may be, never trade in Umbra. That place is a trap. Among all pirate bases, this is the only non-free port. You either trade in the open market, which mean tariff cut off a portion of your profit, and you may catch the ire of Sindrian Diktat (Volturn is a good place to obtain recreational drug), or you trade in black market, and then wreck Umbra's stability... And the pirate is going to "investigate" you a few times, destroying your reps with them. Not to mention its remote location.... if you want to profit from pirate's trade disruption, there's somewhere else to do it.

- On the other hand, in all other pirate bases, always trade in black market. Besides the bigger profit, it's actually beneficial in terms of reps hit since it's less noticeable to other legal factions.

- There's a particularly evil trade route in Magec. Kanta's Den, the system's pirate base, will occasional get hit by trade disruption that ask ore for ~100 credits a piece. You can buy ore from New Maxios or Port Tse for $7 or $8 each (Or $1 from Barad, but the distance mean supply/fuel consumption is something to consider), and you get pretty ridiculous profit margin. The gross profit isn't that impressive (remember, you need to stay small, so you transport ~60 ore each run, easily doable with a single Hound), however for the duration of the event, you are essentially printing money. Even better, Independent or Tri-Tachyon (depends on where you buy your ore) may actually *like* you more!

- My Iron mode character reached lv 20, amassed ~$800k credit before I get bored, without entering a single combat. Pirates is inhospitable to me, the rest are neutral. This play style has extremely low entry cost, highly sustainable due to the low operation cost (3 Hound, 30 crew). Of course it isn't going to net you anything fancy - you need faction military market for that. But this amount of credit should allow you to do pretty much anything afterwards.

- If you want more risk, consider always carrying a few crates of recreational drugs (which you obtain somewhere cheap). You can then sell them when their price reach ~1100, or just keep them there and see how many cargo scan you can get through.

Suggestions / Overlevel NPC Captains and Perks
« on: November 08, 2014, 10:09:19 AM »
At some point during the 0.54 or 0.6 phase, I remembered people saying combat becoming too easy because the player is augmented by skills while NPC are not.

Now, at 0.65, with the possibility of meeting highly skilled NPC captains in Bounty fleet, we are finally properly challenged.

But why stop here?

Let's create some Combat level 15 or tech 20 captains, with all the per-level bonus along with unique perks locked out from players.

Maybe an Onslaught with damage control 15, with so much migitation and regenerating health, and weapons that cannot be disabled?

Or a frigate captain that is almost uncatchable with overlevel navigation and helmsmanship?

Even if this is unsuitable for vailla, how about opening it up for modding and see how modder go crazy with it?

Suggestions / Extra options to deal with toll
« on: November 08, 2014, 07:01:41 AM »
I would like to suggest adding a few additional ways for players to deal with tolling, with respect to feedback as discussed here:

1. The "You scanned me like 2 days ago, what gives?" approach.

The game should remember when a certain faction last perform customs inspections on the player. Choosing this allow give players a chance to avoid inspection and leave without paying. Players should get a higher chance of success if the last inspection is recent.

2. The "I fly a fleet of Onslaught, and you dare to bother me in your lonesome Wolf?" approach.

The game should compare fleet size/strength (combat ships only) between the player and the NPC fleet. A large difference should give a higher chance of player successfully intimidating the NPC fleet to leave the player alone.

3. The "I know your commander" approach.

Simply put, this option has a higher chance of working with factions that has higher reputation level, possibly with a small bribe to the respective NPC fleet.

4. Operator License

Or maybe player can buy a license that makes the player free from custom inspection from a faction at a substantial fee, once cooperative reputation level is reached.

General Discussion / Pirates does not like smuggling
« on: October 26, 2014, 07:38:36 AM »


Bug Reports & Support / Player fleet takes no CR hit when harried
« on: December 05, 2013, 10:27:17 AM »
Wondering if it's the intended behavior....

To reproduce:

1. Self is medium-large fleet, at max CR
2. contact a medium-large hostile fleet
3. NPC fleet should "maintain a neutral stance"
4. select "disengage"
5. the "NPC harry you" dialogue is shown, upon leaving emergency boost is activated.
6. check fleet data, still max CR.

Thanks for your attention.

EDIT: Playing with Uomoz's mod v1.0.7, don't know if it matters.

Suggestions / A way to maintain mobility after winning a fight
« on: October 14, 2013, 10:49:39 AM »
Right now, after winning a fight, the fleet will be stuck at 1 maximum burn for about 1 in-game day or such. This make me hesitate in engaging massed, tightly grouped hostile fleet.

I've been thinking, since it's said that it represent fleet members reorganizing, picking up loots etc. Isn't it reasonable to have this period shorten if those are done already?

My suggestion is that after winning a fight, if a fleet opt to stand down and then forfeit all loot, the fleet would have its maximum burn penalty removed or have the time shortened.

I think the forfeiting can be done as a separate dialog option so there's no "opening the box to see what's inside before deciding" since we're not picking through the loots at all.

This option may not be useful for the time being but maybe in the future, when we're possibly not simply fighting for loots, this would come up as an interesting choice.

General Discussion / Combat Readiness: An Overview
« on: October 14, 2013, 10:35:27 AM »
Starsector 0.6, released a month ago, introduce "Combat Readiness" (CR) as a mechanism to tie-in Campaign level logistics and combat. Since then the forum has seen a good deal of heated discussion. The purpose of this post is to summarize some of the common criticism on CR, present my observation and make some suggestion on this matter.

But first let's see what CR is all about. With CR also comes the new logistics system, where everything is tied to supply consumption. CR connects combat and logistics in the following way:

1. deployment in combat cost CR
2. CR is recovered over time in the campaign map, consuming supplies as it goes

Unfortunately, it seems a lot of people are finding the whole mechanism as an annoyance. Some of the criticisms are as follows:

1. It takes too long to recover CR, prohibiting consecutive combat
my comment: Since the scope of this game is more than about combat, and I find it leading to a lot of interesting decision making process: Who to engage? which fleet to take on among a dozen? When/where to engage? Can I come out without being swarmed when I finish this one fight? I feel this is working as intended.

2. It makes the beginning too hard
my comment: To me, the beginning of a campaign has always been a bit harsh even before CR. CR made it worse because it cost supplies to enter combat, meaning the starting fleet has a tight timer to race before it starve. It also make the first few battle much less affordable to lose. Unfortunately until we have ways to generate income other than combat, things will probably stay the way it is.

3. CR recovery cost too much supplies
my comment: I think the player should take responsibility for their own decision to a certain degree. In fact we have all the information available in the codex. As I've said in the other thread, to help players make proper, informed decision, we need a "campaign tutorial" to teach players about CR and logistics promptly.

4. CR deployment cost doesn't take activity into account
my comment: From what I see, the current logistics system is a very abstract system - there's only ever one resource to take into account. Likewise, the CR system is pretty abstract. One key point is that deployment cost per ship are mostly predefined and static. I think such abstraction is one big reason a lot of players are so repulsive to CR: deployment always hit CR as much whether the fight is a steamroll or hard-fought. Players fail to suspense their disbelieve on such issue and then find the system "bad".

So I think we need more details. the CR cost should be divided into two parts: A. Base cost, covering engine power re-routing, shield/phase activation, mental stress on sounding of battlestation etc. B. combat-depended cost, accounting weapons fired, flux taken, ship system usage. Wear and tear on the gun barrel should be different between one fired 1 shot and another having fired 100 shots. A prolonged fight is likely to be much more tiresome than a turkey shoot. The new active performance timer for frigate is pretty neat, in fact I think all other ships should have such gauge measuring how hard a ship is being pushed, and have CR deducted as appropriate, in-combat or not. An ideal would be where A+B would be about the same as the current static CR cost in a balanced fight.

I think 0.6 is a milestone for this game, where it start to become more "complete" and expand its scope beyond combat. The current CR system, while crude, present an interesting way for balancing. With all said, I look forward to the refinement and polish this system will receive.

Just noticed this because Exerelin is supposed to have been changed to make use of the feature, as indicated by its config/setting.json. However it's still making regular .xml saves - In fact, not even after I edited the settings.json under starsector-core.

Please take a look.

I managed to pull a single frigate out. Upon leaving and back to campaign, the emergency speed boost that I expected did not occur. Instead, I was slowed to a maximum burn of 1.

I am playing with exerlin and all compatible mods enabled.

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