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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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Mods / [0.95.1a] BigBeans Ship Compilation + Optional Submods
« on: April 27, 2021, 02:40:55 PM »
BigBeans Ship Compilation - Main ship pack
Current Version: v0.1.97.6


A collection of various ships and skins created and edited by myself. Also includes a handful of free to use sprites that have been edited and brought up to standard by me and given a new home. My first mod so of questionable quality but definitely a work in progress and increasing in quality over time as I learn. I am willing to take suggestions for new ships and to listen to balance feedback and bug reports but this is very much a hobby project so don't expect constant updates.

Anyways, enough of that, onto the ships!


Terringzean, Large battleship with an imposing presence, primarily used by the Church and Hegemony.

Threave, A Low Tech battlecruiser used mostly by the Hegemony.

Nadir, A large donut shaped exploration capital cut from the same cloth as the smaller Apogee. (Thanks to Banano for 80% of this spritework)

Shalloch, a rare high tech advanced destroyer.

Maraka, Fast low tech cruiser with a frontal Large Composite mount and good survivability. Stepping stone between Eradicator and Dominator.

Chrysaor, Destroyer sized EMP emitter.

Kingpin, a wide high tech destroyer with a similiar profile to an Enforcer.

Drudge, A bulbous cruiser with a focused energy armament.

Bogle, a very light escort gunship.

Tungustan, A long ranged artillery cruiser with a potent gravity beam but little else. (Thanks to Banano for 80% of this spritework)

Cassina, heavily armed destroyer leader.

Preybird, a light battlecarrier designed to assist the Falcon and Eagle.

Carnyx, a wide set carrier just keep it away from direct combat.

Aghast, Interdictor cruiser, Phaseships begone!

Marauder, a pirate raiding destroyer.

Brigantine, A large pirate cruiser for scaring patrols. Its size belays its weaknesses.

Gallivanter, A high end explorer and support frigate.

Stern, A decently armoured destroyer with almost more weapons than it can manage.

Baldric, a medium sized cargo vessel utilizing cargo technology from the Atlas.

Baldric MK.II, a combat conversion of the Baldric into an unshielded missile cruiser.

Stoner, A comprehensive refit of the Atlas into a light makeshift capital ship mostly used by Independents and the Luddic Church.

Carnal, a light frigate thats focused on speed and missiles.

Herma, a gunship conversion of the Hermes, for those with a tight budget. Comes in many flavours.

Fennec, An attempt to turn the Wolf into a far more survivable assault ship.

Altia, a swift strike frigate, very much like a mini shrike.

Ignis, Heavy Frigate designed to hold the line.

Killskipper, Be careful who you make a fool of at school.

Buffalo MKIII, Fighter escort for you convoys.

Hartfell, A decent choice for a line frigate. Also comes in Pirate.

Brave, a jack-of-all-trades economy frigate.

Covetor, Mining is a way of life.

Traveller, Armed courier with more bite than you'd think.

Bitzer, a tiny patrol ship, more of an annoyance than a threat but cheap as chips. Has two little drones friends to help it in combat.

Tramp, the cheapest cargo container with an engine you can buy.

Tramp MK2, A Tramp turned into a "dangerous" warship.

Adventurer, A long range exploration leader designed to fight off pirates and discover new worlds!

Roamer, A civilian grade light cruiser designed to protect trade ships and accompany mining and exploration fleets.

Lockout, A civilian grade escort destroyer desgined for convoy protection and anti-piracy duties.


On top of that there are also a number of ship skins for Pirates, Hegemony, Luddic Church and Path to add variety to common enemy fleets.


Annihilator MLRS, Exactly what it sounds like.

Sabot MLMS, also exactly what it sounds like.



Added Carnal Light Frigate
Added Baldric Mk.II
Added Hammerhead (P)

Resprited Ignis and Skins
Resprited Baldric
Re-painted Hammerhead (LP) skin
Made some changes to Stern Sprite

Disabled Shepherd (P), Wayfarer (P), Robber and Slinger until they're either redone or removed.

Adjusted centres on all ships to remove blur from some sprites (Noob mistake)
Adjusted arcs on many ships. Most notably on Terringzean and Adventurer.

Threave buffed, Hull from 14000>16500, Armour from 1450>1600. Speed 40>55, DP dropped from 40 to 35, 2 mediums ballistics changed to 2 medium composite.
Adventurer front mediums can now fire forward, speed changed to 40 from 38 and ship DP points upped to 30dp.
Stoner upped to 28dp.
Gallivanter DP dropped to 6dp.
Stern now has M-Jets and a front medium hybrid mount.
Aghast, removed High Maintainence but upped DP to 16dp.
Bogle now has Plasma burst jets instead of active flares, should make it more fun to pilot.
Fixed Shalloch Bounds
Fixed typos in Carynx description
Un-nerfed Lockout speed, back to 70 from 64.


Added Bogle-class light gunship.
Added Mosstrooper, non-pirate Marauder version, can only be found as Derelict ship or as rare bp.

Preybird has been resprited.
Bitzer Drone has a new sprite.
Marauder has been resprited.
Shalloch has been resprited.
Terringzean has had dark edge shading removed. Much brighter now.
Brigantine has had some minorish sprite changes.
Minor Sprite changes to Carynx
Minorish Sprite changes to Cassina

Removed Sorn, may return in the future.
Removed Mercer, has been replaced by Bogle-class.
Removed Condor (LC), was boring and had a crap sprite. Might replace with a Unique LC carrier later.

Renamed Dunsky to Tungustan
Fixed mistake that stopped Dunsky (Tungustan) from actually spawning.
Bitzer Drone Hull 150>160
Terringzean speed increased from 18>20 and acceleration increased from 10>12 as it still seems too slow to effectively engage other capitals.
Covetor Hitpoints from 4800(!!!) to 2400. Dunno why it had Destroyer-tier Hitpoints.
Lockout nerfed, hull 5500>4800, armour 750>650, flux cap 4500>3400, flux diss 220>190, Top Speed 70>64, Front smalls changed to hardpoints.
Stoner nerfed to match it's makeshift look, hull 10000>9500, Armour 850>800, Max Flux 9500>9000, Flux diss 400>380, speed 32.
Mudskip MkIII nerfed a bit, added Ill-Advised (Whoops) and Comp Storage, reduced base peak cr to 140 and fleet points changed to 4.
Maraka Missile hardpoint fixed.
Annihilator MLRS now has the same fire rate as medium Annihilator.

0.1.97, Added Nadir, an explorer capital. (Thanks to Banano who did most of the sprite)
Added Dunsky, an artillery cruiser with a gravity beam (WIP effect) (Also Thanks to Banano who did most of the sprite)

Completely resprited Terringzean, Bitzer and Chrysaor. Smallish sprite changes to various other ships

Brigantine Floaters cleaned up.

Terringzean has had its stats buffed (Hull 28000, Armour 1950, Flux 24500, Flux Diss 980 and Max Speed 18) to try and make it more competitive against Paragon which it usually struggles to defeat.
Gallivanter speed buff to 110
Traveller shield arc to 70
Threave OP dropped by 20
Drudge OP increased by 5 to 135 as it has an extra small turret now.

0.1.96, Added Chrysaor, an EMP destroyer. Resprited and changed the Traveller. Smallish sprite edits to Adventurer, Baldric Carnyx, Ignis and Fennec.

Bug Fixed, pirate Bitzer had a fighter bay, it doesn't anymore.

0.1.95b, fixed a crash caused by Fennec (P) variant.

0.1.95a, minor fixes to Maraka hardpoint and Terringzean spawn rate. Removed the drone submod from the main BSC zip and updated Fennec sprites a little bit.

0.1.95 Update:

Additions: Added Threave, new low tech Battlecruiser.
Re-added Gallivanter as a high end explorer/support ecm ship.
Lockout re-rolled from a gunship destroyer into an Escort destroyer and changed to a more appropriate escort Civ DD sprite to match.
Robber has been re-rolled into a pirate frigate. Its new Sprite is a modified and repainted sprite originally by Mr Kamiguru.
Terringzean (LC) added.
Added Brawler (P) Skin.
Added Fennec (P) Skin.

Removals: Removed Hound (HT), Kite (HT) and Gremlin (HT). All of these were kinda pointless imo and for a couple of them other mods do them better.
Removed Preybird (B), was pointless.
Removed Bay and Haven and the Pirate variants. They were both kinda underwhelming and pretty low effort being based on unused sprites. Could never figure out a defined role for them.
Removed Nit Drone wing. An extremely early sprite/fighter I made. Crap and pointless.
Removed RG Legion, Onslaught and Champion. Hard decision to make but it's because Vayra Sector is dead as far as I know.
Rodeo removed, wasn't happy with it.
Removed Aghast and Herma (LG) until the new update drops and I can redo the skin to match the new Vanilla Lions Guard ships.
Removed Mutt and all variants. Was the first ship I implemented and wasn't really much different from Hound or Cerberus. Might return in some form if I can come up with a new sprite.
Removed Venture (P) as it is being added to Vanilla soon.
Removed Sincerity (P) as it was an underwhelming light corvette and I didn't see the point in it with Bay (P) and Haven (P) removed.

Sprite Changes: Terringzean has had some minor changes to its front.
Lockout given a fresh sprite to match its new role better.
Adventurer sprite has been updated, should look better now.
Preybird  got some sprite changes to introduce more colour variation to the sprite.
Roamer has had some sprite updates.
Aghast has been repainted a bit, new bridge and the plating and hull should be more consistent now.
Brave Minor Sprite changes and Brave (P) new paintjob.
Bitzer (P) minor sprite change for new mount.
Shalloch and Sorn got new engines. Sorn has a new bridge (Modified Medusa bridge)

Balance Changes:
Stern armour nerf cause it was too high for a DD.
Carynx to 8 burn from 7.
Robber middle missile slot arcs reduced.
Terringzean had two of its small weapon slots arcs increased.
Brigantine cost increase to 65k. Fixed a turret slot floating in space.
Starliner (P) has had its two front medium arcs adjusted and its 4 small composities changed to ballistics to stop the ship over-performing.
Bitzer (P) and Bitzer (LP) have been changed a bit to differentiate them from regular Bitzers.

0.1.92 Update: New Content:
Carynx class carrier added.
Sorn class Defensive Destroyer added.

Sprite Changes:
Hammerhead (LP) sprite updated to match new Hammerhead sprite better.
Terringzean sprite changes again.
Stern completely resprited. No longer resembles a squashed Hammerhead.
Cassina has had its sprite changed a bit, more colour variation.

Balance Changes
Fixed Cassina Weapon arcs.
Terringzean now has Heavy Ballistic Integration. Slightly increased speed and slightly increased max flux, base dissipation and hull points. Should make it a more capable capital and easier to outfit. 56DP instead of 60DP now too.
Restitution Torp nerfed a bit, now does 1750 damage and has 210 speed, EMP damage 500 but its EMP effect now arcs.
Shalloch has been nerfed, was too powerful and came with too many free hull mods
Stern has one less small, actually helps manage its small flux pool.

0.1.9 update:
Almost all sprites have had some kind of tweaking or respriting done but some highlights/major changes are:
Completely Remade Cassina sprite, re-added Cassina
Marauder and Brigantine massively resprited.
Starliner (P) sprite updated (Partly thanks to Nes).
Kingpin updated, slightly different shape, different detailing.
Fennec updated to match new Wolf in style and colour.
Buffalo MKIII massively redone to be less basic looking.
Caracara completely remade and renamed to Preybird.
Aghast and Aghast (LG) has some noteable sprite changes.
Adventurer sprite has been updated a little tho will need a full repaint eventually.
Added Ignis (LP) and Slinger (LP)

Balance changes:
Piranha (LC) back to 2 bombers per wing.
Large Sabot now has 12sec cooldown.
Rodeo fuel per lightyear down from 5 to 1.
Haven and Haven (P) now have built in weaponry, a dual Mining laser and flak gun respectively.
Bitzer drone is now smol and therefore weaker.
Shalloch gets built in resistant flux conduits.
Maybe some other stuff I forgot. update:
Thrasher removed
Coyote Removed
Doom (P) Removed
Cassina removed
Gallivanter removed, never liked it
Stoner(LC) removed, was pointless
Falcon (LG) removed.
Added Shalloch DD
Added Hartfell Frigate and (P) version.
Added Hound(HT)
Sabot MLMS added.
Ignis minor sprite updates (new front mounts and bridge adjusted)
Roamer and Lockout rarer, only for Indies, Church and Pirates now.
Herma and Mercer Hull and armour stat nerf to match base hulls as they are both converted frigates. Made both about 1k cheaper tho.
Sincerity (P) stats changed, less armour more hull.
Basic Mutt sprite updated to be clearer and match Hound more.
Terringzean has quite major sprite changes to make it a bit more detailed.
Maraka Sprite changes plus stats reworked to make it a step-gap between eradicator and dominator.
Ignis stats reworked to make it more inline with Vanguard frigate.
Tramp and Tramp Mk2 completely resprited from scratch.
Baldric sprite recoloured a bit, too much orange.
Kite (HT) burn speed changed from 9 to 10 as no longer civilian ship.
Accidentally painted over Shepherd(P) bridge windows, fixed that, can see them now
Mudskipper MK3 engines fixed.
Terringzean turret angle fixed
Baldric has Civ hull update, Added Lockout Civ Escort DD, added Gremlin(HT) and Kite(HT). Removed Chrysaor as it was too memey. Removed TT Drones as I didn't like them. Removed Hemet as it has been replaced by Kite(HT). Reduced Roamer price to match Ventures. Adjusted Stern Sprite, now slightly more rounded and armoured looking.

0.1.8, 0.95.1a-RC3 update, Added Baldric Medium Freighter, Rodeo Pirate Ox conversion, Robber Pirate DD, Coyote Frigate, Fennec Assault Frigate, Roamer Civ DD explorer thingy, Stoner Atlas-Battlecruiser conversion and Buffalo MKIII(A). Paradigm removed, removed Wolf(LC), Removed Polis. Gallivanter Resprited to not look like a decapitated Apogee. Bitzer sprite updated, its now 2dp and has built in drones. Hemet sprite updated, now 2dp and has another small turret. Covetor and Covetor (P) Sprite updates. Tramp Sprite slight updated. Kingpin Sprite updated a bit again. Herma and all variants resprited to match new Hermes. Venture (P) resprited a bit and has had its stats adjusted to match new Venture stats. Adventurer PPT buffed. Mutt and Bitzer have rugged construction now. Wayfarer (P) given more OP to match new Wayfarer OP stat. Marauder weapon locations adjusted. Drudge DP now 25. Chrysaor nerfed, slower, more dp, less armour, less armour. Terringzean armour and hitpoints increased, minor sprite adjustment. Thrasher, Maraka and Terringzean now have regular Burndrive as the Burndrive changes make Pursuit drive more or less obsolete. Legion (RG), Onslaught (RG) and Champion (RG) added for Red Guard from Vayra Sector if you have it.

0.1.7a, fixed Scintilla(TT) not dying and spawning in Remnant fleets by Mistake. Should spawn in TT fleets as intended.
0.1.7, added Slinger Missile DD, Hemet Light Gunship, Terringzean Battleship/Dreadnought, Gallivanter Heavy Explorer and Sincerity(P) Light Corvette. Resprited Marauder, Brigantine Cassina and Drudge. Reworked Wayfarer(P) and Shepherd(P) to be more unique. Added Condor(LC), Falcon(LG), Aghast(LG) and Scintilla(TT) skins. Removed Macaw and Macaw(S). Bay(P) and Haven(P) have built in Sincerity(P) light corvettes. Nebula(P) and Adventurer removed fighters and built in drones respectively. Piranha(LC) now has 3 bombers instead of 2. Coveter mining stats have been fixed. A few other changes I've forgot.

0.1.6a, fixed some Capital ships not spawning.
0.1.6, Split Star wars ships into their own IP submod after a few requests. Removed Gull, Knuckleduster and Metalhead. Replaced Metalhead with new Stern DD. New battlecruiser, Chrysaor. New Herma Lionguard Skin and Hammerhead(LP) skin. Cassina and Polis sprite updates. Bitzer should spawn a bit less. Killskipper should spawn a bit more., removed code referencing currently unfinished fighter wing that was causing CTDs., added Tector, Raider, Arquitens and Brave(P). Completely changed the Caracare into a unique ship and added a gunship version of it. Buffed Brigantine speed. Nerfed Adventurer. Did a bunch of smaller changes too but I've honestly forgotten them. Star Wars style ships might eventually get split into their own mod maybe.
NOT SAVE COMPATIBLE!, fixed various skins not having the proper tech tags. Fixed Thrasher(LP) not spawning., Added Bitzer and Traveller. Did another spriting pass on Venator, Brigantine and Marauder sprites to varying results. Nerfed Marauder turn rate. Added Glimmer(TT), Mutt(H) and various bitzer variants. A bunch of little changes to stats here and there again. Last update before tournament. Save compatible with, Added Drudge, Kingpin and Killskipper. Nerfed Knuckleduster speed. Increased Brigantine DP as it's now a cruiser. Increased Tramp MK2 DP a bit as it has two medium missile mounts. Resprited Acclamator, it now no longer looks like a melted cheese wedge. A multitude of little minor changes to stats here and there I forgot. Save Compatible with 0.1.4

0.1.4, Finally fixed the Nit Wing bug that was causing crashes on raiding planets. Added Metalhead Heavy DD. Resprited the Marauder a bit and made both its mediums fire forward. Resprited the Brigantine a bit and rerolled it as a Light cruiser, increased its armament as well. Gave the Venture(P) 4 medium missile mounts because I'm evil. Renamed the Messer cruiser to the Maraka Cruiser as there was a name conflict. Added Thrasher(LP) for luddic path. Added Tramp MK2 for all you Tramp fans. NOT SAVE COMPATIBLE with old versions., Added Paradigm battleship and Messer Cruiser. Added Annihilator MLRS. Added Piranha(LC) torpedo bomber. Thrasher now has a Pursuit Drive system. Aghast now has an even more powerful anti-phase ship system but can't use it on normal ships anymore. Regular Herma gunship has had a slight resprite to add midline style armour plates to hopefully make it more distinct from the regular Hermes. Hopefully should've fixed Nit Wing bug when raiding planets.

0.1.3, Added Ignis and Thrasher, two heavy frigates for Low Tech. Added Luddic Church variants of both and resprited the Brave frigate. Also added Nebula(P) and Starliner(P) for pirates., Added Altia, Adventurer and Mutt(LP). Minor Sprite changes to Aghast, Venator, Brigantine, Cassina and Acclamator. Venator and Cassina have had their mounts changed to fit them more in line with Midline ships. Cassina has had its stats buffed to match its role more. Brigantine has been made faster, its armour level has been boosted a little and it has an extra small turret. Mutt and Herma booth recieved minor stat boosts, tho Herma now has Civilian Hull to match it being a conversion.

0.1.2, Added Acclamator, Mercer and Cassina. Nerfed Tramps speed and Burn rating as it was too fast for its price. Did a number of tiny sprite fixes as well., Fixed Covetor(P) turret bug, fixed Nit tags, fixed Wayfarer(P), Shepherd(P) and Venator sprite errors and hopefully should've fixed all ships not having goal variants. Talon(P) and Broadsword(LC) removed., Very important bug fix that should correct the spawning of various ships.

0.1.1, New Capital ship, fixed LP Mudskipper weaponslot bug.

0.1, initial release.

Credits: Various authors from the Spiral Arms thread. Toopok for a few small sprite changes/ideas. Mr.Kamiguru for the Hartfell and (P) skin and the Robber Sprite. Toopok, Selkie, Nes, Pyrophage, Lortus and various other spriters who've helped guide me.

SUBMODS: These are optional additional ships

BSC-Drone Refits Submod
Current Version: 0.36
Save compatible with 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 and 0.35
A Collection of crewed drone reskins for a bit of variety and so you can use slightly weaker remnant ships without speccing into the AI skill or whatever. Much lower effort than my main mod but was requested by a couple of people.



0.36, slightly dulled the hue of the TT skins

0.35, Added Fulgent (TT).

0.3, made some changes to Merlon (LC) sprite and it should spawn less.

0.2, removed white stripes from drones, making them pure blue to better match other high tech ships. Added Merlon (LC)

0.1, initial creation

BSC Standalone IP Mod Submod!
Current Version:0.1d
A collection of various ships based off of other IPs that don't fit into vanilla aesthetic but still trying to match Vanilla style. Standalone submod. Somewhat abandoned, don't expect any updates for this anytime soon.


Venator, a large combat capable battlecarrier with a concentrated battery and an oddly familiar shape...

Arquitens, a light escort destroyer with flares and a heavy-ish battery.

Raider, Small, swift frontally focused frigate.

Acclamator, Tough cruiser sized assault transport with alot of bite. Perfect for transporting clone Domain troopers.

Tector, Heavy Battleship, deadly space wedge.

v0.1d, fixed acclamator weapon arcs.
v0.1c Basic 0.95.1a-RC3 update
v0.1b, fixed mistake with folder structure preventing ships from being built. Fixed Acclamator turret locations.
v0.1a, fixed Capitals not spawning for Persean League.
v0.1: First version, Hopefully fixed Venator battlecarrier behaviour.

Suggestions / Pirate Trade Fleets should turn their transponder off?
« on: August 23, 2020, 07:53:20 AM »
Just a little suggestion for immersion to be honest. At the moment all pirate fleets except their convoys have their transponders turned off too hide. Trade convoys don't and immediately get jumped by every fleet that sees them. Would stop pirate stations deciving quicker than other colonies.

Suggestions / Pirates should extort the Player
« on: April 30, 2020, 03:41:28 PM »
So, this suggestion was actually heavily inspired/ripped off from the Cabal interactions from Ship and Weapons pack as well as the fact you can pay a Tithe to Luddic Path fleets to be left alone.
Basically have it so that when a Pirate fleet intercepts the player fleet they try too open comm's with the player. If the player accepts they then demand one of a number of things: Either all of the players cargo, a large percentage of their credits, Blueprints, Supplies or one of the players better ships. The player could either accept and the pirate fleet would leave them alone for a little while (and if they took one of the players ships that would be added to the pirate fleet) or if the player declines it goes to combat as usual.

The way I see it it solves two things. Makes the Pirates feel more like pirates and less like generic enemies. And second of all it allows an early game player to escape from a Large Pirate fleet without having to fight a retreat battle where they might lose their entire fleet, though of course the Player still has too give up something precious to them be it credits, a nice ship or cargo.

Even better if the Pirates could extort non-military npc fleets such as traders and scavengers as well.

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