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For how much we all praise the game, how does this kind of * balance even make it into release? edit to comply with forum rules by Thaago

It's a nested problem,

We will take fighting this mid-game remnant ordo for example, with the ridiculous lack of an officer cap this fleet sums up to a total of 487 fleet points if each AI captain counts as 10 - 7 -5 dp respectively.

My player fleet of 3 conquests 2 paragons and 9 cruisers in addition to maxed out officer count, 10 wings and +2 alpha cores is considered inferior in every way and gets the maximum DP penalty in combat.

The player gets *** regardless of fleet and officer composition, and should they dare think about playing at a leveled playing field dp (and only dp-wise), they would have no choice but to field cap ships and NOTHING but cap ships.

And should they do that, half the skill tree becomes more of a waste of time than it already is at a pathetic +2% to cr and +1% to damage and or other buffs that are penalized to the point of non-existent and are tangential to the outcome of any fight.

In addition to being *** DP-wise no matter the composition, the problem compounds with the Radiants; THE MOST dp efficient ship in the entire game piloted by officers whose performance otherwise unobtainable at only 40 rec cost a pop ontop of the existing DP penalty and the lowered overall battle size only adds contrast.

Is it just me or did the game get become more min-maxed than ever before?

edit: 477fp for the ordos*

[attachment deleted by admin]

General Discussion / Two crushed dorito bags decimates whole fleet.
« on: March 26, 2021, 10:10:16 PM »
I probably shouldn't have fought them so early on,

What's your success story and how did you deal with them?

Suggestions / Forever 21 option
« on: February 03, 2021, 11:06:36 PM »
Has the thought of implement a config param to CAP fleet size based off of total fleet points instead of total number of ships across all fleets ever came across anybody's mind(possibly Alex)?

Right now, the 30 ship quantity cap really do not do justice to the endgame fleet building experience when it just devolves into a race of cramming more bigger ships into the fleet with no tangible drawback (the iconic paragon spam problem).

It is fun to have ALL the toys to play with, but without any limit or denominator, it just gets old after a while when you assemble a kill-all fleet that absolutely has no competition and is able to push up to the edge of the map and kill off every enemy capital before they can even finish their entrance burn.

An argument can be made that one can simply avoid using more than a few caps in their playthrough to not cave into the problem, but that really doesn't help when its your 4th day alive and there's already 10 pirate atlases and 5 legions in the shitter list; it's literarily inevitable.

Having this FP cap, say 300 for example (basically tournament style fleet building made into a feature), would make things A LOT more interesting. Being a successful space captain would mean a few more things and a bit more added gameplay incentive.

1) Emphasis on understanding of the game and optimized loadout design,

2) Emphasis on a balanced fleet across sizes.

3) Frigates and Destroyers no longer being stepping stones and (Actually) having a use in late game.

4) Less linear gameplay / upgrade path.

5) Incentives to pick engagements wisely (wow!), opposed to leeroy jenkins spawncamping 2 defense fleets + enemy space station in a single two hour battle session while teleworking on the toilet.

5.5) Adds actual challenge/pressure while playing the game, now that you are neither gravitated to nor possible to be some invincible god.

5.75) Removes the need of some *** *** mod that add a free floating remnant ordo camping the starter jump point to spice up gameplay.

and probably would also have a cascading effect that fixes other underlying gameplay issues not listed here.

Any thots?

Modding / [Closed] Dreadnought Commission
« on: October 04, 2019, 06:50:51 PM »

Thank you for your interest in undertaking the project. The position is now closed.

And thank you everyone, for being a truly awesome community; those who has reached out to me, those who has given me valuable guidance and those who has passed on important knowledge. Thank you for being there, and dealing with someone as clueless as myself.


Good evening,

I am looking to hire a spiriting artist for a concept dreadnought for a total of $200 USD. I am new to the forums, but I have hired a few key modders in the community over the past month (you guys know who you are). If you are interested in undertaking this cozy weekend project, please send me a PM on the forums or DM me on discord at Gnarle#5272. Please also include a link to your portfolio and or your availability for this project and or any other needs or concerns, I am flexible and will do my best to address everything and ensure there are no gray areas before we undertake this project.

If you are a commission-able modder and are not willing to take on a project of this size, please also feel free to slide into my DMs, I may have other things lined up that may interest you.

This listing will remain open until Tuesday, Oct 8th and the project will hopefully begin by Tuesday, Oct 15th (unless special circumstances arise).

Scope: Creating a Dreadnought sprite based off of an original idea given set of guidelines and resources. Level of detail required is comparable to Athena.

Pixel Mass: ~200,000px (that is about the size of a 450x450 square or around 80% of Athena)

Payment: $200 united states north american dollars (2 payments, last payment upon delivery)

     *edit: via Paypal Goods and Services.

Allotted Time-frame: 3 weeks after start (negotiable) or agreed specified date.

Special Needs: If my ship looks like ***, then you're required to tell me "it looks like ***".

Note: I have special reservations for one particularly peculiar person; this offer may close before Tuesday, Oct 8th.

P.S: I do tip for a job well done.

*This thread was created with Alex's permission.


I'm looking for the SPRITE ONLY, you DO NOT have to worry about implementation! FFS

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