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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Skill Changes, Part 2 (07/15/21)

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Mods / Re: [0.95a] Terraforming and Station Construction (v6.0.0)
« on: April 25, 2021, 11:56:53 AM »
Just as a heads up that the LAMP does not play nicely with your solar mirrors


Looking at the images you posted, it appears to be working as intended. What part of it is bugged?

It's not a real bug, which is why I only mentioned it not playing nicely.

the "issue" is that you start with a 100% planet (habitable + cold)
install a lamp and get down to 95% (because I only have enoug volatiles to warm the planet up by 5%)
then you install the mirrors and nothing happens since you stay at 95% (DESPITE the mirrors alone being enough to remove cold)
you have to remove the lamp for the mirrors to do something in that scenario.

which is counterintuitive since the "+20% from volatile shortage" is there to imply that the lamp is not warm enough to counteract the cold.
which your mirrors should counteract theoretically

it's just slightly cumbersome and a hint of illogical.
And I assume that players that don't really look into things may get confused.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Terraforming and Station Construction (v6.0.0)
« on: April 24, 2021, 07:33:18 AM »
Just as a heads up that the LAMP does not play nicely with your solar mirrors


* Extraction missions (same situation as the raid)

Missile HP is roughly categorized in three sections.

~150 HP (salamanders, harpoons etc)
~300 HP (Atropos)
~350+ (hammer, reaper etc)

hence I would rather see their damage per shot be increased by a total of 22 damage points.
from 128 to 150

that way a sally is no longer a two shot, and an atropos won't take your whole (small slot) magazine to shoot down.

Or at least a warning like with nearby fleets?

Because when I am farming research stations, I would love to know what I get myself into, jumping in those "Only one jumppoint, no Planets to transverse jump and hide behind" Neutron stars.

the reason for my current saltiness

Gender doesn't matter too much in english translation. After all your main character is easily referenced as a genderless "hey you" or "commander", while english verbs and adjectives are inherently genderless. In other languages gender is mixed into far more words, so it is important to know if you are flying(male) or flying(female).

Seems like appropriate thing for translation support.

Again, there are enough parts where you are called "ma'am" or "sir" depending on your portrait selection.

if it were only "sir", I literally would not have known that the portrait resembling master-chief is indeed considered female in the gamefiles.

so yeah, I agree, if it WERE like you said, I'd have no problem. but there ARE gender specific greetings ingame already.

for example when you actually read the dialogue a certain Manta-ray gets:

Or here, when trying to talk to good old Baird:

so in short:

the whole gender thing is *ingame* already.
All I ask is that the player actually can choose if the helmeted bloke he pics wants to be called Ma'am or sir.
And not let the game decide for the player.

Suggestions / Re: Block autofit from underarming
« on: April 04, 2021, 05:15:05 AM »
So long Radiants stop having phase lances and ion pulsers in larges, I'll be happy.

as long as the "three empty slots" derelic won't spawn anymore I'm happy too

Wow, sorry had no idea, must have missed the pronouns when they appeared. Yeah ok I completely take back what I said then and I misunderstood your point.

they *are* rather rare, mainly a "sir" if you have a male portrait (which may be how you missed it) or a "Ma'am" when your portrait is female.

Thanks for the report!

Hmm, that's really weird. Is this vanilla? I'm not sure why/how the hidden GA "market" would ever end up in the economy, which it'd need to in order to be picked as a target for this.

Although it is not vanilla, I checked and none of my mods change anything in Starsector\starsector-core\data\scripts\world\systems\ which is where the market would be hidden.

so at least to my knowledge it should be a bug possible in vanilla

As the title states, you can roll a delivery mission to galatia station

 which you cannot finish, since the person you need to deliver it to will not exist.
Only alviss and baird will be there

Well that's um..

There're a couple of mods that adds new portraits, you should look into how they work because it's all specified directly in the file they append.

I know that it's in the files directly, I don't ask how I would change it on my part.
I suggest that the gender is just not linked to the picture *at all*
since... Again...

a helmeted person is just a helmeted person.

I would vote against this (not that it's a democracy). Players can choose what portrait to have and what name to use, they can decide whatever gender they want to be. In game you are normally just referred to as captain and that just makes it easier to handle everything else, otherwise you start needing to add checks for pronouns everywhere in missions/story, whereas with Captain you have a pronoun that fits everywhere.

there *are* parts in the story where you are called by your pronouns tho.
and those checks already *are* in there, because the portraits *have* genders attached to them

Else I'd never have known that the green-helmeted portrait is considered female in the game.

All I literally ask for is to not use the pronouns that the portrait has associated with them, but pronouns that you can choose at the start of character creation.
the only addition would be the gender-neutral pronoun. The rest literally is ingame already

I suggest that we get a simple choice of Male, Female and Other pronouns at character creation.

Primary reason would be because many (like 10% or 15%) of the pictures have helmets on anyways and it's a bit jarring calling your character "Mr. Manly McMasterchief", only to realize that the pic you chose (of basically nothing but a green suite with a helmet on) has the "female" tag.

Secondary reason would be to have a bit more fun with mods later on, when you play a badly disguised AI core that somehow fools everybody.


I do not ask for gender-specific pronouns to be added to the game
The game already uses gender-specific pronouns. Rarely, but it does.
All I ask is that we actaully can choose (hell, if only for the helmeted blokes) what we want to be called in those rare situations.

Examples for gender-specific things that are already ingame
a) a certain Manta has just been salvaged:

b) you want to talk to Baird:

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