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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hyperspace Topography (10/12/22)

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Are unofficial updates ("bootlegs") something that you oppose, or are they ok by you?

There has been a small amount of recent talk of them in the Starsector Discord, haven't seen any pop up yet but wanted to see if you had a stance.

The relevant line from the license file is:
You may NOT under any circumstances:
- Re-publish this mod or features from it under your own name, even if you have modified assets, without original content credit

which implies that bootlegs are, at least, allowable under the license, with credit given.

I have no problem with people modifying DaRa files of their own accord to bring the mod up to current game spec. I DO have a problem with such updated versions of the mod being made publicly available.

Obviously I can't stop anyone updating the mod and sharing it, but I am concerned that this could cause problems when I do get around to releasing the official update. On one side, I'd prefer if players are able to add DaRa to an existing save when the update comes out - if they are already using an unofficial version, it's almost certain that moving over to the official version will require a fresh save. On another side, I'm sure people will try to make their own minor changes to the mod's content to balance it in the current game etc., and I don't want those aspects to give a false impression of the official update.

I expect that anyone who modifies DaRa to work in the current game version for themselves, is tech-savvy enough to also understand the consequences of doing so. However, the same may not be said of someone who picks up a modified DaRa file from another user sharing it publicly, and I'd rather they just not have the opportunity to pick up such a version in the first place.

In terms of the license, it's safe to say I was younger and less wise when I wrote that... Perhaps needs an update of its own to reflect the above! I'll just settle for saying, again, that I can't stop anyone doing what they want, I'm merely asking people to think twice and consider the implications.

Hopefully that makes sense, and I appreciate you asking for the clarification.

Sounds like it, aye!

Just noticed this one while testing some default variants for my mod via the main menu missions. If a ship in the refit screen is kitted out with Dedicated Targeting Core, and you go into Autofit, select and confirm a goal variant that has Integrated Targeting Unit, the ship will be autofitted without ITU, the remaining OP spent on capacitors/vents as applicable. Autofitting the same goal variant a second time will then install ITU properly.

It seems to not matter if the initial loadout was an autofit one, or had spare OP or not. Tried it with a couple of other ships in the mission fleet, same thing occurred. I briefly thought this could be something to do with ITU and DTC being normally incompatible, but note that in the Autofit menu, "Strip before autofitting" is ticked!

See relevant screenshots below.
Initial loadout, including DTC:

Choosing another loadout through Autofit. Note the goal variant I want here should have ITU.

Selected the goal variant, and the preview loadout is already missing ITU, extra OP going into vents/caps.

Confirmed autofit, final loadout is missing ITU.


A Katrina was a mainstay, but I've moved on to Vayra's Sector, for now, for cheap salvage gantries.

Oh well, Manta was part of my game so long I'd started to forget it wasn't vanilla.

At the end of the day, there are usually two reasons I remove I ship. Either A) it isn't filling a niche fleet/campaign role (or isn't filling that niche in a unique enough way to be justified alongside other ships of the same role), and/or B) isn't interesting to fly with or fight against.

Don't worry about the Manta though, I have too much love for that to take it out.




Will the updated version of this mod be safe to add to in-progress games or will cause untold suffering and misery?

Not a clue I'm afraid! It probably will be "safe", but there's some campaign content being added which may or may not work right if added to an existing save (I don't know as I don't know how it works).

The changelog still warns that the update will break saves, but that was before the main game version updated, because I was removing content from the previous version.

Happy New Year all!

It’s 2022, and I’d like more than anything to get this darned update out this year. I hope people are glad to know I’m still around and working on DaRa (among other things), and folks can look forward to all the new stuff, and changes to existing, before this year is out… At least, that’s my plan.

Beautiful vanilla looking ships. I miss the Katrina tbh

You may be unhappy to hear that it’s being removed in the next version. :'( Sorry, but it’s just been hard to justify it along other existing ships. Not saying it won’t ever make a comeback, but for now it’s farewell.

Is there a support group for people going through manta withdrawal?

I’ve just occasionally been flicking through the mod files and gawking at the sprite.

Feel the overclocked fighter variants cloud the market up a bit. Not a problem but maybe it could be a ship system add on rather then separate blueprint.

The overclocked fighters are actually getting removed entirely next version. The only one remaining in some form is the Overclocked Longbow, which has gotten an upgrade into a capable assault fighter.

This is tied for my favourite kitbash mod of all time. The Constellation-class destroyer was my favourite starter ship for ages, and still holds a special place in my heart. Thank you for making it. You are, and will always remain, a legend.

Thank you!!! That really means a lot. :3

I was wondering if you get fat donation if this will be fast enogh bring back mod to life in crurent wrsion.

Unfortunately I don’t accept donations (nor do I have anything setup to allow it), so we may never know!

@craftomega: Please take this link down.

To everyone: I did not at any point give permission for an unofficial version of DaRa to be brought up to the current game spec and publicly posted for download. If anyone wants to play with DaRa that badly, they are welcome to talk about such things in private and make personal changes to make the mod compatible. However, please refrain from posting or sharing these updated versions in public locations (including here and the Starsector Discord). If you are unsure, please ask my permission first! Having unofficial versions of my mod floating around is just going to make life more complicated for folks when I do get around to an official DaRa update.

I apologise for an update taking so long, I just had burned myself out on modding towards the end of last year and have needed time to get comfortable with major changes to my lifestyle. Rest assured I have NOT abandoned DaRa or the modding scene, I still have the better part of an update in the works and I fully intend to finish it one day. I just don’t know when that day will come.

Somewhat tying in with this:
I know it's been 2 years since the last update, so no pressure, but if you decide to stop working on this will you give us permission to carry on your work for you?

The whole reason I am not currently giving permission is because I have no intentions of abandoning this project. If I were to, rest assured I would hand over the assets to the wider Starsector community in one way or another.

A chance, yes. A tiny slim one. Soon, definitely not.

Gotcha, thanks. MesoTroniK (praise him) also filled me in. I’ll probably move the VC file host to Dropbox when I get back to the modding scene.

Quick question: Is it possible to use version checker on this mod now, or is that Java issue still unsolved?

I wasn’t aware Version Checker didn’t work with DaRa in the first place! ??? Can you elaborate? And has anyone else had similar issues?

Why is it bad to put safety override on a Lysander? It's seam to be doing ok in simulation.

If I recall correctly, if you use the Lysander’s active system it causes the engines to malfunction. The whole system is getting changed for the next version, with new behaviour when used with Safety Overrides.

Mods / Re: [0.8a] Better Beginning v0.3 - Create the Story!
« on: January 04, 2021, 01:13:26 AM »
I wonder if this works on 9.1 if I choose to ban Nexerelin.

I highly doubt this mod will work with 0.9, though you are welcome to try. As this mod was discontinued in 2017 however I can’t say how it might screw things up if it even starts enabled.

With all that aside, there is really no reason to use Better Beginning over Nexerelin. The latter does much the same job far better and more smoothly, and has a much more established history. If you want to just avoid certain features Nex comes with, I’m sure you can toggle those things in the mod’s settings file.

(In aside, it is technically against the forum rules to necro old threads like this, though the context is relevant. In future, feel free to PM such questions.)

Hey folks, still alive, just forgetting that I need to actively check the forums every now and then for updates and comments. Haven’t forgotten my modding, just life has been taking me in other directions this year. While I don’t know when I’ll be “back”, rest assured I will be eventually.

That aside, I see questions.

I really love the fighter wings in this mod (firebird is the best wing 8) , not just from this mod but out of all wings ever created), but i see a problem with the enigma. Enigma is way too weak for a wing that costs 20 OP...

The Enigma really is, well, an enigma. To me as much as anyone else. The concept for a “beam bomber” is something I really quite enjoy, but I agree I haven’t nailed it just yet. The Enigma is one of the more frequently changed vehicles in DaRa. It’s almost certain to get rebalanced and toyed around with more in future updates.

About vendetta, in the codex it says something like being sibling with onslaught and being a missile focused warship. How about some  built-in missile weapons for vendetta? That would be cool just like how onslaught have a pair of built-in TPC.

It’s a cool idea, for sure! However I haven’t ever felt the need for a custom built-in on the Vendetta, I think it’s special enough as a ship even without that. Further, a couple of DaRa weapons (the Anaximander specifically, and the upcoming Dynamo torpedo launcher) were designed with the Vendetta in mind as a launch platform. Maybe the XIV variant could accept a built-in, but I’m really not sure what. (A built-in for the sake of looking more like the Onslaught would be kinda boring in my opinion, and make the Vendetta seem rather a cheap concept next to the Onslaught. Also the Legion has no built-in weapons or fighters, yet is also an Onslaught companion.)

... The Vendetta is already in my game (even managed to get its blueprint the campaign before this one), is it because there are other mods introducing it?

Is it the vanilla Vendetta or a variant of it?  Some mods add skins and variants of other ships from other mods.  The Mayasuran faction mod, for example, has a Manta(M), but it doesn't require DaRa to show up.

I think Vendetta XIV included in XIV blueprint.

There is a “Great Houses” Vendetta, as provided by Nia in Tahlan Shipworks (I think, might be another of their mods), which will appear without DaRa being present. I don’t know of any other forms of the vessel in other mods.

The Vendetta (XIV) is part of DaRa though.

(An aside question for Axle, is it possible to add additional starts to Nexerelin from your end?  If so, can we see a Nex start option with a Starlifter?)

It’s not only possible: there already are Nex custom starts added by DaRa! Specifically custom faction starts, you can check the Nexerelin config in DaRa’s files to see the full list of additions. However, I have no intentions of a Starlifter custom start, so you probably won’t see such a thing anytime soon.

Suggestions / Re: API request thread (please read OP before posting!)
« on: September 02, 2020, 01:45:07 AM »
... currently it also requires setting up a fake combat entity because emp arc can't just be cast at point...

(Assuming you are spawning an arc with one end at an existing entity, and not from a random point to a random point)

Have you tried swapping the target and origin points for the arc? Because the TARGET needs to be a CombatEntityAPI and the ORIGIN is a Vector2f coordinate location... If you aren't dealing damage and just want a visual arc, you just flip them, so the origin is your "random point in space" and the target is the thing that's actually generating the arc.

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