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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: Codex Overhaul (05/11/24)

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Sy is correct, like if you wanted to group your ships into two wedge fleets with cruisers at the front, behind them 2 DE, then 3 frigates, you could set it up beforehand. And from what I understand from reading the hint in game, the control groups are just for if you want to assign rally/intercept commands in tactical view, and not assign escorts like how I mean.

Suggestions / Basic Battle Setup Beforehand (Formations and Autoactions)
« on: August 19, 2016, 09:05:02 AM »
This is a big suggestion that probably will take a long time but I think it would help develop the combat in sandbox a lot. What I mean is being able to assign a few predefined deployments for ships in campaign (instead of getting that "choose ships to deploy" prompt), and also assigning limited positioning information.

What that would mean is having a new menu where you're given a small slice of the battlefield to position ships, and also giving the ships escort commands that would be used at the start of the battle (and thus consume CP like normal). Even when it comes to small scale battles in campaign I find myself wasting a bunch of cp just to make sure that for maybe my frigates with shields reach the enemy cruiser and absorb fire 5 seconds before the unshielded ones arrive

It was definitely a single hit, the ship that rammed me didn't even get overloaded. I was driving a Yari and the AI was in a Kaiken from the Bushi mod.

Edit: And the dead ship to my left was just a pirate Lasher.

Wasn't able to record a video of it actually happening, but I can give the general situation.

There was a ship corpse to my side and my ally on the other side of me, all frigate sized ships. My ally phase skimmed towards me as I was moving towards the corpse, and just as I touched it he turned on his shield and rammed me into it. I died immediately, 100% armor 100% hull down to zero in an instant. I wasn't hit by a torpedo, the lone ship we were attacking was overloaded.

It just seems like a bug because normally collisions do somewhere between 10-200 damage

[attachment deleted by admin]

Ah, I was thinking that beam and energy were interchangeable. But that means that range boosting mods are not useful for antimatter blaster, a 10% bonus on that is only 25 range >.>

Hello, resident salty here. I was wondering if there was any way to encourage the AI to use strike weapons on their ship. So the situation is I have this ship with 1 medium hybrid mount and 2 small energy mounts, and I decided what I needed at the time for my small fleet was a ship to strike large ships when their shields are downed.

I gave him a kinetic gun with medium range (I think it was the vanilla autocannon with 800 range?) to help poke down shields, and then two antimatter blasters with the optics range boost. The problem is, even if I set that ship to intercept a specific ship it would just sit barely on the edge of its autocannon range, even if the target ship had absolutely no shield equipped like the pirate combat frigate. I tried putting an aggressive officer in the ship and I saw a slight increase in usage of the blasters, but it was probably still 5% chance to use in a battle instead of 1%.

If it helps, I was using the AI War mod's spire frigate, it has more than enough flux capacity to fire while keeping shields up. It's actually overpowered when compared to vanilla ships when it comes to shielding, burst damage options, and flux management, which is why I think I might uninstall it.

It was definitely a bug then. After the battle I got my first strike where you get a cargo scan, as soon as that finished they began chasing me when I tried to fly away, "I thought I told you not to do that". After that they started chasing me down with their afterburner yet again and I ran out of the system.

I think before that happened I approached them mid battle with pirates with my radio off and tried to join the battle. Couldn't be identified, while the game was still paused from that text box I enabled radio and joined the battle on the very next frame by giving the move order before unpausing.

Yeah Alex, I've gotten a much better feel for sensors now and that did help out in the long run (but I got wiped out by hordes of pirates outside a gate, easy come, easy go). There was one thing that confused me a bit though, I was allied with the hegemony and I had just helped a fleet battle, and after wards the captain chased me down and kept saying that I had my radio off, even though it was on. Are there actually spies that try to damage your relationship with factions?

Going glass cannon finally worked for me, it seemed to take a lot of good rng to happen though. I managed to stumble across a few huge fleets of pirates and hegemony fighting within the first few minutes of spawning. My second frigate I spawned with managed to not get themselves killed this time (making a ship escort you makes it REALLY dumb, like show your engines to the enemy dumb), and then with the xp from the battles I got to around level 3 for both of us which let me spec into ordinance for me, and damage for my partner.

I think my gripes are still pretty valid though, this took a very specific build and good piloting to do. I would think requiring a build and some luck just to get to the point where you survive 2v3/2v4 when you're good at piloting is really annoying.

Tried playing as a pirate smuggler. The pirates still want to stab my ass any time they get the chance. 50% of the time when exiting a wormhole to hyperspace there has been a pirate fleet waiting to steal my cargo, and save scumming that away just feels wrong. And yes I did go out into hyperspace with my radio off, but somehow the pirates are packing much better cargo scanners than even the hegemony patrol's scanners that require being within 2 feet to use. They can smell a valuable good from half a screen away (2160 x 1440 resolution here).

I suppose I'm going to have to go all out flying glass cannon like others have suggested. Those hullmods alone take up about 20 ordinance so I've got very little after getting guns. Driving around with low flux machine guns because you can't afford vents is going to suck.

My experiece with playing as someone "allied" with the pirates (-45 isn't very ally-ish >.>):
"Neither side trusts you to join the battle, you can only sit out and watch"

Because almost every battle going on around me is tachyon v hegemony, hegemony v pirate, tachyon v pirate, etc...

I'm reaching a breaking point with this game. I've tried all manners of starts for vanilla SS and every one crashes and burns either right after getting a second fleet ship, or before I can even earn a few credits. Compared to earlier versions of this game (I'm mostly talking before the sensors update), you're living in constant fear even within your homeworld because at any moment a pirate or luddic can put on his afterburners and ambush you, with you only having half a second to mash the afterburner key and move opposite of them at the same time.

The fact that ambushes now exist makes starting with a trade ship neigh impossible. You will be caught, and the poor speed on trade ships mean you will die. Whether it's fleets waiting to gank you at wormhole exits to hyperspace, or ships roaming in between the planet and wormhole, your ship's exhaust port is at the mercy of their magic bullet. In my opinion, trade ships need a radar boost to stand a chance of surviving.

Bounty hunter starts would usually be my go to, but the previous ambush problem compounds the main problem with the starting ship choices we're given, speed. You're given a choice between the flow speed of honey, or the flow speed of molasses, both of which stand no chance when outnumbered. Even in the lasher ship that was specifically labelled as "not slower", when I was finally able to get a 1v1 battle the ship just danced around me for 15 minutes before it finally died to malfunctions after reducing its CR to 0 with salamander missiles.

I know the solution to my problems is either mods or picking easy mode, but then what about the other new players to the game. I doubt that if the game gets released in a state where ambushes are so commonly fatal early that it would pick up the best reviews from Steam/other megaphone.

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