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One thing that makes it hard to balance Kemet against vanilla is energy weapon ranges: the Kemet weapons tend to have longer ranges, and their hulls are balanced around that... but that makes those same guns somewhat exceptional when mounted on vanilla ships.

I'd suggest riffing off the Ballistic Rangefinder hullmod, and moving some of the Kemet weaponry range from being inherent to the weapons, and instead being a hullmod on Kemet ships that boosts the range of explicitly just Kemet weaponry.* (I'd be happy to contribute the code you'd need for this, too - I look at this and think it's relatively simple to implement, but, uh, I do programming as my job, so my definition of 'simple' may not match anyone else's.)

For example, the Jar Lightning Cannon is a large energy weapon with a range of 900. For it to be balanced against its competing vanilla options, it'd need to have that range reduced to at least 700... or maybe even less, given its specialized nature gives it some advantages over energy-damage-typed weaponry.
Even standard Kemet small weaponry tend to have ranges of 600 to 700, compared to vanilla weaponry that's generally 500.

As such, I'd suggest an all-around reduction of Kemet weapon ranges by 300 for all sizes of energy weaponry, to be balanced out by a hullmod that grants Kemet weaponry +300 base range when installed on Kemet hulls.
(Edit: Or maybe less than 300 for some of the more mobile, high-tech-styled Kemet hulls? The yellow fast-strike style hulls might be easier to balance without the full range boost...)

(If you're feeling particularly clever, you could even consider making that a modular hullmod with a high OP cost and, say, a 25% reduction in ship speed, allowing a player to essentially convert a high-tech ship into something that plays more low-tech style... Though, hm. That might just introduce its own balance issues. Eh, it's an idea. Edit2: ...Yeah, the Paragon exists, this probably isn't a good idea.)

*Edit3: Why just Kemet weaponry? Because the Heavy Blaster exists and distorts all mount options around itself. In general, a specialized option for a weapon slot (i.e., a Kemet weapon dealing kinetic or HE damage) is going to be a better choice than a generalist option (vanilla weapon dealing energy damage)... And then you get to the Heavy Blaster, that beats out specialist options by just putting out that much more DPS. If it also got a Kemet range boost on top of the existing Kemet flux-efficiency boost, it'd be a no-brainer choice to install at least one on every ship, likely in place of Kemet's specialized HE weaponry because you don't need that much armor-cracking. So it needs to not get the range boost.

One thing you might've missed, is that Kemet weapons (specifically Ma'at and Ka ranges) already get a range bonus to range on Kemet hulls (specifically with hulls that have Seshat Systems, it's the first yellow line in the Seshat Systems hullmod). A lot of the Kemet weapons are balanced around being 600 units on a vanilla ship, and 700 units on a kemet ship. This is because right up until I checked five seconds ago, I was under the impression that all energy weapons were 600 units in range. I'm honestly not quite sure when the range change actually occured, I distinctly remember pulse lasers and IR pulse lasers being 600 units in 0.8.1a, but that might be me misremembering things.

I'll give a lot of weapons a range nerf, and make up for it with a bonus to range in the hullmod. Thanks for the catch!

Apologies for the bump and the unsolicited link in a moment.

I had stumbled across this mod and it's fantastically visually striking and unique, so I tried it out and found some, uh... balance issues - some mentioned already, some not.  I did compose an AAR/write-up about the short run using it and me poking around with the ships (hopefully the link goes to the right place) which talks about it.  It was written with a hypothetical general audience in mind, and as the creator you absolutely know about the mod, so it's hopefully it's of some use and not condescending or rude.  Or rude because it's unsolicited or assuming too much.

The write-up would have been put in the post but it's a little wordy and it didn't seem prudent to bury someone in a block of text right off the bat.

This is fantastic! Many thanks!

Despite it appearing not so, I am trying to keep Kemet balanced. it's just I've found it fairly difficult to actually do that; trying to balance a projectile energy weapon faction while keeping it interesting is a pain in the neck.

Regarding your feedback:
-I have been fiddling with the balance in the background, but haven't released because of Content I plan on adding (it's proving difficult to sprite a Battlecruiser).

-I'll look back into the flux code to make sure Seshat is working - it's one of the key methods of balancing Kemet against itself. Typically kemet weapons should be more flux intensive to use, with Kemet getting the discount. I think I may have already fixed this in dev at some point?
-I'll fiddle with the Urn and try and balance it - In dev it's closer to an EMP weapon than a kinetic weapon.
-I'll also look back through the weapons and downtune a few in damage.
-A lot of the really BAD missiles now in replenish ammo.
-I'll change the Amun Placement system to have one less charge.
-I've made the Khonsur lower in DP to make it more attractive.
-I'll apply the nerf bat to the Hetepes (making it more sluggish perhaps?).
-The Lapis Line is getting a nerf; the shield efficiency now tanks on using the system, making using it far more risky to use in combat situations. It also makes the Lapis more defensive in nature, being the anvil to the Safflower and Ua-Uat lines.
-I completely forgot that delicate machinery is supposed to be built-in on vanilla phase ships. I will similarly include it here.
-I'll experiment with increasing the cooldown on the Phase Cloak; you're right in that they're supposed to be ambush brawlers, and so I'm going to make it that they can get more easily 'caught out' like the Ring Cloak ships.

Once again - many thanks for writing down your thoughts, it really helps!

Modding / [0.95.1a] Utility Mod: Obvious Neutron
« on: January 21, 2023, 11:44:44 PM »
This mod changes the Neutron Star icon to be more Obvious on the Starmap. See image.

That's all this mod does.

Fix this absolutely ridiculous crap.

It's infuriating.

Ridiculous infuriating crap, fixed.

Update 0.9.9a for Grytpype and Moriarty Defense Authority


-Completely rejigged GMDA

-Removed Sagitus (GMs), Wayfarer (GM)/(GMs) and Tarsus (GM) due to de-bloatening
-Added the Atlas (GM) and New Venture (GMHQ)
-Carker (GM), Mule (GM) and Venture (GM) reworked to be more defensive and less fragile
-'Low-Tier' ships no longer have the Overdrive suite.
-Old Venture (GM) now Venture (GMHQ) with overall improved stats.

-Split up fleets into two different fleets
   -Raider fleets; spawn as normal, comprised of lower-tier ships
   -Defender fleets, only show up around Agreus, Ilm and New Maxios, have better ships and are all lead by an Onslaught (GM).

-GMDA fundamentally reworked to be less cancerous to fight, and will no longer draw in independants to defend them if you end up fighting them.

-Crun gun no longer PD, now works like a long-ish range EMP suppression weapon that still minces fighters.
-Bluebottler no longer EMP, now has higher impact to muddle enemy movement

-Added GM Fire Service Ships and weapons, tend to show up in GMDA fleets around Agreus
-Added GM Health Service Ships, tend to show up in GMDA fleets around Ilm

-Fixed Broadsword (GM) being unhittable
-Fixed Pirhana (GM)'s description
-Police lights now go faster the higher the ship's flux is.

HOTFIX 0.9.9b
Fixed Stock GM Blueprint error

THIS UPDATE IS NOT SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE. Download HERE. Give me a yell if anything goes wrong.

So, I've been holding off on this update because I was waiting for Alex to release the next update, which I thought would've been out by now. But it hasn't. Having gotten sick of waiting, I am now releasing. This is actually a pretty big update (technically it's several updates), and it will break saves. However, this will overhaul HMI so it has a better feel as a faction in light of the Uniqifying Blogpost (yes, this update has been in the works for that long), while also adding some other neat things.

Hazard Mining Incorporated
Update 0.3.5f


-Reworked all HMI weapons. A lot of weapons have been completely redone in form and function, and just about everything has been tweaked.
-Added a lot more weapons to fill some niches.
-Added two new techmined fighters; a heavy, powerful fighter and a high-tech antimatter bomber.

-Removed Decimator; this ship has been replaced with the Vanguard / Brawler.
-Removed the Finch (No one remembers this).
-Removed the Drone Firing system from the Whiskey Priest and Donkey due to rare CTD crash, instead they have dedicated suicide drone wings.
-Bombardment Pod no longer fires Annhiliators. Instead, it fires itself.

-Rejigged how HMI ships and weapons show up; they should be a lot less common in Scavenger, Independent and Pirate fleets.
-Reworked HMI variants.
-Fixed a lot of other minor problems + mis-spellings
-Added six new Me[REDACTED] ships, overall made them scarier.
-Added The Third Phase for the [REDACTED] station fight
-Fixed a code of Mysterious Origin; Secret Bosses will now properly drop blueprints.
-Added some MagicLib bounties
-Made the Gendo Market on Fuyutsuki a bit more unique, releases bigger and scarier HMI fleets.


Also, I did some tweaking with Supervillians, giving them Boss Fleets in their respective systems and fiddling with their stats. Should now be a touch more interesting to interact with them.

Update 0.0.4a


-Both Fang and Draco have had their markets beefed up, and their faction stats overhauled.
-Added spicy boss-ish fleets to Phylum and Prestor John systems.
-Added Two MagicBounties, giving you a chance to find and use some truly despicable boats.
-Fiddled with a lot of the stats.
-Lots of tiny little fixes.


And don't think I forgot about Brighton. Except do because I have a lot of mods on my plate and I think it's in an alright position at the moment. I will provide some additional content in the future, I've just been busy with other things, apologies.

Brighton Federation
Update 0.0.2c


-Nerfed the Brighton hullmod to reduce missile ammunition, they now *really* lean into that alpha strike to win battles.


Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Hazard Mining Incorporated (Compatibility Ed., 0.3.4k)
« on: December 03, 2022, 05:42:02 PM »
Hi there,
Loving the mod(s).

There was a thing i wanted to report, not really a big deal but not sure if its intended.

If you invade the planet Soul in Mercy star system, there is an invisible building present, Church of Eva Complex.


Yeah, that building is there to sort out how the Church of Eva fleets spawn in the system. If you check out the Sindrian Diktat, they similarly have a building called Lion's Guard HQ that turns invisible if you invade.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Hazard Mining Incorporated (Compatibility Ed., 0.3.4k)
« on: September 27, 2022, 05:26:31 AM »
Hey, since I updated my mods I have problem launching the game.

Could u help me? Here is the message I'm getting.

Hey Trix, can you doa  clean reinstall of the mod? As in, delete the mod in the mod folder, and then replace it with a fresh install? I think this particular bug was resolved a while ago.

A (much belated) Update: Fiddling, Flames and FPhase Ed.

Changes with Version 0.0.2h:

-Added the Deshr range of ships; brawler phase ships that regenerate weapon charges faster when in phase, and gets a time boost when emerging from phase.
-Added the AMun Ra, a Kermes-style Phase Ship with an interesting built-in weapon.
-Added the Net launcher, a short range Ka weapon that fires HE explosive projectiles.
-Added the Acacia, a cheap Ba weapon that fires guided HE plasma grenade.
-Added the Vine Projector, a cheap, short-ranged Ba fragmentation flamethrower for finishing enemies.

-Fiddled with the stats of the Safflower ships to have better flux and worse armour.
-Khonsur has been reworked a touch to be more combat and less carrier, but still mostly carrier.
-Small ships have been reworked to be better.
-Just about all weapons and fighters have seen minor tweaks to be more balanced.
-Fixed several campaign layer things.
-Added more to ship descriptions.
-Quietened ship sounds even more.

Download Here.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Luddic Enhancement Mod 1.2.5l
« on: April 01, 2022, 12:42:40 AM »
So out of curiosity, any current ideas for what your plans for LE 1.3 will be, in light of this bombshell? I'm guessing the LC Onslaught and Legion will be jettisoned (as Alex now plans for those to be Hege-exclusive) and the Invictus and Retribution will both be Luddic-exclusive now; will they get cosmetic LC paintjob skins, you reckon?

I also couldn't help but notice that they're definitely "on theme" with the sub-capitals added by LE. :P I'm guessing the smaller ships will stick around?

In all honesty Luddic Enhancement was mostly just to uniquify the Luddic Church, and the new lore update essentially goes about fixing that. As a direct consequence of it I'm going to be making changes:

-Dominator (LC), Enforcer (LC), Onslaught (LC) and Legion (LC) will be far rarer, acting like an XIV-tier ship for the Church. These will be explained as the result of lend-lease with the church during the AI Wars. I plan on doing a bit of overhauling of how they work and look, making them more in line with the future LC meta of low tech armour blocks; this is something I plan on doing once the new update is out. They'll be moved to their own faction-specific blueprint.
-Eradicator (LC) and Manticore (LC) will stay on with existing Eradicator and Manticore ships in a reduced number (maybe 20% of the time they'll be swapped out). I feel tempted to remove them entirely however, so fair warning if they dissappear.
-Christopher and Lector will be completely reworked and split up into two versions; one will be definitively LC (complete rework), and the other will be more general Hegemony design (these ones will be closer to what you see in the current version of LE).
-Sebastian and Lector will get a minor graphical update, but will otherwise remain untouched; Lector may just get bog-standard Damper field with appropriate armour balancing.
-Mule (LC), Brawler (LC), Venture (LC), Cerberus (LC), Vanguard (LC) and Fidem will remain unchanged.

There might also be changes to the LP line-up if new ships appear that could be pathified, but for the most part their roster is set.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Luddic Enhancement Mod 1.2.5k
« on: February 16, 2022, 11:56:20 PM »
Speaking of IEDs, they are non threatening to shielded ships at all, how about add them shield disruption when ship caught in explosion depending on IED size? Like Harbinger subsystem does? Its looks silly, when you take bounty to kill a pather, and he rams into your ship and destroy himself without inflicting any kind damage, and they often blow up their allies more than player ships.

That's a tricky thing to try and handle. Right now the IED's explosions are fragmentation, to replicate the idea that these are IEDs not proper explosives. They're not as strong as an actual explosive, and thus their explosions are inherently flawed. Making them kinetic would make them delete shields and overload ships, but also make it much more potent vs armoured ships without serious tweaking. With them being fragmentation they're equally bad vs shields and armour, and it's much easier to balance as an all-round *oh no* sort of vessel.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Luddic Enhancement Mod 1.2.5l
« on: February 16, 2022, 11:53:07 PM »
Made a HUGE mistake, here's the quick-fix.

Changes with 1.2.5l:
-Prometheus (IED) no longer wipes the entire map when it explodes.

Download HERE

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Luddic Enhancement Mod 1.2.5j
« on: February 16, 2022, 02:31:44 AM »
In light of feedback, and watching the Tournament stream (oh ludd what have I done) comes this quick update.

Changes with 1.2.5k
-Slightly reduced the damage (IED)s on initial explosion - should be damaging but not deleting as they were before.
-Panic nerf to the Lector's stats (900 armour -> 750, 6000 -> 5000 hull points).

Download HERE.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Hazard Mining Incorporated (Compatibility Ed., 0.3.4k)
« on: December 29, 2021, 07:33:01 PM »
I got an error running the game with the mod, something with [DRONE_STRIKE]

Have you since redownloaded the mod folder, deleted the old mod file and replaced it with the newly redownloaded one? That issue was dealt with a couple of versions ago.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Hazard Mining Incorporated (Compatibility Ed., 0.3.4k)
« on: December 20, 2021, 12:13:51 AM »
Junker ship built-in  hullmod description typo: reknowned
Rapid Repair System " : Shieldess

Whoops, will fix.

Thanks for the update! I love this mod. I too would like to see the Mass expanded. They are such an awesome foe to fight against. I always thought it cool if the largest users of it had outbreaks in their systems from it, like somehow suddenly a station appears in the system, spawning fleets until it gets destroyed.

Again, I plan on this will be distant future content eventually.

Okay I figured I can just not update if this bug gets fixed and I should report it properly. So if you have a ship with full D-Mods and then you take the perk to remove 1 d-mod per month, it will take away the d-mod but your bonus points from having a junker ship will not be removed but rather will remain while the next d-mod down the line towards perfection gets added, giving you even more bonus points and will continue to add them until it reaches perfection. I did strip ship option in the refit room/station and I removed them, so they can still be removed manually. Anyway I for get the values... my Junk ship had 4 d-mods and I had a bonus of -60 giving me 60 more OP. After a month and with the d-mod removal perk I got the next perk at 3 d-mods, giving me -50 (I think) and then the following month I got the next mod of -40 d-mod giving me a total of 150 bonus OP, the following month at 1 d-mod -30 and then I got to perfection having a bonus of 180 d-mod points. Totally awesome. Like I said, I stripped the ship at one point and removed all my bonus points, (it was a mistake I didn't notice until it was to late). Not a bad bug in my opinion.

Well damn. I'll look into fixing this - thanks for telling me this.

In other news, a very minor update that fixes a select few things.

Hazard Mining Incorporated 0.3.4k

-Fixed a problem with [REDACTED] fighters
-Fixed a problem with a [REDACTED] station
-Added a Tempest Mk. [REDACTED]
-HOTFIX - Hastily tried to fix the infinite OP glitch.

Download HERE.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Luddic Enhancement Mod 1.2.5j
« on: December 17, 2021, 10:18:30 PM »
All of this feedback

Thanks for your feedback! I have contemplated making the shieldless ships as a Luddic Church+, but then I realized exactly how badly this bloats the mod, and I don't want to do this. I also don't really want to stick a hullmod on all the ships, ebcause there isn't a hard consensus across all the mods as to what that should be.

...They're a fun addition but a little much for the whole faction. It leads to inconsistency when used with other mods too since a lot of the popular ship packs add shielded luddic ships which don't fit in with the new identity. Having it as a line of elite variants ala XIV would be the best of both worlds for me.

I feel this is the big thing I felt was risky and didn't really want to make it apart of the base Luddic Enhancement mod.

Yay updates to Luddic Enhancement!  I'm glad for any tweaks/improvements for the IED ships...they stand out in making Luddic ships as well as their fleet formations more unique...and I fight Luddic Path a lot while leveling up.

I've played around with this, and now they're a touch more terrifying and are much better able to get into your formations and kill you. And for an IED fighter, there already exists one in another mod. I'll consider maybe making my own, but right now I'm a touch busy with other things.

SO, after all of this feedback from here and elsewhere, and looking at the download numbers, it's quite clear that the experimental shieldless version is a bust. People would prefer it as an elite group of ships, but I'm not sold on adding unecessary bloat to Luddic Enhancement, which is for a more general playerbase. So for the time being the base version of these ships will have shields.

As for the shieldless ships, I plan on making a completely different Luddic faction mod (because yes I am that deranged at this point, I have eight mods, why am I making a ninth!?) that is entirely comprised of shieldless ships utilising the damper field system.

And now, the update - Added a Vanguard (LC), Manticore (LC), Eradicator (LC), Vanguard (LP) and Eradicator (LP) while updating for compatibility.

Download HERE.

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