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It is possible to get a production opportunity(sell production slots, illegal arms dealer) with an item with price that exceeds the maximum order value.
It is also possible for all the offered items in an opportunity to be more expensive than the order limit.

...turns out I missed RC15. shouldn't matter though.

Re: Gamma Thalos, the third purple system has the Red Planet.

Bug Reports & Support / Re: The Typo Thread
« on: May 02, 2021, 06:59:44 AM »
Beginning of the At The Gates mission, dialog from Baird:
"We're ahead of them in that respect, captain, so it shall be we who reap the ultimate prize."

"us" instead of "we" feels more natural.

Bug Reports & Support / Re: The Typo Thread
« on: April 26, 2021, 10:45:39 PM »
"...but with hostiles nearby and you can't safely run a deep scan or dispatch salvage teams to investigate and find $gaDA_widget."

Galatia Academy mission, Artifact Recovery from derelict ship, when you have a hostile fleet tracking you.

If you have Field Repair skill, acquire a ship with a D-mod(or had such vessel upon picking the skill), then restore the ship at the dock, you may get a notification informing you that the D-mod you already removed was repaired.

This seem to be one of the things that will never ever come up, but as current version contains certain cosmetic bug that bothers some of the people(myself included), I managed to accidentally run across this.

Using a jump point while this is happening results in the fleet following you.
Transverse Jumping out of a system while this is happening does not cause the fleet to try and follow you.

In both case, the fleet no longer shows anomalious behavior.


This should do all the explanation it needs.

No reproduction condition observed.
Potential condition(untested): defeat another fleet while it is detecting your fleet?

Attached is a save, in the middle of it happening.
No non-utility mod active.

The system I am instructed to perform dead drop changes every time I decline, visit the map, and talk to the NPC again.

oh frak the upload limit.
should be good for a week

It would be nice to have a map widget that showed relative direction in the mission dialog. Or a full intel map widget.
Current mission UX flow is: read the mission, decline the mission, exit the dialog, go to the map, manually search for the system, switch to Intel, look at currently pending missions, decide to take the mission, go back to taking the mission, accept the mission.
A good widget will remove 2 to 6 steps from above.

Missing informations from current mission dialogs that really should have been:

* Raid competitor warehouse
Currently does not show which faction controls the market, distance, or - in case of contact missions - the number of marines required.

* Bounty
Does not show specific celestial body the target orbits around. Does not show in the intel entry either.
In fact, target doesn't seem to orbit around one celestial body. Or stay in one system. But that's separately filed for bugs.

during the Finding Coureuse line, when you visit Kapteyn Starworks and ask around in the bar, you get a potential contact with a pirate NPC - without any type tag. This "contact" seems to never provide a mission.

Confirmed reproduction across three different saves.

Acquired a bounty from a contact(Officer Kaliban Tseen Ke). After spending collectively 12 months of in-game time searching through three consecutive reloads, I have activated the devmode and confirmed the fleet is not in-system.

1. Target left the system through a jump-point.
2. Target failed to spawn.
3. Target was killed before player arrived(the system has small Remnant presence, though the chance is small)

Save file attached. No non-utility mod active.

I'm sure no sane dev will intentionally try to promote mass murder or anything else mentioned here. Keep the conspiracy theories out of game forums please.
unintentional things still can do harm or be offensive, though - and I definitely wouldn't call any of the discussion here "conspiracy theory".

That being said, while it is an important aspect for the game designs to consider, it is also getting quite off-topic, so...

There had been reports of not having any star within 10ly radius. Some RNG loading in favor of cluster of interesting systems seems to be in order.

doing how Sunless Sea / Sunless Skies did could be another easy option. Asks how would you like to be called. Options included "Sir", "Ma'am", "Captain", "Citizen", "Doctor" etc etc...

and Skies had this neat stuff where there was a visitor log in which you could sign with a new one to use any time.

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