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Starsector 0.95a is out! (03/26/21); Blog post: Skill Changes, Part 2 (07/15/21)

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Hotfix: market generation conflict while starting a new game with other modded factions caused a crash. FIXED please redownload

General Discussion / Re: Rollback
« on: July 24, 2021, 12:27:07 AM »
For previous Starsector versions go here:

For a different skill system that is still pretty vanilla friendly and customizable to your liking I suggest Quality Captains found here:

Alpha Nexerilin only build

click the banner to download

Lazylib, Graphicslib, Magiclib and Dronelib required

V0.1A "the Integrating of the supportening™" Update
- very basic corvus campaign integration. You can now play vanilla, Nexerilin or Nexerilin Corvus mode  :D

- added Commissioned Crew support which doubles positive effects of militarized subsystems, assault and escort package
- Shield Drones no longer transfer flux to the mothership so they can actually die now and the mothership spends less time being overloaded
- Shield efficiency of all drones that still transfer flux to the mothership drastically improved. Same reason as above, spend less time overloaded
- various changes to AI behaviour
- fixed a special FX graphical glitch that revealed hidden weapons. Also base sprites like the ones on the Mjolnir will no longer float next to Nathantia

I believe you might be able to fix this by deleting mission variants manually.
Go to saves in your Starsector folder, missions, look for the mission in question and delete everything in that folder.
Not sure if that will fix it but i's worth a shot


How can I adjust the xp gain from battles? I'm getting a way too high xp bonus because the game thinks a battle is hard for my fleet but in reality it is a piece of cake.
Like 260% xp bonus for a battle no ship of mine got a scratch and I used mediocre stock variants.
Does it have anything to do with the civilian hint and/or hullmod? Because that's on all those ships.
I've tried upping fleet points in ship_data.csv but that did nothing.

Can I somehow fix that?

Suggestions / Re: ship graveyard terrain condition
« on: July 17, 2021, 12:59:31 AM »
The way this general idea would make the most sense to me is make the condition only exist around derelict ships on the campaign layer... And it only spawns said derelict ship(s) into battle as floating hulks with the same damage, hullmods, and weapons they would have if you salvaged then. Just acting as bigger tougher asteroids. And if you destroy them during the battle? It has a chance of removing them from the campaign layer as well.

Yes! Can we have that please, Alex? I'd actually love to have that in my mod, would be very fitting thematically

I'll keep an eye out if it causes too many problems, I'm happy this works well enough.

There are some other issues here (you need to check that the event is not event.isConsumed()) but that aside I'm not sure this method actually exists in any interface that would be called by core code?

public void advance(float amount, WeaponAPI weapon, List<InputEventAPI> events)

BaseEveryFrameCombatPlugin has:
advance(float amount, List<InputEventAPI> events)
public void processInputPreCoreControls(float amount, List<InputEventAPI> events)

Note the different method signatures (parameters etc).

Thank you for looking into it!
In the end it was suprisingly easy:
                            ShipAPI player = Global.getCombatEngine().getPlayerShip();
                            if (player == this.SHIP) {
                            if (Mouse.isButtonDown(0)) {
                                FIGHTER.giveCommand(ShipCommand.FIRE, mousepos, 0);           //clicky left drone shooty

Updated the Fluff post right after OP

How do I get a left click input?

basically, if left click do this

I've tried this monstrosity but it does nothing at all
    public void advance(float amount, WeaponAPI weapon, List<InputEventAPI> events) {

        boolean player;
        this.SHIP = weapon.getShip();
        List<FighterWingAPI> dronewings = this.SHIP.getAllWings();

        if (player = this.SHIP == Global.getCombatEngine().getPlayerShip()) {

            for (FighterWingAPI fighterWingAPI : dronewings) {

                this.FIGHTER = fighterWingAPI.getLeader();

                if (!fighterWingAPI.getWingId().equals("omm_weaponpod_wing")) {

                this.FIGHTER.giveCommand(ShipCommand.HOLD_FIRE, null, 0);
            for (InputEventAPI event : events) {
                if (event.isLMBEvent() || event.isLMBDownEvent()) {
                    this.FIGHTER.giveCommand(ShipCommand.FIRE, null, 0);

That depends a lot on how scripted the thing in question is. If it's just a weapon that doesn't use onhitEffect or everyFrameWeaponPlugin or anything the like, you could just copy/paste it's stat line from weapons.csv, get the wpn file from the weapins folder, get the apropriate sprite from the graphics folder and then either put it all in the corresponding places in vanilla or a mod that suits you without changes and it should be available. Though you'd not find it in markets or on ships, that needs some more effort and you'd have to spawn it in via console commands.
Similar workflow for ships.
For scripted stuff it's a bit more complicated especially if the scripts are only contained inside the mod's jar.

Hope that helps a bit

Edit: sorry, I misread. That's how you would add something. My bad

Shameless Self Plug

I am actually waiting ... well, working on my own mod Orbital Manipulation & Maintenance, which I am really looking forward to play myself  ;D

Other then that, yes, definitely Vayra's Sector, but also Persean Exotronics, Blackrock Drive Yards and Interstellar Imperium.

Updated the OP wih a list of


- almost no weapon mounts, weapons are carried by drones surrounding the ships. Weapons are swappable and drones will aim at the cursor and fire on mouse click.

- "base building" in combat: some ships carry orbital platforms which they will deploy automatically at strategic points or after some time

- powerful support systems like the Anti-Graviton Wave Emitter which buffs allies with the effect of Temporal Shell

- logistics oriented campaign abilities like Algae Farms that produce supplies and fuel as long as they are part of your fleet

- Shield Drones that intercept enemy ordnance

and probably a few more

Thank you! That helped quite a lot.
The game adds the weapons back in again but at least I can make sure they are not in group 1.

Just real quick:
ShipAPI.removeWeaponFromGroups(WeaponAPI weapon)
May be of interest.

Oh nice! I'll try that. Thank you

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