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Drover is competent as a battlecarrier, but if its system still takes -25% because it has more than one bay, I prefer for it to have "No System" or flares to avoid hurting itself by killing replacement rate with Reserve Deployment.

HAG was too inaccurate to be useful without all of the accuracy boosters.  If I had ePD, Devastator was often a better choice.  If not, Mjolnir.

Fury at 20 DP may look better with other cruisers' DP changed.  Apogee and Eradicator getting more expensive and Eagle getting cheaper.

Suggestions / Re: Mercenary Officers Buff(?) Suggestion
« on: February 01, 2023, 12:15:43 PM »
I do not like mercs, though mainly as an excuse for the enemy fleets to have an officer in every ship for free like cores in Ordos fleets (i.e., officer spam).

Enemy has instant unlimited officers for free (even if human fleets do not have officers in every ship like Ordos do), while player is busy touring the sector like a rock band looking and paying for mercs to keep up.

I prefer to see mercs removed from the game entirely, if it means enemy fleets cannot use them (or equivalent officer limit breakers).

Suggestions / Re: Phase sinker weapon
« on: January 31, 2023, 06:34:19 PM »
I think OP means sending ANY enemy ship into phase space for the purposes of keeping it outside of combat for a bit.
Yes, I misread the OP.

Taken as written, it would be a one-hit kill to any non-phase ship.  Phase a ship into p-space, and unless the ship has phase coils to phase back into normal space, the ship is stuck in p-space indefinitely and is good as dead.

Although given game mechanics, the phased ship would probably be fine after the end of a round and can be redeployed for another round (or be forced to decloak at max flux despite not having flux coils).

Suggestions / Re: Getting Logistic/Non-Combat ships on the battlefield
« on: January 30, 2023, 02:34:21 PM »
Merge Atlas and Atlas II.  Atlas II with Altas capacity is the standard superfreighter.

Suggestions / Re: Buff the Medium Energy Slot
« on: January 30, 2023, 10:57:44 AM »
After reading it enough, yes, but I still would not want Volatile Particle Driver on Onslaught or Conquest because it costs the full 30 OP by not working with Heavy Ballistics Integration.  VPD ends up on the likes of Odyssey or Radiant, if it gets used at all.

Suggestions / Re: Buff the Medium Energy Slot
« on: January 30, 2023, 10:20:54 AM »
Okay, I see.  Had to re-read the description several times to find that info on +100 for hybrid that would get no bonus otherwise.

Unless it's been changed, it would increase the combat vision radius (how far the ship can see in combat) for the ship its attached to. For a fleet, its typically a non-thing unless you wanna see when and what enemy reinforcements arrived but haven't pushed the enemy to their reinforcement zone yet and don't have any fast flankers but otherwise its best use might be built-in on Solo ships for in-combat information if it weren't for the fact that solo ships tend to want to squeeze out as much combat performance as they can.
Yes, I agree.  With the range of most weapons, adding more vision would probably be a debuff because the user would need to stay further away from the enemy to avoid PPT/CR countdown.  Maybe it would be handy for carriers or MIRV users that do have weapons (or fighters) with long enough attack range.  For conventional ships, less vision would be a buff by requiring less distance from enemies to avoid the doom clocks.

Now if we had more truly long-range weapons that are easy to use like 2500+ range Tachyon Lance from years ago, then more vision would be good.

Suggestions / Re: Phase sinker weapon
« on: January 30, 2023, 09:10:35 AM »
This is like having a weapon that turns off a ship's shields if it hit their shields.

Maybe there could be an attack that would add some hard flux to a phased ship.  That would be like launching a Sabot or Reaper at some ship's shields.

But outright shutting off phase or other defenses, that is the point of Quantum Disruptor (which has been overnerfed given what little Harbinger has left to work with after phase changes to slow down phase ships).

Suggestions / Re: Buff the Medium Energy Slot
« on: January 30, 2023, 08:42:19 AM »
Just checked the hullmod code in starfarer.api, pretty sure you are wrong.
Negative.  I just tried Eagle with HAC and Heavy Needler and fired them both side-by-side.  HAC had more range than Heavy Needler.  Then I replaced the Heavy Needler with Light Needler and fired HAC and Light Needler together; HAC and Light Needler had the same range.

Results were as expected from the hullmod description in the game.

Suggestions / Re: Buff the Medium Energy Slot
« on: January 30, 2023, 07:38:28 AM »
Medium hybrid should still get +100 without the large slot.
Currently, only small ballistic/hybrid weapons get a range boost on a ship without a large ballistic slot.

Wasn't Neural Link hopelessly underpowered and a very niche option (OP expensive, you want different skills for different ships, Radiant works well enough with the alpha core it's not worth to take NL to fly it)? What is the cheese?
For me at least, Radiant is not worth piloting without Systems Expertise.  It is about as clumsy as Paragon, but lacks the shot range and defenses, and the skimmer does not recharge fast enough (which means I need to save charges for escapes like teleport scrolls in Angband), so it is basically reduced to a missile platform, but Conquest or Legion XIV is 20 DP cheaper if I want a capital-sized missileboat.  Radiant flagship is only good with Systems Expertise, when skimmer recharges quickly enough and enables teleport spam, but it locks nearly all skill points in three capstones (and no or very little Leadership/Industry).  Even then, if I want an overpowered flagship, Ziggurat does it better than Radiant, and does not need as many skill points to get online.

Alpha core in Radiant is good enough for AI use, it is about as many skills the player will get if he does not go all-in for personal skills.

The only reason for me to get Neural Link is to either fix Quantum Disruptor on a Harbinger duo or to install an alpha-core equivalent into an NPC human battleship (especially Onslaught).

General Discussion / Re: Best place to buy HVD and Mauler
« on: January 30, 2023, 05:50:26 AM »
Not me.  That is revenge for indies joining forces with an enemy when they stick their nose into a war they have no business in (after I sat bomb a major world as retribution for waging an undeclared war on my worlds).  Also, indies have no problem sat bombing a new player colony in their system.  Indies and pirates feel more like monolithic major powers little different than other major factions than a minor faction.

Because of the -2 or -3 stability per raid, I rotate soft targets (raid New Maxios, then Asher and others while New Maxios regains stability).  Hard targets, I tend to go from planet to planet cleaning out marines from several shops between raids.

Basically, I generally stick with the first four soft targets (though favoring New Maxios and Asher) until I get everything from them, then I focus on Culann.  I might hit Sindria/Kazeron if Culann's stability is too low (from repeated raids), but those two size 7 worlds are real meatgrinders.

Suggestions / Re: Buff the Medium Energy Slot
« on: January 30, 2023, 05:36:52 AM »
So ballistic rangefinder boosts MBs range to 600 or 700 if there’s a large. Mining laser is pd though so it gets no boost.
Medium Hybrid (non-PD) weapons on a ship with a large ballistic mount get double the +100 bonus for a medium weapon in a medium ballistic mount, so 500+200 for 700 with Mining Blaster.  No bonus for medium weapons on a ship without a large ballistic mount.

I consider Efficiency Overhaul mandatory for Radiant with alpha core (and 45% or 50% max CR) or Ziggurat (-50% CR deployment and slow CR recovery even with Efficiency Overhaul).  Having the main assault ship broken after a single round of fighting is not a good situation, especially if there are more enemy fleets nearby to destroy.

Also, Solar Shielding has become a combat mod that has a campaign benefit.  Just happens that most enemies use ballistics, except Ordos, but then again, endgame is mainly about Ordos that are significantly stronger than every other recurring enemy.

General Discussion / Re: Techmining seems to have rather low returns?
« on: January 29, 2023, 12:24:44 PM »
Your objection to the low rate comes from an in-universe rationale (which is good!) but my objections come from a gameplay perspective: It cost a bunch of money and uses an Industry slot that could otherwise be filled with something better. That said, I'm pretty sure this is being addressed next patch but nothing is guaranteed. Alex really liked a suggestion for using the new Progress Bar mechanic for Tech Mining, but who knows what (if anything) has been implemented.
Not only that, it is also a Pather magnet for bigger planets.  +2 for the smallest ruins, and gets more for bigger ruins (up to +8).

But yes, tying up an industry slot (and burning money and taking more Pather interest) for many months for a chance to get rare items and nothing else early in the game when I want them is lame.  By the time I may have an industry slot to spare, either I have the means to raid the core worlds for the blueprints I want, or I simply no longer need them.

When a great item drops, it feels good, but most of the time, I was sorely disappointed throwing good money after bad.  It was better when it produced commodities, and now that size 3 planets do not get targeted by major factions like they used to, maybe bringing that original feature would be useful for early colonies.

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