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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: Codex Overhaul (05/11/24)

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Mods / Re: [0.96] Arma Armatura v2.3.6 BETA [1/1/24]
« on: January 04, 2024, 10:44:23 AM »
After some more time playing with the various bits I had another random idea.
Please stop splitting the strikecraft mechs into various, but ultimately samey frames. You do not need a separate swordsman, and regular Aleste.
Recently salvaged a ship from the Mayasura mod, skysplitter, that lets you switch out its active system (autoloader, jets, that sort).. Is that not prefect for mechs? You dont need to so many different ones when you can make two or three do the work of all of them.
If you want variation, can do that with factions.  Have the Luddic knights get some low-ish tech mech so they can actually act like knights (Armor, Ballistics, and melee). Maybe the Path gets ahold of some (Missile, ballistics, maybe giant bomb vest?). Tritech already made the trihander, so you could expand that into a purely energy focused frame.

Mods / Re: [0.96] Arma Armatura v2.3.6 BETA [1/1/24]
« on: January 01, 2024, 11:22:07 AM »
Love to see progress is continuing with this mod, lets see what the changes are.
oh.. my poor poor Aleste! what did they do to you!?  slightly overexaggerated response aside, what prompted the change in removing its modularity? I dont hate the idea of giving it the normal weapon slot with its variable rifle and all, but now its options are really limited.  Its new system, I have not seen the AI use at all with multiple officer, and non officer tests. Cant dual pulse rifle, cant melee as well, cant flamer as well, Its just worse imo.    It also seems to have a 570 degree omni shield, so thats likely a mistake haha.
The VX.. Why does this exist now? Before it was the command mech of a lance, now it feels like a basic trooper rather than a commando mech. Maneuverability thrusters instead of the jump is not awful, though I feel the dash a spriggan has would fit far better. Speaking of.
Spriggan.. still great. Shield is pretty tough, give it a driver or mauler and it keeps enough distance to put in the work and stay safe. Will dock to resupply missiles. All good so far. Though what was that post before about it not dodging missiles in AI hands? If thats the case then in larger fights its boned soon as its shield goes 3 drones or not. Overall the Spriggan still plays like my ideal mech out of them all.
Kouto Unchanged but I still love my little damage buffing, missile spam boy. Put him in a squad, give him a lightning gun or a driver and watch him work. Could use more flux but got to limit him somehow.
The new destroyer sized mechs.. Impressive! I'll admit i was not a fan of destroyer size mechs in general since my particular touch of the 'tism hates them that large. But credit where its due they play very well.  I absolutely love the little animation detail with the thrusters on their backs! Generally, i dont think I will be using them due to my mentioned issue, but as a craft they play well. Do wish it looked like they were holding the weapons rather than built in, but thats personal preference. Maybe a bit fragile, but with the fire power they pack its a good trade off...or maybe i just suck at piloting.

Overall its nice to see updates, but its got me concerned in what the ultimate direction your planning for is. I came for Wingcom, mechs, and modularity. But it seem that last bit is starting to fall away. Below is the part your completely free to ignore, just the ideas / suggestions of someone who wants to see the potential here fully realized.
First, Is it possible to add backpack modules to each frigate mech?  The idea of this would be to add customization while leaving the weapons alone. This could be things like, Expanded flux pack for more capacity and dissipation, Autofeeder pack that increases ballistic rate of fire. A charge pack that increased energy weapon damage. Additional thruster pack for more speed, maneuverability, and acce/deceleration. A built in missile launcher like the koutos or other type, an ECM pack, Extra layer of armor, Energy shield pack that gives shieldless mech one at 1.0 efficacy and strengthens existing ones. Point defense drone bay, Supply pack that adds cargo and/or fuel storage, built in shoulder canons or beams like the good ol guntank. Really you could go crazy with every option you could think of and they could work with every size frigate sized arma mech. Maybe one with Wingcom and a fighter slot?
Second, im not opposed to the variable rifle and letting people put whatever they want on most mechs. Seen some crazy things with flamers and antimatter in testing. But there does need to be something modular included. I suggest leaving the left arm as modules. Shield, bazooka, wrist rockets, whatever you think fits.
Third, As for how to handle a melee mech.. I honestly think the old Aleste was close. If you let me equip a shield in the left hand for some survivability and looks it would have been my favorite. An energy weapon officer on an aleste with the right mods was nasty. could take down light cruisers solo. (the ones without beams anyway)

Really been enjoying this mod, the idea of piloting fighters and especially mech is something many of us dream of. Especially since you can use them to help with raids / invasions.
So I figured I would give my 2cents on some stuff. Fair warning, I am just revisiting starsector after a 2 year break so maybe im just not used to things again.

Firstly, I dont think you need that many separate types of frigate mechs. One of the big appeals to the mod is the customization, so why not have fewer mechs but with more module options? From personal experience, and looking through the posts, it seems the main (Non-super) frigate mechs are the VX commander, Spriggan, and AE.  The others have their use of course,  Love the idea of the mech that gives the damage buff for example, but I feel alot of these could be worked into a few base frames rather that each as an individual.  Because who doesn't want the option of a spriggian type shield on a melee, beam sword or heat axe swinging mech.

Second, and this may be my inexperience. The Fenris seems mandatory if your using frigate mechs. I have not seen an AI strikecraft in general land to repair or rearm except for when called back by the fenris ability.

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