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Here's a link to my Sprite/sfx dump 1.43 megs

All of the SFX were blended by me from abandoned games (See if anyone can guess what ones I used :) )

I'm not really working on that faction anymore. Honestly, I'm not a programmer, and I was having too many difficulties implementing my faction into the campaign (Which is a shame, I had some different ideas). If anyone is interested, I'll post some of the more polished ones up for use.

Here is the list of ships from the faction I was working on. If anyone wants any, I'll just post the PNGs (I'm not sure if this board will smush my image down)


The Saturn, old rusty weapon barge. I imagine this thing billowing smoke out of the side cut outs, and the engines, and pretty much everywhere else while it's crew slave away in a hot loud miserable hell

Hi all, Im making an onhit script for a projectile. Basically, I want it to deal additional damage. I had it working well for awhile, until I realized that it was still dealing the same amount of damage across the board vs shields, armor, AND fortress shields. So I figured I could do something like a target.getShieldAbsorptionMult() to not have it basically ignore defenses. However I figured it wouldn't work, and it doesn't. I'm not aware of any way to modify damage dealt based on a target's shield defense and armor defense.

Quick question, is there a mod with commented out faction files? I'd like to learn the basics of adding a faction post 6.0

Yes, I am pretty sure that stuff has been done before.

I think Exigency uses an AI like that for the Repulsor, Blackrock as well I think.

Maybe you want to take a look at some AIs used in Xenoargh's Vacuum, he's got some crazy stuff there as well.

Hope that might help.

Yea, that's were I started looking as well, I'd basically need to modify those to get it to add another variable. Both range from the shop, and if the ship is facing the projectiles or not.

Is there any way to use AIUtils.getNearbyEnemyMissiles  (and projectiles as well) to locate entities within a 100 degree arc in front of the ship as well as within a limited range?

Basically, I want the AI to use a system when it detects enemy missiles and projectiles within 600 units, and a 100 degree arc of the front of the ship.

Modding / Re: Spriters judgement thread [non-sprite art allowed]
« on: February 10, 2014, 04:46:57 PM »
Hi, I've been making some sprites in between failing at scripting (Like pounding my head against a wall, but I'm learning :) )

I've got a couple that were overlooked last time, and a new one. They're all supposed to be replicating AI "vessels".



The Slave Miner and two Mite Drones. Essentially a small cargo vessel (Until mining is implemented), that uses it's drones to blast and cut materials into small enough pieces to feed into it's grinders. I realized after I made it that it kindof resembles the Thundercats tank.


The Verge (Until I get a better name). Basically a gunship with dual plasma batteries and heavy frontal PD.



The Youxia AI Battleship. Four large energy turrets on the front, two medium energy turrets on each side, and a healthy spread of PD.

Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. If you look at something for too long you begin to lose objectivity.

@InfinitySquared: If there's a setting for this I don't know about it, and I don't remember ever seeing a missile with an engine delay. I think you'd need to write a MissileAIPlugin to accomplish that.

That's just it. I remember there being such a setting, but the specifics of it are lost to me. It was used some of the older mods, as I recall.

I think you might be able to achieve that effect by making a MIRV missile that fires a single projectile, like a SABOT missile. You'd probably have to tweak the MIRV settings, but that might work.

@Sundog : Your help is always welcome and appreciated.

Does anyone know of a way to give a weapon the ability to temporarily disable enemy shields (Like a malfunction)? I'm looking to make a weapon that has a small chance to apply some catastrophic effect like one of the three major malfunctions (Engine, shield, weapon) to a target ship. I know how to increase the chance of those things happening to a ship, simply mutable stats, however I'm not sure how I would go about that with an on hit script. I'm not asking anyone to make me anything, but if anyone has any ideas I'd be very appreciative of a nudge in one direction or another.

Quick question. Is there an on hit/impact sound for projectiles. I have a projectile that will either explode, or use xenoargh's heat projectile onhit script. I know how to set explosion SFX, however I'm not sure how to apply a different sound for when the projectile hits something without exploding (triggering the heat script).

Modding / Re: Spriters judgement thread [non-sprite art allowed]
« on: January 11, 2014, 06:18:06 PM »
Well, I've got several ships (New and remakes) I'd like to show. I'm always looking for thoughts/critiques of my work, so comments are very appreciated.


Here's a retouch of the Romach assault capital ship.

Here's the previous version


A retouch of my Roundhead frontal assault cruiser. I shortened the top right purple piece, and added a bunch of stuff to the plates to break it up and add some variety. I also switched out hardpoints for turrets on the cylinder part on the left.


The Rook, a high defense destroyer. I kind of wanted to make it like a space turret with engines, so it's got one large energy turret in the center, and two small universals in the back (missiles, pd, etc)


The Verge automated attack frigate. It has twin cannons on the back with long barrels sticking out to the front nose of the craft (not shown), and several small energy turrets.

The Slave Miner, an automated asteroid miner. It deploys Mite drones to assist with mining and combat.


The Felid, my first kitbash. Everyone seems to like messing around with the hound, so I figured I would take it in a completely different direction. It's a quick phase ship that uses missiles instead of ballistics.


Thanks a lot. That did the trick, I just wasn't able to follow were I needed to include the ModPlugin file in a couple of places. I appreciate your help, thanks a lot

I haven't posted in awhile, I haven't had much time to play around with this game recently. However I began to mess around again, and I've got some questions.

I basically have a faction about 90% done, 25 ships in the faction, not counting drones and other misc ships. I used to have a working station in Corvus, and had everything working nicely pre 6.0 or whatever the last big patch was. That patch pretty much broke everything, and I've patched up most of it. However I can't get my new system to show up in hyperspace, therefore I cannot see my faction at all in the campaign.

Basically, the jist of it is, I'd like to know if there's any tutorials to look at, or any mods in particular I can reference to figure out how to add systems, new factions fleets, and modded ship behaviors. I don't want to be an annoyance, but I've been trying on my own for awhile, and I'm not really a programmer.

its unhappy with one of your "displayNAME" stats, try systematicaly deleting anything that uses that one at a time till it stops giving you the error. then you found your bug

Unfortunately, that didn't work. I tried that several times, even copying lines from the hegemony faction file. I also did the displayName of the faction aswell. Am I missing something here?

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