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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: Codex Overhaul (05/11/24)

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Hi! first of all thank you for making the mod!

I however seem to have run into a bit of a snag... the mod seems to not work for me, I am running a fair few other mods so thats likely the culprit
The mods included are nexerelin, captains log and a few others. Could those interfere?
EDIT: restarted my starsector, seems to be working now. Might have been some things not initialising the first time. working as intended now!

Hey there! First of all thanks for making the mod. I was planning on playing it with nexerelin, however when I do the tutorial custom start I talk with the planet I get a nullpointer exception without crashing. It happens when it tries to add a ship and an officer to my fleet I think.  I am not sure what causes it or why but I thought i'd attach a file of what it gives me, so someone more experienced with mods might be able to help. I've also included my modlist, and without nexerelin the tutorial start isnt available. I like the storyline so I like playing with it tutorial and all Thanks in advance!
- Archean order
-Combat Chatter
-starship legends
-Terraforming & station construction
-Unknown Skies
Since my attachment didnt work here is the error typed out: RuntimeException: attempting to add null fleet member to [player player fleet]
Could not find vigilance_Starting variant, getting random ship instead (it doesnt add anything to my fleet afterwards)
NullPointerException: Null
edit: the officer part is fixed, however the tutorial seems to not be completable since I cannot hand over the AI core to the station commander

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