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Hi. How do I get the shield shunt hullmod? I can't find it on any market anywhere. Is it not unlocked by any skills? Thanks

Through cheating with the console commands mod, i got the version of the shield shunt from your mod now :)

In this search bar from the Stellar Networks mod, I can only search for an item called "Shield Shunt Modspec", which removes shields and adds 15% armor. Is this the right one?

Or better yet: Make Armor Maintenance Nanites an active ship system so that it is harder to abuse. Add it to some ships with only 1 charge and 15 minutes recharge time. Ships that rely (mostly) on armor for defense or that have a shield shunt built in could rely on that system for armor repair. Otherwise I could make a Tyrant Phase Ship even more OP than it already is. And make it generate some hardflux while active. I think that would be better. And don't add it to Luddic Ships because nanites are tools of the devil.

The Vanguard frigate has 2 active ship systems. One of them is called Special. How do you activate that? And maybe that could be the solution to the problem with the Armor Maintenance Nanites.

Three more balancing things I am a bit curious about. The Sunder is horrible in terms of defense. In vanilla it had this particle accelerator weapon to balance this out. Here it seems to be missing. And the second thing is the Medusa. Its armor rating is incredibly low. Lower than that of some heavier fighter wings. Maybe make it a bit higher. And the Eagle (Sci) has this built in hull-mod that lets you passively vent 50% of hard flux. It might be a tad bit too strong, though I can't say I don't like it :P

Regarding armor maintenance nanites: I would make it so that venting takes 2-8 times as long to balance it out depending on hull size (bigger ones take longer), because else it's too strong for ships with super tough armor. Though I think the AI may be too stupid to use it properly. If they use it when they would normally vent, they could disable their ship for too long and it might leave them in a bad spot. There should also be some AI loadouts for a few ships with this and shield shunt installed which would need some playtesting.

Regarding carriers I would make it so that some carriers then give an ordinance discount to gunships and bombers, instead of fighters and interceptors so that some carriers are thus more specialized towards them. Epiphany could use that for example, because it has a recall device and can quickly restock bomber payloads.
Well my idea of the tech levels is that low tech should have bad shields, but a lot of ballistic fire power, very heavy armour and hull integrity and maybe some shield alternatives. Mid line is more about good maneuverability and mediocre shields and still good firepower and high tech is about phasing, special weird ship systems and very good shields and low armour and they should lose combat readiness quickly.

Maybe you could make some versions of low tech LPCs that cost as much OP as high tech LPCs. They could have very fast replace for example. Or you could just add more ships to the low tech wings and increase their OP. Talon wing with 6 fighters per wing instead of 4 for example and call it Big Talon Wing.

I have one more question: I modified the file with the Shield Shunt like you said and it is still nowhere to be found. There is even a mod I use, where you can look which market has which item currently and there is still none to be found. Can I modify a file somewhere, so that I have shield shunt from the start or that I get shield shunt in my current game? I wanna test it out a little bit.

Well, I bought the expanded missile racks and the expanded magazines on some market. And I found the neural integrator hullmod blueprint outside the core somewhere. Though it may have been on some base from the Industrial Evolution mod. They also add derelict space bases with loot pools. Regarding the whole idea of hullmods being locked behind skills, I am not a big fan. I think it is better to just incentivize exploration. The specific skills already give enough bonuses for a specific playstyle. No need to force someone to go down a specific skill path if they want to make low tech viable for example, because it is a bit underpowered at the moment in my eyes.

Another thing I want to say is that if you make Heavy Armor and Shield Shunt mutually exclusive, you should add more armor bonus to the shield shunt and maybe more ordinance points. Another very fun and balancing idea would be to make the shield shunts effectiveness depend on the "shield flux per damage" stat. Therefore a high tech ship could get more armor from the shield shunt, because "flux/damage" is better and you would sacrifice more by removing their shields. It would also make it more viable for certain midline ships and would open up a range of new playstyles for ships. But shield shunt on ships with 0,5 flux/damage should not be twice as good as shield shunt on ships with 1,0 flux/damage, just a bit stronger.

Next regarding the Warship Bays High Tech and Low Tech. Instead of giving an ordinance discount for certain ship classes like interceptors/bombers you should make it so that Low Tech Carriers give a bonus to Low Tech LPCs and Luddic carriers give an even greater bonus to Luddic LPCs etc. The system at the moment limits the strategic application a little bit by incentivizing interceptors for example. However, if you would change the system for high tech carriers to give an ordinance discount to high tech LPCs (and archean and sci corps and high tech factions) and midline carriers to give a bonus to midline LPCs OP and replace speed and low tech carriers to give a bonus to low tech LPC OP, replace speed and hull points, then you would incentivize low tech more on carriers. Carriers mostly stay behind front line ships and get artillery weapons or long range missiles, they don't need a lot of flux strength, because ideally they don't take too much fire, so you usually fill the up with your strongest High Tech LPCS and breaking up that meta a little bit would be a nice thing I think.

Another fun thing would be a hullmod called "Armor Maintenance Nanites". It would repair your armor (not hull) over the course of a minute but during that minute you would be completely vulnerable to everything (no shields, no movement and no weapons active). Lock it behind a skill and make it player exclusive because programming an AI for it, would take way too long. If the player uses "Armor Maintenance Nanites" the AI treats their ship as if it is being Flux overloaded so they would take advantage of it. This would be a very interesting tactical option because it would force you to retreat your flagship, which might turn the battle in the enemies favor and also withdraw some escorts to protect it. It's also interesting because a minute is a long time and it's hard to plan ahead.

I don't know how hard these things are to program or if you agree with them but those are some ideas on my part. Thanks for all the effort you put into improving the best starsector mod. Thanks

Well, I just looked and there is no skill which unlocks the shield shunt. Also, of many of the hullmods that you can acquire via skill points, I have already found many in markets.

Next question. Where can I find the shield shunt blueprint?

1 more thing. Is this mod compatible with Industrial Evolution and its special features like the Embassy? Thank you

Thanks for the quick fix. You are really a good mod dev of my favourite mod for Starsector. I have another quick question though. Don't you think shield shunt is a little overpowered now? I haven't played with it now, obviously, but in your 0.95a release, I made an Artillery Legion 14 build with shield shunt and heavy armor, armored weapon mounts etc. and it was already incredibly powerful. But now +800 armor might be a little bit, too much, I think.

Also, will there be codex descriptions for remnant and Adamantine Consortium Ships in the future? Thanks

MAJOR BUG: When I play missions, it is impossible to install a shield shunt on any ship. You can click it, but nothing happens. Please fix it.

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